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  • Rwanda refugee charged in arson attack on 15th-century French cathedral

    A Rwandan refugee and church volunteer admitted to setting three fires in an arson attack that badly damaged a 15th-century Gothic cathedral in western France earlier this month, his lawyer confirmed.

    The July 18 blaze destroyed the organ, shattered stained-glass windows, and blackened the insides of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of the western French city of Nantes.

    A half-millennium of history destroyed by the bad decisions of democracy. Good work, votards! You wanted diversity to pay for your opulent and undeserved social programs, now you have no country. Time to admit that democracy is not working, equality is not working, and (whoo boy!) diversity is not working. Five years ago, people said “diversity is our strength” in public forums every day. Now, they fear doing that because of the outbursts of laughter that would follow. Diversity is the hill we chose to die on, not our strength!

  • WHO says keeping borders shut to thwart COVID-19 not “sustainable”

    “Continuing to keep international borders sealed is not necessarily a sustainable strategy for the world’s economy, for the world’s poor, or for anybody else,” Michael Ryan, WHO emergencies director, told journalists in a virtual briefing.

    From the mouth of the NWO to our ears. “Keep working, tax-paying economic units, or the underclasses and bureaucrats might starve!” If we separated the functional people from the rest, we would find that everyone in the functional people area needs to work a few hours a day and can spend the rest of the time figuring out who they are, why they are here, and what they are going to do about it. Instead, we stay in constant distraction, trying not to look down and see that our society is in fact a gaping abyss of ruin and we are lost.

  • US Senator Tom Cotton defends slavery remarks

    Republican Senator Tom Cotton said US founders viewed slavery as a “necessary evil upon which the union was built”.

    His comments were criticised as an attempt justify the slavery of black people.

    Apparently, the term “evil” is unknown to these people. As it turned out, slavery was expiring anyway because the quality of slave labor is poor compared to underpaid white serfs, and you do not need to give them pensions. Very few actually liked, but they saw it as a good way to acquire labor which would not have the problems of labor in Europe, namely frequently strikes and revolts. Automation would have expired slavery anyway, like it is about to obsolete the idea of low-skilled labor in the first place. Humanity can finally move on from the tyranny of the workers.

  • New Zealand PM Ardern’s ratings sky high ahead of election

    According to the survey the Labour Party, which is now in a coalition with the Greens and the nationalist New Zealand First party, would win 77 of 120 seats in parliament. This means Labour would be able to govern without a coalition partner.

    Ardern’s own popularity as preferred prime minister was sky high at 62%, while the National Party’s newly elected 61-year-old leader Judith Collins stood at just 14.6%

    In other news, voters are morons who always leap for the emotional symbolism and miss the bigger point. Ardern (who has the same vacant but consuming stare that Jack Dorsey does) simply reflected back suburban female values and produced an insufferable coddle-box society. The voters think they are clever for having beaten back the Gods of the Copybook Headings, when in reality, they are sowing the seeds of future crisis by ignoring real problems to chase after symbolic power.

    Along the same lines, Germany by far most admired country, with US, China and Russia vying for second – global poll:

    The US had a 33% global approval rating for 2019, just one percentage point ahead of China and 3% ahead of Russia. Germany outshines all three by a long stretch, with a 44% rating. These were the only four countries respondents were asked about.

    People like weak leaders and no oversight by those who know better. That flatters the individual human moron by allowing him to think that he can do whatever he wants with no consequences and society will still support him because it is mentally addled, distracted, oblivious, bourgeois, and weak. Naturally the polls favor weak leaders who will not force their people to confront reality, self-discipline, mature, and self-actualize. That requires a different kind of change… change within… and people fear it worse than death!

  • Lack of childcare found ‘destroying’ UK mothers’ careers amid COVID-19

    Almost three-quarters of mothers in Britain have been forced to cut work hours because of childcare issues under COVID-19 lockdowns, according to a survey by a maternal rights group which warned more action was needed to protect women’s careers.

    More than eight in 10 employed mothers said they needed childcare to be able to work, but fewer than half said they had enough childcare to let them do their job during the pandemic, showed the survey by Pregnant Then Screwed released on Saturday.

    They just about admitted here that public education is a time waster so that women can be economic units, too, and produce value so that we can tax it and keep paying for government and the underclass. What kind of sane society penalizes people, especially prosperous and intelligent ones, for reproducing? If we cut out all the taxes and entitlements, normal people can survive on a single salary again, and we will see the return of big happy families. And who can oppose that?

  • Over 70% of Belgians want to radically reduce their working hours

    Conducted by the Catholic University of Leuven (UCLouvain) in collaboration with the University of Saint-Louis and the Socialist Centre for Continuing Education (CESEP), the study showed that 73% of Belgians support a radical reduction in working hours in the period following the coronavirus epidemic.

    People would be happier working less. The only reason we work so much is to support the bureaucrats and underclass. If we cut off those parasites, we could take advantage of labor-saving technology, work a few hours a day, and still get a lot more actual advancement done than we are doing now. We are just cycling through the same activity with no hope that anything will get better.

  • Black armed protesters march in Kentucky demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

    The Black militia dubbed NFAC want justice for Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician who died in a hail of gunfire when drug investigators bearing a “no-knock” warrant entered her Louisville home four months ago.

    Any excuse for a good riot. These groups are funded and encouraged by Leftists of the Marxist shade. Remember that the Left wants a recession so that they can yeet Trump from the presidency.

  • Billions looted in corrupt COVID-19 feeding frenzy

    “We now have to put it on record that these are not black businesses, but thieves,” Zungu said.

    He called the beneficiaries of these corrupt contracts “parasitic COVIDpreneurs” who rob authentic and ethical black businesses of the opportunity to do legal business with the government.

    “South Africa is becoming a nation of thieves, with the most unscrupulous enablers in official positions all too ready to feast on the relief meant for the most vulnerable in our society.”

    He is correct: as long as there is White wealth to rip off, government will focus on that instead of doing good things for the African population, both the native Zulu and the imported Xhosa. The answer is to end diversity, and send those Afrikaners to Texas while restoring the Xhosa to further north where their origins lie. In a century, the buildings will have collapsed and the land will be in balance again.

  • South Africa: where white is fair game

    The whites are a minority with nine percent of the population. Since the end of the apartheid regime in 1994, 80,000 of them have been murdered. White farmers in particular are the victims of brutal, racist crimes.

    Whites do not only feel let down by the government, but also have the impression that they are generally considered to be fair game in the country they once built.

    They have to restrain themselves from the experiences of “apartheid”, already when addressing the problem there are threats of racism – and as a result even more hatred and violence.

    Diversity always ends in genocide. You either dominate the minorities, or they dominate you. The smart people refuse to play the game and stop diversity from occurring as it tends to, through natural human stupidity, selfishness, political manipulation, and entropy.

  • Trump wants to kill Social Security

    Trump hasn’t been too specific about the cut he demands, but even with a partial reduction in the payroll tax the poorest Americans would receive a few percent of the benefits, and the richest 20% would pocket half to two-thirds of the gains.

    By “gains” they mean “money not taken from them.” This article literally says: allow us to steal less from you, and we will accuse you of stealing.

    Trump has his eyes on the three-quarters of our budget that pays for entitlements. We never could afford this, and cutting it would gut Leftism and bash it back into the abyss of obscurity from whence it came.

  • Antiviral method against herpes paves the way for combating incurable viral infections

    The treatment consists of new molecules that penetrate the protein shell of the virus and prevent genes from leaving the virus to infect the cell. It does not lead to resistance and acts independently of mutations in the genome of the virus.

    Killer. Now we need one for the symbolic virus of Leftism. It might be as simple as deporting all of the Leftists to Venezuela.

  • Behind the Accidentally Resilient Design of Athens Apartments

    Greeks created their own funding system called antiparochi, in which developers saved themselves the cost of buying land by giving landowners a share of the constructed units when they were completed. “The best translation of the term is probably ‘flats for land,’ or as some people say, ‘quid pro quo,’” says Panos Dragonas, an architect and professor at Greece’s University of Patras. “The system saw landowners hand over their property, and in return get, say, two to five apartments back in the completed building to live in, or rent or sell. It was a bottom-up system of housing development not created by any law change by the government, though the state did offer motives for construction by granting tax breaks.

    Despite the fast construction — usually to a civil engineer’s design rather than an architect’s — the generally family-sized apartments (i.e. 2-3 bedrooms) were often pleasant places to live. With deep, often wrap-around balconies that were frequently large enough to fit a full-sized dinner table and a wall of plants, the apartments had communal central heating (still a novelty across Europe in the 1950s), spacious common areas and surprisingly solid construction.

    The state contributed little or no cash to these buildings, but it did place limits on some aspects of their design. It ensured, for example, that any polikatoikia rising above six floors was set back in tiers from that floor upwards. This created a characteristic Athenian roof-scape, in which little ziggurats of penthouse-style flats, with broad wrap-around terraces, could be found topping many buildings, even in less wealthy areas.

    A more sensible approach might divide our big cities into small neighborhoods surrounded by a couple miles of wild land. Each neighborhood would have a few thousand people and a single shopping district; this would cut parking and roads so that people could have enough land that everyone gets a small house and a moderate-sized lot. Then we end immigration and deport everyone else. There is enough land to live well, but the amount of land indicates the population that we should have. People with more money could buy bigger homes and live in neighborhoods with those like themselves. The main wisdom of the thinking behind these buildingsin Athens, contrary to what the article says, is that they were designed around family spaces instead of making the best possible photo in a brochure.

  • Police and protesters clash in violent weekend across Portland, Seattle and California

    Protests took a violent turn in several U.S. cities over the weekend, with demonstrators squaring off against federal agents outside a courthouse in Portland, Ore., forcing police in Seattle to retreat into a station house, and setting fire to vehicles in California and Virginia.

    Social order seems to be breaking down in liberal areas, setting the stage for revolution. Reminder: the organizers of these “protests” (riots) are trained Marxists.

  • Over-40s in UK to pay more tax under plans to fix social care crisis

    Under the plan over-40s would have to pay more in tax or national insurance, or be compelled to insure themselves against hefty bills for care when they are older. The money raised would then be used to pay for the help that frail elderly people need with washing, dressing and other activities if still at home, or to cover their stay in a care home.

    Government is broke again and someone has to pay. It turns out that no one can afford those “free” entitlements after all. In traditional societies, people paid for their own medical care, so had an incentive to stay healthy and active up until they either died in their sleep, had sudden heart attacks, or encountered a final illness, at which point the doctor just administered enough morphine to take away the pain forever. That turns out to be a happier life than agonizing perpetually over healthcare for increasingly bloated, lazy, unmotivated, and directionless citizenry.

  • Hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels descend upon Galápagos protection zone

    Around 260 Chinese fishing fleets have reportedly been detected in the ocean surrounding the Galápagos islands off the coast of Ecuador, according to the country’s navy.

    The discovery has sparked fears for the protected region’s diverse ecosystem and marine life. The eastern Pacific Ocean islands and the surrounding seas are a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for their unique wildlife and biodiversity.

    While democracy dithers as usual, the bad guys get ahead. Soon there will be a lot fewer fish around those islands. In other news, China is running out of food, as people predicted when the great experiment in having billions of citizens began. There will be war.

  • Paleo Then and Now: A Five-Year follow-up Survey of the Ancestral Health Community

    Despite these common stereotypes, the survey suggests that the majority of participants were actually: white, female, middle-aged (mean 38 years old), in a committed relationship, highly educated, relatively affluent, and motivated by weight loss and health concerns.

    Ancient diets are healthier than modern ones, and the most discerning consumers discovered this first.

  • Minnesota couple wears swastika face coverings at Walmart

    The couple was apparently using the masks to protest Minnesota’s face covering mandate, which went into effect on Saturday.

    “If you vote for (Joe) Biden, you’re going to be living in Nazi Germany,” the woman with the swastika mask told Mueller.

    In a hundred years, the swastika is going to be used as a safety symbol to draw attention to risks or challenges. As it is now, if there is an eyesore in your neighborhood, paint a swastika on it and it will be burned or bulldozed by dawn. We live in comical times.

  • Sydney Black Lives Matter protesters now facing arrests after court rules rally prohibited

    NSW Health’s Jeremy McAnulty rated the risk of transmission at the rally as “medium” and told the court he was concerned about whether social distancing could be maintained.

    We always have to use excuses in this society instead of admitting the obvious: when every demonstration of a certain type results in rioting, you can ban the demonstration on the grounds that it, too, will likely result in mayhem.

  • Man Shot At Downtown Austin Protest Dies From His Injuries

    According to initial reports, APD said, the victim approached the suspect’s vehicle and may have been carrying a rifle.

    The suspect inside the vehicle then shot the victim, police said.

    A witness at the scene named Julian told KUT’s Mose Buchele the vehicle almost hit the group of protesters before the shooting.

    “As we’re walking down passing Fourth Street, a blue car just come swerving out into the middle of the street almost runs over a bunch of protesters and everybody around starts like smacking the car trying to get him to slow down,” the witness said.

    Place people in fear of their lives by whacking their cars, and they may shoot you. Nothing was lost here.

  • Why a generation is choosing to be child-free

    If my baby were to be born today, they would be 10 years old when a quarter of the world’s insects could be gone, when 100 million children are expected to be suffering extreme food scarcity. My child would be 23 when 99% of coral reefs are set to experience severe bleaching. They would be 30 – my age now – when 200 million climate refugees will be roaming the world, when half of all species on Earth are predicted to be extinct in the wild. They would be 80 in 2100, when parts of Australia, Africa and the United States could be uninhabitable.

    We are in the middle of a mass extinction, the first caused by a single species. There are 7.8 billion of us, on a planet that scientists estimate can support 1.5 billion humans living as the average US citizen does today. And we know that the biggest contribution any individual living in affluent nations can make is to not have children.

    Here we see the comedy of voluntarism: the considerate people will not have children, but the selfish will bull right on ahead and have huge families, so future generations will be even more environmentally destructive. Just cut off the benefits, limit land use, and pull back from third world economies, and nature will do the rest.

  • Coronavirus prompts PM into obesity crackdown

    Ministers are still finalising the detail of some anti-obesity measures, such as whether to require more prominent labelling of food and drinks with high levels of sugar or salt.

    Some restaurants could be required to put calorie labels on menus.

    It is thought Mr Johnson is likely to push ahead with advertising restrictions, and is considering banning in-store promotions of unhealthy foods.

    Fighting effects and not causes. No one walks much anymore; why? Diversity has created whole zones of our cities that we only want to drive around, not experience. Being on the street means that you can be a victim. The affluent can afford gyms, and further reduce their free time by doing so. Everyone else just bloats up and watches more streaming television.

  • BC Mayor Shredded Confederate Flag Bandanas At A Dollar Store & She’s Not Sorry

    On Saturday, July 18, Summerland Mayor Toni Boot went to a local dollar store and destroyed all the Confederate bandanas for sale.

    If any non-minority person did this to ISIS flags, gay pride flags, Communist flags, or anything else, they would go to jail. Yet here we tolerate it from pity and guilt.

  • Carte Blanche Goes Undercover to Expose Outrageous Train Looting

    For months, train stations went silent as the national lockdown in South Africa forced millions of commuters to stay home, but on the railway tracks, opportunistic criminals went to work targeting state facilities that had been left non-operational.

    This is billions of rands in damaged infrastructure happening every day across the country in broad daylight.

    This is how the third world becomes the third world: it consumes itself. In the name of everyone having something, whatever concentrations of wealth exist are obliterated, resulting in everyone being equally poor except for those who can afford private security. In a few thousand years, nothing is left but monkeys with strangely wistful and depressed facial expressions.

  • German couple detained over threat mail to lawmakers, others

    Prosecutors said they had on Friday detained a 63-year-old former police officer and his 55-year-old wife, whose names were not revealed in line with German privacy policy, in the Bavarian town of Landshut. The man allegedly has a record for previous far-right criminal offenses, the German news agency dpa reported.

    Amazing how two people created such chaos. Imagine if they had included a manifesto!

  • Rescuer abseils down well to save trapped owl

    A rescuer in northern Germany brought a trapped owl out of a 40m-deep (131ft) well at a ruined castle, after descending on ropes.

    A local had heard the distressed eagle owl hooting from the well on Saturday and alerted the police.

    The Bad Segeberg fire service pumped oxygen into the shaft and set up an abseiling rig, after failing to lure the owl into a sack with bait.

  • Watch Engineers Take Their 60-Foot-Tall Gundam for a Walk

    Once finished, the robot will feature an incredible 24 degrees of freedom, meaning this thing will be able to walk. When everything is said and done, the whole thing will weigh in at about 25 tons, and that’s actually pretty lightweight, considering how heavy it could have been.

    Why did we ever go to war against these people?

  • Plato was right: Earth is made, on average, of cubes

    “Plato is widely recognized as the first person to develop the concept of an atom, the idea that matter is composed of some indivisible component at the smallest scale,” says Douglas Jerolmack, a geophysicist in Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Earth and Environmental Science and the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. “But that understanding was only conceptual; nothing about our modern understanding of atoms derives from what Plato told us.

    “The interesting thing here is that what we find with rock, or earth, is that there is more than a conceptual lineage back to Plato. It turns out that Plato’s conception about the element earth being made up of cubes is, literally, the statistical average model for real earth. And that is just mind-blowing.”

    Trust genius; ignore herd.

  • Mnuchin: Virus aid package soon, $1,200 checks by August

    Mnuchin told reporters at the Capitol that extending an expiring unemployment benefit — but reducing it substantially — was a top priority for Trump. The secretary called the $600 weekly aid “ridiculous” and a disincentive for people to go back to work. He also promised a fresh round of $1,200 stimulus checks would be coming in August.

    Republicans try to fight backdoor socialism as the Left shuts down America with a COVID-19 panic that is mostly hype and race riots which are mostly Marxist-sponsored vandalism and terror. If we paid for rioters dead or alive, we might achieve a better economic stimulus. Sort of like we do with wild boars and nutria.

  • California State University will require students to take an ethnic studies or social justice class to graduate

    “This action, by the CSU and for the CSU, lifts Ethnic Studies to a place of prominence in our curriculum, connects it with the voices and perspectives of other historically oppressed groups, and advances the field by applying the lens of social justice,” CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White said in a statement.

    “It will empower our students to meet this moment in our nation’s history, giving them the knowledge, broad perspectives and skills needed to solve society’s most pressing problems. And it will further strengthen the value of a CSU degree.”

    Every time there is a crisis, the moron middle class panics and the Left goes to work, changing everything it can in order to ruin it so that it can rule it. This particular curriculum change works as a subsidy for Leftists, since Ethnic Studies degrees are useless except for getting hired to teach more Ethnic Studies courses.

  • 5 Insights from Netflix’s Viewing Data for its Original Movies

    However, it is bad news for the idea that at some point Netflix can pull back on content spend. If you’re running a service that has to appeal to “everyone”, you need lots and lots of content to appeal. It looks like certain types of films have ceilings.

    As said here before, commerce (and the type of people destined by birth to be shopkeepers) love the idea of abolishing social standards and social class through equality. That way, they have nothing coming to their door but the proles who buy high-margin products recklessly and then throw them out, which means that everything can be made cheaply because the audience cannot tell the difference. However, this class warfare leads to pluralism, at which point the audience fragments into niches, and businesses now have to address each one of those, which is massively expensive. Add to this the Leftist economy where, union-style, everyone is just about guaranteed a job, and you have a system which consumes itself. The West will go out the same way that the Soviets did, and by the same mechanism: listening to the opinions of the herd instead of those gifted with insight and wisdom.


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