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Periscope (March 5, 2019)

  • Patton Oswalt Compares Trump White House to ‘Diarrhea Covered Monkeys on PCP’

    So what does a socially responsible, professional Comedian do when confronted with the horrors of a Donald Trump presidency? I’m still unsure, but we now know how The Gelatinous Cube of Stand-Up, Patton Oswalt reacts.

    “You could not feel more superfluous in terms of making fun of the president because the Trump administration is an 18-wheeler full of monkeys and PCP that has crashed into a train full of diarrhea, and so there’s diarrhea-covered monkeys on PCP running around and everyone is just watching it like, ‘Oh my god!’”

    I’d be very worried about what a guy with a mind like that would do if he got his hands on a sexual slave. Maybe #CreepyUnclePatton needs to start trending on Dead Blue Bird. Is there anything about the monologue above that was actually funny? It signaled. It was safe. It obeyed the rules. Which, its escatological grossness aside, is why it has no humor whatsoever? The USSA has effectively banned comedy. Patton Oswalt virtue-signals for a living. What type of society considers stupid and puerile humor about turd-coated primates to be a form of virtue?

  • Pint-Sized Picasso Making Waves In The Art World

    The wages of Dadaism. Hope: A Collection of Paintings by Lola June. Art by a two-year-old. How is it doing?

    Prices range from $400 to as much as $23,000, and the impressive works are on display until March 18th.

    However prodigious the two-year-old may be, this is a scam. It reminds me of a couple of Pablo Picasso’s better gags. He once got a commission to paint a wall in a rich lady’s home. He went there, signed a space near the corner, and demanded his check. She was aghast. He told her that his name on her wall is what she hired him for. Another time, he got a bicycle, took off the seat and handle bars. He mounted the handle bars on the bigger side of the seat and called it the bull. It sold for well north of $10,000. If that’s how Picasso behaves, why wouldn’t Lola June’s mommy and daddy get in on the scam as well? The question this begs is obvious. Why is art nothing more than a joke? Paging Oswald Spengler…..

  • Diamond and Silk Tell Kamala Harris: ‘You Keep Your Reparations’

    And now we get to yet another class of fraudulent artifice. This is Kamala Harris being Kamala Harris. Her family once owned as many as 80 slaves. They made money off of human trafficking. She now wants reparations as a proud kinda, sorta, partial Hafrican-Amerikan. It will help get past the whole legacy of involuntary servitude. Maybe that was what she was doing with Mayor Willie Brown. Reparations in kind.

    Her father, Donald J. Harris, wrote an extensive essay about the family’s heritage in Jamaica at Jamaican Global Online in January, claiming to be the descendant of a famed slave owner. Her family! Her family is descendants of slave owners, not slaves! Kamala Harris’s family, her father writes an essay in January claiming, stating that his family’s heritage is the descendant of a famed slave owner in Jamaica! They have no history with slaves. Their descendancy is from slave owners.

  • Fusion startup designing smaller reactor using new, superconducting magnets

    This isn’t the sort of thing we usually focus on but we’ve been talking a lot recently about the Green New Deal and the idea that it’s time for a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels. Even if you don’t believe we have 12 years to save the world, there’s no doubt that abundant, clean energy is an appealing prospect not just here but around the world. One of the biggest problems with the GND, as Megan McArdle pointed out recently, is that abandoning fossil fuels here in the U.S. would only have a small impact on worldwide demand. In fact, the price might even drop if the U.S. walked away from the market, making oil and gas cheaper and therefore an even more attractive option for developing nations.

    Really, Megan? If our goal here is a pivot away from fossil fuels in Amerika, we should jump at advanced nuclear technology. Whether it be fusion reactors such as a successfully miniaturized ITER, or thorium salt technology that is less speculative, we already have a massive source of energy that isn’t cyclical or variable in output like solar, or wind.

    So why the No Nukes premise in The Green New Deal? It’s not about electrical power. It’s about political power. Getting rid of fossil fuels does nothing for the Amerikan Environmental Movement. Saving the environment does nothing for most Amerikan environmentalists. They use polar bears the way Coca-Cola uses polar bears. Coke sells you something that gives you Type II Diabetes. Environmentalists are trying to sell you socialism. Either will kill you way before your time.

    There is no way. No way can the environmentalists allow nuclear power to replace fossil fuels. No way can environmentalists allow their issue to be resolved. What good is an environment that doesn’t allow them to politically thrive?

  • CNN didn’t disclose Democratic Party ties of questioners in Sanders town hall

    Back to performance art kabuki theater. There is this organization called CNN that allegedly reports on the news. They are actually trying to shape the news by colluding with participants in one of their town halls. This one featured Senator Bernie Sanders soon after he announced his intention to run for The Presidency. It was supposed to involve Democratic and Independent voters but instead involved a pre-packaged set of ambush questions posed by Democratic Party insiders.

    Among those who quizzed the socialist presidential hopeful was Baltimore County Democratic Party Chair Tara Ebersole, who was identified on the episode only as a “former biology professor,” and Charles County Democratic Central Committee Chair Abena McAllister, who was described as “an active Democrat,” according to Mediaite. Yunjung Seo was introduced as a college student, but neither host Wolf Blitzer nor the on-screen chyron mentioned that she is an intern at Democratic fundraising outfit the Katz Watson Group, according to her LinkedIn page. And Shadi Nasab was also presented as a college student, even though her LinkedIn page says she is an intern at DC lobbying firm Cassidy and Associates.

    CNN has a history of this sort of thing. Donna Brazile was outed for giving questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of one of these get-togethers. CNN still wants its say. They carry water for The Amerikan left like an old Roman aqueduct. They expect to put a big thumb on the scale. They expect this as a reward for their unflinching loyalty. They consider themselves the best journalism that Leftism can buy. They therefore expect a certain veto on what the Democratic Party does. They are, after all, an intensely interested stakeholders.

  • Sen. Whitehouse Sought to Advance Climate Lawsuit Brought By His Donors

    In July 2018, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) stood next to Rhode Island’s Attorney General, announcing that the law firm Sher Edling LLP will represent the state in a lawsuit against energy producers over the issue of climate change. Less than a year later, Senator Whitehouse filed an amicus brief on behalf of Sher Edling LLP, defending their California plaintiffs. But Senator Whitehouse never spoke about another interesting detail: Victor Sher and Matt Edling, the two California lawyers representing most of the plaintiffs targeting energy companies in climate liability lawsuits across the country, started making thousand-dollar donations to Senator Whitehouse in late 2016 – almost two full years before the Rhode Island case was announced.

    Can you possibly read this and believe that Amerika’s environmental movement has to do with protecting nature? Successful protection of nature kills the racket. There goes payday. What type of rube let’s some stupid Snail Darter stand in the way of raking in some serious clams? The Green New Deal involves a whole bunch of big, fat envelopes. The type that are not filled with Non-GMO seeds….

  • Democrats’ anti-Trump tax cut talking point just collapsed — tax refunds are up this year

    The IRS has released new data about tax filing season that has put weeks of overhyped media stories to rest: Compared to last year, refunds are now up 1.3 percent on average. Many politicians were quick to jump to conclusions about how tax refund data had proven that the recent tax cut law was a bad idea, but it’s turning out that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been on the whole a windfall for taxpayers up and down the income ladder.

    It’s vanity. I could almost care. This has been a junk issue. The real reasons some people are getting less in refunds are as follows.

    1) Less got withheld.
    2) Residents of high-tax states no longer get these deducted. High tax states now have higher tax burdens.

  • Collegiate Esports Programs Are Here to Stay

    College sports lose more credibility. We now have competitive video-gaming. We should all laugh at this, but I don’t. It points out something. A lot of the sports and musical extra-curriculars are no longer open to normal, average kids. This even becoming increasingly true in High School. I’ve known parents who owned tiny violins to train their two-year olds. My son and daughter play Rec League sports against children who are coached and tutored all year long.

    There is no amateurism in extra-curricular activities. There has been none ever since they started looking good on collegiate applications and get certain children ahead. Here is something they can do. Here is something that at least for now, may still be a joy instead of just another goddamn job. What a tragic shame it is. The drive to get ahead is ruining the ability of kids to still be kids.

    This time around, the athletics arms race on campus is for “esports”—competitive video gaming. And it’s a trend driven by many small colleges hunting for students.
    Though new, esports are not a niche. Within only a few years, they have gone from small, student-driven clubs to official extensions of the university. So far, 126 colleges have joined the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), a governing body for varsity-level competitions. Student-athletes play games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike. Games are usually team-based and can be fighting, sports, fantasy, and strategy games.

  • Decline & fall: classics edition

    Classics is too white. It is therefore expedient and necessary to eliminate all knowledge and learning from Greek, Roman or other Pre-Christian culutures that existed on or near The Mediterranean. You’ve got to queer it up, fem it up and color it in. Find me that Black Cicero, or get the heck off my campus! The entire ediface of Classical scholarship in the Amerikan University is being pulled down along with the Confederate General Statues. The books will be burned along with the John Wayne movies. Just another case where !DIVERITY! + Proximity = Stupidity.

    At the San Diego Marriott this January, a panel on “The Future of Classics” provided a notable example of the latter. Among the speakers was Dan-el Padilla Peralta, a rising star in—well, we were going to say “classics,” but that is not quite right. Yes, Padilla is an assistant professor of classics at Princeton, but to date his reputation has depended not on his work in classics but his expertise in a species of grievance-mongering and racial complaint.

  • The Overdue Death of Democratic “Pragmatism”

    Everyone wants fire, passion, and belief. Unless, of course, some fiery, passionate guy is convinced beyond a doubt he should shorten you by about a head. Then we may just have to slow down Ozzy’s Crazy Train a bit. Amy Klobuchar is trying to do just that in her bid to run for President as a Democrat who is still normal.

    A pragmatist is thus two things at once: a moderate and a realist, with the latter apparently driving the former. This explains why Klobuchar does not explicitly support Medicare for All, saying that single-payer health care “could be a possibility in the future. I’m just looking at something that will work now.” It’s why she calls the Green New Deal “aspirational.” And it’s why she opposes free college. “If I was a magic genie, and could give that for everyone, and we could afford it, I would,” she said. “I’ve got to tell the truth.”

    Most of us prefer pragmatists. We tend to see ourselves as the sane, rational Dow Jones, The Average about to be scimitared by the fiery, passionate lunatic. A large number of Democrats still don’t embrace Socialism just yet. Hillary may have gotten about 34 Million votes from Socialists and Communists (compared to the 2 million who went with Jill Stein), but that still left about 35 million more votes in her column that were from people who are less Left-of-Center.

    Personally, I’d like to see everyone’s pragmatism die unless they are actually and honestly pragmatic. Pragmatism, as a serious decisional heuristic, is not a sell-out. It is a rational iterative process. Here’s what I’d like to do. Here’s what I can do within rational constraints, using orderly, time-honored means. The goal is to progressively move from your limited state towards your ideal one within these constraints. It can be sold with a certain passionate clarity. Especially if the alternative is something stupid like mob riots or nuclear war.

    I’d love a straight-up pragmatist to just level with us this time out. Here’s where we’re at. Here’s where we need to be. Here’s how we get there. Be patient. It won’t necessarily always be a pleasant ride. We’d be a much happier nation if a guy like that stood a chance of ever getting nominated.

  • Washington Governor Inslee Joins Democratic Presidential Field

    Jeff Bezos owns a lot of things. He owns a giant retail company. He owns lots of Silicon Valley. He owns himself an overrated left wing blog in DC. Now he owns himself a Democratic Presidential Candidate – Jay Inslee. Jay Inslee is most noted for environmental advocacy when he isn’t pimping for the interests of Microsoft or Amazon. We welcome Jeff Bezos’ participation in the upcoming Democratic Primaries. It will be an instructive economic data point to see just how high a bid he puts in to buy the empire in a manner reminiscent of Didius Julianus of Classical Rome.

  • Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza emerging as new al-Qaeda leader

    The United States is offering a reward for information on Hamza bin Laden, thought to be about 30 years old and based near the Afghan-Pakistan border, of $1 million. The State Department’s Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program posted the reward on its website late Thursday. “He has released audio and video messages on the Internet, calling on his followers to launch attacks against the United States and its Western allies, and he has threatened attacks against the United States in revenge for the May 2011 killing of his father by U.S. military forces,” the State Department said. Hamza bin Laden is married to the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker and a mastermind of al-Qaeda’s Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

    Al-Qaeda isn’t what it once was. But it remains and is essentially a feudal organization that pledges an eternal hatred to the United States. We treat them like a crime family without understanding how a feudal hierarchy effectively works. By raising Hamza bin-Ladin’s profile, we raise his prestige. Specially Designated Global Terrorist looks vastly better on a business card than Unemployable Scumbag. We are making this guy by complaining about him. Make Al-Qaeda prove they still have something. Let’s not give them anything they don’t already have.

  • Greenpeace Founder Calls Jet-Setting AOC Hypocritical ‘Pompous Little Twit’ Over Green New Deal

    People who fail to recognize the true of Socialism keep wondering why it’s so unsurvivable. It seems Greenpeace Founder, Patrick Moore, won’t be serving watermelon at his next picnic outing. He sends Hipster Representatrix, AOC, the following via Twitter. It’s as if the poor old boy is deluded enough to believe she intends to help people.

    The “world as it is” has the option of taking the subway rather than a taxi. option of Amtrak rather than plane, option of opening windows rather than A/C. You’re just a garden-variety hypocrite like the others. And you have ZERO expertise at any of the things you pretend to know.

    He apparently felt he had to be blunt to the point of blunt-force trauma in order to induce understanding. He attempt to enlighten the ineluctable further below.

    Pompous little twit. You don’t have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels, or get the food into the cities. Horses? If fossil fuels were banned every tree in the world would be cut down for fuel for cooking and heating. You would bring about mass death.

    But isn’t mass death the real point and objective of Socialism? It’s politics of who and whom. I’ll offer one more little suggestion, the what that “who” does to “whom” isn’t a back massage. The Green New Deal would induce a massive die-off because that is exactly what it is designed to accomplish.

You make the call who sucks worse Metallica or Beto?

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