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  • Industrial methane emissions are underreported, study finds

    The first twenty years of the twenty-first century consisted of us noticing, slowly, that our system had insoluble foundational problems; that it, it was based upon lies and bad assumptions (and who cares whether an untruth was deliberate or not). We went looking for scapegoats because that way we did not have to change, and so there was much screwing around with theories of climate change and inequality as explanations for the systemic failure of modernity (the fruit of Enlightenment™ thinking: individualism -> pacifism -> equality -> pluralism -> utilitarianism -> collectivism -> careerism -> bureaucracy -> socialism -> consumerism -> diversity) while problems simply intensified. Now we are out of excuses, and we are seeing that we have made our bed and will have to lie in it. Those with resources are planning to get to the new version of the gated community, which is the gated and pressure sealed community, while everyone else is preparing to die of cancers and emphysema. Bonus: we are going to find out that smoking, drinking, and eating bacon were responsible for less death than previously attributed.

  • EFL: ‘Rooney rule’ introduced to ‘address under-representation’ of BAME managers

    Equality undergoes several stages. First, you are expected to “tolerate” the Other; then, it is demanded that you prove that you are not racist by hiring lots of them; finally, it is expected that you hand over power to them. The Left likes this idea in that it makes their symbols win. True, they will not be around to see it, but they think purely in symbolic terms, starting with the equals sign. In the meantime, BAME (black, Asian, and minority ethnic) should be expanded to include LGBT+ to produce BLAME because of the sheer amount of guilt required to enforce diversity and equality.

  • Injustice funders

    The diversity shakedown has taken over American philanthropic organizations and shows signs of expanding. The demands will only increase until we end diversity because it is, fundamentally, a shakedown and extortion attempt and not an actual policy. However, the voters are slow — so slow — to figure that out. Really, they must all be retarded.

  • Neo-Nazi pamphlets target Cologne area hit by racist nail bomb

    The media wants to think this is the second coming of Hitler. In reality, someone printed up some flyers and scattered them in an area that was once bombed by neo-Nazis because it had a lot of Turks. The importance of this story is that media hype is high and unrealistic because people have transitioned from the “movement mentality” (national socialism, neo-Nazism, white nationalism, white supremacy) toward simply being concerned about demographic displacement and thus interested in nationalism, which means that the world no longer needs neo-Nazis. They are irrelevant; their ideas have been absorbed into the mainstream. That means that we can stop worrying about the Holocaust returning and start worrying about white genocide.

  • Poland, UK’s Farage dash far-right hopes for EU parliament alliance

    Sometimes it is wise to avoid joining an alliance without criticizing that alliance. This means that instead of having one big target for the enemy, there are many, and these can work independently toward similar goals without having to sit around bickering and dickering in order to come to some absurd “compromise” when their goals are not identical.

    Having multiple Right-wing groups at work in the EU means that one can do something extreme, then back off, then have another do something extreme, and then the first can say, “see, we weren’t so bad after all,” and get the compromise of its original position. This is how the Left battered down all the doors, anyway. They did not need to explicitly coordinate in order to implicitly coordinate, since they were heading toward the same (simple) goal: equality in all forms (political: democracy, sexual: feminism/LGBT+, socialclass: socialism, genetic: diversity).

    We are heading toward a more complex goal — generally formulated as futurism, tradition, nationalism, and positive reward systems a.k.a. no socialism or Keynesianism — but we can coordinate implicitly and act independently toward that end.

  • Ethiopia religious anger over US gay tour plan

    When you get rich enough that survival is no longer a question, the human neurosis comes forth, but only in those who are prone to such things. The sane people keep doing sane things, but wealth creates a huge pool of proles — many of the Vaisya, or middle class shopkeeper and merchant type — who then fall into navel-gazing, daydreaming, and idealism of an unrealistic sort.

    They do this in order to increase their social status, since they have peaked as shopkeepers but want to be more important. They then indulge all manners of salesmanship and thespianism in order to make themselves seem more important. This includes posturing and pretense based around the idea of accepting everyone, because that way, they make society seem like their party, and they are the people whose wealth, largesse, and compassion makes it possible for everyone to come together.

    This is simply a hyper-social instinct because they can only become more important through the alpha channel of socializing, since they have peaked out in realistic contributions because they are only shopkeepers. This is the key to the prole: they are perpetual sophomores, or “wise fools,” who know enough to speak the language but not enough to understand cause-effect relationships. These wise fools then take their posturing worldwide, but in places where survival is more dear, they find that people are not interested in encouraging casual sex, homosexuality, transgenderism, diversity, welfare, and other dysgenic approaches to life; people there want to survive, and to do so, they must emphasize healthy behavior and ignore pretense.

    The ugly Americans who come over to bring the “good news” of the nu-Enlightenment™ of individualism — or the idea that the individual is more important than nature and any other order that is larger than the individual, or in other words that the individual is the largest unit in a society, a condition called “atomization” — probably deserve the same fate of early missionaries, namely cannibalism. Leftism is how you tell the world that you are a prey animal.

  • Southeast Asia should want the world’s junk

    In the 19th century, an up-and-coming U.S. imported scrap clothing from Europe to feed its paper mills and scrap steel from the United Kingdom to help build its railways. After World War II, Japan and Taiwan rebuilt their economies by importing vast quantities of low-cost scrap metal and paper from around the world.

    Beginning in the early 1980s, China surpassed all predecessors by becoming the world’s largest importer of recyclables. Everybody won. Countries that might otherwise have sent recyclables to a dump for lack of proper processing facilities found a huge customer willing to pay a premium for it. Meanwhile, China was able to integrate recyclables into its manufacturing supply chain on a mass scale. To take just one example, in 2016, China made as much as half of its copper from recycled resources, half of which were imported.

  • Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers

    Starting in the 1980s, the sexual revolution plus diversity made it a hostile environment out there. Kids from other races and ethnic groups would beat up your kids, who matured more slowly, and there were roving sexual predators looking for young anuses, mouths, and genitals to molest. Parents kept the kids inside and, because they were often divorced in addition to working long hours because the workforce was too huge thanks to adding women and diversity, generally entertained the kids with video and video games. These kids have now grown up and barely have any idea what a tree is. They have never fixed anything because all of our products are disposable so that they can be cheap enough for the permanent underclass, who are spending money from the government as part of the “pump priming” Keynesian scheme upon which our consumerist economy depends, so they have no idea how to do basic mechanical tasks. They probably never lived in the same house long enough to have to fix toilets, re-set cabinet doors, align the chain on the garage door opener, and other suburban dad tasks of days gone by. As a result, they go through life essentially dependent on others for services, which explains in part why they are broke.

  • Decrying ‘LGBT terrorism,’ far-right extremists target Jerusalem Pride Parade

    Increasingly, religious people are realizing that what began as demands for “tolerance” now means a desire for normalization, which requires that all parts of society be re-designed to be “tolerant” of the outsiders. This in turn means that any who refuse to accept what goes contrary to their values will have the burden of proof shifted to them, and be seen as aggressors instead of defenders. At that point, the outsider viewpoint and presence gets forced on every part of society, fundamentally transforming it, and people find that their original values have been replaced, as if by magic.

    Israel is under the same assault as POEDs (People of European Descent) where Leftism is trying to erase its culture, heritage, faith, customs, and genetics so that permanent Leftism can reign. Only the more insightful and historically literate realize that the Leftist tyranny experiment always ends badly, in the death of the civilization and its replacement with yet another dystopian third world dysgenic wasteland.

  • Were Humans ‘Destined’ to Evolve?

    Do we live in a universe that is totally random, or one which tends toward order? As a nihilist, I conflate the two, in that what we think of as “random” is a broad category. Random can mean simply unorganized, or a historical record of whatever was passing by, or it can mean the yet-unrecognizable order of the universe appearing like one of H.P. Lovecraft’s unspeakable mythical-supernatural presences. I write a lot about panspermia and parallel evolution here, or the idea that the same life forms arise in response to similar conditions everywhere, and this is an important concept. It means that the universe has form and we are what we are because we adapt to that form. That in turn means that the conditions we set up for ourselves are important, because they change what we are, and that the way to success for humans is not universal in terms of our actions, but is very similar in terms of the conditions with which we surround ourselves. If you want Western Civilization, you need Western European genetics and the type of order that made Western Civilization great. When you change either or both, you get something else. ¡Ay, Caramba!

  • Athens’ buried rivers: stream favoured by Plato could see light of day

    Anaplasis (“Regeneration”) has suggested that instead of wasting money on short-term solutions, the tram lines could be rerouted and the city get its river back.

    What a great term: regeneration.

  • Data: Average of 124K Anchor Babies Born in U.S. This Year So Far

    Demographic displacement is no joke. The first wave comes, makes the place safe for the subsequent waves, and then they breed to the point where they are the swing vote in every election. Then they vote to take your stuff, transfer it to them, and assume permanent power. At this point, you are conquered. Diversity reveals that in any society, every group can be either conquered or conqueror, and all choose conqueror because to be conquered is to live an arbitrary existence that can be revoked at any time. While we have the numbers, we should revoke that existence and gently relocate everyone who is not of ethnic Western European heritage and culture, simply because this is necessary for all groups to survive. Otherwise, we destroy each other and leave behind a dysgenic mixed-race dystopian nightmare of a third world level civilization.

  • Putin and Xi Herald the Virtues of Globalism, Critiquing the U.S. on Trade

    Was globalism always an Asiatic Left-wing project? Its popularity coincides with donations made by China to the DNC. Maybe the Soviet Union never fell, but simply rebirthed itself in a quasi-capitalist form, sort of like the National Socialist state of China, a hybrid of the free market engine that drives wealth and the socialist desire for total control.

  • Why Some Americans Won’t Move, Even for a Higher Salary

    Now, a new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York suggests that other, more emotional and psychological factors may be at work.

    A significant reason for the decline in mobility is that many of us are highly attached to our towns. Nearly half of those in the survey (47 percent) identify as rooted. The rooted are disproportionately white, older, married, homeowners, and rural. Their reasons for not moving are more psychological than economic: proximity to family and friends, and their involvement in the local community or church.

    When most of society is toxic, if you find one of the rare nice places, you are unlikely to move. Diversity, high taxes to fund entitlements — most welfare recipients are white — and bloated government, the rise of crime from loss of culture, and fear of unstable local economies all contribute to this.

  • Weak U.S. employment report raises red flag on economy

    The proles are fixated on the trade war and terrified of it, but our bigger problem is that we have too many people. There are not going to be more jobs until we are more productive, and we are not going to be more productive until paradoxically we get rid of the many make-work jobs that employ people but contribute little or nothing. Here is the kicker:

    Some of the weakness in hiring could be because of worker shortages, especially in the construction, transportation and manufacturing sectors. But the worker shortage argument is somewhat undercut by moderate wage growth.

    When you have worker shortages, but moderate wage growth, it means that people are transitioning between job roles. That is, you have fewer workers because people are doing other things instead of applying for those jobs. Purge the office functionaries in make-work wage slavery and watch them transition to the jobs that “white people won’t do” but should. Your average office worker would be happier in construction, farming, landscaping, furniture building, artisan production, and other roles that actually create instead of merely shuffling paper, going to meetings, writing reports that no one reads, and listening to neurotic clients. Automation will help this process by eliminating a lot of those roles, flushing left-side-of-bell-curve whites downward but raising their salaries, and thus displacing the many immigrants who have taken over those roles and allowed low-skill white workers to move into jobs above their station.

  • For two hours, a large chunk of European mobile traffic was rerouted through China

    Penetrated. Compromised. Subverted. Sabotaged. Dominated. Everyone wants to escape the system, and even a quarter of a million dollars can boost someone out of the race race, so Western infrastructure is for sale. Find the right network tech or middle manager, buy him out, and he will hand over the keys to the kingdom. He has no loyalty to this society; he hates it. It forces him to commute through a wasteland every day to spend ten hours wasting his time convincing morons to stop doing moron things, and fixing errors made by other morons who were managed by imbeciles. If he gets a chance to sell out, he will do it, and delight in the destruction he causes because finally, he gets his revenge.

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