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  • People in open-concept homes are realizing the walls were there for a reason

    If the 1990s had a tagline, they were the “openness decade” and we stayed in the model until the sordid end of the Barack Obama era. The idea was that by being friendly and accepting to everyone, we could eliminate differences and have world peace, or some hippie nonsense like that. In the human mind, eliminating differences is good because it means that all of the objects are the same and therefore fungible; you can shape them, divide them, redirect them, and in other words, control them. Our minds seek control and have since the day Eve first looked longingly at the Tree of Knowledge. It was not knowledge, but power, that this tree bestowed, and power is addictive to those who are not of a divine enough mind to resist its call. Some can wield it, but the addiction to power is like the One Ring in Tolkien… it eats us alive, and leaves a wasteland behind.

  • Polish newspaper’s front page teaches ‘how to recognise a Jew’

    People are sick of diversity. If you are non-indigenous and defended it, now is a good time to hop on a boat for your native land!

  • Yemen government calls for investigation into alleged acts of genocide by Houthis

    Genocide is one of the methods of nature. That sounds cruel, but reality is because it does not conform to what we want, intend, judge, or feel. It simply is. When one group wants territory, and encounters another, they will attempt to destroy that group. If they are morons, they will take the women, and thus dilute themselves. That creates an “averaging” effect which keeps most of humanity at the dumb as rocks subsistence level. Smart genocide is to simply move the other tribe elsewhere and be benevolent xenophobes who keep all foreigners out, and kill them only if they do not take the hint.

  • Court rules Sandy Hook families can sue gunmaker over rifle used in shooting

    If lawsuits like this succeed, your “gun rights” will mean very little, because no manufacturer will sell weapons since they have zero control over crazy people like Adam Lanza’s mother, who allowed her obviously deranged son to have access to weapons. The lawsuit is nonsense, of course, and the courts will throw it out if they have any brains, but no one seems to have brains anymore. Just wait until a truck is used to run over twenty people, there is a lawsuit, and then you find it difficult to buy trucks anymore.

  • How Ballot Harvesting Corrupts Elections

    The Left has used ballot harvesting as its secret weapon in elections for years, in addition to busing in homeless people and convicts and paying them in alcohol. A nice volunteer goes around to all the senile elderly and insane people and fills out ballots for them. If they have a preference, it gets questioned, and being weak-minded and easily pressured, they give in. People sit in rooms near the election halls filling out ballots they have collected from others who have no preference. Then, weeks after the initial vote, suddenly the Left has a majority.

  • House Republicans find silver lining in minority

    Republicans are public conservatives, so have about the same relationship to conservatism as Big Macs do to actual hamburgers or the Hollywood Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley has to the original book. They like to sit back and try to resist the Left because most conservatives have given up on our society, and are just trying to retard the damage as much as possible, which is easier done by sabotage than by trying to come up with a new plan that does not include free stuff, diversity, sexual liberation, and the other destructive devices of the Left which are popular with the raving mob.

  • ‘There were Islander girls beating up African guys’: Man caught up in wild organised Melbourne brawls reveals what kick-started the night of violence

    Another day, another race riot. In this case, it is the diversity beating up on the other diversity. What do you do when different groups come into conflict? The diversity mavens have no answer except more free money to pay everyone to be quiet.

  • New York, feds join to get 100K rape kits tested around US

    The voters fell asleep for this one as usual but most American cities have backlogs of rape kits. These can identify rapists through DNA. Oftentimes, they find that the perp has committed a string of crimes that could have been prevented if the rape kit had been processed promptly. However, we spent the money on diversity programs and jobs for minorities instead. Enjoy your ongoing rape.

  • ‘Almost certain extinction’: 1,200 species under severe threat across world

    The new research, published in PLOS Biology, maps “hotspots” where species are most affected by threats such as agriculture, urbanisation, night lighting, roads, rail, waterways and population density, and “coolspots” that provide refuge from these threats

    In other words, we have too many people, and their minimum requirements to live use too much land, so biodiversity must be destroyed for the needs of all these people, very few of whom are good or even interesting.

  • Trump issues warning to opponents: ‘It would be very bad’ if his military, police and biker supporters got ‘tough’

    He is calling for open revolution, and he is right. The Left, aided by the lazy conservatives who did not vote and the inept GOP which wanted to avoid actually doing anything, is obstructing him right and left while Leftists attack Right-wingers with impunity in the streets. The West was great when it was conservative; under Leftism, it has become a wasteland. If all Leftists died tomorrow, nothing would be lost. We need to recapture our civilization from the insane regimes of people like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, and if they obstruct us with political bureaucracy, we will have to beat them up, take power, and then execute them or exile them.

  • Senate Republicans revolt against Trump over border

    You can see this in action: twelve Republicans who should not be re-elected have defected from Trumpism and voted to block the national emergency order because “muh principles.” While these bickering monkeys fight, the disaster goes on, and Trump is the only person to point it out. For all those who direct their anger at Trump, one wonders why they are not angrier at the Democrats who consistently try to thwart him and the Republican enablers who join them.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder Morris Dees

    You know who really benefits from all these accusations of “racism” and “sexism”? People who want to seize organizations from their founders and profit from all those donations rolling in to end “racism” and “sexism.”

  • Airlines Were Supposed to Fix Their Pollution Problem. It’s Just Getting Worse

    Mandating direct cuts was deemed politically infeasible since it would have dented record demand for work and holiday travel, particularly in bustling Asian economies led by China and India.

    The West is widely accused of using too many resources based on a per capita calculation that, if history is any guide, will prove to be wildly inaccurate. In the meantime, the far more numerous third world is now generating the bulk of the pollution.

  • Victim politics is ‘dangerous’: Bolt

    Someone finally notices that victim politics gives “victims” a free method of destroying their opposition. This means that they will use it because they can, and because it lets them get ahead. No word on the SPLC.

  • Mark Latham calls for Aboriginal heritage DNA testing for Centrelink payments

    DNA testing to identify your ethnic group is here. Not only has Israel used it, but other nations are taking note. If you are not a full-blooded member of a minority group, do you “deserve” benefits (or for that matter, do the other members of the group)? Probably not. This means that everyone will get DNA tested and those who are only a quarter non-white will get their benefits dropped. This acknowledges that race-mixed people no longer possess that original race, and also shows how easily nations can be divided into different races and mixes.

  • Germany murder: Iraqi admits Wiesbaden teenager killing

    The BBC was just telling us the other day how stupid the far-Right was to assume that the killer of a young German lady was an immigrant, despite the fact that two previous killings were by immigrant-background people. Now they are telling us that of the recent killings, three quarters were by ethnic non-Germans. Diversity never works; it only destroys.

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