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  • TD Bank apologizes following criticism for ‘racist’ advertisement mentioning Dorchester

    If you mention that one area of town is known for crime and poverty, and it happens to be an area full of non-white people, then you are racist for observing known facts. This approach resembles that of the Communists and Jacobins, who insisted that they held the One Shining Path to truth and that everything else was a lie. All egalitarians — that means all Leftists and most Republicans — believe the same thing: life is bad, equality is good, and so anything done to further equality is the only good thing that we can do and therefore what we should sacrifice all in order to do. Normal people do not understand this about egalitarians; for the egalitarian, the only good in life is equality, and everything else is bad and can be destroyed in order to further equality. If killing a child makes equality happen faster, that is justifiable; so is killing many children. Even destroying all of Earth would be good if it made us equal. That is how they think, even if they will not admit it, which is why this apocalyptic messianic religion of equality has eaten humanity alive. Since we can no longer mention bad areas in town, simply because they overlap with minority areas, we have to wonder what else will be taboo soon. We already cannot mention ethnic differences. We live in a society every bit as controlled as the USSR (RIP).

  • Only 19 percent of voters think Trump personally opposes white nationalism: Poll

    Just as conservatives do not understand the nature of ideology, those in the grip of egalitarian ideology do not understand conservatism, which is more “folkways” than abstract preaching about how we “should” live in order to have symbolic “good.” We stick with ways of life that works; nationalism works. Trump probably recognizes this, but wants to be nice to everyone, so he is setting up an order in the United States where meritocracy will put white people on top, since the last twenty years of extending power to the minority groups has resulted in corruption, incompetence, and obliviousness similar to that which we see in the highly individualistic third world societies from which their genetics come. He is not doing this because he is racist, but because he is a realist. He knows that IQ determines more than people think, and that leaving society in the hands of incompetents like Obama for symbolic/political reasons has been a disaster. This separates him from White Nationalism™ which attempts to make nationalism into an ideology, forgetting that ideology only works for Leftists and always converges on equality and then self-destructs. White nationalism cannot be an ideology; nationalism — which is ethnic, not racial — can be part of an approach to how we live. People who try to make nationalism into the ideology of white nationalism always end up being Leftist, and then wonder why mainstream America refuses to support them. When you endorse violence, state control, cruelty, repression, and other characteristics of ideology since the Left restored it in 1789, people run away. When you say that we should keep the good people, send home those who do not fit our genetic profile, and exile the bad, you have the attention of your audience. They are even starting to listen to ideas for how to live without democracy, which would be a boon to us all.

  • Poland likely to bar Holocaust denier, foreign minister says

    In our societies built on equality, tolerance, and freedom you will be banned if your ideas conflict with our pretense that those words — equality, tolerance, and freedom — actually mean what they seem to intend of being camouflage and marketing for mob rule and its persecution of noticing any facts which contradict the ideal of equality. In theory, Irving could offer up his theories and have them be critiqued, with the best ideas winning out; in reality we realize that in mob rule, what is popular beats out what is true every time, and the herd fears that enough people have rejected the Holocaust narrative that Irving will win. For that reason, they censor him relentlessly.

  • San Antonio bans Chick-fil-A from airport

    You must agree with the egalitarian agenda, or every Leftist across the globe will independently begin attempting to destroy you. They will claim the moral high ground, but how does anyone who behaves that way have the high ground? Either we have freedom or we do not; if we have freedom, it includes the ability to criticize freedom; it is not tolerance to fail to tolerate intolerance, because intolerance is also a perspective and by refusing to tolerate it, “tolerance” reveals that it is a manipulation and not a reality.

  • With Thousands Of Migrants Crossing The Border Daily, We Asked ‘Why Now?’

    Despite the many reasons offered here, only one is convincing:

    Smugglers use social networks to market their services. And migrants can see that their own family members and friends have made it to the U.S, said Argueta.

    “People are seeing that others are making it,” said Argueta. “Everybody has cell phones. Everybody has Facebook. You know you’ll see pictures of people with vehicles, with jobs, with nice clothes.”

    If they see more people in internment camps or getting deported, the flood will stop, which is currently proceeding at a rate of 100k people per month. They will destroy us long before they run out of Central American Amerinds (Mongolian immigrants) to send north.

  • Information Darkness Is Coming

    Conservatives realize that very few people are good and almost everyone acts in self-interest, especially when they claim to be acting from altruistic motives. We recognize that for every one good pastor, there are ten scumbag tent revivalists; for every one good businessman, there are ten sleazy strip club owners. Large companies like Google become defenders of the status quo because, being on top, they do not want any criticism of the system as it is that could destabilize their position. When you have won, the story is over and needs to restart, because at that point you have only one remaining mission, which is to defend what you have won. This creates a strong force of entropy because your actions no longer correspond to reality, only to defending your position. For that reason, Google and the other Big Tech are squashing any criticism of the current system — a Leftist, egalitarian, diverse/globalist, and atheistic system — and consequently, they are censoring conservatives while claiming not to. This leads us to ask whether they are communications media or publishers. If they are communications media, they should be open to all, like the internet; if they are publishers, they are responsible for anything said on their sites, including lies and defamation. Only a moron would take the latter, but these people are morons, so that is what they do.

  • Russia, Iran and Syria slam Trump’s Golan Heights comments

    Your average white nationalist is bleating out something about how Israel owns Trump because he has suddenly and forcefully claimed Golan Heights as Israeli territory. What’s he doing? He’s spanking down the UN because it is controlled by third world forces, led by China, that want to destroy the West. In addition, he is smashing the Leftist narrative of the underdog which holds that because Palestinians are poor, it must be because the Jews discriminated against them. This has nothing to do with manipulative and simplistic religious fantasies designed to get the credulous sheep at the churches voting for Trump, but the simple reality that most of humanity is incompetent, and if we allow them to vote as they do at the UN, they will vote to legalize incompetence on their part and force us to pay for it. Instead, we should follow a simple rule: support whatever is good, demote whatever is bad. The third world is bad and it should feel bad until it changes the way it behaves, since those behaviors made it bad in the first place.

  • University of Missouri police officer fired for blackface photo

    He was dressed up as rapper Flavor Flav. That means that this was not blackface, just emulation. Still, for our pretense of equality, there can never be enough blood on the altar or whole families sent to the guillotine. When do we admit that “equality” is a parasitic brain-virus that has made us its slaves?

  • Teen arrested for alleged threats targeting black, minority students at a Charlottesville school

    Diversity is stupid, unnatural, dysfunctional, dystopic, and will lead to genocide. Anyone sane knows that. However, we have to try to avoid swinging the pendulum to the other side. Our goal is not to kill the groups involved in diversity, but to kill diversity itself. That requires abolishing the laws, budgets, and agencies that implement diversity, sacking the civil rights and affirmative action agenda, and then repatriating all groups except the founding group in every nation. That seems extreme, but it is the only solution. We cannot coexist; we also do not wish to genocide (this is not the way of our people, despite what Nazi LARPers and Leftists might tell you). We have to do the hard work of coming up with a peaceful ending to the horrible, immoral, and unjustifiable practice of diversity.

  • Suicide now leading cause of death among children aged 10 to 14 in Japan

    Modern society makes people miserable. The more we try to make it fair, the worse it becomes. We have to get out of this idea of a giant factory churning out equal people with the “correct” ideas, taking tests in a “meritocracy” based on the assumption that we are all the same, and conforming to a social scene in order to demonstrate political loyalty. This is sick and it will end us, starting with the smartest and nicest. Let’s get out!

  • Plan launched to save vaquita porpoise with just 10 left in the world

    Cue the weeping. Power hint: it is already over for this creature. With ten animals, you will never get enough breeding diversity to survive another six generations, much less from here on. I guess allowing Mexicans fishing rights was never such a good idea, was it? Nor was allowing every idiot in California to have a boat and run over any wildlife that his USA Freedom™ commanded him to. We have to find another way. The current way is not working. Goodbye, vaquita porpoises, and may we finally learn from your loss.

  • Bangladesh issues travel warning for Australia

    This is the type of warning we want going out all over the world: you are not safe in European-ethnic countries. You will die there. There is no free money there. Nothing but pain and suffering. Turn back now. If you are there, Go Back Home. You are not wanted and the savage, uncivilized, infidel, and animalistic European-descended people will kill you and enjoy doing it. It is not safe there. Stay away from Europe, North America, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Those people are genocidal barbarians who will sodomize your corpse. Just stay home, or return home. You are not safe with the whiteskins. Fear them. Loathe them. Stay away from them.

  • ‘We are one’ says PM Ardern as New Zealand mourns with prayers, silence

    Drunken scullery maid Jacinta Ardern, who two centuries ago would have been cleaning floors and whipped if she tried to get into politics because of her visually obvious low caste origins, says “we are all one.” That is egalitarian-speak for “we are all equal” and “we share a quest for equality,” but really it tells you what egalitarians are thinking: we are all one, i.e. me, and therefore, we must all be manipulated like my thoughts by limiting my behavior so that I finally gain control of my mind. Think about people who buy gym memberships to lose weight. They think backward: “if I spend money, that will force me to exercise.” Life is not like that, but humans think it is, because we are so lost in our big brains that we think all of reality consists of facets of our own thinking. It does not. Jacinta Ardern looks like she has AIDS and it seems to have affected her brain first. Maybe we can deport the silly woman to Venezuela.

  • Police frustrated over ‘fake’ notifications to hand in firearms

    “Oh, look!!!” gushed the Leftist hive-mind of citizens, media, and bureaucrats. “People are already handing in their firearms, and soon we will have a Utopia of peace, equality, tolerance, and diversity.” Actually, people are enjoying trolling you because you are morons and they hate you. They are handing in fake paperwork and enjoying wasting your time. They want you to fail so they can begin shooting you, because your rule is so incompetent that civil war is now inevitable. The Jacinta Arderns of the world, and the tools who vote for her, have no idea that this is even a possibility.

  • U.S.’s Biggest Christian Charity Reportedly Channeled $56.1 Million to Purported Hate Groups

    First, declare any group that does not agree with you as a hate group. Next, complain and try to use guilt as a weapon against anyone who supports those groups. Here are those hateful, hatey, hate hate hate groups:

    Organizations receiving the most funds from NCF included the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has advocated for sterilizing transgender individuals, and the Family Research Council, which has advocated conversion therapy. Members of the Family Research Council including Tony Perkins, the organization’s president, have sought to link pedophilia and homosexuality.

    In other words, Christian organizations that defend the traditional family are now “hate groups.” This is why no one takes the SPLC seriously anymore.

  • Anti-discrimination organization wants to map offenders with hate atlas

    Another Leftist ideal. They want to list anyone who disagrees with the Left as a hate group so that they can get them boycotted, and no platform them in real life. These people are mentally deranged criminals who need to be locked up.

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