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  • Black workers in Ohio accuse UPS of allowing hate at work

    How to get a raise without meriting it:

    One worker says a group text message from white coworkers about possible lottery winnings in July 2016 contained “racially driven” and “offensive” messages, according to the lawsuit, including: “If you feel down and out, the noose is loose;” “Can we buy another noose with the winnings,” and “Like Clint Eastwood said, ‘Hang ’em High.'”

    In September 2016, “a white employee of UPS stated: ‘I’m late for a Klan meeting,'” according to the suit. Again, no action was taken, lawyers claim. The comment was made in front of one black coworker and one white coworker, according to the suit.

    Lawyers also say a white driver for UPS refused to deliver a package in September 2016 because “she did not want to deliver to ‘Niggerville’ or go to ‘Nigger City,'” according to the lawsuit.

    All I have to say to these people is, “shut up.” Every single one of us deals with hostility in the workplace, and we do not get a golden free million dollar lawsuit card with national apologies and kowtowing by the employer.

    “UPS promptly investigated and took swift disciplinary action against those found to have engaged in inappropriate actions, including the discharge of two employees,” UPS Director of Corporate Media Relations Glenn Zaccara told CNN when asked for comment about the lawsuit.

    Zaccara said that since then, the company has participated in “remedial actions” in cooperation with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to ensure employees are trained and has also monitored its operations to ensure a positive and harassment-free environment.

    In the meantime, have a high colonic of realism:

    1. If you are from a lower IQ group, you are going to end up doing more of the simpler lower-paid labor.
    2. If your people live in a violent crime-infested welfare camp of a ghetto, people are going to call it by whatever epithet they use for you.
    3. If you are coddled by a democratic government and given special privileges for your race, people are going to hate you for it.
    4. Every time you file one of these ridiculous lawsuits, more white people stop thinking that diversity can work.

    Diversity makes enemies of us all. No one is equal; no groups are equal. We evolved differently and have different strengths and weakness. Trying to make us equal simply creates hatred and parasitism.

  • EU’s Antonio Tajani says Mussolini ‘did some positive things’

    People are testing the waters for the admission that strong power is better than democracy and nationalism is saner than diversity. That includes finding a way to say that, instead of being universal demons as history suggests, Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini did some good things with their totalitarian-ish rule. We have lived in a time when the Soviets get a pass on everything bad they did, but Right-winger rulers are considered more evil than Satan himself. Now the pushback begins. This event comes to us from the second stage, where there is outrage, but it is weaker, and more people laugh at it as the pompous chirpings of a bloated and narcissistic Party elite.

  • Bloody Sunday: Soldier F faces murder charges

    Disgusting socialist Britain cucks on this issue. The “civil rights march” was a riot engineered by the same people who were murdering British people in the streets, and anyone shooting them deserves a medal, not prosecution. Notice for the sharp-eyed: the two IRA men involved are not being prosecuted. Ireland has to realize that it will always exist in the shadow of Britain, so it can be helpful or act like Black Lives Matter (oh wait, it’s the other way around!). When it is not helpful, the British subjugate it instead of doing what they should do, which is exile everyone there to North Africa and be done with the matter in forty-eight hours.

  • Malema’s ‘not slaughtering white people for now’ comments not hate speech

    The sooner we realize that “equality” will never help us, the better. In the egalitarian view, there are those-who-are-not-yet-equal and those-who-are-too-equal-already. You take from the latter group and give to the former. This includes forgiving the former group for almost anything it does to the latter group, which means that only members of the successful group (let us be honest: this is what it means) go to jail for saying nasty things on Twitter, while a leader of the unsuccessful group who actually has the power to carry out his threats can get away with anything. This is a reminder to any successful group: never allow any other group into your country. They will use guilt, social fear, and shame to destroy you, and you will deserve it for having been mindless.

  • Trump makes last-minute Brexit intervention ‘after being lobbied by Nigel Farage’

    As the old joke goes, there are two types of people in the world: those who understand the American political system, and those who think an American president has the powers of a dictator. We all want The Wall and no more amnesty, but Trump has realized what Reagan did as well, which is that when the enemy holds most of the cards, you end up trading things for other things. He has been packing the courts with conservative judges, shutting down our immigration system, and stopping insane Leftist programs, and now he also helps out the conservative revolution in the UK.

    No one person can fix all this; again, you have to understand the American political system and how it makes the process of attempting change to be like running through molasses, simply because the founding fathers feared the mob rule that turns governments into tyrannies. The two are one and the same, mob rule and tyrannical government, but when the mob has won 10,000 small victories over the past sixty years, it will take time to undo them all. Trump got crippled when the voters had a tantrum because they did not get their free $1000 in tax refund, and so they elected a bunch of Leftists, which now means that the wall is that much further away if possible at all. Good job, voters!

    On the plus side, they did manage to destroy any Republican who was not closer to the Trump agenda, which tells us that the big problem was Republican brats having a piss-fit and staying home instead of going out there and fighting for what was right. Armchair activism, as usual; it is easier to complain on Facebook or yell at Fox News than it is to make informed decisions and act on them.

  • High school plastered with swastikas after Holocaust survivor visit

    People are sick of the guilt. If I were a Jew, I would do two things: (1) not try to double down on the guilt and (2) buy tickets to Israel. Diversity has failed, and it is going to take the Jews with it.

  • China’s GDP growth could be half of reported number, says US economist at prominent Chinese university

    The entire globalist system is based on the idea of debt as a property, which allows nations to borrow a ton of money and base their currency value on the idea that this debt will be repaid. China has manipulated this by essentially categorizing losses as assets by making loans to zombie companies. That in turn helps conceal the massive slump in industrial output as demand falls because costs have risen and quality is an issue, causing weak demand for Chinese products which are now tagged in all of our minds with “cheap but unreliable.” It could be that Trump’s trade war won simply by threatening the business-as-usual of importing cheap junk and reselling it.

  • AG Nessel puts civil liberties at risk

    We wondered when the American Left would get around to punishing speech instead of merely censoring it. They have set up an ideological persecution branch of the police department:

    Nessel, in partnership with Agustin Arbulu, director of the Michigan Department of Civil rights, say they will create a process to document incidents of hate and bias that don’t rise to the level of criminal or civil infractions.

    That could translate to speech or expressions of opinion that some may find offensive, but are protected by the First Amendment.

    If what Nessel and Arbulu are targeting are words, thoughts and opinions, this could easily become a weapon to shut down groups they find abhorrent, but are operating within the law.

    That is exactly the point. Having the police show up makes other people shun you. They want to be able to find a post on Twitter, then go visit the person who did it, and shame them into deleting it or not doing it again. They also get probable cause to look for other infractions, so if you have an illegal third trash can or whatever, expect to be taken to jail and made to do the perp walk. Here is Augustin Arbulu:

  • The man who invented the web says it’s now dysfunctional with ‘perverse’ incentives

    Tim Berners-Lee finally wakes up to the fact that letting the herd onto the internet guaranteed its destruction by market forces, since the herd always rewards the trivial and rejects the intelligent.

    He now has two options:

    1. Invent a better version of a global communications network for the smart people to use.
    2. Invent a lesser but simpler version of the web for idiots to use so that they abandon the internet and go there.

    Anything else is nonsense and he should know better. Laws? Laws are secondary to market forces, which themselves follow cultural norms. Admonishing Big Tech to behave? Forget it, the carny proles found themselves champions and keep handing these people giant chunks of money because they spend all day at their make-work jobs scrolling through social media.

  • Paris okays proposed French-German parliamentary assembly

    Germany and France are creating a Congress for both nations that will make policy recommendations. Those are non-binding, for now, but if you have observed politics, you know that evil changes are rarely introduced suddenly, but always achieved by creating some bureaucracy and then expanding its power. Back in the 1970s, conservatives said, “Don’t do this EU thing; it’s the new Soviet Union!” The Left laughed, and look where we are now.

  • High schooler gets suspended for posting Bible verses around her school

    Again, under egalitarianism, you have a victim group and a successful group. Since people are assumed to be equal, the victim group must have been made unequal by the successful group, so we will choose “two wrongs make a right” and penalize the successful group. This means that the LGBT+ can post banners all over your school, but if you write a Bible verse on a Post-It and stick it on the wall, you get suspended. Who are the totalitarians now, Leftists?

  • Stock buybacks hit a record $1.1 trillion, and the year’s not over

    Companies believe that our current economic woes are part of a political realignment in the world, not actual economic ill-health, so they are buying back massive amounts of their own stock because they believe that it is undervalued. They can always re-sell it later. What this tells us about politics is more interesting: politicians believe that there is mass panic over a political change that is already a done deal, meaning that the age of Leftism, globalism, and diversity is over and has been replaced by a new age of populism, nationalism, and strong power.

  • Police probe ‘IRA’ link to London and Glasgow suspect devices

    Diversity not working in the United Kingdom even among supposedly “white” groups. As it turns out, every group needs its own space, so the Irish are agitating for independence again, which the British are too polite to say is a bad idea because Irish self-rule means an impoverished, unstable island at Britain’s back, which is a weakly defended area that can easily be weaponized against its masters, making it Britain’s Achilles Heel. I find that when I advocate sending the Irish in England and America back to North Africa, fewer people laugh these days. That is only in part because North Africa may be one of the most pleasant climates on Earth.

  • Estonian PM invites far-right to join cabinet

    In Estonia, the prime minister promised to block the “ultra-nationalist” party EKRE from the ruling coalition, but has reversed himself. Across Europe, people are realizing that internationalism (globalism, diversity) has failed and that people are leaving that failed path and choosing nationalism instead.

  • Air pollution deaths are double previous estimates, finds research

    There are two reasons to care about the environment. First, we need it, and second, killing it is murder of a beautiful thing for no good purpose. Will we sit in the midst of a lifeless wasteland and think, “Man, I’m really glad I got that BMW, all those Big Macs, and seven billion third world people right now”?

  • Hipsters mostly look alike. There’s math to prove it

    The mathematics of this goes far beyond hipsters:

    When he ran the model, Touboul found that, after a while, he achieved the synchronization he was looking for. The conformist neurons would automatically approve of whatever fashions were favored by the majority. But in their effort to go their own way, the hipsters would also end up synchronizing around a a variety of clothing or hairstyles that these neurons perceived as “different.” Over time, the hipster neurons would realize that their fashion choices were actually quite predictable. When this happened, they would abandon their now-unfashionable look and synchronize around something different.

    In other words, doing the opposite of something leads you to the same result because you are still using the same method, only in inverse. Non-conformity is a result, not an intention. If you try to be not what the others are, you have ceded leadership to them, and then in following their lead, find your own options narrow.

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