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  • On sad anniversary, few to mourn the D-Day dead in Normandy

    Saturday’s anniversary will be one of the loneliest remembrances ever, as the coronavirus pandemic is keeping almost everyone away — from government leaders to frail veterans who might not get another chance for a final farewell to their unlucky comrades.

    It is not just the coronavirus. Enthusiasm for wars to spread democracy, like WW1 and WW2, has faded of late, now that we see that democracy means a herd of proles taking over society and consuming everything like the thoughtless peasants they are. We need social hierarchy and an end to caring about the votes, opinions, or feelings of the masses; they are insane, and being in groups makes them more insane, since groups are prone to compromise and for tool-making creatures, this means following precedent and emulating each other, with each iteration drifting farther from reality.

  • Phoenix police make arrest in cold case murder dating back to 1987

    On Feb. 21, 1987, 41-year-old Marilyn Johns was found in an alley near Central Avenue and Lincoln Street in the downtown area. She had been beaten, sexually assaulted and set on fire by her attacker. Johns was transported to the Maricopa County Hospital Burn Unit, with third-degree burns covering 85 percent of her body. She died from her injuries several weeks later.

    Somehow there were no riots over this one. Beware of those who are passive-aggressive, since they are almost always hiding a secret desire to take over.

  • Dow soars more than 800 points to end the week after record surge in U.S. jobs

    U.S. employers added a shocking 2.5 million jobs last month — the largest gain on record — while the unemployment rate slid to 13.3%, the Labor Department said Friday. Economists polled by Dow Jones expected a drop of more than 8 million jobs and the unemployment rate to nearly reach 20%, which would have been the highest since the 1930s.

    Trump leadership triumphs yet again. The Left wanted to keep things closed until the economy was fully dead.

  • Bizarre scenes in tiny WA town as ‘sovereign nation’ attempts to overthrow government

    “As a Christian nation New Westralia strives to be a world class destination for spiritual vitality, enlightenment, meditation, wonder and expression, on the great adventure of life,” the group’s website reads.

    Democracy tried to shape people to fit the needs of the State. This has now fully backfired, and the first little events like this are hinting at what is to come.

  • U.S. military commander says China pushing territorial claims under cover of coronavirus

    There has been a surge of activity by China in the South China Sea with navy ships, coast guard vessels and a naval militia of fishing boats in harassing vessels in waters claimed by Beijing, said Lieutenant General Kevin Schneider.

    “Through the course of the COVID crisis we saw a surge of maritime activity,” he told Reuters in a phone interview. He said Beijing had also increased its activity in the East China Sea, where it has a territorial dispute with Japan.

    Leftists use crisis as growth because their only power is destruction. They want to destroy all that is not Leftist, assuming that their symbolic reality is actually correct, when in fact it simply reflects that most people are mostly in denial because they are solipsistic and unaware of the wider world.

  • MPs from eight countries form new global coalition to counter China

    A group of 19 MPs from eight countries and the European Parliament, representing a swathe of parties from across the political spectrum have announced a new international coalition of legislators who want their governments to take a tougher and collective stance towards China.

    The founder of the group — former Tory party leader Iain Duncan Smith — said the business community should also take notice of the new international coalition of legislators, singling out HSBC bank for its “appalling” backing of China’s new security law cracking down on Hong Kong.

    The new enemy (China) is the same as the old enemy (Communism, Leftism, Napoleon, Genghis Khan). By consciously decoupling our economies from China, we can force China into collapse which means that it will not be able to hold the territories it is going to take. Sorry Vietnam, you backed the wrong horse.

  • Hong Kong’s free media fears being silenced by China’s national security law

    RTHK, founded in 1928 and sometimes compared to the British Broadcasting Corporation, is the only independent, publicly funded media outlet on Chinese soil. It is guaranteed editorial independence by its charter.

    The cancellation of “Headliner” has prompted fear among some journalists that mounting pressure from the Hong Kong government and Beijing will destroy that independence.

    The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior. Of course China will quash any free media in Hong Kong. They are about to assimilate Hong Kong into the Chinese system.

  • UN finds thousands killed with ‘near impunity’ in Philippines war on drugs

    A new report from the UN Human Rights Council, released on Thursday, found a heavy-handed focus on national security and combatting illegal drugs had led to an array of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detentions.

    Old thinking: we must preserve the human rights of everyone, especially the bad.

    New thinking: good to the good, and bad to the bad, and that means human rights must go.

  • Highland protesters’ Black Lives Matter banner vandalized

    Everson said as the men approached, it was his intention to remove the sign and then repost it when they left the area. But they climbed up onto one of the planters in front of the private community where the banner was posted and started tearing them down.

    “I was trying to tell him I’ll take it down, just leave. And he was like, no, it’s too late.”

    After burning down half of America, Black Lives Matter finds that it is not welcome everywhere. Many simply want to remain neutral and not have their neighborhoods burned down.

  • Nature reserves ‘trashed’ after lockdown easing

    Fly-tipping, littering and barbecue fires have increased, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) said.

    A trust director said it was the worst he had seen in 30 years.

    Never trust the crowd. They look like collectivists, but really, they are individualists hiding behind the herd as a means of escaping accountability.

  • ‘I’m getting shot’: attacks on journalists surge in US protests

    Reporters in Minneapolis, Louisville or the dozens of other places that witnessed protests and riots in the days after the alleged murder of George Floyd were not killed or prosecuted, as they increasingly are elsewhere in the world. But they were blinded, beaten, maced and arrested by police in numbers never before documented in the US.

    People have figured out that the press instigated these protests and has been encouraging the looters, rioters, arsonists, vandals, muggers, and other “peaceful protesters” the whole time. Support the enemy, get treated like the enemy.

  • Mayor Lightfoot Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago

    There were earlier reports that Walmart expected to rebuild all stores trashed by looters and vandals, but company officials later said they would open some stores and would not say which ones.

    Walmart knows that tensions will increase, and their stores will be looted and burned in the next riots as well. They can make more money and endanger employees less by simply focusing on rural and suburban areas. The same thing happened to inner city stores, which is why people claim that the poor have fewer options. That is what happens when you steal and destroy, proles.

  • Mexican protesters clash with police over custody death

    Protesters in the historic center of the state capital of Jalisco vandalized buildings, including the palace, and set ablaze several police cars, footage from network Milenio showed. Police were seen using force against protesters.

    It is like the LA riots went global: a worldwide freakout, panic, and revenge attack by the have-nots against the haves. We should point out here that the have-nots are permanently poor because of their poor decisions, which they increasingly assert their right to make. The only societies which will survive in the future are the ones that keep the poor inert through strict capitalism, with no social welfare programs.

  • Dutch PM now says ‘Black Pete’ tradition will disappear

    Rutte said his view had changed since 2013, when he said “Black Pete is just black and I can’t do much about that”.

    Now he expects the tradition to disappear.

    More stunts for publicity points. The Left is entirely a social movement, or based on the appearance of deference to the group. It has produced people who are non-leaders pretending to be leaders like this clown.

  • South Lane Fire continues reviewing ‘alleged offensive posts’, chief placed on leave

    A meeting this Wednesday was called after reports that Fire Chief John Wooten had made posts on his personal Facebook page about shooting protesters.

    Someone speaks the obvious, and the people in charge — supposedly responsible adults! — advance the freak-out to placate the rioting proles.

  • Preliminary Research Says 70% of Those Infected With Coronavirus Don’t Pass It On

    A group of epidemiologists in Hong Kong found that just 20 percent of cases studied there were responsible for 80 percent of all coronavirus transmissions.

    The researchers also found 70 percent of people infected with the coronavirus didn’t pass it to anyone else and that all superspreading events involved indoor social gatherings.

    The Pareto Principle appears yet again. In the meantime, the panic appears to have been overstated, fueled by Chinese conspiracies to mask the facts and Leftist hysteria. Leftists and China, working together as usual, it seems.

  • Florida professor cites ‘black privilege’ amid George Floyd protests, prompting calls for his firing

    Charles Negy, an associate professor of psychology at the university, has made his views known in the past. He is the author of “White Shaming: Bullying based on Prejudice, Virtue-Signaling, and Ignorance,” which, according to its description, asserts that “white Americans and white culture frequently are under siege for a host of transgressions, ranging from colonialism to slavery, Jim Crow laws to racism, and from microaggressions to white privilege.”

    “Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback,” said one tweet on Wednesday.

    “Sincere question: If Afr. Americans as a group, had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, performing the best academically, having the highest income, committing the lowest crime, etc.), would we still be proclaiming “systematic racism” exists?” said another tweet the same day.

    Man issues opinions which make people uncomfortable. In reality, it is time to stop blaming Blacks for the failure of diversity. Asian crime mostly involves cheating on schoolwork and taxes.

  • Dallas officials remove Texas Ranger statue from Love Field

    The 12-foot-tall bronze statue of a Texas Ranger, called “One Riot, One Ranger,” has been a focal point in the terminal since 1963.

    A new book on the Rangers, “Cult of Glory,” offered chilling details about dark chapters of the Rangers’ history. The book by former Pulitzer Prize finalist Doug J. Swanson, a longtime reporter for The Dallas Morning News who is now on the University of Pittsburgh faculty, says the statue depicts Capt. Jay Banks. The captain was in charge of a Ranger contingent dispatched in 1957 by then-Gov. Allan Shivers to keep black students from enrolling in Mansfield’s high school High School and a Texarkana community college despite court rulings that should have prevented Shivers from doing so.

    Swanson tells his former newspaper that “Banks became sort of the face for that because there’s a famous picture of him leaning against a tree in front of Mansfield High School while a black figure hangs in effigy above the school, with Banks making no effort to take it down.

    Diversity causes constant problems. Now we are deleting the past to keep a temporary truce. Democracy has entered its endgame.

  • Black Chicagoans Being Harassed In Some Latino Neighborhoods, Officials Say: ‘We Are In This Struggle Together’

    On Sunday afternoon, Little Village neighbors came together to protect 26th Street businesses after people looted shops. Ald. Michael Rodriguez (22nd) said as the night went on, a few Latino men became “antagonistic” and were indiscriminately targeting Black people driving through the neighborhood.

    Balkanization means that each group protects its neighborhood. We will see more of this. The next stage involves them figuring out how to kill and hide the bodies. People who venture to the wrong part of town will simply disappear.

  • Judge advances murder case against 3 men in Ahmaud Arbery’s death

    At the same hearing, a special prosecutor for the state of Georgia said evidence shows that Arbery was repeatedly boxed in by two pickup trucks as he desperately tried to escape. The lead Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent in the case also testified that the gunman said a racial slur as Arbery lay dying.

    The police could do nothing, apparently, so some good old boys detained a suspect. That suspect then attacked and they shot him. The racial slur is probably an invention of the prosecution, for whom the GBI works.

  • Iraq’s Jewish sites almost all ruined beyond repair, new heritage report finds

    But, across both countries, says the report, “most of the heritage from the 19th and 20th centuries is in very bad condition or beyond repair, primarily due to neglect and urban redevelopment.”

    Just like pulling down Confederate statues.

  • Bills rookie QB Jake Fromm apologizes for ‘elite white people’ text

    The conversation, which took place in 2019 and was posted to Twitter early Thursday morning, involved Fromm and a friend discussing guns. Fromm wrote, “But no guns are good. They need to let me get suppressors,” before adding, “Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.”

    Fromm went on to say he was not an “elite white person” later in the conversation.

    He means keep the guns away from the poor. He has a point: at this point in America, if you are poor, it is usually because you are a non-contributor living off middle class taxes.

  • Nicola Sturgeon says it is ‘hard to not conclude’ Trump is a racist

    Answering a question from Radio Clyde and Radio Forth listeners about whether Mr Trump is a racist, Ms Sturgeon said: “I think sometimes it’s hard to not conclude that.

    “What I always say when I’m asked questions like that is I can’t see inside his head.

    “I’ve been asked that before about comments Boris Johnson has made about Muslims and do I think he’s a racist.

    If they repeat it enough, the crowd repeats it, and it becomes “fact.” Then the fact-checkers and social media can remove any contrary information, allowing academics to conclude that it is “fact.” Then the media can use it in their propaganda with impunity.

  • Two Buffalo police officers suspended after elderly man shoved and injured

    In the video, several officers are seen walking past the man as he lay bleeding on the ground. An image captured on social media moments earlier showed the man returning a helmet to an officer. Officers are heard shouting “push him back” when the shove occurs.

    Passive aggressive provocation involves doing everything that you can to infuriate your adversary, then playing the victim when they push back. Anyone with any brains avoided these protests the instant they turned violent. The Left wants to advance the narrative that police should never use violence, but realistic assessments say that against the violent, you use violence. Only superior violence shuts them down, something Trump understands but the Leftist media regards as heresy.

  • Community process will help identify key investment priorities in the upcoming budget

    “We have been pushing for reparations for Black people here in San Francisco for decades. We have continued to see our organizations inequitably disregarded and disproportionately left out of receipt of vital resources,” said Supervisor Shamann Walton. “In these times of continued systemic and systematic oppression of Black people, we have to be innovative and strong with our solutions. In order to change this dynamic and provide real opportunity for equity, we need to repurpose resources and give them to Black-led organizations and communities in order to level the playing field and achieve successful outcomes. This is a concrete, bold and immediate step towards true reparations for Black people.

    All the right buzzwords feature in this press release, ignoring the fact that reparations will be ongoing until we pair them with repatriation. You leave, you get a big chunk of cash and to hold on to whatever you have. That is the fairest deal anyone can offer in ending diversity.

    In other news, democracy has entered the final stage where it is purely an exercise in saying whatever the crowd cheers, and in buying votes. This is just as unstable as the Soviet Union was.

  • Cross Burning under investigation by Macon County Sheriff’s Office

    Sheriff Andre Brunson confirms Thursday night around 9:30 several motorists along Interstate 85 noticed a fire on the Country Road 54 overpass. The motorist pulled over and called 911.

    Sheriff Brunson said when Macon County Deputies arrived, they were able to help extinguish the fire. Brunson says a makeshift wood cross had been set on fire on top of the bridge.

    What a great cheap and low-risk way to attract international media attention. Perhaps all white communities should do this.

  • University agrees that black students should be graded differently

    Nicole McNichols, UW Psychology Professor told Campus Reform that she supported the move. “Obviously, I support the petition and absolutely believe the accommodations it requests should be honored by all faculty. Students need all of the support and compassion we can afford to give them right now.”

    The email sent by McNichols to her students reads: “First, the remaining homework chapters are being put into review mode. Everyone will receive full points. Second, I have decided to drop everyone’s lowest exam score. This means that you may opt-out of taking Exam 3 if you just don’t feel up to it, (or if you [are] happy with your scores from exam 1 and 2).”

    Colleges wanted to become High School II because then everyone would have to go, which in theory means more money for colleges, paid for out of government grants and loans.

  • YouTube bans videos promoting Nazi ideology

    The company confirmed it would no longer host videos that glorified fascist views or material that denied the existence of the Holocaust, following years of criticism over its role in spreading far-right hate and conspiracy theories.

    This will quickly expand to mean anything but the egalitarian orthodoxy will be removed.

  • Australians ‘foolish’ to attend planned protests but thousands expected to march in Black Lives Matter rallies

    Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said the idea of thousands of people gathering in one place is “foolish”, while NSW Police Minister David Elliot said those planning to march were “not normal”.

    The Left stopped believing in the coronavirus that was going to end all life as we know it as soon as the riots started.

  • Facebook to apply state media labels on Russian, Chinese outlets

    The world’s biggest social network will apply the label to Russia’s Sputnik, Iran’s Press TV and China’s Xinhua News, according to a partial list Facebook provided. The company will apply the label to about 200 pages at the outset.

    Facebook will not label any U.S.-based news organizations, as it determined that even U.S. government-run outlets have editorial independence, Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, said in an interview.

    This will enable them to remove most of the propaganda without interfering with the Right, in theory. Facebook wants to retain the Silent Majority as an audience, because it realizes unlike Twitter that SJWs buy tshirts and mugs but nothing else. The real advertising power lies in getting to the middle class families who are interested in bigger products.



  • TikTok serves as hub for #blacklivesmatter activism

    TikTok users of color and their allies are using the #blacklivesmatter hashtag on the app for social advocacy, providing tips on how to protest safely, sharing educational resources and speaking out on racial injustice.

    Behind every Leftist initiative, we seem to find China consistently.

  • Cyclist Sought for Assault of People Posting Racial Injustice Flyers Along Maryland Trail

    “He pretty much screamed at us. He was saying, ‘F— you. You guys [are] inciting riots.’ He kept saying we’re ‘deviants.’ I’m not sure exactly what he meant by that,” the man said.

    People do not want the chaotic bogus protests in their neighborhoods. This is how you contain an outbreak of insanity.

  • Mysterious ‘Federal State of New China’ banners seen on planes over NYC

    The banners appear to be a bizarre stunt against the Chinese Communist Party launched by Steve Bannon and a fugitive Chinese billionaire, who together on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre declared the Chinese government illegitimate.

    Moderates and conservatives understand what is being said. Leftists feign ignorance.

  • US must confront its Original Sin to move forward

    Despite being defined by race, American society does not spend much time analysing the history of our racial divisions, and America prefers to believe in the inevitable progression towards racial equality.

    Actually, no, we spend a lot of time doing it, but none of the Left-answers have proven satisfactory. Slavery was a worldwide event at that point. We have done our best to fix it. All that remains is reparations-with-repatriation for all non-WASPs.

  • Astronomers confirm Earth-size exoplanet around nearest star and maybe more

    Benedict scanned data he took 25 years ago using the Hubble Space Telescope while studying Proxima Centauri and found a planet with an orbital period of 1,907 days. At the time he took the data, Benedict and his fellow researchers were only searching for planets with 1,000 Earth day orbits or less.

    Benedict said the planet is seven time as massive as Earth, after combining his data with the study published earlier this year as well as images taken by researchers using the SPHERE instrument on the Very Large Telescope.

    If humanity can stop screwing around, other planets await us. Not only that, but new extinction-level evolutionary pressures keep coming:

    NASA is keeping a close eye on a massive asteroid leading up to the weekend, according to a report by the Daily Star.

    The asteroid is estimated to be between 820 feet and 1,870 feet, making it potentially taller than the Empire State Building at 1,453 feet, and it’s traveling at a speed of 11,200 miles per hour.

    Do we keep screwing around with egalitarianism, or start rewarding the good and letting the rest perish, since natural selection did well for us in the past? We have goals to achieve, and yet most of humanity is moping about feeling sorry for itself.

  • A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling

    A study published on 22 May in The Lancet used hospital records procured by a little-known data analytics company called Surgisphere to conclude that coronavirus patients taking chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine were more likely to show an irregular heart rhythm—a known side effect thought to be rare—and were more likely to die in the hospital.

    Within days, some large randomized trials of the drugs—the type that might prove or disprove the retrospective study’s analysis—screeched to a halt.

    But just as quickly, the Lancet results have begun to unravel—and Surgisphere, which provided patient data for two other high-profile COVID-19 papers, has come under withering online scrutiny from researchers and amateur sleuths. They have pointed out many red flags in the Lancet paper, including the astonishing number of patients involved and details about their demographics and prescribed dosing that seem implausible.

    The Left just wanted the headlines. Now that other studies have come out against hydroxychloroquine, they can allow this propaganda “science” to pass on quietly.

  • The Nearly Nihilistic Market Rally

    That might seem illogical, but it isn’t. Markets care about one set of policy developments to the exclusion of everything else: namely, the fact that government rescue measures seem to be working, at least to the extent of avoiding worst case scenarios.

    Another win for Trump. While everyone else was fetusing around with panic and self-pity, he kept things on an even keel.

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gives $3 million to Colin Kaepernick’s organization

    Dorsey is the the latest tech executive to give to anti-racist organizations in the wake of widespread protests over the killing of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis. A video of a white policeman kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly 9 minutes while he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe was shared widely on social media, igniting demonstrations across the world.

    All of the incompetents we have promoted to run these businesses are following the hippie script: the youth are Leftist, so pitch to the youth and ignore middle America and the Silent Majority, hoping that these kids will carry forth these brands as they age. We are seeing Boomer-era logic (from the Silent Majority, who ran business at the time) collapsing before our eyes, since their focus on this small group will only further throw these business along the MySpace cycle to collapse.

  • Federal inmate dies after being pepper sprayed by guards

    Officers sprayed Jamel Floyd, a 35-year-old black man, after he barricaded himself in his cell at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center and broke a cell door window with a metal object, the agency said.

    Floyd’s mother said her son suffered from asthma and diabetes and that jail officials were aware of his health conditions.

    Shocking similarities show us what happens when mass panic gives one group a free pass on bad behavior.

  • Facebook again deletes moms’ group dedicated to ending drag queen story hours

    Anna Hall Bohach, founder of 500 Mom Strong, told LifeSiteNews yesterday that the grassroots group’s Facebook page was removed on Monday, June 1 because it was deemed “transphobic,” just like the other 500 Mom Strong pages Facebook had previously removed. The first page, also called 500 Mom Strong, disappeared last July 19. The second, 500 Mom Stronger, was taken down this February.

    Pluralism means that different groups co-exist. This means that you cannot enforce one standard upon them. This applies to the white supremacist notion that Black people should be made to behave like white people, as well as the idea that normal conservative-ish people should be forced to tolerate Drag Queen Story Hour for their children. Balkanization, separation, and war are inevitable now.

  • Ramaphosa: AU strongly condemns George Floyd’s murder

    “As countries that have borne the brunt of racial discrimination over centuries, we need to work together to end the scourge of racial violence, wherever it occurs. By working together, we can build a peaceful, just, healthy, and prosperous global community,” he said.

    Man who encourages race-based murder speaks out against policing.

  • Kevin Rudd accuses UQ of appearing to ‘bend the knee to Beijing’

    “Varghese has boasted he has the experience to handle the complexity of the university’s China relationship given his background as a senior Australian diplomat.

    “Instead, the university is now seen around Australia and the world as bending the knee to Beijing, rather than just dealing with a badly behaved undergraduate.

    “It’s time for Varghese to act now to restore Drew Pavlou’s right to complete his degree – while requiring Pavlou to adhere to the same social media protocols as the rest of us.”

    Calls for sanity and fairness always come too late.

  • Huntsville police chief: Protesters “brought this on themselves”

    Chief Mark McMurray said Thursday that demonstrators — whom he described as “anarchists” — “brought this on themselves” after refusing to disperse following the expiration of a permit at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.

    “We kept asking them to leave,” McMurray said. “They brought this — this group brought this on themselves. They came here for the fight, not us.”

    This could describe all of the protests, which use passive-aggressive provocation as their primary method. The goal is go to behave as badly as possible and then, when the authorities react, play wounded and wail. George Floyd tried the same thing but his heart condition and drug use caught up with him.

  • Mosquitoes in Southern California Test Positive for West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis

    WNV is transmitted to people and animals through the bite of an infected mosquito. There is no cure, and one in five infected individuals will exhibit symptoms that can include fever, headache, body aches, nausea, or a skin rash. The symptoms can last for several days to months. One in 150 people infected with the virus will require hospitalization. Severe symptoms include high fever, muscle weakness, neck stiffness, coma, paralysis, and possibly death.

    Here come the really fun diseases. Thanks, globalism!

  • Rand Paul holds up anti-lynching legislation as he seeks changes to bill

    “I don’t think it’s a good idea to conflate someone who has an altercation, where they had minor bruises, with lynching. We think that’s a disservice to those who were lynched in our history, who continue to have, we continue to have these problems. And I think it’s a disservice to have a new 10-year penalty for people who have minor bruising. We’ve tried to exclude that part from the bill, and we’ve been working with the authors to try to make the bill better,” Paul said.

    The Left tries to force through another bill to make white people defenseless.

  • Liberal gun ban quietly expanded, potentially putting owners unknowingly on wrong side of the law

    The list has been expanded without public notifications from either the RCMP or the federal government, raising concerns among gun sellers and owners that they could have unknowingly bought, sold or transported illegal firearms in recent weeks. The recently banned firearms have all been deemed illegal retroactively, as of May 1.

    While the world is distracted with the latest Leftist crisis, the Left advances toward total control.

  • Virginia city removes 176-year-old slave auction block

    The weathered stone was sprayed with graffiti twice and chants of “move the block” erupted this week during local demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, city officials said in a statement announcing the removal.

    They never miss a chance to erase history and replace it with propaganda.

  • Radio hosts Kimberly and Beck fired following racist remarks on air

    The hosts were discussing the attack of a couple in Rochester Saturday night during the wave of violence following a protest on the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Their language included references to “the n-word.”

    Diversity of race is seen as good, but that requires removing diversity of opinion. They will force this upon us however they can.

  • New report finds anti-Semitism on the rise in Czech Republic

    In its annual report, the Federation of the Jewish Communities said there were 694 anti-Semitic attacks in 2019 compared with 347 in the previous year.

    A majority of the attacks — 95% — were registered on the internet, often on disinformation websites, far-right media and produced by activists involved in an international campaign to boycott Israel.

    They mean BDS. These are Leftist attacks. The Left hates nationalism in all forms, and will wipe out the Jews the same way it hopes to wipe out Europeans.

  • Football pitch-sized area of tropical rainforest lost every six seconds

    The loss of trees in the tropics was the third worst recorded since data was first collected in 2002, trailing behind only 2016 and 2017. The heaviest reduction continues to be in Brazil, which accounted for more than a third of all humid tropical forest loss. Government data shows that deforestation for agriculture and other new land uses increased rapidly in the Brazilian Amazon over the past year.

    We have too many humans, and to feed them, we will carve up the last forest and plow under the last savannah.

  • ‘Dangerous’: Around world, police chokeholds scrutinized

    Immobilization techniques where officers apply pressure with their knees on prone suspects are used in policing around the world and have long drawn criticism. One reason why Floyd’s death is sparking anger and touching nerves globally is that such techniques have been blamed for asphyxiations and other deaths in police custody beyond American shores, often involving non-white suspects.

    Why are they using chokeholds? To avoid using guns and tasers, either one of which would have triggered a fatal heart attack in poor doomed George Floyd.

  • In riot-hit Twin Cities neighborhoods, a hole where pharmacies used to be

    Parts of the metro now have no open pharmacy for miles. In other cities across the country, pharmacies have been similarly targeted and damaged.

    The rioters wanted drugs. Behold, the political “activism” of the prole! It is time to disenfranchise anyone under 120 IQ points and without sterling moral character.

  • Police hunt down cigarettes while farms are being attacked, farmers murdered

    During May 2020, in South Africa, there were fifteen farm attacks and four farm murders. During April 2020, there were seventeen farm attacks and one farm murder. During the month of March 2020 there were six farm murders and thirty five farm attacks.

    White people do not count in the pity Olympics. Solution: stop the pity Olympics.

  • Two men brutally beaten after trying to stop looting in downtown Madison

    According to the Madison Police Department, just before 2 a.m., two men who were taking part in peaceful protests downtown attempted to confront a woman who was causing damage to property and looting at the intersection of Gorham Street and Henry Street. That’s when the pair were attacked with 2×4’s and possibly a crowbar by several looters.

    Well-meaning useful idiots learn the hard way that these were race resentment riots, not protests for justice.

  • Multiracial family harassed, trapped on camping trip near Forks

    As they were leaving the store, the family was confronted by people in several vehicles who kept asking if they were from “Antifa” – the left-wing political activist group known for its sometimes destructive protest tactics.

    People have figured out that mixed-race groups mean trouble.

  • Atlanta police chief says charges against officers are political

    Police Chief Erika Shields told Atlanta police officers Monday that her firing of two cops involved in an excessive force arrest during Saturday night’s protests was justified, but said criminal charges filed against them by Fulton District Attorney Paul Howard was “a tsunami of political jockeying during an election year.”

    All of this drama was a Leftist tantrum designed to depose Trump.

  • Protests over George Floyd’s death expose raw race relations worldwide

    In the Netherlands, the Freedom Party’s Geert Wilders tweeted: “White House under attack. This is no protest but anarchy by #AntifaTerrorists.”

    Diversity is failing everywhere. Leftist idea: double down on diversity. Solution: end diversity.

  • A new start turns to a tragic end for George Floyd, who moved to Minneapolis determined to turn his life around after being released from prison in Texas

    Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

    Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses

    Prior to that, Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in state jail for possession of cocaine. He had been charged in December 2005 for having less than one gram of the controlled substance.

    He did another stint for theft with a firearm in August 1998. He served 10 months at Harris County jail.

    That gives us a bit more context, especially since police may have known they were dealing with a chronic violent offender.

  • Debt relief for poorest countries could extend beyond 2020, G7 says

    The statement followed a videoconference meeting of the ministers amid warnings that low-income and emerging market economies will need more than the International Monetary Fund’s initial estimate of $2.5 trillion to weather the crisis.

    Globalism = global socialism. Just like we buy off our proles to prevent revolutions, we are now buying off the third world to prevent war. Let us just consciously decouple from both groups instead.

  • People with blood type A more likely to suffer severe coronavirus symptoms, research finds

    The researchers found two points in the human genome which were associated with an increased risk of respiratory failure in patients with Covid-19. One of these points is the gene that determines blood type.

    Having type A blood was linked to a 50 per cent increase in the likelihood that a patient would need oxygen or go on a ventilator, the researchers found.

    However, Andre Franke, professor of molecular medicine at the University of Kiel and lead author of the study, said it was not certain whether it was the blood group that determined whether someone would become more seriously ill, or the genetic marker.

    A crisis winds down to a vulnerability.


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