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  • One in five residents get contaminated tap water. NJ is ordering companies to clean it up

    While this is mostly evidence of NJ being broke since it taxed the wealthy until they fled, it sets an important precedent. Companies that pollute should be forced to clean it up, and if they cannot pay, their insurers will. This will in turn put pressure on companies to avoid polluting or clean up before the courts and government get involved. In the end, the rest of us will end up paying for this anyway because these expenses are tax deductible. At what point do we haul out the people responsible for making these decisions within the company and jail them? Pollution is as much a violent crime as assault. Not just against nature, but against those who must live in these areas in the future.

  • Why Trump’s legal woes go beyond the Mueller report

    The neo-Communist regime wants you to know of a narrative shift. The talking point has changed from Russian collusion to obstructing justice. This will now be used to motivate the herd of neurotics, drunks, the insane, and parasitic to act against Trump, since in a democracy any herd of warm bodies scares people into conforming with whatever the dominate trend is. To enforce this, the Left even trotted out its journalist-celebrities in order to make the threat seem real. In reality, this is nothing more than an attempted coup perpetrated by the “deep state” of permanently entrenched bureaucrats, and Trump is correct to call it obstruction.

  • Dear Jewish-American Leftists: It’s Time For a Talk

    Jewish Leftists supported multiculturalism under the theory that if tolerance were forced, no more pogroms could occur. This typically short-sighted human thinking missed the point that diversity itself is unstable and no minority population is safe in either a majority population or a diverse one. The herd is waking up to the fact that diversity is genocide and the Left has discarded Jews as its pity target because now it has lots of brown people to pity which allows Leftists to gain more social status points by having worked further to promote equality by including those who are incompatible with the majority. At this point, to the Left, the Jewish population is merely an impediment to further forming a non-white coalition, and so they have turned on the Jews just as the Soviets did. The Leftist Jews are defending this process, but others realize the threat posed by the guillotines and gulags gang being mobilized against Jewish people. The only solution here is for Right-wing Jews to gain dominance and legitimize nationalism not just for Jews, but for every population. No one can coexist.

  • Poland considers exhumations at pogrom site and Jews object

    Speaking of Jews, the Polish Right has played this one poorly. It insists that Poles did not participate in the Holocaust, which misses the point that across Europe, most people wanted Jews gone because diversity does not work. They could have chosen a more honest method, like deportation, but history is as it is, and despite the massive fabrication of much of the Holocaust narrative by the Soviets and their American allies, the fact remains that something horrible happened, including Poles ushering all the Jews in their village into barns and setting those barns on fire. We should close this chapter of history by realizing that diversity does not work and never will.

  • Women in UK hold 70 percent of jobs at risk of automation

    More benefits of automation. Kids deserve two parent homes with one parent at home, and workers deserve to spend less time at their jobs and more time on self-actualization, family, friends, and culture. The modern System has stolen all of these things.

  • Local Communities Grapple With Tragic Murders Linked to Illegal Immigrants: ‘Something Needs to Be Done’

    Diversity works nowhere. Crime serves as a constant state of low-grade ethnic warfare. This enables minority groups to gradually displace the majority and each other. In the meantime, assimilation fails because it asks people to give up a huge part of who they are, and results only in radicalization of moderates as they realize that diversity will erase them, too. The continual friction has caused many in the West to turn against diversity itself instead of seeing particular ethnic groups as a problem. This means an end to bigotry and “racism,” and a rise in nationalism, or the idea for nations to be comprised of one ethnic group only. In the meantime, the constant resentment and violence caused by clash of civilizations conflicts occurring within nation states is intensifying as natives realize there is no way to escape the constant disaster of diversity.

  • The Elites Haven’t Faced Consequences; Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Rice All Lied

    Lot of Irish names there. Just sayin’.

  • “Medieval” Diseases Flare as Unsanitary Living Conditions Proliferate

    People assumed that “first world” was an immutable trait of our civilization, and forgot that we have an absence of third world conditions because we do things differently. When we stopped doing that, and diversity and homelessness surged, we got those third world conditions here. Now people are afraid to explore formerly middle-class areas in their own cities. Under diversity, we cannot crack down on bad behavior because it would violate the rights of some individual somewhere and therefore endanger the mystical ideology of freedom, equality, tolerance, peace, and love. However, if we do not, we face a grim future.

  • It Will Be Illegal To Talk About “Great Replacement” Of White Canadians

    Censorship worked so well for New Zealand that Canada is trying it. Across the West, governments are seeking to make criticism of one specific government policy taboo. Diversity finds its tenuous hold growing weaker as constant problems emerge. The response by government is fortunate in that it makes anti-diversity material valuable. Right now, Brenton Tarrant is the most sought-after author on the planet. Others will seek out the Breivik manifesto and many of the other writings against diversity and multiculturalism. We should encourage our enemies in their folly, insanity, abuse, and tyranny.

  • Tectonic plates are moving underneath Fox News

    The massive media empire that supported some Rightist ideas in the midst of a media blackout may be changing now that it is a smaller publicly-traded company which will be open to more scrutiny. Hiring Paul Ryan and Donna Brazile shows the future. Like most companies run by proles, Fox Corporation will find itself lured by the idea of being widely-liked and, in order to achieve that, will insert the usual peace, love, and happiness propaganda in its programming. At first it will claim to be showing both sides, but over time, it will simply become as Left-leaning as the rest of media. We should all turn to Breitbart and Daily Caller instead.

  • The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across Europe

    Using marijuana greatly increases the result of having a series of mental disorders. As with all things that the Left considers harmless and fun, smoking weed has consequences. Despite this, the herd is excited about a new way to be useless, and so support for legal weed remains high. This tells us that democracy cannot make the decisions required to survive, and will die a “death of a thousand cuts” from the resulting incompetence, insanity, and stupidity.

  • More than 130 people from Muslim ethnic group killed in Mali after gunmen disguise themselves as hunters

    Diversity just not doing so well anywhere. It turns out that different groups like to keep their own standards, genetics, customs, beliefs, and culture. Forcing them to coexist simply defers the inevitable explosion, which then appears as mass murder.

  • Animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot stirs fury in Reunion with ‘racist’ comments

    In the letter, sent on Tuesday to the prefect of Reunion and local media, Bardot described inhabitants of the Indian Ocean island as “aboriginals who have kept the genes of savages” and denounced what she called the barbaric treatment of animals by a “degenerate population”.

    Free speech is shaping up to be one of the defining issues of the near future. Joining pollution and political instability in the fall of globalism, free speech determines whether or not we can express dissent. This is important because it is how history changes. People come together on ideas through open discussion, debate, and eventual inspection of those ideas. The powers that be seem terrified that if they let out one copy of a manifesto, or one comment hostile to the idea of equality, the rest of us will become infected with dissident thought and pull away from the System and its Narrative… obviously, they have seen this happening, and they will become more desperate, cruel, and vindictive as the time for regime change approaches.

  • Arkansas Senate approves Down syndrome abortion ban

    Conservatives shoot themselves in the foot again by opposing abortion, which is a small issue compared to the really big change needed in diversity, civil rights, entitlements, and reclaiming the cultural landscape. However, abortion gets the faithful out to vote, so the conservatives double down on it every time, laughing at the voters who are so arrogant and indignant yet so ignorant of how the political process works. In this case, conservatives have effectively demanded that retarded babies be protected from abortion, ensuring that more retarded people are born in the future. This type of “big dumb Jesus & Jobs Conservatism” always drives away the center to whom these issues are not just baffling but peripheral, as it should, since we have bigger fish to fry and the conservatives seem to want to trade a potential lead for a symbolic issue. Again: democracy appoints clowns to win because clowns know how to play a crowd.

  • Merkel: Germany will meet pledge to spend 1.5 percent of GDP on defense by 2024

    Merkel believes herself to be intelligent when she is merely clever. She knows how to play politics. She promises one thing, delivers another, then walks it back further, and ultimately by coming up with a series of excuses and scapegoats, weasels her way out of what she needs to do. Germany and Europe need stronger defense; relying on America is unwise and unfair. It breeds resentment. For NATO to stand strong, its members will have to do their part, but that means less money for their entitlements programs, so good little vote-catchers like Angela Merkel will fight this tooth and nail. She has rationalized her current failure by claiming that she cannot endanger foreign aid. As usual, Leftists care more about symbolism than reality, and that includes quasi-conservatives like Angela.

  • Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’

    Most people do not want to admit that science, like government and academia, succumbs to lobbying. If you want a promotion, a new lab, or simply to retire after selling a very popular science book, you need to find a large group to fund you or a large group of people to buy what you are selling. That means that you must collect data in such a way that it seems to support a conclusion that is popular with these groups, and then you have to write an interpretation that reads the universe from a detail and makes it seem like the solution to all of our problems. When climate change falls, it will fall hard, and as it crashes down we will see what it obscured, which is the problem of human overpopulation, using too much land, and generating too much pollution.

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