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  • Coronavirus: Dutch adopt controversial ‘herd immunity’ strategy

    Once enough people become infected, they develop immunity, and then future infections slow because the virus runs out of vulnerable people to which it can spread. The idea behind “flatten the curve” is that instead of exposing everyone at once, it makes sense to slowly expose the ones least likely to die and then use them to insulate those who might get killed by infection. This is why one-and-a-half billion people are currently staying at home, since that will slow the infection rate so that hospitals do not get overwhelmed.

  • Beijing dismisses Chinese news assistants working for U.S. bureaus

    China wants to crush the ability of American news agencies to gather information within China. This comes at a time when the Chinese economy is in advanced stages of collapse, having begun down that path in 2009 and accelerated with the recent pandemic, and China is aggressively preparing for war. As globalism fails and Chinese power diminishes, their only remaining hope lies in conquest.

  • Republicans say Dems blocking coronavirus relief over ‘ideological wish list’

    Republicans want to stimulate business to keep people employed; Democrats want to transition to socialism. Not surprisingly, no one on the Right wants to put up with a further push toward the Left, since the existing push toward the Left got us into this mess in the first place. In the meantime, roles have been reversed: the Left is now obstructing government money for ideological reasons, while the Right is pushing it for what it sees as pragmatic ones. In the meantime, it is slowly becoming apparent to more people that the Left wants the economy to crash and possibly to provoke civil war, since they need to seize power quickly because people are defecting from their failed demographic displacement, entitlements/socialism, socialized medicine, diversity, feminism, and world government projects.

  • ‘A manatee is worth more alive’: the mission to save Africa’s sea mammals

    Slowly humanity wakes up to the fact that we have grown so large that if we do not take affirmative steps to protect nature, we will consume it all and then sit around blaming each other. We have to catch these things before they get to the blame stage. To do that, we must find value in nature beyond what we can catch, carve up, and sell. While this seems impossible, people are achieving it through a focus on bonds with the land, which in turn requires a strong nationalism. We will not have nature without tribalism and a sense of identification with a land and a people that belongs to it. Only then can we see ourselves as one of many necessary species required to keep our homelands alive.

  • Extremist groups encourage members to spread coronavirus to police, Jews: FBI alert

    Some guys on the internet discussed spreading covAIDS to others, but in real life, people who are not white nationalists are spitting on cops and coughing on the elderly. Apparently FBI agents get promotions for saying things that make their Leftist masters and the brain-dead voters happy, while Twitter users advocate white genocide.

  • Nearly half a million sign petition calling for WHO head’s resignation for kowtowing to China and bungling COVID-19 response

    Globalism has died. We used to have faith in it, but now it becomes clear that grouping all of nations together simply creates a centralized power source that everyone wants to take over and manipulate, and since it is administered by humans who take bribes or favor quid pro quo, it will be controlled. China concealed this epidemic for far too long, hoping to get themselves in a position to seize power and wealth in the world after a disaster, since we are facing a prolonged worldwide economic disaster and these, like the Great Depression, normally only clear up with the massive economic stimulus of wartime. Almost no one will point out that our economies have been made fragile by massive entitlements spending which we could never afford, driving us into debt which we can only carry by selling our currencies and propping them up through endless economic activity. Socialist-style policies have caused consumerism, the moronic make-work office environment, and our loss of organic culture. With the death of globalism, we have a chance to escape these into a pro-capitalist, culture-oriented, nationalist, anti-egalitarian, and un-democratic future.

  • South Korea reports fewest new coronavirus cases since February 29 peak

    It turns out that testing people to find the ones likely to have coronAIDS and confining them in quarantine reverses the rampage of this illness. In the meantime, for most people the answer is to treat this like any aggressive cold or flu and build up the immune system:

    The good news is that 80% of those with coronavirus have mild to moderate cases and recover well at home, doctors say.

    Worldwide, over 100,000 people have recovered from covidfefe and infections are slowing, while some wonder if this pandemic is as dangerous as reported by the mainstream media which, being Leftist, wants to crash the Trump presidency with economic chaos. Ironically, as Trump suggested, warmer weather seems to be unfriendly to the coronavirus; perhaps that is why we call the most common coronavirus a “cold.” If you did not recover, please post in the comments.

  • Gangs of New Zealand: explosion of violence prompts fears police have lost control

    Weak, tolerant leadership that depends on public approval for its power tends to avoid confronting real problems while chasing assiduously after symbolic issues that can never be solved, because eternal war (on white supremacy, drugs, poverty, sexism, drunk driving, tobacco, bullying, etc.) provides permanent employment for horse-faced zombie-eyed bureaucrats like Jacinda Ardern. If you want to get rid of gangs, stop micro-managing citizens. Some are going to do drugs, become prostitutes, or other degenerate things ending in death no matter what you do. Intelligent societies confine the rot to a small area and exile as many of the miscreants as possible.

  • S’pore Government to make its contact-tracing app freely available to developers worldwide

    Just like 9/11 brought about monitoring worldwide to stop terrorism, something that our otherwise pro-freedom and pro-anonymity society bought without a significant peep, the Chinese bat flu has brought in a new age of social monitoring. You are going to be tracked through your phone to keep track of other locations and people you have contacted, and this way, governments are not only going to solve most crimes but also, will keep track of future pandemics. This will incentivize people to avoid contact with others who are dubious, bringing in a new age of social sorting. If in the hands of Leftists, this will end in a purge of ideological non-conformists.

  • China demolishes church, removes crosses as Christians worship at home

    People confuse this with nationalism, but China like other totalitarian nations specializes in enforcing conformity and removing any competing symbols for State-approved “culture,” religion, behaviors, and the like. The Asiatic method of government consists of enforced equality and mandated conformity, at which point those at the center display symbols which tell the population what to do and everyone obeys out of fear, which enables the militarization that is the inevitable end of non-monarchist societies.

  • Two detained for smashing car into Barcelona airport, shouting Islamist slogans

    First it was Low-Budget Cosplay, and now we have Low-Budget Al-Qaeda. Why go through all the trouble and expense of learning to fly so that you can hijack a plane, when you can just drive your car into a suitably-priced surrogate for the World Trade Center?

  • Neo-Nazis from U.S. and Europe build far-right links at concerts in Germany

    “You can’t just sit at home and eat cheeseburgers anymore. It’s time to mobilize,” said Keith, who did not wish to have his last name published, for fear of reprisals back in the U.S.

    The cheeseburger meme spreads. In the meantime, the press runs these stories every year when neo-Nazis show up to listen to grating music and drink cheap beer. Hollywood Nazis have been compromised because this makes them dependent on the press for a source of power, so they imitate the Nazis they see in movies including cruelty and stupidity in order to have their fifteen minutes of “now you listen to me.” The real growth on the Right occurs far away from the Nazis, who for now are serving as a useful distraction and a fund-raising opportunity for the Left. As long as they can point to scary Nazis wandering around, the Left can bring in more cash and write more laws against white supreeeemacist terrorism.

  • Arrests made over Lesbos refugee centre blaze

    People are tired of the refugee scam. Government refuses to listen, since it hopes to use these newcomers to gain permanent power for the Left, a strategy that “enlightened” conservatives like William F. Buckley slept through completely. Consequently, every now and then someone burns down one of these monuments to stupidity, although this mostly serves government since it can now build a new camp with taxpayer money instead of having to send its workers into the violence and filth of the old.

  • ‘People see me as a leader,’ man with Down syndrome says after election win

    Democracy reveals its true colors.

  • Louisiana Man Arrested, Charged with Terrorism for Satirical COVID-19 Facebook Post

    Man makes dumb zombie joke, goes to jail. Freedom!

  • Coronavirus: 300 million children to miss school meals amid shutdowns

    Modern “education” serves mostly as free daycare and food welfare for the impoverished who are going to be used as cheap labor to keep entitlements afloat and permanent Leftist voters. Having the schools shut has forced much of this labor to cut back on its activities, hopefully causing it to depart for Back Home.

  • Germany’s far-right AfD to dissolve extreme ‘Wing’ faction

    Far-Right parties are finding it useful to discard extremists and focus on realistic solutions, which tend to be less politically symbolic and more likely to cultivate the middle toward the far-Right. As Leftism reveals how it has failed at everything it has tried and shows that it will take us down a similar path as the Soviets and Jacobins, people are abandoning the “safe” mainstream Leftist views that have dominated Europe for two centuries and America for a century and a half, preferring instead to “opt out” of the Leftist quest for equality and focus on reality, normal life, and moral goodness instead.

  • Foreign interference in Australia ‘bound to be true for NZ as well’, expert says

    Open societies — defined by freedom of speech, investment, movement, and libertine personal behavior — find themselves discovering too late that this ultimate flexibility regarding social order leads to them being covertly taken over by foreign interests. The world swings to the Right as the Leftist model reveals that it ends in doom.

  • One cup of milk per day associated with up to 50 per cent increase in breast cancer risk: study

    The study notes that the association between breast cancer and dairy milk could be related to the sex hormone content of the milk, noting that often 75 per cent of the dairy herd is pregnant.

    Researchers also note that intake of dairy and other animal proteins has previously been associated with higher blood levels of the growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone, which is thought to promote certain cancers.

    A century on, the agricultural “miracle” which enabled us to feed billions shows that it is reversing. More expensive food means fewer humans and more land needed for farms, both increasing pressure on nature and forcing human populations into narrower spaces.

  • removing comments from site on Thursday

    The Leftist media, which exults in popular opinion when it supports Leftism, finds that a backlash against decades of failing Leftist policy covered up in the press has arisen in the form of increasingly critical comments. Instead of accepting responsibility, the media chooses increasing to censor or remove comments in order to keep the sheep in line.

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