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  • High school teacher suspended for reporting undocumented immigrant students to President Trump

    Every time you turn around, some rotund conservative in a silk suit is talking about how he supports unions. He wants their votes and, being a simple creature, thinks that they will give them because he endorses them. In reality, they know that their power comes from the Left, because the collective reward philosophy of unions is another version of egalitarianism, which is the philosophy of the Leftist cult. Conservatives by definition cannot accept that, although they all try because they are born salesmen, students, yes-men, bean counters, and other losers disguised as winners. In reality, teacher unions are kilns that incubate violent far Leftist movements, and for some reason, brain-damaged conservatives keep supporting public education.

  • 50 Farm attacks and 4 farm murders in South Africa during May 2019

    The Left tries to keep a lid on this by claiming that, statistically, there are not many farm attacks. However, they are counting all farmers and not white farmers in that statistic; if you adjust only for white farmers, and specifically white farmers who are likely to get robbed because they live in racially-mixed areas, you can see that this is a crime wave encouraged by the South African state.

  • Iran reveals huge underground missile silo in the desert

    Iran is doing the same thing that North Korea does, which is hoping that we will start bombing them. They have too many people. If we kill ten thousand of them, but they kill a hundred of us, that provides enough symbolic victory for the low-IQ throngs to feel that this is a victory for their Muslim Arab tribe (Iranians love to claim that they are Persian, but they are mostly Arab) and therefore, a sign that it is time for further jihad. Trump has does the sensible thing and read between the lies, saying, “I see you are starving; let us starve you further.” He will be thwarted by various American allies who will work around the bans by shipping Iranian goods through third parties. However, so far he shows no sign of actually going to war, which is what Iran wants in order to make the Islamic horde rise up and attack. This takes us closer to a sensible American foreign policy: let Israel handle the Arabs of the middle east, since they will continue to bomb these people back into poverty and we can then cut out the Arabs with sanctions, dooming them to third world irrelevance forever.

  • Europe: Time for Change: Justice for rape survivors in the Nordic countries

    Sweden follows America is delaying rape test kit processing as a means of hiding the identities of the rapists who are destroying its white people with impunity. Leftists in government think that they are clever for forcing this on the population because it gives Leftists a sense of power to destroy, not realizing that this is not power but self-destruction.

  • Barack Obama: The United States Was ‘Founded on Inequality’

    He is correct. The Declaration of Independence says that “all men are created equal,” which means that birth is the only equality you get. “Equal” in the parlance used then meant “gets the same chance in front of a court of law” because it was a reaction to the aristocratic courts of Europe, which correctly realized that proles are criminal and therefore they deserve fewer rights under law. Two hundred years later and the proles — hateful, stupid beings who crave power over those better than them and are willing to destroy everything to get it — seem to rule America, so I’d say the aristocrats won this one.

  • Green Policies Turned California A Charred Black

    Most people do not realize this, but California has frequent wildfires because its law prohibit clearing the forest of underground, parasitic vines, and dead wood. Nature uses fires to renew forests by converting all of the extraneous stuff into ash, which then further breaks up the rock in the soil and makes for a richer future soil. Conservationists suggested wisely leaving all of that nice forest land alone and setting up fire breaks, or big gaps, between it and settlements. However, that land was worth money, so the greedy developers and clueless environmentalists decided on something else: instead of letting nature do its thing, they would control the situation with lots of laws, and then they could sell all that valuable land to people who wanted homes. In came the herd. Now the laws prevent them from doing what they should do, which is recognize that their forests are now parks and not forests, and clear the land… or, of course, they could stop living in the hills and go back to the settled areas, and lose the half of the population of the state who has showed up since the 1970s.

  • ‘White Rights’ Get Radio Host Fired

    Georgia “Peach” was one of the most popular hosts on KSCO, a local conservative-leaning AM radio station headquartered in Santa Cruz, Calif., one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states in America.

    “White genocide is very real,” she noted. “When I first used those words on AM radio, people were shocked and confused. I spoke about the Kalergi Plan. I explained about the slow ethno-cleansing of our people, which would lead to the genocide of us. People started to catch on and get it. They started using those words, which meant my message was effective.”

  • The richest 10% of households now represent 70% of all U.S. wealth

    Proles are always poor. Even when they get success, they identify with being poor because, well, they are untermenschen. Proles worry about “the poor” incessantly because they need an excuse why they should be in power so that they can tear down those who are naturally above them. As a result, proles propose lots of entitlements to “end poverty” — something that has never happened in human history — and in doing so, raise taxes and raise costs. This means that only the already-wealthy are able to keep their heads above water, and everyone else ends up a slave to the system. If we removed our Leftist pro-equality laws, we would see a normal distribution of wealth, with most people in the center; instead, we are seeing ourselves heading toward Brazil, where a few ultra-wealthy people rule over a vast horde of impoverished peasants.

  • Birmingham LGBT row: Protesters banned from school

    The injunction will be in place until 10 June, when those against the diversity teachings will be given the chance to make their case in front of a judge.

    The first of the new generation of diversity riots has kicked into high gear. The UK wants to teach GloboHomo as a means of “civilizing” its new third world citizens, but those citizens have beliefs of their own, without which they become just as generic and lost as Britons and so they seek to avoid this.

  • National inquiry calls murders and disappearances of Indigenous women a ‘Canadian genocide’

    This week’s obedience test for Leftists involves the Canadian Amerinds. Many of their women seem to be disappearing, but those women were mostly in contact with other Canadian Amerinds. If the pattern fits that of crime in general, this means that most of them have been abducted and killed by other Canadian Amerinds. Still, somehow it is the responsibility of everyone else to stop this “genocide.” Maybe we should focus on actual genocide, like the replacement of whites by Asians (including Amerinds, who are Mongols), Africans, and mixed-race people (Jews, Irish, Southern Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Arabs)? That however goes against the narrative of everyone showing up here to be pets of the nice white people, who feed them until the white people die out, and then the pets eat the corpses like dogs whose elderly owners die in isolated houses.

  • Justice Department Is Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google

    Social media jumped the shark. Just like MySpace, it collapsed as soon as it opened itself up to a wide segment of the population, mainly because people were going to social media in order to avoid our prole-heavy, diverse, neurotic, dysfunctional, criminal, and parasitic public. Now Big Tech is under fire because people are noticing that despite early innovations, it has done nothing positive in the last twenty years except expand to an unstable size, and now it has added partisanship to the list of reasons why we should distrust it. Consequently, the sharks are gathering to feast on its corpse, whether for reasons of abuse of privacy or for simply being too big, too abusive, and too useless. In other words, the market is correcting; we realize, now, that Big Tech is not offering anything new and should be made into a utility because otherwise, people will keep pursuing it as a path to wealth instead of inventing stuff of actual value. Search engines return mostly spam now, social media is as censored and controlled as the three TV channels we had in the 1980s, and internet advertising promotes the worthless to people without money. The whole thing is fake. Burn it down and start over.

  • After Tiananmen, the U.S. Protected Chinese Students in America. 30 Years Later, Uighurs Say It’s Time to Do the Same for Them

    Well-meaning idiots want to bring the Uighurs here. Realistic minds say that diversity does not work, and while China is choosing the dumb National Socialist method of ending diversity, sending the Uighurs to Turkey or Iraq might solve all of these problems at once. Bringing them here just damages us, prolongs all problems, and guarantees that the Uighurs become a political pawn in China, which will then liquidate them faster if it can.

  • Is the individual obsolete?

    George F. Will has no idea that he is a Leftist. He keeps bleating out the idea of individualism, by which he means “freedom” and “capitalism,” instead of social order, which is what conservatives actually defend. This allows him to pose as an iconoclast while actually simply bleat-repeating the dominant paradigm of our time, which is individualism. For the Leftist, individualism means anarchy plus subsidies; for the mainstream public Rightist, individualism means anarchy plus dividends. All of these people are insane, and we can only get back to the heart of the Right through the Old Right, which entirely rejects individualism and the philosophy of “equality” which legitimizes it.

  • Florida Cabinet meets in Israel despite illegality complaint

    The new law defines anti-Semitism as including “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis,” ″blaming Israel for all interreligious or political tensions,” or “requiring behavior of Israel that is not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.”

    Modernity replaced tribe versus tribe with a new form of game-playing, namely red team versus blue team, and the idiot conservatives out there have allowed this game to take over their minds. The mainstream conservatives will style their debate as individualistic Jesus versus the Atheist collectivists, while the underground right will style this as White Team versus Jewish Team. In reality, this is a good development, because it essentially says that you cannot tag nationalists with “Nazi” anymore, and that every other nation gets the same right that Israel does to be nationalist. Neither Left or Right has figured that out, yet, but watch for this attitude to spread. No one likes diversity/diaspora living.

  • Mexico eyes steps to cut immigrant flows to U.S. border, official says

    Trump baffled the dumb hamsters with some statement about making homosexuality legal worldwide yesterday while he quietly cucked Mexico. He gave them plenty of chances to avoid this because this kind of smackdown causes governments to experience a loss of faith by voters, but since Mexico refused to do anything effective against immigration, Trump lowered the boom. Now Mexico suddenly takes it seriously, which is of limited value since “Mexican government” (like “Italian government”) is an oxymoron.

  • Map: Where the world’s population is growing and shrinking

    Witness a typical egalitarianism scenario. All of the good places are dying out, and all of the miserable places are growing, because in order to have equality you must take from the successful to give to the unsuccessful. Then, everyone becomes equally impoverished, miscegenated, idiotic, and cultureless, but we have symbolic victory over what insults us as individualists and narcissists, which is that we were not made gods but men.

  • Academically Disinclined and Forgotten?

    Malkus noted that there are stark differences in the math scores of the various occupational clusters, with the average Traditional Vocational concentrator scoring in the 38thpercentile on math assessments, while New Era CTE students “were indistinguishable from all other high school students, remaining within one point of the 50thpercentile from 2000 forward.”

    Welcome to the bell curve. Of any population, 1% are suitable for leadership, 9% for following heuristics, and 90% need to be told exactly what to do in any situation more complex than figuring out what is for lunch. The sanest and most compassionate course of action involves recognizing this, ceasing to waste time by forcing everyone through a dozen years of school, and IQ testing kids early on to determine what track they should be in. For most people, a few years of formal schooling to get the 3 Rs and a vocational track produces the best results; for the top ten percent, going through college makes sense. Leftist politicians in their usual stupor decided to send the 90% through the course for the 10%, trashing the value of college and graduate school in the process. Now the pendulum slowly reverses course, and we are seeing a future where very few people go through college or even high school, mainly because for education to be meaningful, it has to be geared toward the people above 120 IQ points.

  • First rare earth processing facility outside of China to be built in Texas

    If we had to summarize populism, we might do so with the word “self-sufficiency.” Trump wants to make America able to produce all that it consumes and export the excess because he realizes that “globalism” is simply a wider support network to enable the Leftist plan of taxation and subsidies to be “too big to fail,” but in fact, it will simply fail harder (“the bigger they are, the harder they fall”). Picking a trade war fight with China enabled him to bring America to the idea of producing its own electronics, which causes us to cease sending wealth to our enemies and become more focused on results instead of the “service economy,” which consists of us re-branding third world labor and goods and creating endless internal bloat through make-work jobs. Instead, we are going to be producers again, and the useless will be less valuable in that context. Even better if we send the immigrants back and send women home from jobs, at which point we will have decent salaries again, and families will be able to exist on a single income.

  • US President Donald Trump terminates preferential trade status for India

    India has played cute with which side it will pick — the West or Russia-China — for several decades. Trump calls their bluff: if they side with us, they get weapons and participation in our economy. If they side with the East, then they get cut out, which benefits us anyway. India, which has both Caucasian and Asian heritage, sided with the Asiatics, and so Trump realizes they are an enemy and is doing his best to cut them out of our economy. This will benefit us by shuffling all of our proles into jobs that we otherwise assigned to Indians.

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