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  • Majority of Canadians against accepting more refugees, poll suggests

    Humans, ruled by doubt, tend to defer to social consensus (the proto-collective) in order to preserve their individual positions within the social order (individualism). These two seemingly opposite things — collectivism and individualism — are two sides of the same coin. Canadians are afraid to outright oppose diversity, so they get “edgy” and hedge their bets, claiming that they want more skilled migrants and hoping those do not show up. In the meantime, Boeing planes and Microsoft Windows 10 are crashing in unison because the “skilled” labor has forged its certifications or otherwise faked competence.

  • Tijuana authorities investigating migrant groups trying to buy children to cross into the United States

    Trump diplomacy triumphs again as Mexico begins using its police force to investigate the migrants, who seem to have mysterious large sums of money from somewhere, and encouragement from somewhere, prompting them to attempt illegal crossings.

  • Paratrooper called Mandela ‘terrorist’

    Nkululeko Zulu, who served as a lance corporal in the Parachute Regiment, also said he felt he had been held back for promotion due to his race.

    How do people fake competence? One way is to pretend to be a victim of discrimination and use it that force your way into a position of leadership, so that you can then appoint members of your own group. Ever notice that institutions in the West have become strikingly incompetent of late? We are allowing not just foreigners, but the sociopath incompetents among them, to rise in our system from fear of being called racists.

    In the meantime, Nelson Mandela was a terrorist.

  • Family of Las Vegas mass shooting victim sues gun makers

    The Left hopes to use the free market to crush your ability to arm yourself in order to defend yourself against the Left. They will be enabled by Leftist judges; any sensible judge would notice that just as a kitchen knife, hammer, rock, or car can be used to murder, guns have multiple uses and the manufacturers can do nothing about that. Expect this battle to explode in the future, hopefully before these crazy parasitic Leftists bankrupt our gun industry.

  • U.S., Germany slam China at U.N. Security Council over Xinjiang

    Our insane Leftists are framing up the next war for democracy. Who cares if China oppresses its Muslim minority? Their country, their rules. We should focus instead on making ourselves autonomous so that we do not need them, and they collapse from their paper tiger economy, sinecure bureaucracy, and typical Asiatic chess-playing scheming that always results in rapid conquest and then rapid collapse. Then, maybe the more realistic and hopeful ones shall rise, instead of the usual tyrants and warlords.

  • US top of the garbage pile in global waste crisis

    When I drive around the low-cost apartments here, I am amazed at how much waste is produced. You would think that the upper middle class suburbs produce a lot, but they do not. They tend to buy few gadgets, preferring quality to constant new things, and acquire fresh food that they cook at home. In the apartments, everyone eats out constantly, throwing out massive amounts of packaging, and distract themselves with new gadgets and toys constantly, resulting in lots of boxes in every dumpster. Why do we keep pouring people into this country, especially low-income people, when we know that they are going to make a trashpocalypse? In turn, we should look at business waste, which consists mostly of activities that need never be done generating masses of paper and worn-out office products in thousands of clear plastic bags, and the constant stream of dead trees flowing out of government offices. Who really needs all of this junk?

  • Florida Democrat who tangled with Trump over Gold Star widow’s treatment says people who mock members of Congress online should be arrested and prosecuted

    Simple people understand simple power structures only, and democracy loves simple people. If you want to live in a society where dissident voices can exist, you want to avoid third world style government. To do that, you need to change the electorate. Boats to Asia, Africa, and the middle east must commence…

  • China to Britain: Keep your ‘colonial’ hands off Hong Kong

    They have only one argument, it seems. They always claim that we are oppressing them, when in reality, colonialism did better than independence for many places. Hong Kong will be a flashpoint because its people want British-style leadership instead of being forced to join the Chinese Borg.

  • Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Back Citizenship Question on Census

    Americans are nervous about the fact that the nice places in America are disappearing, replaced by endless third world countries-within-a-country, and only the rich can buy their way into the nice places. Everyone else just hunkers down behind burglar bars, security systems, CCTV, and giant televisions turned up full blast to drown out the noise of a collapsing civilization. It is warm and comfortable in your room on the Titanic, at least until the cold waters pour in. Voices wake us, and we drown.

  • Increasing the amount of women on the boards of companies has seen profits slump by 12 per cent because they ‘take fewer risks’, study claims

    Diversity programs fail for many reasons, but a primary source for their failure comes from the fact that they select for group membership, and not competence. If you select for competence, you get the competent members of all groups; if you select for group membership, you get whoever is there with the right stuff on their résumé, which since our education is bunk and political correctness pervades all levels of institutions with affirmative action, tell you almost nothing about who is competent. Even Google discovered this when it began bailing on educational requirements and taking people for demonstrated competence alone, but then it began its own diversity hiring, and now no Google product seems to work reliably.

  • Jackson woman accused of hate crime

    Protasowicki denied being racist or shoving anybody. She said an “Arabian” couple booked the room but on arrival became unhappy with the room and demanded a refund.

    Protasowicki said the couple “pulled the race card” on her, saying the man told the woman to get her phone out and start recording the dispute and that they would make a lot of money posting the video on YouTube.

    She said police ignored allegations she made against the couple, including that the man grabbed her shirt.

    Sketchy people play the race card first. We tried to fix “racism”; we cannot. Time to bail out on diversity.

  • Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S acquires premium pipe tobacco brands

    Included in the deal are premium pipe tobacco trademarks such as Early Morning Pipe, Nightcap, Royal Yacht and Elizabethan Mixture that were previously sold under the Dunhill brand and carry a solid reputation as well as premium positioning.

    These classics of tobacco should never die. Bigger question: when will we stop with the stupid crusade against smoking that drives people away from pipes and cigars, which are not inhaled, to more destructive forms of use like cigarettes and vaping?

  • The FBI Somehow Lost Its Files About White Supremacist Forum Stormfront

    These were probably “lost” in order to protect the many federal agents and confidential informants who spend their days on white nationalist forums, encouraging you to “screw the optics, I’m going in.” If they get you to commit a crime, they will offer you a deal, namely that you can avoid jail and get paid a monthly stipend if you just inform on all your friends and encourage them to do illegal things. Eventually, all of white nationalism will be on the FBI payroll, in a weird parallel to the welfare state.

  • Appeals Court Rules Dallas Can’t Remove Confederate War Memorial ‘Until Further Notice’

    America splits in two over this issue. The Leftists want to erase history; others want to keep it alive. We cannot coexist. We want two different nations.

  • A Leftist Mob Attacked Me in Portland

    The important message that should be spread with this story is that “liberals” are Leftists. Originally the term “liberal” referred to what we call today a Libertarian, but as always happens, Libertarians swim Leftward because they are ultimately egalitarians who believe that if we let each individual do what is profitable, we will somehow magically get a civilization. It does not work and has never worked, and Libertarians always fall back on Leftism because it is closest to their belief system.

  • Trump Facebook ads use models to portray actual supporters

    Legally, it is safest to use stock photos, because that way you are not showing real people and effectively saying, “Hey Leftists! Give this one the Andy Ngo treatment!”

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