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  • Italy’s Salvini slams Sea-Watch incident as ‘an act of war’

    Finally someone is using the right language for this ongoing problem. If someone attempts to come into your country and take your stuff, whether by violence or welfare parasitism, it is an act of war. The constant ethnic crime against the native inhabitants of Europe resembles low-grade ethnic warfare more than the acts of desperate people; desperate people may steal food, but rape and assault without profit are something else. In the meantime, look how fanatical/desperate the Left has become:

    “We put ourselves in the way to prevent (the ship) from entering the port,” a police officer said in a video posted online.

    “If we had stayed there, (the vessel) would have destroyed our speedboat,” he added.

  • Hundreds of Haitians, Africans wade through Rio Grande, stroll into USA — carrying luggage

    The West has put out a sign that says FREE STUFF and the world is responding. These people are not starving — they are wearing designer clothes, have new iPhones, and carrying expensive luggage — but they are professional parasites of one kind or another. Most likely, we are getting the worst of the third world, namely the people who were criminals back home and have come here to work the welfare scam. The way this works is that you pool together about twenty people, and you can afford to buy a home in a nice neighborhood. You live off welfare for twenty years or so, since they apparently do not turn down minorities, and then sell off the house. Now you have a big chunk of change that you can use to buy a business and run it into the ground, ending up with all of the money transferred to you. Again, authorities are afraid to prosecute the third world, so you will probably get away with it. It is the nu-American Dream.

  • Construction of border wall panels underway in California

    Trump did not do this; it occurred because the flow of illegal aliens was so high that existing authorities decided to reinforce their wall. In retrospect, it seems ridiculous that we never had this wall in the first place, since we are living next to an impoverished war zone run by drug cartels that do a better job than the corrupt democratically-elected leaders.

  • Demonstrators clash in Portland, Oregon, throw ‘concrete milkshakes’

    The Alt-Lite “Proud Boys” group gathered, and Antifa showed up to vandalize and maim, resulting in thrown concrete milkshakes and the assault on homosexual Asian journalist Andy Ngo. It is good that American voters see this. Not only do the Democrats intend to demographically replace you with third worlders, spend the money you either repaid or did not spend on college on refunding college loans for people majoring in feminism and diversity studies, and offer free healthcare and drivers licenses to illegal aliens, but also they want to empower roving gangs of Communist-style thugs to coat you in quickcrete if you fail to conform.

  • Carnegie Library cancels Drag Queen Story Hour after threats made against similar programs

    Following a similar event in Florida, a Pittsburgh library decides that it does not want to force its latest cute iconoclastic and convention-defying preteen drag queen event upon the population, after all, despite having a group of fawning neurotics praising them from the wings.

  • Now 90% of England agrees: being English is not about colour

    They like to claim that race is skin color so that you can imagine people who are just like you, except with a tan, taking over your place as you die out. Apparently, the population is addicted to watching sports on the television and cannot imagine excluding their favorite athletes from the New Britain. The graveyard of nations destroyed by miscegenation gained another tombstone. It makes us wonder what is so wrong with humans that they pathologically try the same things that have failed and self-destructed in the past, as if they do not have a choice in the matter, and yet, as voters, they have the choice.

  • The secret war blueprint Donald Trump’s Iran-hating adviser hopes will set the Middle East ablaze

    American air strikes and naval cruise missiles would destroy Iranian surface-to-air batteries, say Pentagon sources, while the US Navy would blockade all freight.

    Iran’s oil-producing infrastructure and transport would be destroyed and its oil exports – already severely limited thanks to American sanctions – would virtually cease.

    Bolton may be a loose cannon but his freelance battle plans are no whim. A power vacuum in the Pentagon has allowed him to co-opt senior advisers from the US Defence Department in devising them.

    Future historians will record that democracy produces an excess of careerists, or people who succeed by adapting to what is expected of them in any situation, specifically what provides it with money. Defense thrives on wars; welfare needs lots of dumb, useless, and impoverished people; civil rights needs victims; bureaucrats need obedient sheep. What you tolerate, you get more of. Luckily, in this case, Trump seems to have realized that his sanctions are doing more damage to Iran than anything else, and that by playing the responsible party, he can let Iran reveal its own obsession with war — driven by being a failing third-world nation whose mostly low-IQ occupants understand only simple things like theocracy and handouts — and therefore, induce the rest of the world to join us in sanctioning them.

  • Transgender hate crimes recorded by police go up 81%

    Transsexuals have been the focus of the big push this year to further cause human rights to dominate everything normal and good like culture, heritage, customs, social order, and sanity. A tiny group, their main natural predator is themselves, since something like 40% of them kill themselves as if that was what God Himself intended. Not surprisingly, people are sick of propaganda, and also somewhat naturally repulsed by transsexuals, who seem more like people with problems looking for an identity than people naturally seeking a gender change. This manifests as intolerance. The Left should not have used transgenders as its latest battering ram.

  • Minneapolis pastor and his church expelled for permitting gay marriage

    Some in Christianity have finally figured out that people rely on the church as a bulwark against the libertine permissiveness and sociopathic materialism of our world, and that when they simply echo the message coming from the Leftist Crowd in media, government, entertainment, and business, the people they need — the natural leaders who draw others into the church — stay the heck away. As a result, they are pushing back on the desire to validate homosexuality, knowing that really this is a desire to make the church approve of promiscuity in general, especially heterosexual promiscuity because it makes people incapable of forming families. Families are the main form of resistance to zombie-like state indoctrination.

  • Why Jaguar Land Rover has changed its tune over Brexit

    Business slowly figures out that having independence means it gets the benefit of a home market, and can thrive there, especially without the onerous weight of EU regulations.

  • The slow death of my English village

    When I was born in 1943, life remained very much as it had for centuries. Farms were still a mixture of small fields and copses, of arable and pastoral, of horse power and manual labour.

    Every day gave some fresh experience. Summer mornings wet with dew, shafts of orange sunlight drifting through the gossamer threads of a spider’s web; a row of headless hens after a visit from a fox.

    Seventy years have disappeared since then and, in that time, the heart of the village has died with its soul now vanishing, too….they have been decades of political betrayal, in which village and country life have taken second place and third place to the superficial gods of ‘progress’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘development’.

    This is the Progress 1.0 that conservatives railed against: the slow swallowing up of everything by industry so that proles could have jobs and government could have a purpose.

  • Ten years of murder in South Africa in one terrifying graphic

    Diversity means that whichever group has the most people dominates the elections, and that means that people get appointed to positions of authority, contractors get hired, and laws made for the protection of that group. In the process, social order is lost as a de facto race war breaks out. South Africa — along with every other historical example — shows us that diversity is death that ends in failed third world societies.

  • Google Flags Hundreds of Pirate Sites for ‘Abusive Experiences’

    As I recently mentioned, social media has found a new trick, which is to label as “uncivil,” “violent,” or “abusive” any content that they do not like. In this case, they are using it to clean up pirates. It is time for Google to break up and be forced to confront actual market forces; the people who run it now are clearly broken.

  • White Business Owners Claim Cherokee Heritage to Win $300 Million in Contracts

    Why not? The Left insists that race and gender are social constructs, so you can legally claim that you are whatever race you want. If our society is so stupid as to have written affirmative action into every level of business by mandate, then people should take advantage of that stupidity. After another $22tn, maybe people will figure it out, but this is a democracy, so do not hold your breath.

  • West ‘failed’ university forced from Hungary

    Hungary does what conservatives generally refuse to do, which is take it at face value when the Left says that they are our enemies and want to destroy us. When you accept that, it becomes a simple question of using any methods possible to remove them. If we send all Leftists to Venezuela, they can build their great diversity, libertinism, and welfare state paradise down there and we can all clap politely from the cheap seats.

  • American Airlines, workers head to trial on alleged slowdown

    Unions are the same type of blight as government. They take money out of the markets, where it is assessed by individuals in specific circumstances, and apply it through centralized control which is blind to local and particular details. This causes companies to take labor overseas, like Boeing just did, because they do not want the boot of the union on their throat. For companies to survive, they must break unions, because unions take the extra wealth that they need to invest in R&D and market their stock so that they can acquire future loans and market goodwill. Unions killed the American automobile companies, and if we let them, they will do the same to our airplanes, which will soon be serviced somewhere else or by H-2Bs.

  • Woman who tripped on collapsed ‘wet floor’ sign at Jack Casino awarded $3 million by jury

    Who pays for this, consumers? You do. Jack Casino raises its prices, and so every competing business does the same, and then related businesses realize they can get away with more too, and they need to set aside money for this kind of insanity. Unions, high taxes, regulations, and lawsuits all cripple business. In the meantime, this clown could have observed a fallen sign.

    Lynda Sadowski walked toward the sign, which lay flat on the floor, in September 2016. Customers had knocked it over, and a Jack employee walked around it but failed to pick it up moments before Sadowski tripped over it, according to her attorney Matt Nakajima.

    What kind of Anglo-Saxon names are Sadowski and Nakajima? We have surrounded ourselves with parasites who know that they are different from us, and consequently hate us for having anything that they do not, and do their best to take it. As usual, they got a jury of overly-emotional morons to enact grievous damage to the rest of us.

  • Near death experiences are felt by one in 10 people, study finds

    Most people seem not to have souls, or at least to be morally and mentally numb to the point that any soul has died, so this seems about right. What are near death experiences? Who really knows, but they seem to suggest some sort of process that people experience very similarly at death. It could simply be the way our brains are wired, but it happens consistently enough across widely different groups, so that seems unlikely. Life is mostly mystery, so we wonder as we puff away at our pipes in silence.

  • Oregon state senator who threatened police faces complaint

    The Left abuses police forces by commanding them to go arrest politicians who are staging a strategic walkout, as is their right, and then Leftists get outraged when conservatives stand the line and say that any attempt to arrest them will be met with a hail of gunfire. Government should fear sensible and thoughtful people; the State is a parasite that has stolen everything it has, and destroyed everything over which it has power.

  • Less than half of US children under 15 are white, census shows

    Leftists wanted to replace ethnic Western European voters so that more Leftist policies would get approved. They did the same thing when importing Southern Europeans, Irish, Eastern Europeans, and Jews (these groups are genetically fairly similar: Caucasians with Asiatic and/or Semitic admixture). Now we see the disastrous outcome of the Hart-Celler Act. The rest of the world will react by treating America as if it is half-Brazil, which means that the high prices and currency value that we were once able to command is going to go down by almost half. At that point, maybe it will be less desirable to be here for the third world and mixed-European element. The money must dry up; they are all here for the excess money produced by a civilization drunk on debt, ruled by oblivious voters, and manipulated by a consumer economy dependent on the entitlements state.

  • Google directing people to extreme content and conspiracy theories

    The spicy stuff sells best. Google wants to keep only the spicy stuff that people do not complain about. In the meantime, the more stuff they remove, the less utility that their services have, so conservatives and others are fleeing them.

  • Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China’s ‘genocide’

    For too long, we have been afraid to admit that diversity is genocide. If this is true of the Uighurs, what about whites in South Africa? Or whites in America and Europe, for that matter? Diversity cannot work; it is a paradox. In the meantime, Uighurs should get themselves to the middle east, where they can hang out with other Muslims and be unmolested (except the goats).

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