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  • George Floyd autopsy report reveals he was coronavirus survivor

    The Medical Examiner’s office released a detailed report Wednesday evening that showed Floyd had tested positive for the virus on April 3, but did not exhibit any symptoms and did not have any lung damage. A nasal swab test administered during the autopsy confirmed that he was likely an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

    America has just become comedy at this point.

  • Obama voices support for young US protesters

    “Too often some of that violence has come from folks who were supposed to be serving and protecting you,” Obama said in a webcast with activists.

    “I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter, your dreams matter.”

    He also said that in the last few weeks, Americans have witnessed “the kinds of epic changes and events in our country that are as profound as anything that I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

    Bloviating Leftist wants a third-world America.

  • Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside Indian Embassy in Washington DC desecrated

    The civic unrest in the United States following George Floyd’s death is said to be the largest in the US in recent decades. Americans, defying curfews, have been protesting, in some cases violently, against the George Floyd’s custodial killing in Minneapolis.

    BLM wrecks Gandhi. They will destroy everything but themselves, and then die out from incompetence, if allowed.

  • EU won’t agree deal to take back illegal migrants unless UK folds in Brexit trade talks

    European Union governments will refuse to negotiate an agreement to take back illegal migrants crossing the Channel to Britain if the UK does not back down in the Brexit trade talks, diplomats in Brussels warned on Wednesday.

    Neo-Communist anarcho-tyrannical regime demands obedience and refuses to see reason. In reality, they are terrified by how thoroughly their diversity, globalism, and immigration policies are failing.

  • Ex-defense chief Mattis rips Trump for dividing Americans

    “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people —does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us,” Mattis wrote in a statement published by The Atlantic. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

    Deep state is the military-industrial complex? One wonders. Trump did not divide America, but shined a spotlight on the divide, which upsets those who wanted to continue our steady path to Leftism.

  • Hong Kong passes China national anthem bill amid protests by democracy lawmakers

    Hong Kong passed a bill on Thursday that would criminalise disrespect of China’s national anthem, a move critics see as the latest sign of Beijing’s tightening grip on the semi-autonomous city.

    The fascism, the fasc– oh wait, these are Communists (who have adopted market socialism). China has taken over Hong Kong and now is just rubbing their noses in it.

  • Defiant Hongkongers Commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre Despite Ban

    Thousands of Hong Kong protesters defied a police ban Thursday night to stage an annual vigil on the anniversary of June 4, 1989 — the date that Chinese tanks rolled into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to crush a student-led democracy movement.

    Actual protests for real reasons. Hong Kongers have more in common with white America than the rioting Africans and Antifa Alliance (3A): Hong Kong is resisting assimilation, just like WASP America is.

  • May 2020 was sunniest month on record for UK, weather agency confirms

    The U.K.’s national weather service said Monday, that there were 266 hours of sunshine in May, making it the sunniest calendar month on record.

    “Spring 2020 is also the sunniest on record for the UK, exceeding the sunshine amount for most summer seasons,” the agency tweeted.

    Muh climate change (née global warming) gives way to concern about solar cycles. Still unmentioned: too many people and too much pollution. Half Earth is the answer.

  • Movement to defund police gains ‘unprecedented’ support across US

    For years, activists have pushed US cities and states to cut law enforcement budgets amid a dramatic rise in spending on police and prisons while funding for vital social services has shrunk or disappeared altogether.

    Government officials have long dismissed the idea as a leftist fantasy, but the recent unrest and massive budget shortfalls from the Covid-19 crisis appear to have inspired more mainstream recognition of the central arguments behind defunding.

    Equality means “treat bad the same as good.” This is just the latest push. That way, we can have anarchy and everyone will be equal.

  • Prosecutors describe racist slur as Ahmaud Arbery lay dying

    Bryan, who recorded that video, said he heard the gunman say a racist epithet as he stood over Arbery’s body before police arrived, Dial said.

    Special prosecutor Jesse Evans said Arbery “was chased, hunted down and ultimately executed.”

    “I don’t think it was self-defense by Mr. McMichael. I think it was self-defense by Mr. Arbery,” Dial said later under defense questioning. “When he couldn’t get away, he chose to fight.”

    Do we believe any of this? Does it matter? The USA has been in a state of racial Cold War for 150 years.

  • Alt-Right group threatens to assassinate Milwaukee activist Frank Nitty in effort to stop peace marches

    According to information shared across social media, a plot was discovered that a White Supremacy group had targeted peace activist and Milwaukee-native Frank Nitty. They planned to track the June 3 march and murder him publicly in front of the other protesters. Nitty said the threat had been verified, and city leaders were aware that it was credible.

    He says.

  • This Black Man…

    So called black leaders trot out the “Three Little Girls” and other church bombings whenever they can. Rioters put flame to a church in DC and these leaders are dead silent. I thought churches were sacred places?

    The riots are backfiring for the same reason diversity has failed: advancing one group over another does not build unity. Only ending diversity does.

  • The George Floyd protests are sparking a surprising debate in black America

    His emotions, though, soon turned to unease when he saw some protests over Floyd’s death spiral into violence. It all seemed like a replay of the 1960s race riots, which he believes tipped the 1968 presidential election to Richard Nixon, who ran as a law-and-order candidate.

    Wasow says his research shows that violent, black-led protests in the 1960s reduced white support for civil rights. And he says recent violence at the George Floyd protests could shift more white voters to Trump in November.

    How about we all grow up and recognize that colonialism, peasant revolt, diversity, globalism, and immigration are all the same mistake and we need to end them?

  • Americans’ views shift on racial discrimination

    Comparing views at this moment to decades of CBS News polling, today we see more people — both white and black — saying racial discrimination affects both treatment by police and chances of getting ahead. And a declining number see progress in getting rid of it.

    The Left rushes in with the headline, but the big story is that more people are throwing up their hands and giving up on diversity ever working. This is the beginning of wisdom on this issue, not the end.

  • Twitter accuses President Trump of making ‘false claims’

    Mr Trump had tweeted that he had given James Mattis the nickname “Mad Dog” and later fired him.

    But Twitter’s article says that the former general resigned, and his nickname preceded Trump’s presidency.

    Choices are binary; the Left sees the world as binary based on whether or not people accept egalitarianism. This tells us that egalitarianism is a choice and that people are defecting from accepting it as good, necessary, or realistic. To Leftists, you are either with them or against them, and they will destroy any who fail to be with them. In reality, Trump drove out Mattis and claimed that he restored an old nickname:

    The president fired back quickly in a tweet saying that the one thing he and predecessor Barack Obama had in common was “we both had the honour of firing Jim Mattis, the world’s most overrated general. I asked for his letter of resignation and felt good about it”.

    “His nickname was ‘Chaos’, which I didn’t like, and changed it to ‘Mad Dog’,” he added.

    They lie in the headline and spin the facts that they grudgingly reveal paragraphs later. We will not have sanity — a prequisite for prosperity, stability, goodness, “peace,” etc. — until all the Leftists are relocated to Venezuela. Boats!

  • Ex-Conservative minister Stockwell Day resigns from Telus board, law firm after racism denial on CBC

    Day said systemic racism was not an issue in Canada and compared people’s experiences of racism here to him being mocked for wearing glasses as a child.

    Here we see the transition from equity to equality in terms of libertarian/Leftist demands. The law established equity by demanding equal inclusion for minorities and punishing those who dissent. That did not translate into equal representation, so now they demand equality. In the meantime, this fellow pointed out the obvious, which is that everyone experiences some bullying and we suck it up and get on with it. Minorities feel an additional pressure, however, which is that of not fitting into a society designed by others for their own group. The only solution? End diversity. Boats!

  • Beer branded with white nationalist lingo, imagery draws outrage

    “It’s unfortunate,” said Brandon Hintz, co-owner of Currahee Brewing Company, an Alpharetta, Georgia-based brewer with a substantial taproom in Franklin. “I can understand why some people are upset about it. I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing, [not] taking more steps when we named the beer to figure out kind of more of the meaning, not just going off a couple of things you see on the internet.”

    The beer in question is an imperial stout called “The Boogaloo” and was released in March but conceived back in January. Hintz said the concept of the name and logo arose out of the protests over anti-gun legislation that took place at the Virginia capitol and in other states around that time.

    Boogaloo is just a recognition that yet again, democracy has run its course, and yet again, it ends in class warfare and diversity conflict. The solution is social hierarchy and ending diversity. Endorsement of some sort of water-borne transport vehicle goes here.

  • Nine charts that show extent of racial inequality in US

    It has been 155 years since slavery ended in the United States, and over half a century since segregation laws were repealed, yet the disparity between white and black Americans endures across all areas of life.

    Three real factors instead of the woo:

    1. Average IQs differ. A population with an average IQ of 90 will always end up serving one with an average of 100+.
    2. Diversity destroys. In a diverse society, each group acts only in its own self-interest alone, which means cold racial warfare and exclusion. People like to live, interact, date, marry, and befriend those who are like them, which is not just racial but ethnic, cultural, and related to social class.
    3. Slavery filtered. Slave ships took away those sold by the locals, who tended to be war captives and criminals, many of whom had underlying mental health problems.

    The only solution is to gently end diversity and return to honest, culture-based nationalism.

  • India, Australia seal deal to use each other’s military bases

    India and Australia sealed a deal on Thursday to get access to each other’s military bases, the Indian foreign ministry said – a pact that would clear the way for more military exchanges and exercises in the Indo-Pacific.

    The alliance against Mongol aggression builds. Sat Khan!

  • Epidemic of wipes and masks plague sewers, storm drains

    Between mid-March, when the city’s stay-at-home order was issued, and the end of April, most of the 19 sewer and storm water pumping stations in Philadelphia had experienced clogs from face masks, gloves and wipes residents had pitched into the potty, Kenney said.

    People would be happier if we burned our trash for heat like Sweden does.

  • Knife attack on NYPD officers may have terror link, sources say

    Three senior law enforcement sources identified the suspect as Dzenan Camovic, 20, an immigrant from the Balkan region. One senior source said Camovic had recently shared anti-police sentiments on his social media feeds.

    Funny how these protests unify everyone who hates whites, America, capitalism, and social order.

  • AP tally: Arrests at widespread US protests hit 10,000

    Los Angeles has had more than a quarter of the national arrests, followed by New York, Dallas and Philadelphia. Many of the arrests have been for low-level offenses such as curfew violations and failure to disperse. Hundreds were arrested on burglary and looting charges.

    “Peaceful” “protests.”

  • Lefty pols have put cops everywhere in peril

    Thanks to the hysteria being stoked by the media and Democrats hoping for electoral advantage, police are being killed and injured and abused to avenge the death of a man half a country away.

    Hint: stop apologizing. Defend Chauvin and the Minneapolis Four. Point out that Black crime is out of control, and white policing is not the solution, which leads you to realizing that diversity is over.

  • Animal rescue gives dog back to white woman who called police on black man in Central Park

    Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. gave Amy Cooper her dog back after they say their veterinarian found him to be in good health.

    Amy Cooper surrendered her dog on May 25 after a video circulated of her calling police to report she was being threatened by “an African-American” man.

    That man, Christian Cooper, says he was bird watching when he noticed Amy Cooper had let her cocker spaniel off its leash against the rules in the Ramble, a secluded section of Central Park popular with birdwatchers.

    More drama, punctured, deflates.

  • Bentonville Confederate Monument to be moved this summer

    That summer, dueling petitions were circulated about the future of the statue. One wanted it removed from the square and brought to the Pea Ridge National Military Park. The other wanted to keep the statue where it is. The debate over the monument’s location was reignited after a deadly white supremacist rally around a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Keep erasing (white) history. Soon this nation will be even more of a shopping mall with Leftist mall cops. Next stop after that is the regime that the Leftists have always wanted, shortly before the whole thing implodes into a third-world kleptocracy. History repeats itself, but arrogant and pretentious humans never listen.

  • Inspired by U.S. protests, some Belgians want colonial king statues removed

    Many younger Belgians say they are ashamed that Leopold II continues to be honoured when millions of Congolese are estimated to have died between 1885 and 1908 after the monarch declared the African country his personal property.

    Keep tearing down history to appease the third world, and you will find out that nothing will appease them except your deaths, and then they will be as starving and violence-blighted as they were before you arrived. Equilibrium is not a good thing.

  • Millions Of Americans Skip Payments As Tidal Wave Of Defaults And Evictions Looms

    According to the analytics company Black Knight, 4.75 million homeowners — or 9% of all mortgages — have entered into forbearance plans.

    Right back to where we were in 2008. If coronavirus turns out to be as fake as many think it is, some people will have a lot to answer for, namely China, the UN, the WHO, and the media who fanned the flames.

  • 25 black students surprised with acceptance into elite Harvard program

    The Harvard Diversity Project, based in Atlanta, aims to recruit, train and matriculate highly motivated high school students of color into a summer debate residency at the school. Fleming, once an at-risk teen who overcame violence and drugs, said debate saved his life by transforming his ability to think. He began the organization in 2017, and many from the region soon took interest. With thousands of applicants each year, the program has about a 1% acceptance rate.

    In the name of ideology, we make society into a virtue signaling contest. When all of value is destroyed, people will stare at each other wondering how we got there, when the answer is “the usual way”: class warfare leading to diversity and thus, self-destruction.


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