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  • Hate Crime Hoaxes Are More Common Than You Think

    Fewer than a third are real. This should surprise no one because hate crime accusations represent a way to work around the system. One day, you are a nobody; the next, an international celebrity. If your business fails, your career is flagging, or you need insurance money, you might as well just set a Port-O-Let on fire and blame white supremacy, because the media is living in the 1950s with its narrative of the few enlightened versus the horrible herd, mainly to disguise the fact that the “few enlightened” are the horrible herd and always were. They will eat it up, you will become famous, and all your problems will go away. This is similar to the false rape accusations that bail white girls out of sleeping with black guys or cheating on their husbands. They feel bad if they did something drunk and slutty, but if they are victims, not only should they not feel bad, but they have a special position in society as designated sufferer. Without diversity and promiscuity, neither of these are issues.

  • When White Saviorism Turns Deadly: American missionary played doctor, children died, when will there be justice?

    The harrowing story of an Instagram influencer who started a children’s charity in Uganda in order to have better Instagram pictures. The woman writing about this Instagram influencer has herself escaped from the cult of the White Savior complex:

    I volunteered for 3 months at an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda and I really believed I was making a difference. I fundraised for my trip, raising thousands of dollars from family and friends to fill a role that was absolutely not necessary, even though I believed it was. The Ugandan women who cared for the children in the home were far better equipped to love and care for these children. They knew the culture, language and were a constant in the lives of the at-risk kids who came into care.

    One of the hardest but most important lessons I have learned over the last 8 years has been that good intentions are not good enough. No matter how well meaning I have been or continue to be, the impact of my actions on the community I claim to be helping far outweighs my goodwill.

    While in Jinja my white savior complex was only reinforced as I met other young, white American women who had moved to this same town. I watched in awe of young women who moved halfway across the world at age 18 with no experience, no college education. They were starting organizations and adopting children.

    For contrast, here is the White Savior Complex in reverse:

    No one is quite sure who is paying for the African migrants to traverse the ocean, and then typically hop a free ride to get close to our border. They hail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the second-largest nation by area in all of Africa.

    Maine is their destination, because its Democratic politicians have been aggressively attracting asylum seekers from Congo. Maine’s cold climate and diet of lobster is not exactly a perfect fit for refugees from the mostly landlocked, distant country of Congo.

    The problem in the West boils down to Karens. These are people, not nearly all of whom are women, who are living in relative comfort and therefore, have no concerns except how to distract themselves. They insert themselves in every situation, or want to, because they are bored and existentially desperate; they keep “pets” or those who cannot care for themselves because they need to feel important. This intersection of loneliness and independence is destructive; we can handle one, but not both at the same time, because then the big scary question of what to do in life kicks in. Where aristocrats invented real projects for themselves and made great civilization, Karens merely create a neurotic nightmare.

  • Migrant children crisis: Democrats agree $4.5bn aid for migrants at border

    Look at the numbers. Trump wanted $4.5bn to make the wall, so the Democrats are going to play cute brat and call up $4.5bn for the “humanitarian crisis” (which, incidentally, is caused by not having a wall; when you send a strong signal that says DO NOT COME, you get zero casualties). As happened in Europe, you find one drowning photo and then the moron voters panic, sigh, weep, and pull those levers, so you can do whatever you want. At least, that has been politics up until now. Trump may continue to do the right thing and simply ignore the humanitarian crisis in order to focus on the immigration crisis itself. Where are these people getting the money to come over? What shadowy political forces are manipulating this one? The bigger crisis we face is that we are constantly manipulated, and we go along with it. It turns out that in this particular drowning, we have a Darwin Award worthy backstory.

    She said they they’d been in Tapachula in the south of Mexico and they’d applied for a humanitarian visa [allowing them to stay and work in Mexico for a year] but they wanted the American dream – so they took a bus up to the border.

    A few months ago there were about 1,800 people waiting in Matamoros for an asylum interview. It’s gone down to about 300 now, but there are only three interview slots each week, so they were still looking at a long wait.

    So the family were walking back from the bridge when [Martínez] stopped and looked at the river – and said “Here’s where we cross”.

    He crossed first with the little girl and he left her on the American side. Then he turned back to get his wife, but the girl went into the water after him. When he went to save her, the current took them both.

    This is incompetence piled upon incompetence. Where do I vote to end democracy?

  • Too much cleanliness not bad for health, report on hygiene says

    Playing outside in the dirt will certainly do children good by exposing them to good bacteria, the RSPH stressed, but it was vital that they washed their hands before eating and after going to the toilet.

    People have completely lost sight of reality because they defer to human control systems — products, doctors, bureaucrats, politicians, social scenes, experts, media — and have no contact with the world out there in any form that provides meaningful feedback. In addition, many if not most of them are simply morons. Consequently, they do not understand the wisdom of our ancestors, which was that you let children play outside but also had them wash up afterwards. The point is to expose yourself to a variety of microbes, not to saturate yourself in the relatively few diseases that people get again and again from poor hygiene.

  • It’s boom time for the public service pen pushers

    Voters do not understand that when all of us pull the levers for government to “fix” a problem, this only sets in motion a series of events. First, an agency is formed; next, bureaucrats are hired to fill that agency. These must be selected on the basis of credentials achieved in the private sector, academia, military, NGOs, or elsewhere in government; they need to be solid credentials, or those in charge may find their jobs yanked out from under them. That instability — everyone at every level fearing their jobs will go away — drives a culture of “accountability” which translates to fooling everyone with highly visible “results” that are in fact theater. Congratulations, you have just invented a make-work machine, and in exchange for spending their days authoring reports that no one will read, attending meetings where nothing important is decided, and cracking the whip on subordinates doing work whose results do not matter, these bureaucrats are well paid. If you want to solve a problem, you have to figure out its cause and disable that. This cause is usually either somewhere we are leaking wealth, or a policy that causes internal friction. If not, we are probably looking at problems that are insoluble — poverty, racism, domestic violence, drug abuse — because they are a part of our condition here on Earth.

  • Gohmert Responds to Undercover Video of Google Released by Project Veritas

    Infamous journalist-trolls Project Veritas infiltrate Google and come away with video of Google executives talking about how to censor conservative search results, plus a treasure trove of documents. Instead of handling this like sane and normal people, Google freaks out and confirms these accusations by turning to, believe it or, censorship.

    1. YouTube bans the videos.
    2. Google personnel delete social media accounts to hide their tracks.
    3. (Twitter had already banned Project Veritas).
    4. Reddit bans anyone posting links to Project Veritas. (Normally, they shadowban because Reddit users hate Reddit censorship).
    5. Louis Gohmert uploads the videos to his House of Representatives account.
    6. Mainstream media effectively shutters the story. This is a repeat of one year ago.

    If we are not living in a full-on Communist state, it certainly feels like we are. This vast hive of people tend to agree on anything that leans Left because Leftist ideas make them feel powerful as individuals, and people who live in successful civilizations become bored and crave power. This comes at the same time that GoFundMe is censoring Christians who refuse the “GloboHomo” agenda and social media has no problem with videos of dying police officers.

    In the meantime, people are beating back the censorship by posting ordinary images. It turns out that you can hide a compressed zip archive within a standard JPG, PNG, or GIF picture. Brief synopsis:

    1. Place information in normal zip archive (let us call it “”).
    2. Find a picture that social media morons will upvote (let us call it “picture.jpg”).
    3. Execute the following command in a CMD window:

      copy /B moronfodder.jpg

    4. Upload that file to a hosting service or social media.

    Users can then open that zip archive in 7-zip, WinRAR, or another archiving program. Right-wing Reddit users have been applying this technique in order to hide from Reddit’s anti-Right-wing censorship for a few years, but now it is spreading. The key is to get the silliest, “gayest,” and most obvious clickbait picture you can, like kitties chasing butterflies. Under about 1.5mb no one second-guessed anything.

    For example, here’s Brenton Tarrant’s “The Great Replacement,” posting of which will get you banned on Reddit:

    In the meantime, we should laugh at the cluelessness of Big Tech, which apparently considers Jews Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager and gentleman social conservative libertarian Jordan Peterson to be “Nazis”, revealing how these people think: “woke” is the only right way, and everyone else is evil, stupid, and poor. Liberals during the Reagan era thought the exact same thing. Nothing has changed.

  • Chemical found in toothpaste, soap may double women’s chances of osteoporosis

    The more we try to make life safe from nature, the more the details conspire against us. Common antibacterial agent — used in soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash, and housewares — triclosan turns out to be a potential source of our osteoporosis wave.

  • Foreign ownership main culprit for unaffordable housing in Vancouver, a top destination for Chinese funds, ‘unimpeachable’ study says

    The third world knew that they had a little pocket. They could get rich selling labor to the West, and then at some point that would run out, and so they would have to go back to being third world again. They all want to hedge against this, launder money, have hedge investments, and so on by owning property in the first world. The problem is that this defeats the natives by raising costs up to fourfold, and the natives, who are more scrupulous about paying taxes, will pay for the surge of third worlders into the schools. Like all internationalists, the Chinese move their money from risky places to safer ones, and Vancouver has proved to be an attractive investment because Chinese buyers keep driving up the prices. If at some point they bail out, the last sellers will take the losses, so there will be an arms race to dump Vancouver properties which will result in a crash in value. Sound familiar? This looks a lot like the performance of the American economy over the past five decades.

  • France ‘at fault’ for failing to protect mother and daughter from air pollution in landmark ruling

    I love these lawsuits. Any time we give personhood to nature, culture, or the need for clean air, we create a way to hold democracy, popularity, and consumerism responsible for their pathology, which is finding nice things that other people have made and exploiting them, ruining them in the process and leaving behind a huge externalized cost for someone else to pay. Humans are possessed of an insane desire to control everything, and so when they see the Grand Canyon, they figure that it needs a gift shop. When people can sue in the name of the Grand Canyon, or their own need for fresh air, then this will reverse itself.

  • Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics

    When culture is not present, economies drive politics. We do not need immigrants now; we are importing them so that we have enough taxpayers and false economic activity to claim that our economies are healthy, when in fact they are deeply diseased. The nations of the future who thrive are going to be the ones who do more with fewer people and re-invest their income in productivity, instead of those that try to become diverse consumer paradises. The populist nations have already figured this out, and they are heading for

  • Reddit Quarantines /r/The_Donald/

    The biggest non-Leftist sub on Reddit, having almost a million users at last count, has been “quarantined” or segregated from the rest of Reddit. Something happened to make all of these Leftist sites, at once, start banning and deplatforming conservatives. Did they get word from Beijing?

  • UK’s population rises to 66.4m with migration ‘bigger driver’ than births and deaths

    Environmental charity Population Matters, which counts Sir David Attenborough as a patron, warned that the UK’s population was “unsustainable” and the government was “driving with the brakes on” as it seeks to achieve a zero-carbon economy.

  • Lebanese town bans Muslims from buying, renting property

    Same situation as in the USA, just with different groups:

    Christian communities feel under siege as Muslims, who tend to have higher birth rates, leave overcrowded areas for once predominantly Christian neighborhoods.

    Three decades ago Hadat was almost entirely Christian, but today it has a Muslim majority because the Muslim population expanded greatly between 1990, when the war ended, and 2010, when the ban was imposed. Since then, the Muslim population has hovered between 60% and 65%.

    The last census was conducted in Lebanon in 1932, during which Christians were the majority but over the decades their numbers have been declining because of slower birth rates and more immigration.

  • Dutch lawmaker Wilders seeks probe into hate speech conviction

    Man faces conviction for hate speech, but then points out that the charges were politically motivated. Cue scrambling and paper-shredding noises as the Establishment retreats. They thought this issue was settled, but it turns out that it has just begun.

  • Britain ‘increasingly divided’ with most influential people five times more likely to have gone to private school

    Here is the order of nature: smarter people get rich and lead amazing lives, and everyone else muddles through as best they can, with some leading what seem like doomed lives. This system was inverted once we got mass revolt underway, because now people get rich from either (1) taking advantage of government or (2) selling garbage to morons. For some reason, this new wealth does not bother our Leftist herd, but they are really mad that people whose families have been producing intelligent, decent, honorable, and hard-working people for generations are not impoverished. Prole rule means that the mob hopes to tear down anyone with anything more than what they have, except of course their entertainers, celebrities, and revolutionaries.

  • Australians becoming more positive about migration rates, poll finds

    The latest Lowy Institute poll found that fewer than half (47 per cent) think the number of migrants coming to Australia each year is too high.

    In the meantime, forty-seven percent still think that immigration is out of control, and that probably hides a slightly smaller number who have noted that there are zero advantages and only disadvantages to immigration. As usual, the majority sleep when they think, and so they come up with nonsense answers. A better poll would see who, among the people over 120 IQ points live in already-diverse areas, thinks we should continue with diversity at all.

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