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  • Morgan Stanley Says 30% GDP Fall in Q2

    It turns out that mass panic and sending everyone home basically cuts out most commercial activity, so your economy crashes. This may have created the deepest economic shock in history. Our government has responded with a correspondingly massive stimulus including $367 billion for small business so that it can keep its employees on the payroll. In the meantime, Leftist countries are pushing ahead with socialist-style programs like UBI in order to facilitate their transition into Equality Utopia. Fortunately, the pandemic may be leveling off with some evidence suggesting that most people are not affected by the coronavirus. In the meantime, others are pointing out that this pandemic may be overblown just like climate change and civil rights. Perhaps we are living in a symbolic fabrication of reality in which actual risk is much less than risk as reported, but our leaders simply want to seize control and transition to socialism before populism overthrows the Hart-Celler agenda.

  • Why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so much lower than other countries’ rates

    The biggest reason for the difference, infectious disease experts say, is Germany’s work in the early days of its outbreak to track, test and contain infection clusters. That means Germany has a truer picture of the size of its outbreak than places that test only the obviously symptomatic, most seriously ill or highest-risk patients.

    Diverse, sprawling America cannot accomplish that.

  • Fed Digital Dollars Are Part of Debate Over Coronavirus Stimulus

    While everyone is panicked and distracted, bureaucrats are trying to make the system work better, which makes it more powerful, and damages us all in the end:

    In the longer run, Fed accounts could also help make monetary policy more powerful and help it bypass a fickle financial system and head right to Main Street. Instead of the Fed taking action to influence market rates, which can be a fraught process, it could offer interest-bearing accounts directly to the public.

    Bureaucrats always have the same response to everything: increase centralized direct authority, make everyone do the same thing at the same time, and then look at how our statistics look better, instead of looking at the people to whom the statistics refer. The impersonal nature of large societies means that we become large herds, manipulated into doing whatever keeps the system safest, instead of focusing on the goal of that system, which is a healthy organic civilization which always breeds upward, producing more highly capable people. Bureaucracy is the workaround to having highly capable people; instead you need some rule-followers and lots of aimless people to be told exactly what methods to use at all times.

  • Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before The World Started Going Absolutely Crazy?

    CEOs recognize business cycles, and saw that Trump had brought business to a peak, which meant it was a good time to cash out. The goal of all people in modern society is to build up a pile of wealth so that they can escape.

  • Of America and sacrifice: Is the country ready to step up?

    No, of course not. As Robert Putnam observed, with diversity, social trust falls. We have no expectation that our “fellow Americans” are anything like us; as a result, we are all participants in an economic system and nothing more, simply because democracy favors whoever imports voters to destroy the political power of the majority. This is typical of late-stage democracy.

  • Gunmen in Afghanistan kill 25 at Sikh complex, Islamic State claims responsibility

    Diversity keeps imploding everywhere. We will not have sanity until we recognize that We Are All One leads to rules imposed that benefit no one, therefore intensify conflict. This pattern shows up in most human events where symbolism takes priority over reality because groups of humans choose what makes individuals feel happy, not what reflects the tendencies of external reality. Democracy makes more division, diversity makes more hatred, socialism makes more poverty, feminism makes more marginalization, and equality makes everyone unimportant. When humans chase the symbols in their heads instead of reality, things end in tears, but democracy is all about the triumph of emotional symbolism over the ambiguous, challenging, and complex facts of how reality works.

  • Coronavirus cases confirmed in at least six US Amazon warehouses

    It would be both funny and sad if it turned out that the virus was spreading through the mail; after all, we know that it can persist for a couple weeks without human contact. Maybe nature is just wiping out porch pirates.

  • As Coronavirus Spreads, Underground Bunkers Don’t Seem So Excessive Now

    No one expects this society to last. Modernity, or the era of individualism, always ends in misery because it divides the nation into atomized units. These then do what benefits them at the expense of others and things shared in common, like culture, heritage, and prosperity. There is no trust left in this society. To rebuild, we are going to have to adopt a cultural hierarchy a.k.a. caste system and leave behind democracy for aristocracy. Also, diversity will have to go. This seems extreme now, but living in constant fear and instability drives people slowly insane and guarantees the death of any civilization.

  • Woody Allen memoir finally published after being pulped

    Arcade said it had decided to publish the autobiography as a matter of free speech.

    “We find it critical to hear more than one side of a story and more importantly, not to squelch the writer’s right to be heard,” said Arcade’s co-founder Jeannette Seaver in a statement.

    “When speakers are shouted down or even assaulted on campuses for simply having a different point of view, journalists are banned from press conferences and truth is too often dismissed as ‘fake news’, we as publishers prefer to give voice to a respected writer and filmmaker, rather than bow down to the politically correct pressures of the modern world.”

  • Waffle House closes 365 locations across the U.S.

    Actual story: 1,627 remain open. With only a few hotspots for this outbreak, and most people surviving it unless they have underlying conditions, risk remains minimal.

  • Last survivor of transatlantic slave trade discovered

    “Instead, she had a decades-long common-law marriage with a white German-born man, with whom she had 14 children.”

    It also seems likely that her partner was Jewish, says Dr Durkin.

    One does not have to be a fan of slavery to recognize that it was brought about by the end of serfdom. Had we preserved that ancient institution, we would not be having this conversation. In the meantime, neurotics love to talk about slavery because it gives them a chance to revenge themselves on those naturally more talented than they are.

  • UK faces ‘national shortage’ of paracetamol as India restricts exports

    This whole globalism thing has died. It seems like a good idea to outsource production until someone else needs those products first. For us to bring back production however we need to crush the triad of high labor costs, namely labor unions, the administrative/regulatory state, and high taxes.

  • Coronapocalypse

    Music about disease, fever, asphyxiation, and death to celebrate Corona-Chan and her rampage through humanity.

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