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  • Iranians say their ‘bones breaking’ under US sanctions

    The Left loved globalism because it was a way to make the third world a participant in the West. We could offshore all of our labor to them — something big business, under assault by unions, regulations, taxes, and lawsuits, loved — and then send them our wealth under the guise of having lots of cheap consumer products. At first, in the 1990s, that worked for us, but then the downside was revealed in that while the third world did well with simple products, it did less well with complex, and now most of our consumer devices are junk and people fear the Chinese-made gadget. In addition, this encouraged the third world to mobilize and come at us, which has made the world far less stable. Trump says “America first” but what he means is “American autonomy”: we will make everything we need plus some, and sell that to others, instead of exporting all of our wealth and letting government suck up much of the rest. Why have your wages been stagnant since the Leftward shift of the 1960s? Maybe because all of the money is going overseas and to government, which spends it trying to find a way to replace you.

  • ‘Doomsday’ Math Says Humanity May Have Just 760 Years Left

    In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, a psychohistorian named Hari Seldon was able to predict such events. In real life, these predictions are usually wrong. Humanity has two choices:

    1. We continue the path of liberalism. Soon everyone is a uniform grey, we live under socialism, and everything seems fine until one day, it is not. Collapse follows and average IQs plummet. Massive numbers die from the ensuing disease, shortages, pollution, and wars. When the curtain rises, humanity has regressed to the intelligence and capabilities of the hominin.
    2. We step off the path to Leftism. The West withdraws from the global economy, sustains itself, and works on improving its own quality. The rest of the world goes back to the state it was before colonialism, which means that they drop entirely off our radar and we go on to explore the stars.

    Either way, humanity will survive. The question remains as to what its prospects will be. If the first, it is unlikely to ever get to the stars, and awaits merely one asteroid to wipe it out, but at that point, its inhabitants will long have lost the ability to anticipate or react to such an event. They will simply suffocate while flailing.

  • Mother allegedly attacked by her son’s 13-year-old bully

    Diversity makes everyone hate every other group. Blacks and Hispanics have been at each other’s throats for some time, fighting over territory and standards.

    The family says the student, who is African-American, and others were bullying her son at school the day before.

    “They said all Mexicans should be behind the wall,” said Alfonso Vazquez, Beronica’s husband.

    We can avoid this by ending diversity.

  • Vaccine no match against flu bug that popped up near end

    Vaccines work by instructing your immune system on how to recognize and destroy specific pathogens. We use too many vaccines, just as we use too many antibiotics, because the doctor who fails to do so might get sued.

    The vaccine didn’t work against a flu bug that popped up halfway through the flu season. Figures released Thursday show the vaccine was only 29% effective overall.

    If next season’s flu is identical to last season’s flu, vaccinations work great. If not, you just wasted time and may experience some ugly side effects.

  • U.S. federal judge blocks use of some funds for border wall

    Why are things not happening faster, you may wonder. Here you can see why, namely that government is infested top-to-bottom with intransigent Leftists. These will need to be purged and eventually deposited in Venezuela where they belong.

  • Boeing’s 737 MAX software outsourced to $12.80-an-hour engineers

    Boeing has been struggling with union parasites for years. Finally, they got sick of it and offshored, and they got typical third world CS/IT graduate quality. America badly needs to crush its unions or it will never make anything of value ever again.

  • Florida library cancels its Pride Prom over safety concerns after protests against the event

    Somehow, not everyone thought that My First Drag Queen was a great idea. Imagine that.

  • Migrant aid ship captain detained; Italy police boat rammed

    Any time we lapse into thinking that maybe they are not the antisocial broken malcontents that they appear to be, Leftists show us exactly what they are.

    After five countries offered on Friday to take in the migrants, but still without any disembarkation permission, the Dutch-flagged Sea-Watch 3′s captain, Carola Rackete, steered her rescue vessel toward Lampedusa’s dock before dawn Saturday, hitting the much smaller motorboat from the border protection force.

    Hope she spends a long time in jail.

  • 18 kidnapping victims found ‘enslaved’ in Houston home, police say

    The two women were allegedly held captive in the home for 25 days, and sexually assaulted by three of the five men arrested.

    The other 16 men were allegedly being held with little to no clothing, and were “enslaved, in some cases, for work and sex.”

    Illegal immigration seems like a way to snare greedy idiots into slavery.

  • As Putin Pushes a Merger, Belarus Resists With Language, Culture and History

    “Language, Culture, and History” seems like a good list of methods we can use to exclude the Other and the Left from our world.

  • Chinese infiltrators plotting Taiwan takeover

    You could run this article for any continent or nation. The Chinese are trying to take over it all. Like their partial ancestors the Mongols, the Chinese are typical of the Asiatic in that they keep trying to take over the world and then failing because their internal organization is depthless, individualistic, and inflexible. We might compare them to Wiley E. Coyote, who shows occasional brilliance but can never get beyond the simple model of capturing something external instead of applying internal discipline. Shinto and its offshoot hybrid with Buddhism, Zen, sought to correct this in an Oriental not Indian format. In the West, the hybrid of Judaism, Greco-Roman paganism, and Buddhism known as Christianity tried to make us less prone to the same mental faults as well, but may have imported them by accident.

  • French online hate speech bill aims to wipe out racist trolling

    Somehow, the word went out via Leftist numbers stations that the new meme is that they must remove “uncivil” and “violent” content, and then expand that to mean any content which does not approve of everyone universally, therefore completing excluding any perspective except Leftism.

    “If you’re on a bus and someone gets up and shouts ‘Dirty black!’, everyone would ask the bus driver to remove that person from the bus. This law will mean that blatantly hateful content must be taken down from a social network site within 24 hours.”

    This seems like it will ban people shouting racial epithets, but it will be used to remove content that mentions race in anything but a happy smiley “diversity is our strength” type zombie chant. Why: social media companies do not want to get fined, so they will pre-emptively remove content rather than relying on their $8/hour NEET-n-Pajeet censorship agents.

    Canada is doing something similar with new definitions of hatred:

    But controversy has bubbled up around the IHRA definition, fuelled by those who believe it’s over-broad and could chill legitimate criticism of the Israeli state. Though Canada isn’t passing any new laws to curtail debate about Israel, some believe the IHRA definition is a threat to free speech.

    If this sounds strangely familiar, that’s because the debate bears a certain resemblance to the controversy that raged for months over M-103, the Liberals’ anti-Islamophobia motion that Conservatives claimed would threaten people’s right to criticize Islam. The arguments in both cases are oddly similar — they’re just coming from very different quarters.

    The biggest point, really, is that these terms like “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “sexist,” and “anti-Semitic” are too broad. There are several categories of what we call “racism”:

    1. Noticing genetic differences between groups.
    2. Preferring your own group (also called “ethnic self-determination”).
    3. Noticing that diversity — no matter which groups are involved — is a total failure as it pits different groups against each other and abolishes the majority culture and heritage.
    4. Disliking other ethnic and racial groups, possibly including stereotyping all of them by the characteristics of their worst members.
    5. Scapegoating other ethnic and racial groups for all of the problems of diverse societies.
    6. Wanting to dominate or exterminate other ethnic and racial groups in order to rule the world.

    The problem with the new plan is that it lumps in the first three, which are entirely normal and healthy, with the rest. This means that any criticism of diversity, equality, LGBTHIV+, etc., will be effectively removed from the new public space of social media.

  • Boycott by Whites of South African Restaurant Reflects Growing Sense of Grievance

    For their parents, the chain’s outposts served as the social center in many rural towns and in suburbs like Strand, a once-popular beach resort about 30 miles from Cape Town.

    “Spur is only for blacks now,” Mr. van Eeden added. “They don’t want the whites.”

    The Spur boycott resonated the most among white, working-class Afrikaners like Mr. van Eeden who, while living in a country where whites still disproportionately control the economy, feel resentful about having lost out in the democratic South Africa.

    The third world, like the lower classes among whites, are more numerous, and therefore democracy puts them in charge, and naturally they oppress those who are above them. This is your future unless you end diversity and class warfare.

    It also tells us how whites can work against those forces which wish to destroy them:

    Arthur Peace, whose family owned two Spur franchises in the predominantly white suburbs north of Cape Town, said business was devastated by the boycott. He had to sell one of the restaurants.

    “You go from being O.K. into the red zone within a month,” he said. Mr. Peace recalled regular customers telling him, “‘We love you guys, but we’re just not supporting the brand.’”

    Most people think diversity means what the propaganda says it means, which is that everyone gets to be in their own group and do their own thing, united by a common interest in functional legal, political, and economic systems as innovated by the West. In reality, this is a clash of civilizations, and every group has the choice to be either conquered or a conqueror, and they are opting for the latter, which means that every group is trying to dominate, subjugate, and assimilate every other group.

    We start to win when we stop directing our ire at other groups, and direct it toward policy and those who support it, even if that is a restaurant chain.

  • San Francisco school board orders removal of ‘violent’ and ‘degrading’ George Washington mural

    Leftists remove history. Specifically, they want to remove your history. They want you to have nothing outside of ideology, government, and fear of what the herd will do to you if you step out of line. Even more, this is class warfare: the unproductive/unsuccessful want to dominate the productive/successful, so that those who are not doing so well feel better about themselves. That’s all it is — like taking a pill, smoking a joint, or having a beer — and it always ends badly because by definition the workers cannot do what management, leadership, administration, expertise, higher IQ, aristocrats, and kings can do. If you want to make your society turn third world, endorse class warfare, and diversity will soon follow and destroy everything that the rampaging proles did not.

  • The Democratic Candidates Are in a Bubble on Immigration

    Here again is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services definition: “Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.”

    But somehow the courts have decided that you qualify for asylum if there is simply widespread crime or violence where you live, and Ramirez was also going to use that argument as well. A government need not persecute you; you just have to experience an unsafe environment that your government is failing to suppress. This so expands the idea of asylum, in my view, as to render it meaningless.

    Just like disparate impact, the doctrine that holds that if black people do not hold numbers of jobs proportionate to their population that white racism is to blame, this upholds the Leftist ideal of equality. Anyone who has less, deserves more, at the expense of those who know how to make more, which in turn destroys the competent and replaces them with incompetents.

    Humanity is a suicide machine.

  • Police admit failing to prosecute Islamists for membership of UK’s ‘most dangerous extremist group’

    As a police officer, what gets you in trouble? Cracking down on protected groups — like ethnic and religious minorities, homosexuals, the poor, and women — who are perceived as weaker. What will never get you in trouble? Busting white guys. Not surprisingly, UK police are spending all their time policing social media for anti-diversity and anti-equality comments, and very little time busting the terrorists who are growing up among them like mushrooms after a rain.

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