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  • Far-right Greek party crashes out of Parliament

    Sounds terrible, but might not be. People have a list of recent lessons of history to avoid, and anything too Nazi-like is on that list, just like anything too Communist-like. This leaves us in the middle where we get the worst of both extremes, namely inept robber barons and a bankrupt welfare state.

  • Federalists dream of major steps towards United States of Europe under new EU leadership

    Humans love strong feelings, and do not perceive how easily they can lose what they have. They get strong feelings from the idea of unity, which seems like peace to them, so they are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Thus again we begin the great experiment that has just failed with globalism, but across Europe, in the hands of either liars or incompetents (or the norm for democracy: incompetent leaders who are nonetheless competent liars). At least Hitler managed to end his regime within ten years, where these new EU nanny-bureaucrat women are going to create a subtle disaster that will result in, forty years from now, people looking up and saying, “Where did Europe go?” At that point, the only possible solutions will be radical, genocidal, and possibly result in world war. Score one for the bureaucrats, I guess; they will all be living in private managed estates with mercenary security in Sumatra, which is what $50m will buy you for a retirement package. If you hate your job, quit. If you really hate your job, become a bureaucrat and destroy your society!

  • NHS hospital staff to strike over ‘back door privatisation’ in Bradford

    Socialized medicine is working so well that they are privatizing it. In this case, they are privatizing the cleaning staff, porters, and security, since they are not actually medical personnel. This will save the high costs imposed by the union. They could just get rid of the unions and let the markets set prices, but apparently, that is not how you get ahead in the government-run society of today. You find yourself a cash-in and belly up to the trough of that sweet tax money, and worry not about the future, because obviously there is none.

  • More than two thirds of millennials believe their generation will be ‘worse off’ than their parents’

    Of course they will be. Democracy has squandered their wealth, as usual, and left behind a giant state that requires ever-increasing amounts of tax money. It is a death spiral. Millennials are going to demand college loan relief, causing those running the system to laugh hysterically at how utterly brain-dead the voters are. It makes it easier to rip them off, thinking that they are stupid sheep who deserve to suffer for their Darwin Award worthy obliviousness.

  • Crime kills more people than armed conflicts, UN study finds

    Warfare has changed. Instead of attacking your enemy directly, move into his country and start killing people there in ordinary crime incidents. No one will notice that it is racial or ethnic warfare.

  • Biden says he was wrong in comments about segregationists

    Leap into life, Joe. Your own party’s strategy worked too well; now the vote depends on the third world minorities that we have imported here. They are not going to vote for some old white guy. As I said some time ago, Harris is the only candidate with potential. They are just milking Buttigieg, Beto, Biden, Sanders, and Warren for their donations, and trying to decide if they want to win or let Trump inherit the global crisis that is coming. If they decide to win, their victory depends on how quickly white Leftists figure out that they, too, are being replaced, and my guess is never, since if you think “equality” is a good idea then you already have zero idea about how the world works. We will get the great minority candidate, again and again. Eventually, one of them will pull a finishing move and start WW3, using the USA to destroy other first-world powers so that the third world can rise and dominate forever. They will certainly be more functional than high-IQ democracy.

  • ‘It’s Shocking:’ Ridgecrest Store, Hit By Series Of Violent Quakes, Looted

    Why is it shocking? This is the city that experiences massive looting in every riot. When the police are not present, people are going to loot and maim because they have nothing in common. Half of LA is still watching “riot televisions” — booty from looting during the last riot — and looking forward to the next class- and race-based conflict, because that means free stuff during and then free stuff after when Government arrives to fix all the problems.

  • Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them

    It should alarm us that so many people in our society have clear mental problems. I mean, if we can admit that transgenderism is for most a mental problem, we can also face the fact that these high-functioning pedophiles have deep mental health issues. Possibly they are simply successful psychopaths, meaning those who are caught up in a delusional personal world but are also able to function enough to become powerful and wealthy. Following the idea that civilization allows too many deleterious mutations to survive, maybe psychopaths are simply the babies that we should have left outside overnight to see if they would survive.

  • Is there a growing far-right threat online?

    People are noticing that Leftist society is not working so well. They have dangerous ideas and some of them even act on them. They might even be Nazis. The BBC is just dogwhistling for censorship here.

  • Dalits not allowed to touch water, tankers servicing upper caste villages in UP’s Bundelkhand

    Castes are bands of IQs according to a standard distribution or “bell curve.” About 1% of your population have the ability to be leaders, another 9% can be good deductive thinkers and make appropriate warriors and artisans, and the remaining 90% are proles who need to be told what to do explicitly or they screw up (and they might do this anyway). Caste systems give everyone a role that they can excel in, but carefully separate the groups, mainly because young people are thoughtless and make unwise breeding choices if not guided by wise elders.

  • Moment Glasgow police officer launches ‘c***’ rant at driver blasting Irish music in middle of Orange Walk

    Ah, the Irish.

  • GPs risk causing transgender storm after issuing unprecedented warning over ‘lack of evidence’ on treatments that pave way for children to have a sex change

    People hate conservatism because its answer is that no matter what you want, the rules of the world apply. Most people at least simply want to hear that they can get what they want and no one can tell them otherwise. If you have ever seen a gaggle of Karens crowd a store counter for a sale item, you know exactly what humanity looks like when you step out of normalcy and view it from a distance. GPs — “your regular doctor” type people — are naturally conservative, since they know how complex the body is and how erratically treatments can behave over time. Somehow, this offends the transgender fad crowd, who simply want to hear that they can get their children to swap genders as easily as a nose job, and that will give them something to talk about on Facebook.

  • Chinese economists warn Beijing to prepare for decoupling from US

    No kidding. That is the point of what Trump is doing. He wants us to stop funding the enemy who has been manipulating us through the Democratic party, make America self-sufficient, and exit from globalism, which after all the bloviatory hype is simply another wealth transfer program (like diversity, climate change, and Obamacare). The big secret is that most of the wealth gets transferred to bureaucrats earning $200k/yr and very little has any positive effect, which is the nature of systems designed around illusions.

  • Scientists are searching for a mirror universe. It could be sitting right in front of you.

    The mirror world, assuming it exists, would have its own laws of mirror-physics and its own mirror-history. But current theory allows that you might find mirror atoms and mirror rocks, maybe even mirror planets and stars. Collectively, they could form an entire shadow world, just as real as our own but almost completely cut off from us.

    Science keeps searching for a new religion through a theory of everything.

  • Tory members back death penalty, believe Islam is a threat and think Trump would make a good PM, poll finds

    Apparently there are still some with some capacity for recognizing reality. At what point do conservatives admit the obvious, which is that democracy is a giant failure?

  • Kamala Harris proposes $100 billion plan for black homeownership

    Here we go again. The last one of these created the 2008 recession.

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