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  • Trump delays mass deportation raids, seeks deal with Democrats

    Trump has been trying to make a deal with Democrats for some time on many issues. They think they are cute when they thwart him, because to proles having frustrated authority means that they think they will take over. Maybe they will… democracy is that brain-dead, after all. However, what he is really doing is taking away the legitimacy to their outrage when he goes ahead and does what is needed.

    The problem he faces is that in order to move a mountain, you have to start with the stones at its base, and there are many little stones there, so you do not appear to be moving that mountain at all until relatively late in the process. Right now he is doing what he usually does, which is allowing the other party to fail at coming up with a solution before he implements his own.

    That way, when they whine, he will say, “Look, you had all this time to do something, and you failed.”

    Democrats are trying to provoke Trump into doing something that gives them an excuse to riot and revolt because that is what Leftists do. He is handling them like a patient schoolmaster, but things are moving slowly.

    In the meantime, eager as always to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the Right has begun grumbling and moaning about how slow progress is, forgetting that they are dealing with a complex political system and not a dictator. If you need more proof that democracy is suicide, look at the underground Right… these are the good guys, and they’re still clueless.

  • Vivian Krause shows Canada useful idiot to U.S. interests with Bill C-48

    Basically, American oil firms gave money to NGOs in Canada so that they would oppose oil drilling on environmental grounds, allowing the USA to take the lead while Canada fell behind. I suspect that most NGOs are of this nature. Want to sabotage America? Give a billion dollars to special interest groups and watch the country fall apart in hopeless bickering. China was probably all over that one decades ago. We know the Soviets encouraged the black power movement, as well as our domestic Communists both out of the closet (CPUSA) and undercover (DNC).

  • Meghan’s new £4,350 eternity ring means she’s worn a total of £600,000 worth of jewellery in the past 18 months

    You can take the prole out of the trailer/hood, but you cannot take the trailer/hood out of the prole. Some are born to be kings, some are born to be artisans and warriors, and 90% are born to be proles, meaning people whose opinions do not matter. Future political systems will automatically remove as many proles as possible per generation.

  • Quiet capital flight dents China’s sway as $1.2tn ‘disappears’

    Finally someone in America is beating down our real enemies.

    A total of $1.2 trillion has “disappeared” from China’s statistics in a little over a decade, potentially undermining the clout the country has sought to build through the Belt and Road infrastructure initiative and huge investments in U.S. government bonds.

    Trump just smashed their control over us, and thus their influence over our immigration policy, while his critics and former supporters stand around bickering and doing nothing. Keep waiting for the great race war, morons. In the meantime, opportunities to act are passing you by every day.

  • Oregon Capitol Closed After Threats From Militia Groups

    Oftentimes, the threat of potential violence is more important than the violence itself. They need to know that lots of white guys with AR15s are about to show up to start working on their ear necklaces, and therefore, that it is time to back down on immigration policy and start deporting foreigners.

  • Human trafficking in America among worst in world: report

    When you have illegals flowing over the border, Democrats doing their best to enable them, and social chaos brought on by diversity, of course you have human trafficking, mainly of Asian and Eurasian women for sexual purposes. As always, the solution is simple: end Leftist policy, whatever it was.

  • Children wise to fear hand dryers, and 13-year-old proves it with published paper

    When you let Leftists have power, they do neurotic things like replace functional hand towels with noisy and ineffective hand blowers, which as it turns out, will also make you deaf. Preventing our environmental crisis requires fewer humans, which means no entitlements and immigration, so Leftists ignore the obvious and focus on the trivial, while all of us suffer doubly, first for the failed policy and second for its obnoxious side-effects. Maybe it is time to woodchipper our Leftists in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Bogus Brexit murder plot and other lies planted online by Russian accounts: study

    All this is doing is pointing out that democracy is unstable. If a few dozen foreign people can plant fake stories, and suddenly millions of morons will wander around bloviating about those as fact and through that, influence the vote, I have news for you: you are totally doomed. Your voters are fickle morons. Your political system is up for sale. No one with any brains will get involved. Your society has decided to commit suicide by democracy, as is the norm with high average IQ societies that get too big for their britches. Natural selection does not care, and will unforgivingly exterminate you for the sin of utter brain-dead stupidity.

  • Libya intercepts nearly 200 Europe-bound migrants at sea

    The Trump crackdown method works. Exert pressure on source nations and intermediaries, and they will block immigrants before they get to your doorstep.

  • Germany must combat right-wing extremism, Merkel says after politician’s murder

    Leftists realize that they have lost. Therefore, they want to accelerate to the end game, which is making “Right-wing extremism” illegal and using that to remove anyone who criticizes failing Leftist policy. They love having diversity in their camp because it enables them to call anyone who criticizes Leftist a “racist,” since the Left are champions of racial equality just as they are class warfare equality. Really the best solution is physical removal of Leftists and other mental defectives. That includes you, Angela Merkel.

  • Every UK police officer will have Taser to tackle rise in violence, chief constable predicts

    It comes after his force recorded a near-50% increase in assaults on police officers in the last two years.

    Why, what could do that? Maybe lots of failing Leftist policies finally colliding with reality at the same time.

  • As Pope Francis Champions Migrants, Some Cardinals Court the Far Right

    Slowly, slowly they realize that people are fleeing the church as it goes Leftist, and the new group of warm bodies it has cultivated may provide donations, but they will not provide power. In fact, the Catholic Church has simply set a time fifty years in the future when it will be an agent of the Chinese government, since its third world constituents are intellectually neutralized and will watch the Chinese takeover with blank eyes in the same way they watch the corruption, crime, open defecation, and rape in their societies today.

  • Mexico immigration chief vows to cut number of people migrating by 60%

    The Trump method works, although he will also need his wall or, better yet, an end to affirmative action. That would cut off the minority dependency on white America and start a net outflow to the third world.

  • New Zealand’s new prime minister calls capitalism a ‘blatant failure’

    Everyone is complaining about capitalism. Why? Blunt answer: they are not intelligent enough to understand how social, political, and economic systems work. Everything for which they blame “capitalism” in fact originates in government, which by tax-and-spend policy raises costs and lowers wages, making everyone poor just as it did in Revolutionary France and the Soviet Union. And what are witless Ms. Ardern’s suggestions? More of the same stuff:

    Ms Ardern has pledged her government will increase the minimum wage, write child poverty reduction targets into law, and build thousands of affordable homes.

    Politicians laugh at voters because voters are not only hopelessly stupid, but also greedy, which makes them easy to manipulate. Like taking candy from a baby, except a baby has an excuse. These people are in theory “adults.” Then why are they so stupid?

  • Family of men shot by Phoenix police emboldened after video

    Activists say the national outcry over police behavior seen in the video has ripped open the thin curtain masking distrust, fear and resentment of law enforcement that has left scores of people in Phoenix’s black and Hispanic communities clamoring to tell their stories.

    Chinatowns existed for a reason. You ruled yourselves, and we kept out of it, because otherwise we took the blame for your constant crime and stupidity. Third world people have third world ways. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it will not fit into a first world society. In addition, diversity never works because soon each group is vying to take control from the others, and, hint, they lie and always style themselves as the victims. Thus Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Dravon Ames are suddenly made into heroes despite having been engaged in criminal conduct at the time they were interrupted. Black and Hispanic communities need Black and Hispanic lawyers, doctors, mayors, police, and judges. They can rule themselves, and we can stay in our communities. Uncle Sugar fears this because it means essentially that we would have to admit we are disunified, and so our politicians busily wrote lots of rules based on the civil rights idea, which is that government would force us to treat others as equals in our private affairs. However, civil rights is now failing as a paradigm, so it is time to un-do all of that bad law and get out.

  • Rising star of Belgian far right laughs off court-ordered visit to Holocaust museum

    The Left is doing everything that it can to signal UNACCEPTABLE about the far-Right, which is causing more people to head toward the far Right as they realize that the Leftist Establishment is failing.

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