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  • Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Michael Brown’s death

    “The question for this office was a simple one: Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Micheal Brown he committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri law? After an independent and in-depth review of the evidence, we cannot prove that he did,” Bell said.

    But, he said, “our investigation does not exonerate Darren Wilson.”

    Translation: the politically-motivated prosecution seeks to bring other charges. Maybe he jaywalked after the shooting or something.

    Like the George Floyd, Rodney King, and Trayvon Martin narratives, the Mike Brown narrative broke down when it became clear that Brown was in the midst of a crime wave when he attacked a police officer and got shot.

    Anyone who behaved as he did would have encountered a similar result.

  • Hedgehogs at risk of Extinction in Britain

    They are among a quarter of mammals that have been placed on an official “red list” of endangered species in the country, the first of its kind.

    The 11 mammals on the list include the wildcat, red squirrel, water vole, hazel dormouse and hedgehog.

    Every species self-destructs if it cannot manage its own use of resources. With no predators, humans have no one to hold us in check but ourselves. Unfortunately, egalitarian revolts overthrew those who would make the unpopular commitment to keep nations smaller and focus on quality not quantity. Now, we are driving natural species out of their habitats and consequently, reducing their numbers to a crash point. At a certain level, their breeding will collapse and they will cease to exist.

  • Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown

    Gross domestic product from April to June plunged 32.9% on an annualized basis, according to the Commerce Department’s first reading on the data released Thursday. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for a drop of 34.7%.

    Still, it was the worst drop ever, with the closest previously coming in mid-1921.

    This is what happens when you shut down your economy for a pandemic. Sweden is looking smarter than the rest of us about now as the number of COVID-19 cases declines and its economy recovers. Remember when all the Leftists were laughing at them? As Nigel Farage would say, “But you are not laughing now.”

  • No country for face masks: Nordics brush off mouth covers

    According to a recent survey by YouGov, only five to 10 percent of respondents in the Nordic countries said they used a mask in public settings, a figure that has remained stable since the start of the crisis in March.

    At the same time, the corresponding figures have risen to between 70 and 80 percent for most of the other 20 countries polled, including India and the United States.

    With most of the people getting this from members of their households, masks in public have dubious value.

  • Man knifed in back at Portland protest: ‘I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist’

    “I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist,” said Andrew Duncomb, 25, who films demonstrations and other political events under the moniker “Black Rebel.”

    Duncomb, who is Black and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he had traveled last Friday to Portland from his home in Northern California to document the nightly unrest outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse and county Justice Center.

    The tolerant Left shows its true colors.

  • Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results

    New data shows that Google has suppressed Breitbart’s search visibility by 99.7 percent since 2016.

    They were so close to realizing their plan, and then Trump arose. No wonder they are cheating so hard in this election.

  • Squarespace shuts down America’s Frontline Doctors website over hydroxychloroquine claims

    Web hosting platform Squarespace has shut down the website of America’s Frontline Doctors – a group of doctors who have come together to address what they describe as “a massive disinformation campaign.”

    We are in End Stage Democracy. Everyone is wearing masks and afraid, censorship is everywhere, and the country is hopelessly divided. There is nowhere to go from here.

  • Portland’s Wall of Moms crumbles amid online allegations by former partner, Don’t Shoot PDX

    Wall of Moms, whose members said they aimed to support and protect other Black Lives Matter protesters near the fence in front of the federal courthouse, announced Friday that its white leadership had rescinded their positions to allow women of color to be in charge.

    The Wednesday post alleges that Wall of Moms founder Bev Barnum filed for business registrations without consulting the newly instated Black leaders and that the safety of Black members at the nightly protests in downtown Portland was overlooked.

    These are race riots, not about police brutality or justice.

  • Donald Trump suggests delay to 2020 US presidential election

    In a series of tweets, Mr Trump said “universal mail-in voting” would make November’s vote the “most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history” and a “great embarrassment to the USA”.

    Zero evidence exists to show that he is wrong. After all, successful vote fraud does not get discovered. Our elections became highly contentious in 2000 and very close, which means that the Left is nervous that it will not get a chance to complete demographic displacement and seize total control. One wonders if they are receiving election coaching from Sauron.

  • Alphabet reports first revenue decline in company history

    CFO Ruth Porat said on an earnings call that consumers returned to more “commercial” search queries toward the end of the quarter, and advertisers began increasing their search spending, so search revenue ended the quarter about even from last year.

    Internet use is at an all-time high and profits are failing? Most likely people are slowly figuring out that internet advertising is ineffectual. I see more strident finger-wagging about ad blockers these days, which suggests that it is not just Google that is looking at its figures with alarm.

  • Amazon, Facebook and Apple thriving in lockdown

    Amazon sales soared 40% in the three months ending June, while Apple saw a surge in purchases of its iPhones and other hardware.

    At Facebook, the number of people on its platforms, which include WhatsApp and Instagram, jumped by 15%.

    People are just going to the big six websites they already know. No point using Google much when all you are doing is shopping and attention whoring on social media.

  • Shipments of nearly 20,000 fake driver’s licenses seized at Chicago airport so far in 2020

    Most of the shipments came from Hong Kong and mainland China, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Other shipments came from South Korea and the U.K.

    Diverse societies have no shared culture, therefore there is no cultural support for ostracizing those who engage in illegal activity. As a result, it grows like yeast in a sugar barrel.

  • Jihadist plots used to be U.S. and Europe’s biggest terrorist threat. Now it’s the far right.

    The threat of terrorism — particularly from the far right — should be a major concern for governments on both sides of the Atlantic as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, according to multiple experts and former law enforcement officials who have experience monitoring violent extremist activity.

    Wait for it… wait for it…

    A report he co-authored recorded 14 terrorist incidents, including attacks and disrupted plots, from Jan. 1 to May 8. Thirteen of them were classified as right-wing, and the other was recorded as being religiously motivated in the context of jihadism.

    Cherry-picking means you edit your data parameters to show what you want, for example choosing a short time period and ignoring the wider trend.

    The Left lies about everything. The state, media, academia, and science industry go along with it. Are we more free than the Soviets were, still?

  • White man charged after allegedly hitting Black woman with truck in Madison

    He explained to officers that he was driving towards the bar Wando’s when he noticed a “massive crowd of people” nearby, according to the complaint. He says several people started to hit his vehicle and try to grab him and pull him out of the truck.

    Officers arrested O’Neil following the hit-and-run, and he appears to only spent a few hours in Dane County Jail, until he was released on $350 bail overnight.

    A police spokesperson at the time explained that the injuries suffered by the victim did not meet the statutory definition of great bodily harm, therefore he was booked on a misdemeanor.

    It should be interesting to see what CCTV can tell us. What was he supposed to do, let them destroy his truck and endanger his life?

  • Black Lives Matter mural defaced with red, white and blue paint

    The mural is the second downtown to be defaced in recent weeks.

    People are tired of the lies. George Floyd did not die of a police chokehold.

  • Hong Kong bars 12 opposition candidates from election

    Among those barred are high-profile activists Joshua Wong and Lester Shum.

    The government said the candidates were not fit to run for office.

    China is advancing the same agenda in the US as in HK. Just more slowly and subtly.

  • Tax Hike Under Biden Poses Bigger Threat to Tech Than Hearing

    Valliere added that the four companies “contribute lavishly to political campaigns,” and have lobbyists who correctly point out that “this is perhaps the most successful and innovative industry in American history.” On the other hand, he called the low taxes paid by the tech giants — and by Wall Street firms — their “Achilles’ heel.” He noted that Amazon reportedly paid no taxes, and got a $129 million rebate, in 2018, when it earned $11 billion in income.

    Tech giants support Leftists, Leftists tax them into oblivion. My guess is that their long-term goal is to get made into utilities so that they can be free of market forces. They want to be permanent and to rake in those easy, guaranteed profits. That way, they no longer have to care if they are competent. Just do whatever and send the bills on time.

  • Most view kneeling during anthem as acceptable form of protest

    Majorities of Black and Hispanic Americans think it’s acceptable for athletes to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest against racial discrimination. White people are divided, with just over half (52%) saying it is unacceptable.

    Go ahead and kneel; we will not be watching. That is the only sensible message now.

  • Born-again fiscal conservatives are sign of Trump’s weakening hand in Congress

    From the presidentially ambitious Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., and Josh Hawley, R-Mo., to onetime deficit hawks like Sen. Patrick J. Toomey, R-Pa., conservatives are abandoning the president as his top aides struggle with negotiations on a pandemic relief bill that is Trump’s last, best chance to pass legislation that could help his floundering reelection bid.

    Lots of begging-the-question here. Definitely not propaganda.

    And Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., fresh off winning his primary, with Trump’s support, issued a detailed statement that accused the president of trying to use this legislation to save his own campaign, almost suggesting that he would rather Joe Biden win than add more debt.

    “The White House is trying to solve bad polling by agreeing to indefensibly bad debt. This proposal is not targeted to fix precise problems – it’s about Democrats and Trumpers competing to outspend each other,” Sasse said.

    Three quarters of our budget goes to entitlements. Conservatives always cuck to “libertarian” because it enables them to take a strong, principled and inconsequential stand that they will do nothing about, while taking lots of donations to “stop the Left.” The Right is rotten and needs a purge, starting with Sasse and Cruz.

    It gets more entertaining:

    “So, when they talk about $600, I want the review of the fact that they put $2 trillion onto the national debt to give a tax break to the wealthy, 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent,” Pelosi said at a news conference Friday.

    Complete fallacy. The “rich” pay most of the taxes, so whenever there is a tax cut, of course they get most of the benefits. How about a flat tax, Nancy? We all suffer the same that way, instead of generating lots of deductions like you and your husband do but hide that fact.

  • Americans Aren’t Making Babies, and That’s Bad for the Economy

    In bedrooms across the U.S., couples are making decisions that, in the aggregate, could prove as consequential for the long-term health of our economy as those taken by policymakers in Washington. Fewer children now means fewer consumers, workers, and taxpayers in the future. In other words, a smaller economy than otherwise—though also a smaller environmental footprint, which brings its own rewards.

    Dysgenics in action: the smarter people are looking at the mess that democracy has made and are thinking, no point in having more kids; those children will be doomed anyway. Soon the people over a hundred IQ points die out and the third world takes over.

  • US hits Poland, others in Europe over Holocaust claims

    “As we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, the legacy of the Nazis’ mass looting remains in too many places and largely unaddressed,” he said. “Given the advanced age of Holocaust survivors, many of whom live in poverty, the findings of this report serve as a reminder that countries must act with a greater sense of urgency to provide restitution or compensation for the property wrongfully seized from victims of the Holocaust and other victims of Nazi persecution.”

    Another shakedown. All the victims are dead, and many people lost everything in that war. That does not stop the shakedown from continuing:

    Salo Muller, 84, whose parents were taken by rail from Amsterdam to the Dutch transit camp Westerbork, and on to their deaths at Auschwitz, is demanding an apology and financial recompense for about 500 Dutch survivors and about 5,500 next of kin.

    The Deutsche Reichsbahn, the wartime German railway authority, was responsible for transporting about 107,000 Dutch Jewish people to their deaths. The victims were often forced to pay for the costs of their travel in squalid, murderous conditions, earning an estimated €16m (£14.5m) in today’s money for the German railways. Adults had paid 4 pfennigs per kilometre, children 2 pfennigs, while those under the age of 4 travelled free.

    It is doubtful that the railroad had any say in the matter. The modern goal consists of finding people with money and inventing a reason why you deserve it, which says that our productive days as a civilization are gone and we are just dividing up the spoils of the past.

  • Close relatives of the coronavirus may have been in bats for decades

    How exactly the virus jumped to humans is still a mystery. But the study suggests the coronavirus most likely evolved in bats — such as intermediate horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus affinis), the source of the coronavirus that caused the 2003–2004 SARS outbreak — not snakes or pangolins as some researchers have suggested (SN: 1/24/20). Pangolins or another animal might still have been an intermediate host before the virus made it to humans.

    Lots of dangerous stuff hangs out in nature. Only when humans manage to intrude on the deep forests and jungles does it come to light. AIDS and Ebola were our warnings; COVID-19 is only the first of many, and probably the gentlest. Get ready for the really scary deep forest diseases!

  • Nearly one in three children have dangerous amounts of lead in bloodstream: study

    The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the high levels of lead in children were a “cause for action”, according to the report, which cited inadequate battery recycling and open-air smelters among the lead polluters.

    Humans like to engage in the sentimental fiction, or the idea that the world will not change around them, especially not in response to their actions. They treat clean air and water as a constant because those things existed when these people were young. Now we find out that our actions have consequences.

  • KFC admits a third of its chickens suffer painful inflammation

    More than a third of the birds on its supplier farms in the UK and Ireland suffer from a painful inflammation known as footpad dermatitis that in severe cases can prevent birds from walking normally.

    Footpad dermatitis is characterised by lesions on the feet, usually because of poor ventilation and litter management. KFC said the number of birds affected had fallen from more than half to 35% in just four years, and that its top suppliers were achieving levels of 15% or below.

    Factory farming is insane. We never needed it in the West until our populations swelled, especially among the poor low-IQ groups. When America consisted of the descendants of pioneers, everyone was roughly competent and could afford decent food, even with sacrifice. Now we have mountains of cheap, toxic, and apparently sadistic food, and still our thronging multitudes seem oblivious and discontented.

  • Satellite images reveal continued Chinese military build-up in Tibet and Aksai Chin areas

    Sources in the defence and security establishment said the additional build-up of troops and equipment in rear locations, especially with “substantial quantum” of troops in the Aksai Chin area, is what is making the Indian Army cautious about the disengagement process.

    According to an assessment, Chinese troops appear to be getting ready for long and harsh winters.

    China has dug itself into an economic hole and needs war.

  • Law enforcement behind half of all violence against African migrants, UN says

    “In 47% of the cases, the victims reported the perpetrators of violence are law enforcement authorities, whereas in the past, we believe that it was mainly smugglers and traffickers,” Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR special envoy for the central Mediterranean, told a news conference in Geneva.

    More cherry-picking. They looked only at reported incidents, since no one can see all of them. In those, they asked the victims who did it to them, and they blamed the cops just like George Floyd. Can no one see the lack of credibility here? These are lawbreakers accusing the law enforcers of brutalizing them. Hands up don’t shoot, etc.

  • Denial of Confederate group from Christmas parade upheld

    Three judges of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They upheld a lower court ruling that there was no constitutional violation in the denial of the permit because permitting decisions were made by a private, nonprofit group — not a government entity.

    And yet if a private, nonprofit group denied the right to march with gay pride flags or Communist black fist flags, there would be no end of agitating.

  • VMI says it won’t remove Confederate statues or rename buildings

    “We do not currently intend to remove any VMI statues or rename any VMI buildings. Rather, in the future we will emphasize recognition of leaders from the Institute’s second century. We will place unvarnished context on the value and lessons to be learned from the Institute’s rich heritage, while being mindful of the nation’s challenges and sensitivities to being fair and inclusive to all,” he wrote.

    Finally someone stands up to the bullies, even if doing so while endorsing nü-Amerika.

  • Top Antitrust Democrat: There’s a Case To Break Up Facebook

    Cicilline chairs the antitrust subcommittee, which has been looking into competition issues in the digital space. “Mr. Zuckerberg acknowledged in this hearing that his acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram were part of a plan to both buy a competitor and also maintain his money, power, or his dominance. That’s classic monopoly behavior,” Cicilline said on the “Axios Re:Cap” podcast. Cicilline’s criticisms weren’t limited to Facebook, pointing to the power Google and Amazon also hold in their respective markets. “I think what we saw today was confirmation that these large technology platforms have enduring monopoly power,” he said in the interview with Axios’ Dan Primack. A key issue remains whether existing antitrust law is broad enough to address the modern tech industry, especially companies that provide their products at no direct charge to consumers. “Congress is going to have to ‘think outside the box’ in a comprehensive way about what antitrust laws should look like in the 21st century,” Neguse told Axios’ Ashley Gold after the hearing.

    None of our laws were ready for cyberspace.

  • Portland police clear parks across from federal courthouse in early-morning sweep

    Mayor Ted Wheeler said the move was part of the plan for federal officers to leave the protection of the courthouse to state troopers.

    In other words, Trump got what he wanted: the Leftist mayors are now enforcing the law.


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