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Dear Friends,

Maybe there comes a day when we should just give up, pack it in, shrug and figure that this is just the way the arc of history bends, and go gently into that good night. We had a good run. When the party’s over, turn out the lights.

I doubt it however. I believe fundamentally in the infinite potential of existence and that it tends to reward the good and not the bad. This is wired into my DNA and shown to me every day through the beauties that life can produce, the joy of coming to an understanding of some aspect of existence so that I no longer must labor in ignorance or fear, and the power of people who trend toward excellence (arete) to change the world for the better.

Right now, things seem dark, if you believe the media and all the people out there chattering about doom, but one must keep in mind that humans generally seek to believe the negative so that they do not have to change, adapt, self-actualize, mature, self-discipline, or otherwise meld with reality. They want to retreat, into themselves and their own desires, instead of working with reality to make the good become real.

The Alt-Right seems to be in full retreat, but most of us are still alive; things seem to look bleak for President Trump, and yet he has kept this nation from collapse despite unending Leftist efforts to usurp him. More people every day are seeing that Leftist prole-rule is a disaster and we need order, hierarchy, and most of all, an inner desire to rise above our half-monkey state and make greatness, beauty, and clarity all around us.

Sounds a bit hippie, I know, but I am still a quarter hippie. Probably about a quarter hippie, half Republican, and a quarter dark Nietzschean atavistic realist. It helps to nurture in your heart the only real form of hope, namely the notion that we can change ourselves to become more real, and through that, change our world to become less of a smoking ruin.

Western Civilization died on the battlefields of France in WW1. We have been living in the dystopian remains for some time. As Leftism finally runs out of room to maneuver, and all of its policies simultaneously fail, we have the chance of a millennium to break free and become a thriving, traditional, upward-bound, wise, sane, and healthy civilization again!

Vote for Trump; he is our best choice, and in his second term, we can hammer him Rightward the way Saint Ann Coulter has been doing for years now. Vote for your local conservatives, no matter what party. Get involved with your local political group, make yourself autonomous, and get ready for a walking dead man to finally die, leaving room for us to create a real civilization.

It is darkest before dawn, as the old cliché goes, and we are in the darkness. However, with our work and unified mental focus, we can make this wasteland into prosperity, sanity, and excellence again.

Join us… we are the future!



  • CDC Announces Self-Immolation As New Protocol For COVID-19 Infection

    Moments after denying that the United States has gone into full panic over COVID-19, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield announced a new protocol to permanently eradicate the coronavirus from America. “We must protect the uninfected, and the best way to do that is for the infected to commit violent suicide,” he said.

    Laugh a little at the moronic and incompetent Leftist Deep State and its manufactured panics. COVID-19 is bad news, but our response has been ludicrous, mainly because of mass panic engineered by the media.

  • Violent Crime Continues to Climb in Houston, but Pandemic Slows Some Crimes

    Houston has been experiencing a steadily growing crime problem since around 2013. The pandemic has altered the previous trajectory, causing some categories to increase and others to decrease.

    The largest increase has been in aggravated assaults, which have more than doubled since the first of the year.

    Welcome to diversity paradise, which is still recovering from an affirmative action cop faking informants and the complete failure of its diverse crime lab.

  • US firms create record 4.8 million jobs in June

    Payrolls surged 4.8 million, the most since the Labor Department began keeping records in 1939, helped by the reopening of factories and restaurants.

    It follows May’s jobs rebound, when 2.5 million joined the labour market, and comes after consumer spending data saw a jump in activity.

    But a recent spike in Covid-19 cases has raised fears for continued growth.

    Despite many attempts by Leftists to derail or depose him, Trump has kept the core of what voters care about functional by stimulating the economy not only with money from Uncle Sap, but through actions that drive more life into it. His trade deal with China, conscious decoupling from China, trade balancing with Europe, and reduction of the insanity of Obama “Carter-style” wealth redistribution programs have all given this economy a jolt in the arm despite everyone still wearing masks and many staying at home. Unlike many politicians, he kept his eyes on the road ahead.

  • Trump threatens to bring housing segregation back to the suburbs

    “At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, I am studying the AFFH housing regulation that is having a devastating impact on these once thriving Suburban areas,” Trump tweeted late Tuesday night. “Corrupt Joe Biden wants to make them MUCH WORSE. Not fair to homeowners, I may END!”

    The AFFH is an acronym for “affirmatively further fair housing.” Former President Barack Obama established the policy in 2015 as an add on to the Fair Housing Act, a 1968 law that bans discrimination “concerning the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin, sex, (and as amended) handicap and family status,” according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    “The AFFH rule sets out a framework for local governments, States, and public housing agencies (PHAs) to take meaningful actions to overcome historic patterns of segregation, promote fair housing choice, and foster inclusive communities that are free from discrimination,” reads a HUD fact-sheet.

    Translation: government money was used to re-house minorities in thriving suburbs. Instead of wasting more money on this disruptive bill, which simply raises costs of homes due to the ensuing rising crime rates and chaos caused by resettling random urbanites in the burbs, Trump intends to let the market fix this problem by offering lower-cost housing. Everyone will win, without effects like those of the Leftist minority housing programs that caused the Great Recession back in 2008.

  • Liberal Reporter Documents Minneapolis Devastation And Suggests Why the Media Didn’t Really Cover It

    Weeks later, Tracey walked by the police headquarters, noting that the place looked like Bosnia. He also said that the breadth of the destruction is probably not being covered by the media because it could be seen as helping President Trump, who has promised to maintain law and order during the chaos. He found one dentist’s office that was used to give care to the uninsured in the community that was utterly destroyed.

    Third world USA!

  • White couple arrested after gun pulled on Black mother and daughters in Michigan

    The video, which has been viewed nearly 13 million times, shows the White woman shouting “Get the f*** back” while pointing her gun at the woman filming the incident, who urges others to call police. It’s unclear what sparked the confrontation outside a Chipotle in Orion Township, but officials said they are investigating.

  • Protests have not contributed to rise in COVID-19 cases, research group suggests

    The paper found that cities with protests generally did not show much deviation from their projected COVID-19 caseload and the actual number of new cases. Those cities also followed similar trends in case growth as cities without widespread protests.

    Who factchecks the factcheckers? It depends on which cities you measure and what other reasons for spikes that they experience, and also who the afflicted victims are. We are hearing about how more young people are getting the virus. We know that people traveled to these protests, and that masks and “social distancing” were not always practiced. Who are they trying to convince?

  • Reddit says it’s fixing code in its iOS app that copied clipboard contents

    The privacy feature in iOS 14, which is still in a limited beta for developers, has revealed several apps engaging in clipboard copying in recent weeks. LinkedIn said Friday it would stop the practice, explaining its app was doing so to perform an “equality check” between what a user is typing and what’s in their clipboard. “We don’t store or transmit the clipboard contents,” LinkedIn engineering VP Erran Berger wrote on Twitter. The company didn’t explain why the practice was in place to begin with.

    TikTok, which has faced criticism for privacy concerns on its app in the past, was called out for similar clipboard-copying behavior last week. The company said the practice was part of an “anti-spam” feature and that it was being discontinued.

    They are all stealing data from this and other means to sell to advertisers, since they have no hope of directly advertising to anyone on the platform. Advertisers want to find warm bodies that will buy a product and to be able to mass-blast to them, and so now the social media geniuses are warming up their databases. Want to know everyone who likes drones? Or votes conservative? What about buys tshirts, or their favorite band? Soon this will be used.

  • AWS ‘Honeycode’ makes Amazon a player in booming no-code software movement

    Announced in beta on Wednesday afternoon, Honeycode inserts Amazon into the fast-growing market for low-code and no-code software development, in which analysts and other advanced users inside companies can create sophisticated apps that would otherwise require them to engage their internal IT and application development teams.

    “No code” is an extension of the idea of a framework, or an API/SDK accessed through visual means like menus and flowcharts. This idea came out of projects like HyperCard and Microsoft Excel, which specialized in working users through data flow and transformation with visual means. As this accelerates, there will be a sudden decline in the need for entry-level developers, and code quality will improve. Let the experts do everything, and send the basement nerds and H-1Bs back to the Geek Squad where they belong.

  • Ongoing Diversity Meltdown
    • Detective on leave over Facebook posts about Seattle protest

      The King County Sheriff’s Office said it was notified of the posts — including one that reportedly said “All lives splatter” — on Sunday and forwarded the matter to its internal investigations unit for an expedited review.

    • Video of man saying racist remarks against Asian family sparks public outrage

      “We were singing happy birthday. We were just taking pictures and goofing around with each other and then all of a sudden the man, Michael Lofthouse, starts making really loud racist remarks at us,” Chan said.

      Some social media users say the man in the video is Michael Lofthouse, the founder of a San Francisco IT company, who appears to have commented on the video before it was removed.

    • Kanawha school board unanimously votes to change name of Stonewall Jackson Middle School

      “We need a positive role model to look up to,” one Stonewall student said.

      The demographics of the school are 48% white, 44% black and the remaining 8% either Hispanic, two or more races, Native American or Asian, according to

    • Recent West Point grads reveal racist incidents at academy

      The now-Army lieutenants, in a 40-page policy proposal included with their letter, documented such racist incidents including a noose left on a Black cadet’s dormitory desk “as a joke” by a white roommate, a top cadet leader’s photo altered to portray her as a monkey, and reports by dozens of Black cadets subjected to racial slurs by their classmates in recent years.

      Hope these snowflakes never have to fight a real war.

    • DeSean Jackson shares anti-semitic quotes attributed to Hitler on Instagram

      Research suggests the screenshotted passage is from the book “Jerusalem” by Dennine Barnett, as the font in Jackson’s post matches text in that book. But Barnett attributes the quote to a book by historian Robert Edwin Herzstein, “The Nazis World War II,” published in July 1980.

      The quotation reads:


      Hitler said, “because the white Jews know that the Negroes are the real Children of Israel and to keep America’s secret the Jews will blackmail America.

      The will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.

      The white citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they’ve been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the true Children of Israel.

      They will fear God will destroy them as He destroyed Egypt for doing the same thing. So the Elite, the Illuminati keeps this a secret at all cost.

      After I die I will one day cause World War 3 just by this message which will be like planting a seed in people minds until it sprouts once they nurture that seed and seek more truth and learn Hitler was right.

    • Mississippi board votes ‘no’ on moving Confederate monument

      Officials in a Mississippi county unanimously voted to keep a Confederate monument where it stands, saying moving the statue wouldn’t fix racial tensions.

      In a 5-0 vote, the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors rejected a proposal to relocate the Confederate statue, which stands in the middle of Oxford Square, news outlets reported.

      The all white male board was not initially scheduled to vote on relocating the monument, but amended Monday’s meeting.

      They are right, mainly because nothing will fix racial tensions. Those are caused by diversity itself.

    • Richmond removes statue of Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart

      Work crews on Tuesday took down a monument to Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, the third major statue to be cleared away in less than a week as the Confederacy’s former capital rushes to remove symbols of oppression in response to protests against police brutality and racism.

      Terrified of controversy, the timid middle classes attempt appeasement of the underclass. That will never work. Today Confederate statues, tomorrow history books. It happens every time a civilization dies, which is why we have such poor records of most of them. They went crazy (democracy, equality) and brought in diversity then destroyed themselves, like a locust eating its own body. In the end, nothing was left but a pair of ruined mandibles, mechanically chewing in unconscious pathology.

    • Sheriff: Man charged with sending racist texts to neighbor

      Authorities said a white South Carolina man was arrested and accused of sending racist messages to a black neighbor, who is a Black Lives Matter activist.

      According to an arrest warrant, Surratt “threatened to kill” his neighbor and watch the neighbor’s home to cause him mental distress.

      Race war breaking out quickly. Apparently the news overlooked the fact that this was a political disagreement.

    • AP Source: NFL to play Black anthem before national anthem

      “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” will be performed live or played before “The Star-Spangled Banner” prior to each NFL game during Week 1 and the league is considering putting names of victims of police brutality on helmet decals or jersey patches, a person familiar with the discussions told The Associated Press.

      More appeasement. Better plan: stop watching football.

  • Trump administration gives formal notice of withdrawal from WHO

    “Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms, we will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent public health needs,” Trump said. “The world needs answers from China on the virus. We must have transparency.”

    WHO defended China and now pays the toll. Trump is a dealmaker; he offers benefits and punishes refusal to come to the table. If your bureaucrats are so in love with their bribes from China that they cannot face the need to address vital questions, then defunding is the right way to bring you back to the table. In the meantime, Americans are seeing how much of government activities can be cut not only without loss to the rest of us, but with gains for our own agenda instead of the Clinton/Bush “We Are The World” approach.

  • GOP Rep. Will Hurd: “There won’t be a Republican Party” if it doesn’t diversify

    I do believe that if the Republican Party doesn’t start looking like the rest of the country, there won’t be a Republican Party in this country. But we know where the trends are going, and we know what we need to do.

    Conventional wisdom follows what you would do to win in the past. The GOP has chased this agenda for years and thought it found the ultimate in people like Nikki Haley and ¡Jeb! Bush. However, consider this: the Left will only applaud us when we are doing what makes us weaker. The same applies to minorities like Rep. Will Hurd. Non-white people should not be telling white people what to do because no other group represents our interests.

  • Coronavirus: Anger over US decision on foreign students’ visas

    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said people could face deportation unless they changed to an institution with in-person tuition.

    Basically, if you are going to be going to school remotely anyway, you should do that from home. This will force universities to charge lower tuition for these distant remote students. It also reduces the number of them here, which causes others to refrain from coming, and will stimulate a backflow as coming to the US no longer seems risk-free and easy.

  • Oregon candidate admits he wrote racist letter to himself

    Jonathan Lopez, who is Latino, said he had found a letter addressed to him which contained racist and derogatory slurs in his mailbox on June 23. He posted a photo of the typed letter to Facebook, which was shared hundreds of times within 24 hours. The post has since been removed.

    However, when police followed-up with Lopez about the incident on July 3, authorities say Lopez confessed to writing the letter.

    When you create a one-sided blame game like “only whites can be guilty of racism, and racism means non-whites get free stuff,” people are going to abuse it. We will find out in the future that most “hate crimes” are fake, same way many if not most insurance claims are.

  • US firms create record 4.8 million jobs in June

    The US economy created jobs at a record pace in June as firms took on more staff after the coronavirus downturn.

    Payrolls surged 4.8 million, the most since the Labor Department began keeping records in 1939, helped by the reopening of factories and restaurants.

    It follows May’s jobs rebound, when 2.5 million joined the labour market, and comes after consumer spending data saw a jump in activity.

    Since the 2016 election, the Left has pursued a singular goal: get Trump out of office. They did the same thing to Reagan, trying to use the media to whip the useful idiots into a frenzy so the moderates would panic and run back to the Left, since after all the Carter years were uncontroversial in the media. Now they simply want to sabotage his economy. The national stage now resembles a sitcom called Daddy Versus the Brat Tantrum, where all the brats riot and rage and spew out a stream of talking points and gotchas, but Trump keeps the sails even and the tiller steady, pointing us toward detachment from China and possibly the greatest economic growth in our history as we rebuild our industry and services. The media only reported this one so they could wag their fingers and say to us, “But the second wave of COVID-19 will change all of that!”

  • COVID-19 Watch
    • Coronavirus: Majority testing positive have no symptoms

      Only 22% of people testing positive for coronavirus reported having symptoms on the day of their test, according to the Office for National Statistics.

      Translation: most people survive this just fine. It is only a small group who suffer, and this group seems to be mostly minorities, those with underlying deadly conditions, and the elderly. From the statistics in Texas, the zip codes getting hit hardest seem to be poorer Asian, Hispanic, and Black communities.

    • Immunity to COVID-19 is probably higher than tests have shown

      “One interesting observation was that it wasn’t just individuals with verified COVID-19 who showed T-cell immunity but also many of their exposed asymptomatic family members,” says Soo Aleman. “Moreover, roughly 30 percent of the blood donors who’d given blood in May 2020 had COVID-19-specific T cells, a figure that’s much higher than previous antibody tests have shown.”

      Much closer to herd immunity (43% by one estimate).

      The model estimates that herd immunity could occur after 43% of the population becomes immune to COVID-19 by passing the disease from person to person, far lower than the 60% to 70% figure that epidemiologists have held out as the gold standard.

      This estimate is based on the argument that younger and more socially active people are the main spreaders of infectious disease, and therefore will contribute more to herd immunity after they’ve been infected and gotten over COVID-19, said lead researcher Tom Britton, a professor of mathematical statistics at Stockholm University in Sweden.

    • Study finds COVID-19 patients who took hydroxychloroquine were less likely to die

      The study, conducted by the Henry Ford Health System in southeast Michigan, measured the mortality rates and treatments of 2,541 patients representing a mix of races, genders, and ages. The research team found that 26% of patients who were not given hydroxychloroquine died compared to 13% of those who were taking the drug. The median age of those studied was 64.

    • Compounds halt SARS-CoV-2 replication by targeting key viral enzyme

      The most promising drug candidates — including the FDA-approved hepatitis C medication boceprevir and an investigational veterinary antiviral drug known as GC-376 — target the SARS-CoV-2 main protease (Mpro), an enzyme that cuts out proteins from a long strand that the virus produces when it invades a human cell. Without Mpro, the virus cannot replicate and infect new cells. This enzyme had already been validated as an antiviral drug target for the original SARS and MERS, both genetically similar to SARS-CoV-2.

    • Scientists investigate cases of post-Covid-19 fatigue

      Those who have suffered severe illness in the acute phase, including admission to intensive care, typically experience muscle loss, which can result in direct physical fatigue. Others are left with lung damage, including scarring that can cause breathlessness, leaving people feeling tired. There are other physical effects that are less clearly understood – the disease is known to cause blood clots in the lungs and other parts of the body – and neurological symptoms ranging from stroke to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

      There is previous evidence linking Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to infectious outbreaks, including Epstein-Barr virus and Q fever. A study of people infected during the 2003 Sars outbreak revealed that almost a third had a reduced tolerance to exercise many months later, despite having normal lung function.

      The disease also seems to leave some patients debilitated:

      “COVID-19 is very unpredictable,” says Timothy Spector of King’s College London, who is tracking the course of the disease in more than 200,000 COVID-19 patients over a longer period of time, with the help of a mobile app, as part of a major research project. “I am trained as a rheumatologist, so I am used to strange diseases. But COVID-19 is the strangest disease I know.”
      Roughly one in 10 people with the disease continue to suffer from unexplainable symptoms for more than a month, many for more than two months. The most common are exhaustion, headaches, a loss of smell, trouble breathing, dizziness, diarrhea and skin rashes. “And some of our participants still have a fever after three months,” Spector says.

    • Coronavirus: Boris Johnson criticised over ‘cowardly’ care home comments

      The prime minister said on Monday that “too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures”.

      Reducing costs means using imported labor so that the bureaucrats in these companies can keep making lots of money for pushing meaningless paper around. It also means that when you really need them to follow procedure, they do not; the patients are not from their tribes, and they will have jobs regardless, so they really have no incentive to follow procedures, either. Johnson put his finger on one of the many holes in the postmodern (post-collapse) Western system revealed by this virus.

    • Covid-19 may not have originated in China, Oxford University expert believes

      “Strange things like this happened with Spanish Flu. In 1918 around 30 per cent of the population of Western Samoa died of Spanish Flu, and they hadn’t had any communication with the outside world.

      “The explanation for this could only be that these agents don’t come or go anywhere. They are always here and something ignites them, maybe human density or environmental conditions, and this is what we should be looking for.

      Perhaps there really is a psychic network that connects the changing events of history as caused by some underlying pattern. Then again, maybe a bird brought the flu to Western Samoa.

    • Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows

      The University of Barcelona team, who had been testing waste water since mid-April this year to identify potential new outbreaks, decided to also run tests on older samples.

      They first found the virus was present in Barcelona on Jan. 15, 2020, 41 days before the first case was officially reported there.

    • Coronavirus autopsies: A story of 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts

      Rapkiewicz, who directs autopsies at NYU Langone Health, noticed that some organs had far too many of a special cell rarely found in those places. She had never seen that before, yet it seemed vaguely familiar. She raced to her history books and — in a eureka moment — found a reference to 1960s report on a patient with dengue fever.

      In dengue, a mosquito-borne tropical disease, she learned, the virus appeared to destroy these cells, which produce platelets, leading to uncontrolled bleeding. The novel coronavirus seemed to amplify their effect, causing dangerous clotting.

    • Horror movie fans coping better with the coronavirus, study finds

      A new study has found that fans of movies and shows featuring the likes of attacking zombies, aliens and infectious diseases cope better in times of crisis, including the coronavirus pandemic.

      Experts reckon they are more resilient and better prepared to deal with real-life emergencies like the one hitting the world today.

  • Chicago’s holiday weekend ends with 17 dead, 70 wounded

    The likelihood that other suspects remain at large points to a longstanding problem in Chicago: Law enforcement’s inability to bring more homicide suspects to justice. For years, the majority of homicides in Chicago have gone unsolved and the department’s homicide case clearance rate is far lower than that of departments in Los Angeles and New York.

    When no one in the neighborhood will snitch, you get nowhere. Police can do very little with cases where connections between victim and killer are obscure or hidden. In the case of most killings in impoverished areas, no one will tell the law about the gangs or the victims are accidental. Each race needs its own police force to handle things appropriately. Diversity does not work.

  • Russian ice cream in ‘gay propaganda’ row

    A Russian ice cream maker has been accused of promoting homosexuality after using a rainbow on its packaging.

    The head of Russia’s official Union of Women said the image amounted to “propaganda” for gay and lesbian relations in a video conference with President Vladimir Putin.

    This is why Americans preferred freedom, but the Fourteenth Amendment ended that. What if the rainbow were determined to be a white supremacist symbol? Then it would have to go, and would be more vigorously exterminated than with the most arden Russian censorship. Now consider that stereotype bias is proven consistently correct, and that most great people in history were and are bigots by our estimation, although they have learned to hide it.

  • China’s shadow banking system under spotlight as Sichuan Trust misses payments amid economic slowdown

    Cracks are appearing in China’s 21.3 trillion yuan (US$31 trillion) trust industry, a key component of the country’s shadow banking system, as fresh trouble at Sichuan Trust highlights growing risks in alternative funding for companies unable to access regular bank loans.

    China’s trusts companies are an important source of credit for borrowers in risky industries – like real estate – that struggle to access bank loans.

    “There will be a growing divide between well off provinces, such as Sichuan, and others, that can’t afford to back their provincially-backed trusts. This is part of a general trend where China will see an increasing split between the winners and losers in the economy. Some of these battles will be fought between provinces.”

    The house of cards comes tumbling down. One reason that Asiatics prefer Communist-style systems is that, like most third world nations, they are mostly poor. Implement a Western-style system and these countries rapidly separate into a higher IQ band and everyone else, guaranteeing that the everyone else will eventually clobber the smarter ones. This has been happening for aeons; one way society arrives at conditions like those in China is through constant class warfare.

  • The Dangerous Race for the Covid Vaccine

    While scientists try to collaborate across national boundaries, national leaders are caught up in an old-fashioned game of one-upmanship—a competition that is driving, and in some cases complicating, the most consequential medical challenge of the 21st century.

    As coronavirus cases mount around the world and economies continue to limp through lockdowns, nations are not just competing for first access to the vaccine, they’re also hoping to claim victory in a race that would affirm their national identities, resourcefulness and power—proving that their character, systems and intellect are superior.

    In eras of great power competition, like today, these victories take on special significance, no matter how minuscule the achievement or how tangible the benefits. “It’s like the difference between the Soviet and American [Olympic] medal count during the Cold War,” when competition was intense, and during the 1990s, “when nobody really cared,” says James Carafano, a national security expert at the Heritage Foundation.

    Since the beginning, the COVID-19 panic epidemic has been about politics, not science. No one trusted the globalist system, whether in the initial stages of leaking information about the virus or in the later stages of fighting over who gets the gear and medicines manufactured in the third world. No one trusts the medical system in the West since doctors are either for-profit or, worse, socialized, in which case the treatment one gets is managed by politics. No one suspected that our old age care homes were in as bad shape as they were with foreign labor that apparently spread COVID-19 directly into them, even before geniuses such as New York shifted coronavirus patients to the retirement homes in order to clear the hospitals. Everything has gone wrong at once because this system is unstable not at the top, but at the everyday levels. The wrong people are getting to positions of importance; we have twerking TikTok nurses in the grips of megalomaniac narcissism instead of calm public servants. Money from insurance and government has replaced reasonable care concerns. The whole fabric of modernity has come undone because we cannot trust the deep state, medical establishment, media, or global political circus. This will help trigger regime change from liberal democracy; no system which succumbs to panic can claim to be stable.

    Others have noticed how the mass freakout was caused by a bungling bureaucracy that has bloated all levels of government and medicine:

    Indeed, the analysis found many of the studies are so small — 39% are enrolling or plan to enroll fewer than 100 patients — that they are unlikely to yield clear results. About 38% of the studies have not actually begun enrolling patients.

    “It’s a huge amount of wasted effort and wasted energy when actually a bit of coordination and collaboration could go a long way and answer a few questions,” said Martin Landray, a professor of medicine at Oxford University and one of the lead researchers on the RECOVERY study, a large trial of multiple treatments being run by the U.K. government.

    Our society has lost its inner trust, eaten away by class warfare, diversity, and bureaucracy.

  • ‘Not doom and gloom’: Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam says ‘mild’ security law ‘removes fear’

    Her comments came the morning after the government gazetted a provision handing local police broad powers to conduct warrantless property searches and intercept communications under controversial legislation which criminalises secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference.

    Like George Orwell and the neoconservatives, Carrie Lam turns out to be controlled opposition. It seems the easiest gambit on the board: have an ally pretend to oppose you but agree with all of your most basic ideas. Then when push comes to shove, everyone will agree on the basics, and the only remaining negotiations will concern details. This is how the GOP basically handed the country over to the Left (financed first by the Soviet Union and later, China) over the past sixty years.

  • FBI director: Nearly half of all counterintelligence cases relate to China

    In remarks to the Hudson Institute, Wray said Chinese spying and attempts to steal American technology are growing so fast that the FBI is opening a new China-related counterintelligence case roughly every 10 hours.

    “At this very moment, China is working to compromise American health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions conducting essential COVID-19 research,” he said.

    The New Cold War is not a far-fetched idea anymore.

  • Pastor Beaten by Mob, Church Set on Fire as Violent Christian Persecution Escalates in India

    According to International Christian Concern (ICC), eight separate attacks have taken place in two weeks involving radical Hindu nationalist groups that are physically assaulting Christians and damaging their property.

    Diversity does not work. This means that foreign religions have to go, as well as foreign populations and cultures; one ethnic group per nation works, defined by body (genetics), mind, and soul (including faith).

  • Washington Redskins: Major retailers drop merchandise

    Earlier this month, 87 investment firms and shareholders wrote to FedEx, along with fellow Redskins’ sponsors Nike and PepsiCo, calling on the firms to sever ties with the team, according to trade publication AdWeek.

    Our “meritocracy” has promoted morons at every level, and the morons want us to sell hard to the new third world audience instead of trying to reach heritage Americans, who are more discerning in many areas. Why do these investors not simply invest in the third world? Oh, right: it is too disorganized. And what do they think is happening here? Like most humans, they assume that the world they encountered at age 15 will be here forever, not realizing that certain things — genetics, mostly — cause it to be, and when they are gone, it also will vanish, replaced by Mexico II.

  • Supermarkets snub coconut goods picked by monkeys

    A number of supermarkets have removed some coconut water and oil from their shelves after it emerged the products were made with fruit picked by monkeys.

    The monkeys are snatched from the wild and trained to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said.

    The animal rights group said pigtailed macaques in Thailand were treated like “coconut-picking machines”.

    PETA are arch-trolls. During an international panic over “racism,” they just compared Black people to monkeys.

  • NASCAR meets with minister pushing for racial equality

    “We want to see that the call for diversification and true equity in the sport extends beyond the banning of the Confederate flag,” Drumwright said. “It extends into partnering with the minority community, specifically the millennial minority community. These are the organizers, these are the demonstrators, these are the collegiates that could be majoring and accepting internships. We know that those opportunities exist. But they don’t exist in large numbers. We want to see that NASCAR is true to the message that they’re saying, that this is a new day in NASCAR and they understand what it means to the African-American community.”

    Everything that is yours must be taken and destroyed. Only then can Leftism triumph.

  • Armed marchers at Stone Mountain prompt stir on social media

    Scores of African Americans, many armed with military-style assault weapons and other firearms, marched to Stone Mountain Memorial Park on the Fourth of July in what an organizer said was a demonstration of their Second Amendment rights.

    Authorities said the event was peaceful. However, the participants, masked, clad head to toe in black, bearing weapons and marching from downtown Stone Mountain to the park, prompted a stir on social media.

    Diversity means the end of your civilization.

  • Frederick Douglass statue removed at Rochester park

    A statue of Frederick Douglass was removed from its base during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

    The statue stood at Maplewood Park in Rochester.

    Turnabout is fair play: all Leftist ikons must be erased.

  • Why the ‘father of the internet’ is worried about 5G

    “The 5G design actually exposes a whole lot of consumer activity that wouldn’t otherwise be visible,” he said.

    The upcoming networks not only use a higher frequency radio, but use a completely different technical architecture that lets telecommunication see how their services are being used.

    Every since the internet — a military project originally — went public, businesses have been trying to figure out how to centralize it and make profit off of it. Despite Big Tech having centralized most of it, industry wants to go a step further, since selling ads to people does not make money. It wants your information so it can pitch tailored advertisements to you and make direct sales. This is the new version of all those annoying sales calls that arrived just when you were sitting down for dinner. Without government to redistribute money to the poor to buy iPhones and Comcast internet, the audience of dumb warm bodies that industry thinks it wants would not be there. Its thoughts are incorrect, since of course the ideal audience consists of the upper half of the American middle class, who are the only discerning consumers out there.

  • Farewell smooth handfish: What can we learn from the world’s first marine fish extinction?

    The smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) was one of 14 (now 13) species of handfish, beautifully patterned creatures with a distinctly “missing link” look about them. Residing only in south-eastern Australian waters, these striking animals are bottom-dwellers that use their highly modified pectoral fins to “walk” along the seabed.

    If we leave half of Earth for nature, it can survive. Instead we expand recklessly, driven by systems based on individual desire like democracy and equality. Globalism and diversity will not help, since they will simply swell first world populations, causing third world populations to compensate with even more rapid breeding. When we have twelve billion humans, none of whom can have a coherent thought, we will have achieved total equality and total death in the same instant.


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