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  • US-Mexico border wall: Pentagon authorises $1bn transfer

    Trump waited for the drama to be over and now, has an excuse to act with a vengeance. Let us hope that he will in short order shut down government and build more walls. His threat to investigate the Democrats is real, which is why it would be sensible for him to avoid acting on that and use their retreat in panic as an excuse to charge ahead with building the wall, repealing civil rights and affirmative action, cutting regulations and diversity staffs, and implementing harsh e-Verify penalties to savage the employers who hire illegals.

  • Trump asks court to totally repeal Obama’s affordable care act

    Obamacare comes straight from the socialized medicine playbook and destroyed the American middle class with yearly bills that could have purchased a small car. This meant that America became a two-level society: you either were part of the elites who made their money by succeeding at education, memorizing the propaganda, getting jobs in or created by government, and helping themselves to the Big Tech and Big Tax trough, or you were “little people” who paid all the taxes and got nothing. The underclasses do not enter into the question because they do what they always do, which is take benefits and produce crime, and this allows government to justify its entitlements state and also forces people to be compliant, because if you say something against the ideology, narrative, or government-media nexus and you lose your job, then you go live in the ghetto and get raped by an exciting multicultural community. Conformity is indirectly enforced here in the West, unlike the brutal methods of the Eurasian East like Russia, in that we simply tell you that your card has been declined and let you die in the parking lot instead of rounding you up and shooting you in the Lubyanka courtyard at dawn.

  • Europe wants to join China “Belt and Road” plan but needs reciprocity

    Having never met a stupid idea that she did not like, mixed-ethnic Communist “conservative” Angela Merkel wants to ally with the Chinese, but only if she can force them to pay money into Germany like the Americans used to indirectly through NATO. In democracy, this kind of cleverness is considered good government… in reality, her dreams of making Europe into a superstate and superpower conflict with the needs of Germany, and it will end about as well as it did last time. Europe needs to stand alone, not be the bitch of some large power while sucking money from that power just like the inbreds and minorities underclass does to welfare programs in the USA. Merkel has a dream, and it is to help China bypass US tariff sanctions which are crushing the paper tiger Chinese economy. In exchange, Merkel wants Europe, Inc., to have help becoming a superpower with its new allies the Eurasians and Asians (evidence: the 5G debacle). Throughout history, this sort of thing has always backfired, but that does not stop idiots (the voters) and their appointed representatives (Merkel, Macron) from trying. China meanwhile has been retaliating against Canada in order to try to pry loose another US ally. What this tells us: China is entirely dependent on exports to America, and if Trump closes even a small portion of those, China will collapse, leading to multi-front war across Asia and Eurasia. Since a world mega-recession is due, which means another world war will happen, it would be better for the US and Europe if it happened in Asia and Eurasia instead of our homelands.

  • British man jailed for egging Jeremy Corbyn, drawing comparisons with Fraser Anning incident

    What do we mean by “double standard”? The Leftists stick together like glue because they share an ideology, so if you egg a conservative, you end up on the front page of the newspaper and become a celebrity, but if you egg a Leftist, you go to jail for a month and they will be sure to put you in the rape and stabbings wing of the prison, sort of like how they put some guy in jail for leaving bacon at a mosque and then let him abuse drugs until he died. Speaking of double standards, looks like Jussie Smollett has had the charges against him dropped. Does anyone really think that would happen if he were not Left-wing?

  • Rescindment of visiting fellowship

    Apparently, standing next to some guy wearing a “I’m a proud Islamophobe” tshirt is cause enough to cut an invitation to a professor; this means that you not only have to avoid saying controversial things yourself, but push back against others that do, in order for the Leftist Establishment to avoid destroying your career. In other words, they will make you into their tool. This is the opposite of open discussion, academic inquiry, tolerance, diversity, and everything else the Left claims they support; in reality — and conservatives never understand this because they do not understand ideology — the Left supports only those who are driven to force egalitarianism on all of humanity so that we can finally reach Utopia, even if every past attempt has failed and ended in misery and ruin.

  • Austrian far-right activist raided over possible donation from New Zealand shooting suspect

    The Left is trying to see how far they can go with the censorship and repression. Martin Sellner received a donation from “a person named Tarrant — the same surname as the suspected Christchurch shooter” and that, apparently, is excuse, justification, and rationalization for searching his apartment. In reality, we all know that this is a political persecution.

  • The European Parliament has voted in favour of Article 13

    Europe wants stronger control of the internet and the ability to crack down on international freedom of speech in order to protect its failing diversity and equality programs from criticism. It knows that when people see outside of the neatly-constructed media bubble, they tend to stop supporting these things, and to the Leftist a failure to support the one form of “good” that they recognize, equality, is tantamount to treason and being a Nazi. This law will force social media companies to scan uploads for copyrighted content, and they will in turn reject anything they fear as “risky.” Censorship just gets a toe in the door, and then some Leftist will come along and kick it wide open. In the meantime, social media is killing accounts using the justification of “automated activity,” which we have seen before. They will remove fifty Russians and five thousand conservatives.

  • Mexico demands apology from Spain and the Vatican over conquest

    Mexico, a failed state, knows the drill: first you get the apology, then you demand compensation. If Spain or the Vatican apologize, they will be getting bills for the next century, a form of extortion based on preserving their good name. The rest of the Left, addicted to wealth transfer as the primary means of achieving equality on Earth, will do their best to saturate Spain and the Vatican in guilt so that they give, so that money flows from the wealthy to the impoverished.

  • Maharashtra: IPS officer who spoke of ‘thrashing Dalits’ in video gets executive posting

    No one wants to admit it, but everyone who is not a Dalit — an Indian term for the lowest caste, untouchables, who have more genetically in common with Australian aboriginals than the Eurasian upper castes — likes the idea of beating back the poor and dumb. They are not cruel, but they recognize that the poor and dumb do poor and dumb things, including lots of crime, filth, and incompetence.

  • Make change: Trump has kiboshed plans to put Harriet Tubman on the $20

    The Left cheered over this symbolic victory, since they want to do anything they can to make America seem less white and successful so that everyone can participate so that the lowest common denominator, individualistic “altruism,” wins out and Leftists can rule forever. Trump has quietly turned this one around in order to preserve the American brand. No one looks at countries with foreign ethnics on their bills as successful. They look conquered instead. In the meantime, the Left continues its agenda of erasing history and destroying lives for ideological non-conformity.

  • Poor mental health shortens life expectancy almost as much as diabetes and smoking

    This statistical measurement tells us that more people who are insane die young than those who are not, so the average lifespan of the insane is shorter than that of normal people. The bigger point is that the West is slowly realizing that by letting Leftists run the place, it placed the inmates in charge of the asylum, and when you create an insane system, more people go insane. In the meantime, crazy is still crazy but it is politically incorrect to mention that.

  • U.S. calls Russia deployment of planes to Venezuela ‘reckless escalation’

    The second Cuban missile crisis may heat up yet. Russia knows that this is a provocation which could be answered by acts of war, and they hope that America will back down and look weak. That makes Russia look strong despite having many internal problems of its own. America will either bully them out of the way, or wait for the Left to take over in Venezuela and then stage an overthrow. Either way, Russia just ensured that Venezuelans will die so that Russia can feel good about itself.

  • Home Office ‘secretly channelled £30,000 to a group campaigning to legalise paedophilia in the late 1970s’

    Leftists love anything that destroys normal life because then people actually need Leftism as a source of meaning in their lives. As a result, they delight in things like pedophilia that disturb the remaining morally alert people, making it easier to target them and replace them.

  • Remainers’ petition to cancel Brexit is totally irrelevant and MPs should just get on with leaving, most Brits insist

    The Left was blasting headlines over the weekend about the million people who attended an anti-Brexit march and the millions who signed an online petition. In reality, petitions are gamed and fewer than 400,000 attended the march despite massive Leftist propaganda. Most people have now seen that the EU is abusive and incompetent, and are convinced by the bungling of Brexit by their own government that it is a controversial idea not a bad one, mainly because “controversy” is mentioned in the context of disturbing the cozy little arrangement that the incompetents in both governments have with each other.

  • Duke University pays $112M to settle faked-research lawsuit

    Joining “fake news” in the dictionary: “fake science.” It turns out that scientists are careerists like the rest of us, and they take cash from lobbyists or go along with the herd mentality encouraged by their Leftist masters in academia, and the result is that “science” broadly proclaims conclusions which are not backed by data. No wonder people do not trust “climate change,” since we can no longer trust our scientists, and all of the Leftists in the world want to use climate change as an excuse for wealth transfer from the first world to the third. No wonder cracks in the narrative are so popular; we are all tired of incompetent elites telling us how to live based on how they want to use us as a means to the end of their own fanatical unrealistic ideological goal of world equality.

  • Islamophobia has ‘seeped into the public consciousness’ as British Far-Right movement grows, polling shows

    Opposition to Islam in the West is growing, but this is part of a broader backlash against diversity, which people at first thought was failing only because of a few racists and minority criminals duking it out on the streets, but now realize is structurally unsound. The widespread crime and violence has made formerly nice areas uninhabitable while organized anti-majority activities are encouraged by the elites and protected with constant censorship and Establishment bullying of dissenters. When government has to use restrictions on symbols and jailing people for decades for possessing forbidden documents, you know that government has become unstable, and that only happens in this way when its policies fail so badly that people are rapidly losing faith in them, prompting government to take desperate measures to secure control. Fear and trembling grips the West as the change approaches.

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