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  • Gunman shot dead after opening fire on federal courthouse in downtown Dallas

    Brian Isaak Clyde has reenacted the suicide by cop at the end of the movie Falling Down. Jocelyn Mendoza, a neighbor, was asked about Clyde’s overall character. “I told them honestly, it smells like marijuana around there most of the time.” So they’ll look deeply into the motive, and determine what the narrative needs said about this loser. He’ll be morphed into an Alt-Something Poster Freak in service of that narrative. I’ll stick with Jocelyn Mendoza’s explanation. It pretty much sums up Brian Isaak Clyde to a tee. No romanticization or demonization required.

  • Harvard is more racist than Kyle Kashuv

    Even in our age of outrage, Harvard’s decision to rescind its offer of admission to Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv is surprising. Kashuv apologized immediately after foolish, insensitive and racist remarks that Kashuv had made as a 16-year-old resurfaced online. He apologized again to Harvard after the university reached out to him to get the full story. Despite this, Harvard has withdrawn its offer and rebuffed Kashuv’s attempt to appeal the decision in person.

    Real equality is only possible if The Ivy League is abolished and their endowment funds are evenly distributed to places like Western Carolina University and Jackson State. It’s fairness, Man, fairness. Where is the social justice here?

    And it might as well happen. Just who does Harvard think it kids? Nobody really learns anything there other than the phone numbers and email adresses of connected and powerful individuals. They produce no legitimate new ideas because they run shreiking for their safe spaces everytime their old ideas get vociferously challenged. It’s hard to dialogue when you shut down speech and deplatform the opposition’s speakers. It’s hard to learn much when you refuse to listen. It’s a good thing Harvard already knows everything and can just write it up for publication and then shut down. Mission accomplished.

  • ‘People are generally disgusting on planes’: Air stewards tell all and reveal what you must NEVER do on a flight

    If you won’t enforce a standard, this is what you get. Screen out undesirables before they get on the plane, and you won’t have flyers crapping on the floor of the airplane. Penalize the one nutso that gets onbaord and then behaves that way. Standards and consequences are how you stop crowdism. Otherwise, these Air Stewards and the companies that run the planes get exactly what they select for.

  • AAUP Adds Vermont To List Of Schools Sanctioned For ‘Serious Departure’ From Shared Governance In Detenuring 14 Of 19 Law Profs To Close $2 Million Budget Gap

    The investigating committee’s report describes departures from AAUP-supported standards of academic governance evident in a faculty “restructuring” process at Vermont Law School that resulted in lowering salaries, reducing the number of full-time positions, and effectively eliminating the tenured status of nearly 75 percent of the institution’s highest paid faculty members. Fourteen of the nineteen tenured faculty members were essentially turned into at-will employees

    Forget it Jake, it’s academia. These people aren’t there to teach or make anyone smarter. They are there to collect salaries and benefits. They are to be untouchable for life. Tenure and the security thereof is the entire goal of the organization. This is how corruption works. It is how nothing much else works once corruption takes hold.

  • Let’s Move More Federal Agencies Out of Washington

    The USDA’s cost-benefit analysis found that shifting these two agencies to Kansas City would reduce costs by 11.3 percent, saving taxpayers roughly $300 million (in nominal terms) over the next 15 years. These savings stem primarily from the fact that Kansas City has dramatically cheaper real estate than D.C., as well as marginally lower cost of living. The USDA’s report noted that the median sale price of a home (a major factor in determining cost of living for employees) in Kansas City is $205,400, compared to $420,000 in D.C.

    Amerika could do this with much of FedGov. Have one or two big complexes similar to the Pentagon for administrative HQs. Otherwise, take NOAA over to the beach, take AG to where they grow stuff. NHTSA to where people design and build cars, etc. Getting the FedGov out of their bureaucratic castle may actually reinvigorate at least some sense of governance as a mission rather than a bloated lifestyle. People are inconvenienced. I can see why the people getting moved to Kansas City from DC are mad. But then again, government is only a noble avocation if you are there to serve. The country does not exist to serve people in government. This is a nice, handy way to teach a bunch of spoiled, pampered bureaucrats just that lesson.

  • U.N. officials: U.S. planning a ‘tactical assault’ in Iran

    Oh, really?

    Diplomatic sources at the UN headquarters in New York revealed to Maariv that they are assessing the United States’ plans to carry out a tactical assault on Iran in response to the tanker attack in the Persian Gulf on Thursday. According to the officials, since Friday, the White House has been holding incessant discussions involving senior military commanders, Pentagon representatives and advisers to President Donald Trump.
    The military action under consideration would be an aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program, the officials further claimed. “The bombing will be massive but will be limited to a specific target,” said a Western diplomat. The decision to carry out military action against Iran was discussed in the White House before the latest report that Iran might increase the level of uranium enrichment.

    Assuming Donald J. Trump has eaten a stupid sandwich and actually OK’d this operation in cooperation with our (((“friends”))), I’m going on the record right here to declare it officially dumber than week old, drying dog poop. If you are going to take out Iran, take it all the way out. Kill the evil, frikking weed right where it sinks its taproot. Drop several MOABs in every religious and governmental center in the Sacred Precinct of Quods. Level the place and kill all of the Grand Ayatollahs that really drive Iran. Any garbage strikes aimed at “messaging” will only lead us into another pointless and victoryless ground war that turns more of our undeserving young people into rancid ground Infantry Beef. Either really and truly kill any allure or glamour attached to Shia Islam, or #NoWarInIran.

  • TRUMP: ICE Will Begin the Process of Removing MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens — NEXT WEEK

    “Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in. Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people long before they get to our Southern Border,” Trump said. “Guatemala is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement. The only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress. They must vote to get rid of the loopholes, and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly!” Trump added.

    OK, so The Donald is back in campaign mode. He wants to send the Dems running to one of their pet judges to get another Lefty Injunction flashed across page one. It seems like a megalomaniacal stunt to get me movitated to !VOTE! Here’s how we really get this crap done.

    1) Prioritize and steer all Federal money away from states and localities that refuse to enforce immigration law. People who obey the law get funded first.

    2) Use the IRS to hammer business and corporations who illegally hire. In an economy driven by fiat currency, the money always leads you to the iniquity. Arrest, fine, harass and refuse to contract with any corporation that hires illegals. Make them the kiss of death for anyone in business who wants government largesse.

    When the opportunity cost of having illegals around is greater than the benefits of adding them to Marx’s Reserve Army of The Underemployed, nobody will import them anymore and they will realize the gig has gone bad.

  • Trump Withholding Hundreds Of Millions In Aid To Central America As Immigration Crisis Rages On

    President Donald Trump is officially withholding hundreds of millions in U.S. aid to three Central American countries as punishment for being much of the source of the current illegal immigration crisis. The White House informed Congress Monday that it will permanently divert $370 million in aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, according to Reuters. That money was previously approved by Congress for fiscal year 2018, but had not yet been used.

    One economic theory regarding our current immigration crisis is that Central American nations beefit by dumping their human waste north of The Rio Grande. Like the old Frontier Thesis of Amerikan History, countries that want to do better need a place to dump the misfits and the screw-ups. President Trump is attempting an experiment here. He is impounding funds that would have aided Central American countries that send large volumes of human detritus north to be our problem instead of theirs. Congress will weigh in. One of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon mentioned impounded funding. If Trump wants to politically provoke a feckless impeachment drive, this is one way to poke Jared Nadler in the bloated, Congressional belly.

  • Mexican Assimilation in the United States

    Mexico sends Amerika her lower order primates.

    A few facts from the 2000 U.S. Census make the slowness of Mexican integration apparent.

    1. About 80 percent of non-Mexican immigrants are fluent in English. Among Mexicans, the number is 49 percent.
    2. Non-Mexican (working) immigrants have average wage income of on average $21,000 per year. Mexican immigrants have average wage income of on average $12,000 per year.
    3. The typical non-Mexican immigrant has a high school diploma. The typical Mexican immigrant has less than an eighth grade education.
    4. Even when compared to other Hispanics, Mexican immigrants fare badly, with 62 percent of non-Mexican Hispanics being fluent in English as compared to only 49 percent for Mexican immigrants. Mexican average incomes are about 75 percent that of other Hispanic immigrants, and Mexican immigrants have about 2.5 fewer years of schooling.

    As if Detoilet, Filthadelphia, and Baltiless weren’t producing enough homegrown losers. As if there weren’t enough trailer parks full of illiterates yonder in The Appalachian Hollers. Why would we deliberately import more subpar individuals? Only because they are easier to subvert, use and control. Like the followers of Moses who required 40 years to cross a desert that a decently disciplined military formation could roadmarch in less than five weeks, these people are losers. They couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of the boat drunk.

    Mexico is deliberately selecting for who joins La Migra. This is not an open migration. It is a controlled banishment of genetic defectives. We should not tolerate it.

  • Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s?

    Alfie Kohn really doesn’t get out much. Why can’t everyone get A’s? Maybe because getting an A then becomes utterly meaningless. Education and training have to rank, discriminate and be cruelly unfair. It’s not just about making someone better. Education has to identify who can do physically difficult or intellectually hard jobs. It has to set these qualified indivuals apart so that they can rewarded. It’s not like anyone who is smart enough to design rockets or do brain surgery would bother if the pay, status and other benefits were about what you would get as a Starbucks Barista. Kohn is either taint-licking sycophant of the Blank Slate Theory educational establishment or an ineluctible moron.

  • Extensive analysis by anonymous “red team planner” of America’s next Civil War between left and right and how it would play out. (long and detailed)

    In short: The second that a “civilian uprising” or “extremist group terrorist attack” turns into “civil war” is the second the US loses. As a result, you will never see a civil war. You will see Waco, you will see Bundy Ranch, you will see all sorts of militant group confrontations and maybe even some skirmishes. But the US government fears its own people way the fuck too much to ever start a civil war. As an American, I want all other Americans here to remember this. The government is against you, almost openly now, but they also know that they cannot win if it comes to open war. We have a trump card they cannot match. If it comes to a fight, THEY WILL LOSE, so there are elements in the establishment who will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent it from coming to that. The US Government is not in support of its people, and the people are not in support of the government.

    And here’s why Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren and some less freakish Dem Veep-Fodder will be the standard-bearer for Amerikan Leftism in Election 2020. They can steal a lot, but there comes a point where they can’t take it all. The Visigoth Holiday is only maintained as a managed decline and a controlled brigandage. If they get too greedy and go full monte’, it all goes out of control. If that happens, don’t celebrate. Prep and get the hell hidden instead.

  • Colorado kids pay big price for state’s decision to legalize marijuana [UPDATED]

    The returns are in on Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana: (1) Large amounts of money are being made thanks to legalization, privately and by the state; (2) “horrible things are happening to kids.” The quotation is from psychiatrist Libby Stuyt. She treats teens in southwestern Colorado and has studied the health effects of high-potency marijuana. Stuyt says: “I see increased problems with psychosis, with addiction, with suicide, with depression and anxiety” stemming from legalization in the state.

    Ok. First the good, then the bad, and then the ?WTF? The good is that people are waking up to the fact that Colorado voted in legal ganja to grab money in a short term snatch and raid and truly can’t be bothered with onyone’s future. This is the bust-out phase of liberal freedumb. How can a good poltician be bothered with the frikkin’ diaper rats when there’s a sybaritic retirement to be funded? The bad would be that people are victimized. Stonertarianism is the new smoking. Be cool at the ski resort. It’s not quite mandatory, but the state really could use another hit of revenue…

    And then there’s the ?WTF? The kids having problems are not only having problems from legalization. If Colorado legalized murder, not every kid would go around shooting people. Laws are not the sole arbitrar of right and wrong. Maybe, someone related to these kids could advise them that maybe burning down on a daily basis is a poor evolutionary strategy. But then again, why? It wouldn’t be the Rocky Mountain Way…

  • Teen Vogue Encourages Children To Explore Prostitution As A Career

    The author, who is also the founder of Nalane Reproductive Justice, explains why she believes sex work should be decriminalized. “The idea of purchasing intimacy and paying for the services can be affirming for many people who need human connection, friendship, and emotional support,” Mofokeng said. What drew outrage, beyond the obvious, was that the article was published in Teen Vogue, a magazine targeted toward 13-year-old girls.

    Teen Vogue reminds me of the decriminalization of The Rocky Mountain Way. It’s all about sucking children into the exploitative woodchipper of our Liberal Democracy. Get them addicted, get them out whoring earlier so they can be ready for their adult existences in the increasingly Socialistic USSA. It’s all about what’s being put on offer. If you are a parent, then our media is the enemy.

  • Could The Big Bang Be Wrong?

    Short answer – yep. But not bloody likely. This makes that particular theory top-drawer science. The Big Bang is something I wish Climate Scientologists would learn to emulate.

    1) It is falsifiable. I can claim there was a big mushroom sprout instead. Prove that the universe was never hot and dense, and there was no Big Bang.

    2) It explains what we see. The galaxies all move away from eachother because of universal expansion. There is 4K or so worth of background radiation as an aftershock of the expansion.

    In essence, this particular theory matches what astronomers have seen now.

    The most famous evidence for the Big Bang comes from “redshifts,” the observed stretching of light from distant galaxies, but that’s hardly the only source of support. The spectrum and distribution of the cosmic microwave background, exactly matches expectations of the hot Big Bang. The evolution of galaxies testifies to the finite age of the universe, and the observed ages of stars exactly matches up with the age of the universe deduced from the cosmic expansion. The large-scale distribution of galaxies displays a subtle rippling pattern that corresponds to the inferred rippling of acoustic waves in Big Bang’s primordial soup of particles and radiation. The observed abundances of hydrogen, helium, deuterium, and lithium in the universe exactly align with models of the nuclear reactions that occurred in that soup.

    On the other hand, the evidence supporting The Big Bang is 13.8 Million Years Old. If you assume the theory is correct. It could be wrong. But it won’t be debunkable until you come up with something that explains what The Big Bang explains better than The Big Bang.

There are days when writing and reading about politics and government make me think of this old song.

Or this one.

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