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First Look At The New Facebook Censorship

This world generates more hilarity than any of us can comprehend. Facebook has decided that my post about white nationalism is too spicy for its Disneyland-style content. Here is the text of the post:

I am a WASP nationalist and WASP separatist. Western Europeans need their own societies apart from every other religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial group. Diversity does not work and never can work.

Those who are not of the ethnic Western European groups must be repatriated to their home continents.

Leftism — egalitarianism — is a mental health problem. Leftists will have to be physically removed to Venezuela and their citizenships deleted.

This does not mean that I hate other groups; hate is pointless, and I tend to view people as individuals. But I oppose diversity, equality, democracy, and Leftist censorship.

I do not agree with 14/88 or National Socialism because they are too dogmatic and not far Right enough. However, their views are legitimate also.

I do not oppose censoring Communists, Leftists, egalitarians, or any other mental health cases. These people are broken and need to be removed.

This shows what happens when you hire dollar-an-hour labor to perform the difficult task of separating intelligent discussion of edgy issues from people who are truly blaming others for their own problems.

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