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  • Why millions of Leavers AND Remainers now see our benighted ruling class as utterly beneath contempt

    When you tell humans that “The People” will rule, each individual automatically thinks that you mean that he will be in charge. In reality, the herd has to delegate power to leaders, and those become — like people in any other career — experts at working the system, not massively proficient at the task of leadership itself, which means making the right decisions for the long-term health of the civilization that in theory they nurture. This means that at a certain point, government takes over from “The People,” just as within the people at some point the herd takes over from the society itself, because in both cases people are selected for being expert at working with others and saying things that convince others to act, instead of making the choices indicated by their job descriptions. In the UK, democracy itself is on trial with Brexit as establishment elites block the implementation of a choice made by a legitimate vote. This comes as the world sees that democracy is in decline everywhere because it has outlived its utility and not delivered on its promises. We see the same thing in America, where the “deep state” attempted a coup against an elected president. Bureaucracies and crowds produce manipulators who are expert at working those organizations, and reality is soon forgotten because realist truths are complex and therefore unpleasant to most people and therefore are ignored, discarded, and eventually demonized. This is why the deep state wants to break up any culture that can resist it, and is importing third world voters to achieve total power.

  • A Critique of Libertarian Natural Rights

    Rights are a human projection onto nature. In our search for a universal objective reason that they exist, we come up with nothing more than other human projections. This leads us to a bad place, since now we see libertarianism as just another egalitarian ideology attempting to take over the world. Even more, it offers nothing for civilization, only for the individual. We cannot build a society based on what individuals want

  • ‘Unplanned’ Box Office: Controversial Anti-Abortion Pic Surprises With Strong $6M Debut

    Abortion provides a good issue for the Right to lose on at the polls, but is brings home how inhuman our time has become. When we use vacuum cleaners to destroy babies so that mothers can have sexual freedom, we have turned freedom into the monster that it always was, since it implies independence of the human individual from the constraints of nature, culture, morality, logic, decency, and even sanity. However it remains popular with individual humans who would rather blame the world for their failings than admit that they must change their individual behavior.

  • The Powerful Symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000 Year History

    For some reason, these trigger people, either in a “OMFG I’m terrified!” or “Wow, I love those!” way. It has become comical. In the meantime, there is some good swastihistory in this article. 卐 卍

  • 1L Class Represents At Harvard Law School — And It’s Picture Perfect

    Peak diversity, this picture shows us both how much America has shared the wealth, and also how much people identify with their groups. “Assimilation” is a fiction that conservatives tell themselves while huddled under the bed, talking to their teddy bears.

  • A New Study Blows Up Old Ideas About Girls and Boys

    It turns out that boys and girls are made biologically differently before birth. There are differences in gene expression leading to differences in thinking and behavior. Until this research, it was taboo — and likely a career-ender — to state this commonsense truth in a scientific setting.

  • Brexit: Jacob Rees-Mogg defends tweet of far-right AfD clip

    Nationalists have figured out how to break the Leftist media stronghold: do something innocuous involving something taboo, then refuse to apologize, and allow the media firefight to alienate voters across the spectrum. In this case, Rees-Mogg retweeted an AFD criticism of Brexit; he did not endorse the party, only one segment of one speech. The establishment elites still had a panic attack.

  • Judge blocks California’s ban on high-capacity magazines over 2nd Amendment concerns

    The judge points out what most Americans are thinking: we are preparing for social unrest and we want to be able to kill whatever comes through the door. In addition, this shows us a possible reversal of the consistent Leftward lean of judges in America, which has enabled the Left to effectively write legislation from the bench and get around a public vote.

  • The ‘Revolt of Empty Spain’: Why is Spain’s rural world protesting?

    Humans like centralized systems because humans like terms like “all” and “everyone” which mean that no one is left out, which means to the human individual that he will not be left out. Centralized systems however become industries in themselves, and they depopulate your rural areas, paving the way for future crises.

  • Are we killing Bali? I’ve been deluded thinking there isn’t friction

    Three years later the streets of Canggu are unrecognisable, and much of the beachfront has been blocked out by development. So many new landmarks have been erected that my bearings have vanished.

    As Canggu morphs from a sleepy fishing village and surfing spot into something more global, the aesthetic is remarkably similar to other hipster hubs around the world. The street art around Canggu looks similar to the street art in Bushwick and Kreuzberg (and in fact could be the same street art, as these dudes fly around the world accepting commissions and projects). The cafes have a similar fit out to a Melbourne laneway cafes (in fact one such cafe is actually called Little Flinders, after a Melbourne laneway).

    On the way from the airport during this visit my driver was as close to angry as I’ve seen a Balinese person get. We took a back road into town and it was much changed since my last visit.

    “The farmers sell the rice paddies to the foreigners and they build their villas, and then the farmers sit back and they spend all the money, and then struggle when there is no land left to farm,” he said.

    Globalism is the standardization of everything to the shallowest level of human thought. Wherever we go, unless we change the way we think, we the herd trample whatever is there and replace it with more of what we are escaping. It is the human disease.

  • In Italy’s city of love, global far-right groups join forces under a ‘pro-family’ umbrella

    The “far Right” is coalescing under a banner that unites pro-capitalism, race realism, and pro-family policies into a single pro-civilization platform.

  • Xenophobic attacks spark South African response

    As we say frequently around here, the problem is not whites or blacks, but diversity itself, which makes every ethnic tribe a competing special interest group trying to dominate its host society before another group does and uses that power against it. They sold us diversity as the idea of the end of racial conflict, but in reality, it simply makes the racial conflict much more destructive. Currently, foreigners owning shops are the target, but in reality every group targets every other. In particular Indian visitors to South Africa have felt the wrath of the angered mob.

  • Web Hosting Companies Shut Down a Series of Neo-Nazi Websites

    People forget that at the core of human problems lies the crowd. It can take the form of organized government, or merely public opinion, but once humans get together in groups every individual works to flatter, enrage, and terrify the group so that it does what he wants, and this means that individual opinions converge on a lowest-common-denominator norm. For this reason, we do not have government censorship in the West so much as companies virtue signaling for fatter annual profits.

  • Trump’s Policy “Magic Wand” Boosts Manufacturing Jobs 399% In First 26 Months Over Obama’s Last 26

    The transition from Obama to Trump makes it clear: the tax-and-spend Leftist government which seemed like a miracle last century has become a liability, since its methods worked only for a short time and have brought about misery. Those who abandon it first, win, which is why the West is teeming with new far-Right parties. Everything Leftism likes — diversity, equality, subsidies, democracy, entitlements — is on the chopping block for having failed, wrecked what was left of our societies, and stranded us in an abyss of debt.

  • ‘I love Israel’ — Brazil’s Bolsonaro lands in Tel Aviv

    As the world breaks away from Leftism, those states which are surging forward farthest to the Right have become beacons of hope, and they are learning to work together. If you want to know what Trump was signaling with his support of Israel, it is in part that he will work with other Right-wing governments to escape the insanity of Leftism, which is both bad economic policy and destructive to the health of civilizations. Whoever escapes Leftism first wins; the Left is making it easy by attacking Jews and Israel while stirring up worldwide Leftist anti-Israel sentiment over the refusal by Israel to accept an Arab occupation and by doing so, commit suicide as a Jewish state. Instead, nationalism is rising, with Israel standing at the top of the charts as an example of why nationalism works and why abandoning it (a condition called diversity) is suicide.

  • New Orleans mayor to apologise for 1891 lynching of Italian-Americans

    A large Italian community had moved to the city after the civil war and the abolition of slavery, to take up jobs that had formerly been done by slaves.

    Following Hennessy’s death, officials rounded up Italian immigrants – according to some reports, they apprehended thousands.

    Diversity — in any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — does not work, and merely divides a society against itself. The opposite principle, unity, requires nationalism and culture taking precedence before government, which in turn requires that we abolish Leftism and human/civil rights, replacing them with national customs.

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