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  • Palestine says it will declare statehood if Israel annexes West Bank

    Palestine will declare statehood over all of the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital, and push for global recognition if Israel goes ahead with plans to annex land it occupies, the Palestinian prime minister has said.

    Nationalism begets more nationalism. Palestinians may end up owning the land they already have, and not being a part of Israel at all. Much as has happened with African-Americans in the US, Palestinians find themselves a shadow population to a wealthier, higher average IQ one.

  • Mass species extinctions are accelerating. Humans must act now, MoBOT chief says

    Raven and two co-authors published a study last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggesting 20% of all species could be in danger of dying off by 2050, with the threat expanding to 50% or more by the end of the century.

    Humans are using too much of Earth and leaving too little for nature to exist. A good start would be to end all immigration and entitlements.

  • Pangolin officially removed from TCM list

    The latest version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia for 2020 does not include pangolins, which means the mammals will no longer be used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

    The move came after China upgraded all species of pangolin from second-class to first-class protected animals on Friday considering their rapidly decreasing numbers due to over-hunting and habitat destruction.

    According to the latest version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, “depleted wild species will be withdrawn from the pharmacopoeia.”

    Actual progress: stopping activities that are destructive but provide no benefit.

  • Chinese investment in Australia plunges almost 60% to lowest level since 2007

    Despite record trade between the two nations, Chinese investment in Australia fell from $8.2bn in 2018 to $3.4bn in 2019, with 43% fewer deals struck.

    A new report puts the plunge down to tighter Chinese regulations, a negative perception of Australia’s investment rules, and a shift towards Latin America and Belt and Road projects in developing countries.

    China is following the Soviet playbook and recruiting third world ally states. This should probably be encouraged as it will isolate the first world, force it to fix its problems, and cut third world populations.

  • Rapper Ice Cube tweets image of anti-Semitic mural

    In the tweet, the image, which depicts several men — seemingly caricatures of Jewish bankers and businessmen — sitting around a Monopoly board resting on the backs of naked black workers, is captioned: “All we have to do is stand up and their little game is over.”

    Leftism struggles not for the poor, but against the rich. Any successful group will be targeted until everyone is equally impoverished.

  • Olof Palme: Who killed Sweden’s prime minister?

    During his premiership, Palme increased the power of labour unions, greatly expanded health care and the welfare state, removed all formal political powers from the monarchy and invested heavily in education. Ms Sundstrom said one of the vital reforms was the creation of nurseries and pre-schools, allowing women to enter the work force for the first time and advancing gender equality in Sweden.

    He was also a powerful voice in international affairs, criticising both the US and the Soviet Union. Palme passionately opposed the USSR’s invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, and in 1972 compared US bombing of North Vietnam with Nazi concentration camps during World War Two – prompting a brief freeze in relations between Washington and Stockholm.

    Hopefully we will give this assassin a medal.

  • LAPD investigating defense attorney who allegedly called for police to be murdered

    It won’t stop until black people start murdering cops, which they should do often and with great relish. These ****sucking, low IQ, can’t get into law school jarheads need an asphalt nap, during which they’re bleeding out on the street where they’re shot down. I would have no problem with them. I would absolutely 100% defend to the death of any African American who picked off a cop or two. It’s time, it’s well past time.

    “Peaceful protests.”

  • Chinese mouthpiece paid American newspapers $19 million for advertising, printing

    China Daily, an English-language newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has paid more than USD4.6 million to The Washington Post and nearly USD6 million to The Wall Street Journal since November 2016, the documents showed.

    Both newspapers have published paid supplements that China Daily produces called “China Watch.” The inserts are designed to look like real news articles, though they often contain a pro-Beijing spin on contemporary news events.

    Free press. Just tell us what is not fake these days.

  • U.S. failed to properly oversee Chinese telecom carriers

    The report from the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations says the U.S. government “provided little-to-no oversight of Chinese state-owned telecommunications carriers operating in the United States for nearly twenty years.”

    It faulted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and “Team Telecom” – an informal group comprised of officials from the Justice, Homeland Security, and Defense Departments – in their oversight of China Telecom (Americas) Corp, China Unicom (Americas), and Pacific Networks Corp, which all received FCC approval for U.S. operations about two decades ago.

    And we wonder why the Left won so many things during those years.

  • ‘They’ve given us the precinct.’ Seattle Police backs away, and protesters take back Pine

    “We’re not going to evacuate or abandon the East Precinct,” she said. “We will be hardening the East Precinct facility by boarding up the exterior windows, and applying fire retardant to the building exterior and installing fencing.”

    More peaceful protests, basically an excuse for proles to behave badly. This tells our cities that if they obtain too many Leftists, they will no longer be nice places to live for the Silent Majority, who just want comfortable middle class living with good schools, low crime, and some pleasant places to shop and eat. People are animals, and animals just want the “four Fs”: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and reproduction.

  • Mysterious fake government, corporate Web pages discovered

    Kenzo Masamoto, an employee at the Yokohama-based online security firm Macnica Networks Corp., uncovered more than 1,000 bogus pages on the internet, aping Japanese and other international websites.

    “I have no idea about why the sites were created,” Masamoto said, with a puzzled expression. “The creators might be making preparations for future cyberattacks by first introducing sites resembling real ones in appearance and then embedding computer viruses in them.”

    This must be a state actor, given the sheer amount of labor involved.

  • Jacksonville Mayor says other Confederate monuments will be removed

    “Yesterday there was Confederate monument in this park. It’s gone. And the others in this city will be removed as well”, Curry said as he explained a number of issues like body cameras, infrastructure and economic opportunity will be address ahead.

    “I’ve evolved on the issue”, Curry later said at a rally outside the Duval County Courthouse. He did not say where the monuments and statues would go.

    In democracy, power bows to the crowd, but the crowd is insane.

  • Judge blocks removal of Richmond Robert E. Lee statue for 10 days

    The temporary injunction order issued Monday says the state is a party to a deed recorded in March 1890 in which it accepted the statue, pedestal and ground they sit on and agreed to “faithfully guard” and “affectionately protect” them.

    Buy enough time, and the crowd moves on to the next fascination. Bring on the murder hornets!

  • U.S. economy entered recession in February, business cycle arbiter says

    The U.S. economy ended its longest expansion in history in February and entered recession as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the private economics research group that acts as the arbiter for determining U.S. business cycles said on Monday.

    U.S. gross domestic product fell at a 5.0% annualized rate in the first three months of the year. The outcome for the April to June period is expected to show an even worse annualized decline of perhaps 20% or more. The unemployment rate rose from a record low of 3.5% in February, hitting 14.7% in April and 13.3% last month.

    We were on track to recover from the dip caused by China having problems and our economy reacting to conscious decoupling from China, and then COVID-19 struck. A very convenient pandemic for all on the Left.

  • The U.S.-China ‘cold war’ is here — and Beijing may start targeting Washington’s allies, analysts say

    “Things will get worse — perhaps much worse — before they get better. Decoupling is underway,” said Dan Ikenson, director of the Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, referring to an economic split between the world’s two largest economies.

    They bought our politicians and media, manipulated international opinion, denied our exports, then lied about the coronavirus in such a way that the world economy would crash. Asians love intrigue, and China adores the idea of 4D chess of its own. However, Trump has thankfully shown up to slow their roll.

  • New Jersey’s small, networked dairy farms are a model for a more resilient food system

    Rather than selling their milk to large dairy processing companies, these vertically structured local farms raise cows, process milk and other foods and sell them directly to consumers at farm-operated markets and restaurants. Unsold items return to farms as feed or fertilizer.

    This system is highly efficient, even during the current pandemic, because farmers and their customers represent the entire supply chain. Customer demand for locally produced food is surging throughout New Jersey and the United States.

    We can thrive and be less horrible without dependence on foreign food sources.

  • ‘I Left My New York City Apartment To Live on a Farm’

    “The city has a way of always keeping you running from event to event—always hustling,” says Elizabeth. Being on the farm, she says, has encouraged her to slow down “to a medium pace.”

    In fact, Elizabeth was surprised to discover that living in a place with less to do and see helped her get a whole different set of things done—things she’d always meant to do but kept putting off.

    Remove distractions, discover life. Free time and boredom are our friends.

  • Fishers are one of the poorest professions in Indonesia, yet they are one of the happiest

    Even though they are one of the most likely to slide under the poverty line, our analysis concludes there is no strong evidence that fishers are less happy than those in other professions.

    Instead, many other aspects displayed a stronger correlation to happiness rather than just their status as fishers – such as education level, marriage status and health condition.

    One reason that might explain this result is the nature of their profession, which allows them to enjoy more time outdoors, on the open sea.

    Real life exists outside the herd.

  • Japan’s public broadcaster condemned over ‘offensive’ BLM anime

    The animated clip, which was taken offline on Tuesday, featured black men and women standing on a burned-out street with their fists raised, while an African-American man explained, to musical accompaniment, the cause of the protests that have rocked dozens of US cities over the past two weeks.

    Black people were angry, said the muscular character, because of the wealth gap between black and white Americans and the disproportionate toll the coronavirus outbreak was taking on the African-American community in the US.

    Diversity is not working for Black people either.

  • Making a Difference in Racial Equity: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s Full Remarks

    The murder of George Floyd is tragic, painful, and unacceptable. His death is not an isolated event. We remember Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many other Black Americans who have been killed. It’s important that we all understand that our problems, as a nation, run much deeper than one horrible event. Our nation has failed to fully acknowledge and resolve the root issues. Slavery, lynching, the concept of separate but equal and the other realities from our past have morphed into a set of systems today that are all too often, unjust. That’s why we see so many people mobilized and that’s why we see a diverse group of Americans joining the protest.

    Walmart has over 340,000 Black and African American associates in the United States. Over the past few days, I’ve personally heard from many of our associates, leaders and members of the Walmart community. Overwhelmingly, people are hurting. There is an intense sense of pain, fatigue, and frustration. Let me say clearly to our Black and African American associates and communities, we hear you. We see you. I want you to know you are valued. You are loved members of our family. We need you to know you are not hurting alone. That I and others are hurting with you.

    Corporate America has embraced demographic transition. All of the CEOs will be long gone to Switzerland with suitcases full of cash when the crisis reveals itself. Capitalism will not save us, but the crisis before us was created by democracy, not capitalism. End D.E.a.D. — democracy, equality, and diversity — and capitalism will work for us again instead of against us.

  • BBC criticised for cropping out weapon in Black Lives Matter protest photo

    Indeed, the full photo from Reuters photographer John Sibley on Saturday showed one of the protesters at the front of the crowd holding the metre-long stick in the air in an aggressive manner.

    Fake news? Selective facts plus spin.

  • Beijing turning to aggression in South China Sea to deflect Covid-19 blame outwards

    Aside from being accused of causing the Covid-19 pandemic that has sent the world plunging into a state of recession not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s, China’s own economy was already being hammered by its prolonged trade war with the US.

    China is broke and needs a war to maintain power.

  • Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

    In society, Mr. President, these two opposing realities co-exist as eternal enemies, just as God and Satan are eternal enemies. And it appears that the children of darkness – whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days – have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans. They seem to be so certain of already having everything under control that they have laid aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intentions. The investigations already under way will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.

    Leftism, bureaucracy, big government, tyranny, and control represent the dark side. They are disordered minds who seek to have external power to compensate for the void within. Such people need to be repatriated to Venezuela.

  • Sadiq Khan forms diversity commission to review London landmarks

    Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office said London is “one of the most diverse cities in the world”, but recent anti-racism demonstrations have highlighted that the city’s statues, plaques and street names largely reflect Victorian Britain.

    Statues, murals, street art and street names will all be reviewed by the new Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm who will also consider what should be celebrated before making recommendations.

    The newcomers want to erase your history and put themselves in its place. They know diversity is unraveling, and are fighting a propaganda war to keep it in place.

  • ‘Default setting stuck on destroy’: FMG’s plan to blast 60,000-year-old site

    As demonstrators gather on Tuesday at Rio Tinto’s Perth headquarters to protest against the blasting of a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal heritage site, a neighbouring Aboriginal corporation anxiously awaits a decision from WA Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt on a 60,000-year-old Pilbara heritage site sitting squarely in the path of a mine.

    You tear down our monuments, we dynamite yours. You have no grounds to complain.

  • Texas reports a record number of hospitalized coronavirus patients after state reopened early

    Coronavirus cases in the United States have been slowly ticking up since the Memorial Day holiday, according to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Hopkins. The coronavirus has now infected more than 1.95 million people in the U.S. and has killed at least 110,700.

    What a mystery disease! Most experience nothing, but some get very sick. No one will point out the obvious, which is that these protests will spread it like the wind.

  • Man charged with left-wing terror offences

    Dominic Noble, 32, is accused of 13 counts of possessing documents useful to a terrorist and one of accessing the same type of documents.

    Counter Terrorism Policing North East said he was arrested at his home in Huddersfield on 2 June “as part of an intelligence-led investigation in to suspected left-wing terrorism”.

    Should be interesting to watch this one play out.

  • Chicago sees its deadliest day in 60 years with 18 murders in 24 hours

    The dubious milestone was reached on a day Chicago was roiled by another round of protests and looting following the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

    The 18 deaths tallied by the University of Chicago Crime Lab made May 31, 2020 the single-most violent day in six decades, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday. The Crime Lab numbers go back only to 1961.

    Diversity working for no one.

  • China, India border dispute: Beijing ready to deploy troops ‘within hours’

    Over recent days, Chinese media has aired arresting pictures of civilian planes full of soldiers in fatigues holding guns. Hundreds more solders were seen boarding trains.

    Ostensibly, it’s all part of a military exercise to see how quickly China’s military machine can crank up. However, the troops have reportedly been sent within easy reach of the mountainous border with India where clashes have flared.

    Globalism was a fragile truce based upon an eternal Marshall Plan. Now that it has ended, the conflicts we kept abated will rage, and American and Europe can break free of the horrors of the rest of the world.

  • Blue-sky thinking: how cities can keep air clean after coronavirus

    Müller says London is a leader on ultra-low emission zones, Oslo on promoting use of electric cars, while Paris is exploring radical plans for “a city of 15 minutes” that aims to ensure every resident can get the shops and services they want within a short walk or bicycle ride. Cities in Germany are pioneering pop-up infrastructure and tactical urbanism that allow communities to block roads at certain times for certain events. In Brussels, residents now have a say in when to close roads for children’s parties and barbecues. Müller says this reduces pollution because people spend more time outside their homes.

    How about we give up on cities entirely, since they are only good for office jobs, and focus on a truly resilient and decentralized economy instead?


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