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Diversity = Slavery

Robert Kraft has ripped the lid off of a garbage can full of parasites. His recent arrest for soliciting prostitution reveals yet another way in which !DIVERSITY! is a vile curse of Modern Amerika. The neighborhood which he frequented in Jupiter, Florida has a plethora of message parlors that message a wee bit more than just your poor and aching back. Yet another industry prices out Amerikan labor via cheap immigrants crossing an open border. Here’s an example of what fine, exotic delicacies are on the menu nearby.

Several spas and two women were identified as being involved in a human trafficking ring involving sex and at least 100 men, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said Tuesday. The women, both 48, identified as managing the spas – four in Martin County and one in Jupiter – are Ruimei Li, of (address redacted), and Lixia Zhu, of (address redacted).

This human trafficking industry is a predictable development in a nation that practices a callous, depraved indifference to the security of its borders. The fruits of this depraved libertarianism with regards to national borders are a complete disregarding of laws against human bondage in the USSA.

The evidence indicates that Chinese women were recruited and transported to the United States under the false promise of securing legitimate jobs, only to be held captive at the spas and coerced to transact for commercial sex. Male clients at Orchids of Day could purchase a female body at the rate of $59 for 30 minutes or $79 for one hour.

So just how profitable is it for slavers to bring in human chattel for those “jobs Amerikans just won’t do?”

The ILO report, Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour , said two thirds of the estimated total of US$ 150 billion, or US$ 99 billion, came from commercial sexual exploitation, while another US$ 51 billion resulted from forced economic exploitation, including domestic work, agriculture and other economic activities.

Like a perverted version of a cuck Neal Diamond song, these slaves are coming to Amerika from all over the world. The United Nations International labour Organization gives us the statistics as to just how much of a joke The 13th Amendment to the US Consititution currently is. The chart below gives you profit from slavery be region, the profits per slave by region, and the total estimated census of Amerikan slaves by region of origin.

The USSA is closing in on 328 Million people. Of this total 18.6 Million are slaves. This equals approximately 5.5% of the population. There’s a myth floating around that the United States fought a noble and bloody civil war to free people from bondage. There is another myth that our economy would evolve to the point where we would outgrow slavery because it would be an unprofitable institution. I don’t believe either one. I particularly believe that you cannot successfully ban slavery and still have open borders. As long as our borders remain open, our war on slavery will work about as well as our war on drugs.

If dissolving Robert Kraft’s unmentionables in an acid solution would make us all feel better than I won’t shed a tear. However, if the future of Amerika is a more heavily regulated economy; than let’s start by regulating what people and goods come in and out by controlling our borders. It’s a pretty logical idea if Amerika really does have a moral problem with slavery. Otherwise, here’s your new Amerikan dream of !DIVERSITY!.

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