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  • Urban trees could cut extreme heat by up to 6 degrees

    Slowly, climate change unravels, without those bleating about it knowing that this is what is happening. Instead of seeing a global change in climate, we are seeing how humans everywhere are doing the same thing, which is to set up urban centers, concentrate population, cover everything in concrete, and run lots of internal combustion engines there. This creates a huge rising ball of hot air which disrupts jet streams, in turn wrecking local conditions along those jet streams. This heat must go somewhere, and some think it drifts toward colder areas, raising temperatures there. This means that instead of worrying about carbon caps and other globalist totalitarian measures, we instead need to simply stop doing the thing that is not working, namely urbanization, concrete, immigration, population concentration, and excessive internal combustion engine use. In the meantime, setting aside half of Earth for nature will work even better than planting urban trees. That is not to say that urban trees are a bad idea; cities however tend toward becoming concrete boxes in an attempt to remove the hiding places for the many malefactors who are drawn to or produced by cities. Perhaps cities, or at least mega-cities, are a terrible idea.

  • These Canadians who caught novel coronavirus say they barely knew they were infected

    Not all needs to be gloom and doom; for many, the virus remains no more than a flu. In the meantime, China threatens to hold up vital medical supplies to the USA; this seems to be a feature rather than a bug of globalism. People are enjoying the relative anarchy that allows longstanding rules to be abolished, including civil rights. In the meantime, people are going to make a ton of money buying up valuable stocks devalued by the herd panic. When prices are low, it becomes a good opportunity to buy up stocks that are going to be highly priced when the panic ebbs. Mexico wants The Wall to keep Americans out. Flu vaccine increased the odds of coronavirus infection:

    Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively).

    In the comedy column, China has accused the US of cooking up COVID-19 but other sources, noting the high damage done by this virus to Arab-descended populations in Iran, Italy, and Spain, point in other directions. Worst case scenarios point to 1.7m dead, which is a rounding error in a world of nearly eight billion.

  • Ancient Earth may have been a “water world” with no dry land

    Perhaps this provides the origin of the Biblical myth. It makes sense that life would evolve in water, and then emerge on land once the land was present. This creates a primal fear that someday, the waters will return.

  • New rules could spell end of ‘throwaway culture’

    New EU rules, which will likely be adopted in the UK and possibly even US in order to provide one product that can service all three markets, require that products both be manufactured to last and allow users to repair them. This is a good idea, but will probably be implemented poorly in law, resulting in more expensive products. However, that this law has come about reflects a grim truth: we have reached a technological plateau, having spent the last century refining inventions from its start into slick new pieces of gear that seem to work poorly because of bad code, bad management creating it, products geared toward the trivial, and endless bloat as business, social, and political objectives get inserted into technology. The US should consider a similar law, but instead of making it a law, use the law to create an implied warranty of durability and the right to repair to all products. Lawsuits will settle the rest.

  • Californians Turn Down Higher Taxes, Debt

    This article nails the problems with California, but misses two big points: first, these Californians have not learned from their experience, and when they get to Texas will keep voting blue, forgetting that egalitarianism means subsidies which mean high taxes; second, the reason California has such high taxes is that the minority-majority is voting to take wealth from the remaining whites, just as in South Africa, Detroit, Baltimore, and Houston. Right now, California seems in the grips of a tax revolt, but this reflects the extremists, and will go away when the average minority-majority voters act in the big elections. As these places show us a visually tangible reminder that diversity does not work, look for national attitudes — including among ethnic minorities — to turn against diversity. Then, we need to go after the level boss, which is the concept of equality itself. Equality is not good; good is that which opposes evil, and that is the opposite of equality. California shows us what happens when we chase the symbol of equality over the cliff of common sense, namely that everyone goes broke trying to subsidize a rapidly-increasing population of permanent dependents. Natural selection and morality, which say that the only good consists of rewarding only the good, require that we abolish equality.

  • The mother and the murderer

    She found a company in Florida that could identify the race of a DNA sample, and the police agreed to the test. The result found the unknown person was 85% Caucasian.

    It is funny how quickly we went from “race is a social construct” to “race is in our genes and significant” in just a few short years.

  • EU to give migrants in Greece €2,000 to go home

    This policy could be vigorously expanded to those who are already here but are not of the founding ethnic group in each society. Reparations-with-repatriation as part of a pincer strategy — raise the cost of being here, and reduce the benefits of being here — shows us a way out of diversity.

  • German spy agency puts part of far-right AfD under surveillance

    Democracy really likes popular opinion until it turns against the unchecked growth of democracy and its handmaiden, bureaucracy. Not surprisingly, the talking heads in media do not mention this inherent paradox in a belief in “freedom” and “equality.”

  • Laurence Fox: Actors union Equity apologises for ‘disgrace’ tweets

    Ethnically-mixed actor points out contradictions in political correctness and his union promptly throws him under the bus, then finds itself issuing an apology just days later. The domination of political correctness, once assumed to be the way forward, now finds itself looking like a Soviet-style Establishment that is the new target for those who want to make a name for themselves.

  • Frontex in Evros: United European Shield Deployed at Greek-Turkish Border

    Slowly, Europe decides that mass immigration may be an invasion, and that Europe might be worth defending. It just took one pandemic to light a fire under them. One wonders what a popular uprising might do, even take these police into the streets of the cities.

  • China report says human rights situation deteriorating in U.S.

    China points out that diversity is not working, and demands socialism and gun control (among other DNC-friendly talking points) to fix it. This is not new, since back in the Cold War they did something like this every year. Perhaps tigers do not change their stripes.

  • Scientists Identify Atlantic Ocean As Dangerous Asteroid’s Point Of Impact, Warn About Tsunamis

    Humanity may have its countdown to get its act together. In 2880, an asteroid of substantial size will likely impact with Earth in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, causing massive tsunamis worldwide. This may be irrelevant because of the greater risk that in 2880, humanity will have devolved into furry hominids worshiping a dirt-encrusted iPhone.

  • Inside massive DEA raid targeting drug cartel

    Marijuana legalization backfires:

    While Mexican drug cartels made their money predominantly from marijuana in past decades, the market has somewhat dissipated with the state-level legalization of cannabis in dozens of states across the U.S.

    Now, they’ve turned to methamphetamine and fentanyl, selling it at almost 14 times the price it cost to make and flooding the streets of the U.S., fueling homelessness and the opioid crisis, and leaving behind another trail of bodies: from overdoses.

    The only sensible policy for marijuana consists of decriminalizing personal production and use, while keeping transfer (sales, gifts) and transport illegal.

  • 152 House Democrats join GOP to reauthorize ‘abusive government surveillance powers’

    Welcome to yet another law that will never get repealed, because when monitoring of the many feuding groups in America ceases, a terrorist attack likely will follow, at which point whoever repealed the spying will find himself or herself out of office. Amusingly, the Left seems to have no problem with unaccountable mass surveillance. Diversity has forced us to reverse our positions on things like freedom because if we had to face the consequences of those, mass death would result. On the other hand, if the many warring groups of the world were not here walking among us, no such problem would exist.

  • Senate passes rebuke of DeVos over student loan forgiveness

    Forgive deceptive for-profit college loans, and you effectively subsidize the industry and allow it to continue. Force those loans to be paid, and the industry quickly dies. Yet again our popular symbolism conflicts with basic reality; in the eyes of much of the public, “free stuff” helps “the people,” when in reality it simply produces predatory industries.

  • S. Carolina law banning LGBTQ sex ed is unconstitutional, judge rules

    More poisoned fruit of the Fourteenth Amendment. Creating a duty for government to ensure equal protection of its laws means that government intervenes in all areas, and that wherever an individual conflicts with social standards and common sense, social standards and common sense lose.

  • Canada province considers decriminalizing drunk driving

    Repealing drunk driving laws makes sense. These laws mostly bust the casual infringers, few of whom are a real danger, while the serious dangerous cases continue to flout them. A better option would be to throw the burden back on the drivers by considering intoxication as a form of fault in accidents. This way, those who can drive intoxicated without destroying anything can continue their obviously talented inebriated maneuvering, but those who destroy can be hit with huge costs and removed from the roads permanently. Lawmakers oppose that because it will saddle the states with people who cannot drive to work, but then again, bicycles work fairly well.

  • Federal Taxes and Spending Set Records Through February

    So much for the idea that tax cuts endanger the bottom line.

  • ICE director says deporting illegals from border surge would take 140 years

    Trump shows us the first step in dealing with intransigent Leftists: set up a situation where their policies cause a crisis. All of those humanitarian demands add up and now mean that we have no hope of deporting these people in time; that in turn means that the humanitarian demands will be costing ordinary people money and disrupting our legal system, which in turn means that these will need to be repealed.

  • Artifacts uncovered at Sugar Cane site near Williams Lake could be 4,000 years old

    Dig reveals more organized civilization than commonly believed to exist in the area. Most likely, archaeologists will someday find out much undiscovered history of the past of North America, and will discover that ancient civilizations once existed here, were destroyed by class warfare, and replaced by wandering violent tribes with only a fraction of the DNA of the original settlers. In class warfare, the masses replaces the elites, and society declines into third world status rapidly thereafter.

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