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  • In historic first, G20 weighs aging as global risk

    After WW2, everyone went hard Left, at least relative to the glory years of Western Civilization, and as conservatives predicted, this savaged the family, destroyed social trust, made people into atomized individualists, and obliterated our concern for reality. On top of that, the need to pay for the socialist entitlements state raised costs and lowered wages, so people were struggling to afford the big things in life even as the everyday consumer stuff got cheap and disposable. Life became ugly, and obedience to corporate jobs became mandatory. Not surprisingly, this has crashed the population in first world nations because people are miserable. The obvious solution is to walk back our Leftist policies; Leftists want more immigration instead.

  • We’re in an age of ‘apocalypse anxiety’ and will never stop worrying about doomsday

    Everyone feels a sense of doom because the Leftist postwar order is unstable and self-cannibalizing. On top of that, all of its policies have resulted in overpopulation which grew humanity at the low end not the high end, so almost everything is incompetent and delusional, giving rise to the nickname “clown world.” No one feels a sense of stability, order, health, balance, harmony, continuity, or even a sense of future.

  • Publisher drops Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein

    The Left has been promoting a media blitz to make us think that the Central Park Five are innocent, mainly because they want to use this as a weapon against Trump. In reality, the Central Park Five are guilty and the Left is covering it up.

  • Is Love Island racist?

    White people are not choosing black partners on some moronic reality TV show, which causes people to cry “racism” when really they are witnessing natural selection. People like members of their own groups, but for minority groups — Irish, African, Italian, Hispanic, Asian, Amerind, Semites (Jews/Arabs), Slavs — being accepted is more important than accepting reality. Once accepted, they will realize (suddenly, of course) that one is either conquered or conqueror, and that the conquered are never in a stable position, so they will expand upon their agenda to include conquest of the former majority in every nation that has invited them in.

  • Mike Pompeo: the US “has not been treated fairly” by Europe

    Coming news will focus on this as trade wars intensify. Europe has been following the Chinese model of blocking American exports while encouraging their own, mainly because on a fair playing field, their economies would not be able to sustain themselves. No nation can afford the high overhead of cradle-to-grave socialist-style entitlements states, but Europe will cling to these as long as possible because it is how it has bought votes and made its bureaucrat state possible. The markets are carrying an extra 30-40% of a burden imposed by government and the entitlements it uses to stay in power, and the crash of this system will only be alleviated by removing that burden and replacing it with a lower one, such as self-funding leadership (in lieu of administrative-managerial government) as one has when society gives huge chunks of land to its aristocrats.

  • Some Palestinians Give Up on Their Own State

    The “one-state solution” appears to be the rallying cry of idiots. It suggests that instead of being citizens of their own state, Palestinians get mainstreamed into the Israeli state; in other words, this is diversity. That in turn sets up a demographic race where Palestinians attempt to out-reproduce the Israeli Jews, and eventually, the more numerous r-strategy third world Palestinian population will dominate the vote. Slightly saner minds suggest a two-state solution which means parallel nationalism, or the idea that there can be two separate societies in the same limited region. Even saner minds realize that diversity cannot work and that the only workable solution is to remove the Palestinians to the rest of the middle east which is Muslim, and where they will find people who are more ethnically-compatible than the Europeanized and Turkish/Armenian-infused Jews who occupy Israel.

  • How Italy’s migrant model town Riace veered far-right

    Diversity, like the pacifism from which it is derived, looks great on paper. If people fight over things, simply use our super human social logic and good intentions to redistribute those things so that there is no longer any cause for conflict, as if the world were a European-style suburb where people simply have different skin color. In reality, this simply internalizes the conflict and causes it to come back ten times stronger, except that now the Trojan Horse is within the gates and it is a life-or-death struggle. Experience with diversity changed this town from a Potemkin diversity village to an example of the ongoing failure of diversity, like all other Leftist problems. We cannot see this because our brains are made robotic by our need to believe in equality. Remove equality, and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

  • Sex is disappearing from the big screen, and it’s making movies less pleasurable

    Across culture, the same signs are appearing in multiple different places. The prole Roman Holiday created by equality which reduces all behavior to the lowest common denominator is over because we tried it and it failed very hard. No one is happy; all problems are worse; we have new ones too. As a result, people are swinging back from the libertine and anarchic ideals of Leftism toward an emphasis on the time-honored, realistic, and transcendental. This cultural wave is what is pushing populism (nationalism, traditionalism, positive reward systems, futurism) as well.

  • LGBT+ pride marches in US interrupted by neo-Nazis and stampede

    Pluralism said that instead of choosing a strong culture for each nation, we would discover a “universal” one that was international and common to all humans. That simply caused us to fragment into ten thousand different viewpoints, most of which are in conflict with each other, and to give each ammunition because the social (dis)order we have created is dysfunctional. Everyone sees that the system is not working, and in order to stand out from the equal herd, they are all choosing different extremists viewpoints and identities. In theory, pluralism means that the Nazis and the homosexuals could have different marches on different days, but in reality, all groups realize that civilization is a zero-sum game and each civilization must choose standards of behavior. Expect continued disruption. Ironically, the (gay) Pride parades are banning symbols of nationalism starting with the Star of David, symbol of Israel, which shows us how serious Leftists are about eliminating all culture and replacing it with the political culture of Leftism. At least they admit the actual motivation behind these parades:

    “Not everyone has to go to the Equality Parade but everyone should respect minority rights,” Mr Trzaskowski told the crowd from a parade float.

    Homosexuals (and other LGBTHIV+) have simply become the most recent symbol of equality. When the Left is done with them, they will discard them, and resume jailing them as deemed appropriate in order to enforce total compliance.

  • Walgreens cuts long-time health benefit for retired employees in ‘unusual’ move

    She currently pays $27,600 annually for health insurance for herself, her husband and son, about $10,800 of which was covered by Walgreens.

    Just leaving this here for the Leftists who claimed that Obamacare was not the disaster of socialism that conservatives saw it as. It raised costs to the point where the middle class is being devastated. If we got insurance and government out of healthcare, the free markets would reduce the costs of healthcare to a fraction of the above, except for people who encounter horrible diseases or accidents, but those are a small minority. Better to let people purchase insurance for rated amounts against catastrophic illness and disability, which would pay for not just medical but an annuity to replace their salaries, and to allow charity to take on the rest. Even more, we should consider that natural selection comes into play here: the more people who survive and reproduce after catastrophic illness, the more weakness in our genes we have floating around out there.

  • Orwell’s classic ‘1984’ turns 70 amid enduring interest

    Orwell nailed the totalitarian regime with an emotional novel, but we forget that he was agitating for English socialism just the same, only one that used the methods found in the Huxley novel to which he was replying (Brave New World) in which citizens were seduced with pleasures, distractions, entertainment, and other “bread and circuses” methods into supporting a society which was devoid of moral or intellectual content. Huxley warned against Idiocracy through consumerism, socialism, and other individualistic concerns; Orwell wanted that same dystopia but without the totalitarian trappings that could sabotage it before Utopia arrived.

  • Racist, violent social media posts by police officers trigger investigations

    “It’s a good day for a choke hold,” wrote an officer in Phoenix. A sergeant in Philadelphia commented that a young suspect should be “taken out back and put down like the rabid animal he is.” Another sergeant posted a meme that said, “Death to Islam.” In St. Louis, a police official shared a meme asserting that “if the Confederate flag is racist, then so is Black History Month.”

    These statements are not that extreme at least for toxic masculinity cases like myself. There are bad people out there, and diversity does not work. If we take diversity at its word, then we can have Confederate flags (and even Nazi flags) and other groups can have their own flags and pride months. However, diversity is one-sided: replace our culture with a multiculture, which involves erasing our culture so that the new non-culture can take its place. The people who say “diversity is white genocide” are not wrong, but the situation is even more extreme. Equality means destruction of anything successful and its replacement with the average. These police officers have simply committed the sin of noticing.

  • Birmingham LGBT row: MP tells school protesters ‘you’re right’

    Someone finally points out that teaching preschoolers about intercourse, sodomy, transgenderism, homosexuality, and analingus might be simply too early. This is a safe middle course on this issue. In the long term, what kind of idiot trusts the State to teach his children about anything, much less sex education? The kind of exhausted person who spends eight to ten hours a day at a job and another one day a week dealing with the failures of bureaucracy, consumerism, and diversity, that’s who. No wonder no one is reproducing. This system is a total ruin just like other Utopian systems like Communism before it.

  • Poaching is sending the shy, elusive pangolin to its doom

    Today in the Inequality Chronicles: some groups believe in superstitious medicine which is going to kill off many endangered species for no actual reason. The only way to save nature is to set aside half of the land everywhere and wall it off, then shoot any humans who go within it, so that nature can exist on its own terms. As it turns out, human-nature diversity sucks just as hard as human-human diversity.

  • Belgian prosecutors drop case against cafe owner who welcomed dogs, but not Jews

    Diversity presents to us the same problem as sex assault cases, namely that you have two parties and one must be injured with zero basis in fact. Jews do not like Muslims, and Muslims do not like Jews, so you cannot force the two to associate, but that hurts one of the two parties. Which party gets primacy? Jews hoped that The Holocaust™ would buy them primacy, but instead, it has been used against them as people claim that Israel is an apartheid state and the Palestinians are experiencing genocide, therefore we need to consider Muslim anti-Semitism as legitimate as Jewish anti-Muslimism (sometimes called, by idiots, “Islamophobia”).

  • DWP accused of ‘rewarding failure’ after companies given £630m for more disability benefit tests

    Why does business love big government? If you screw up, they simply throw more money at the problem, and the problems you tackle are insoluble, which is why they were chosen in the first place. Things like the war on poverty, war on racism, and war on ill-health are perpetual wars which will never be won because they target fundamental aspects of reality. We are like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. In the meantime, many careers will be built on “ground-breaking” and “brave” stances against these intractable problems, and the rest of us pay for it as society craters into a ruin.

  • Junk food may be fuelling rise in food allergies, say experts

    No one has yet figured this out, but we have a massive increase of health problems across the board in the West. Some of this we can blame on pollution, sedentary lifestyles, helicopter parenting, and junk food, but it is too large for those causes alone. Most likely, we are seeing the results of ethnic and racial diversity. When two parents come from the same ethnic group, social class, and region, they are biologically compatible, and their children inherit their shared traits; when you mix an Irishman with an Italian or some similar mix, you roll the dice, and get children with lots of little health problems. I was at a preschool the other day and the school was responsible for managing medication for about a third of the children. Who needs medication as a healthy child? The children seemed to be generic “white” of mixed Southern, Eastern, and Western European ancestry, and it produced some real mystery meat. Once this mystery meat white is the norm, it will automatically be absorbed by other groups because people with health problems tend to outbreed as a means of squashing their chaotic genetics.

  • Protests as Labour candidate wins Parliament seat despite anti-Semitism charges

    No one cares anymore. Fear of anti-Semitism was a tool that the Left used in the last century, and now that they have lots of minorities, they have no need for it. Any Jews who supported immigration and diversity are now (slowly: all Jews are Vaisya, or middle class shopkeepers, at heart) realizing that they made a big mistake.

  • UN Chief: EU Needs Open Borders as Europe Historically ‘Enriched by Athens, Rome’

    Athens and Rome during their glory days were Western European, genetically, but this faded as they became more welcoming to nearby tribes, and then they collapsed. Europe wants to go the same path, since no one learns from history, preferring socializing and economic theory.

  • With Venezuela in collapse, towns slip into primitive isolation

    What will the USA look like in 2045? When social order is destroyed, people slip back into subsistence living, and they tend to end up in small communities where everyone ekes out an existence and remains oblivious to the world. When invaders show up, their task is easy.

  • Private investigation raises troubling questions about Houston raid

    Diversity policing means incompetent corruption. In this case, Houston’s notoriously diverse police force takes a phone line tip at face value and charges into a home guns blazing, slaughtering the couple within. They find minimal amounts of drugs. In the meantime, the person who phoned in the tip gets whatever they wanted — a cheap house, part of a business, maybe a classic car — while citizens are left to pay for the lawsuits, burial, and endless investigations. Import the third world, get third world standards.

  • Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College: More than $11 million awarded

    College sponsors SJW jihad against bakery as “racist” for throwing out misbehaving minorities. Bakery points out that it had no policy against certain ethnic groups, only against misbehavior. College doubles down; lawsuits ensue. Now we see a massive win not just for the bakery against the manipulation by the college, but for libel, meaning that juries are sick of conviction-by-accusation involving racism. This one will ripple through the system as people come to realize that the old method of slinging an accusation in order to make another party roll over finally has consequences. The Prole Roman Holiday is ending here, too.

  • Mediterranean will be ‘sea of blood’ without rescue boats, UN warns

    If you want to save migrant lives, stop accepting any migrants, and they will stop coming. If you pursue a mixed-messages strategy as Leftists in the USA and EU are doing, migrants see this as a lottery. Head across to Europe or the USA and you get a chance at admission to the land of free welfare, healthcare, and affirmative action. That dice-rolling will see many of them die. If you care about their lives, tell them NO in a loud, firm, and yet gentle voice, and you will see no more die.

  • It’s Unlikely, but a 164-Foot Asteroid May Hit Earth in September

    For the past couple centuries, humanity has done nothing but screw around, bickering and dickering over how to redistribute wealth, power, and status while ignoring the demands of reality. While we waste time with our monkey bickering, nature does not, and one of these days, the asteroid of great consequence will arrive, ending all the human chatter forever. This leaves us a binary: either we get off this rock, or we are gambling with our survival. Whatever race or group gets colonies on five planets wins.

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