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  • Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass says a US-China trade deal can’t be reached

    China apparently refuses to keep any agreement that they make. In their view, we are weak and therefore can be manipulated. Definitely the Obama years did little to disabuse them of that notion.

  • No ‘day in court’: U.S. deportation orders blindside some families

    Facing a backlog of 900,000 cases, US immigration courts are simply SENDING THEM BACK.

  • Rewilding: as farmland and villages are abandoned, forests, wolves and bears are returning to Europe

    Since Europe no longer sustains itself with its own farming, people are abandoning rural areas and moving into the cities, which allows wild creatures to thrive. As soon as the great international wealth transfer program known as globalism winds down, this will reverse, but with luck this time we will leave enough land untouched for plants and animals.

  • Libya shipwreck: Scores of migrants feared drowned

    Here is a foolproof way to avoid any drownings: let no one in. Do not give them a lottery where some are accepted as dissidents in exile. Do not allow those who get the magic “feet dry” to stay. Send everyone back and accept no one. Then, and only then, will they stop coming, and thus these tragedies can be entirely averted.

  • Supermarkets are designed to make us fat, say public health experts

    We have all these people, and they all need jobs, so we invent endless harmful and pointless economic activity to keep them busy. It took us several decades, but people are discovering that 1980s folk wisdom was true and that you want to “shop the periphery” of stores for things like meats, produce, bread, and tobacco and ignore all the stuff in shiny boxes and bags in the middle. Not only will you be healthier, but you generate a lot less landfill this way.

  • Guatemala avoids Trump threat of sanctions with new migration deal

    Trump diplomacy does not work like Obama cajoling and empty threats. He makes deals: you get access to something that you want in exchange for doing what we need you to do. This tends to work a lot better than the Obama method.

  • Posting a negative review online can get you sued

    “We’re seeing a rise in individuals being sued for speaking out online,” said Evan Mascagni, who works for the Public Participation Project. He says many lawsuits are designed simply to intimidate. They’re called “SLAPP” lawsuits (for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).

    “A SLAPP filer doesn’t go to court to seek justice; they are just trying to silence or harass or intimidate a critic of theirs,” Mascagni said.

    Some states have laws against SLAPP lawsuits, but there is no federal anti-SLAPP statute.

    The Internet has effectively killed what was left of honor. People are under no compulsion to be true, polite, or even remotely decent that isn’t personal in origin. In strong honor cultures, this used to lead to .357-based accountability. Or perhaps you had to solve the riddle of steel or else it got jammed right through your torso. Perceived “Fighting Words” quite literally introduced you to physical combat if the the offended party dropped his gloves. When Robert Heinlein opined that an armed society was a polite one, he was pointing out that the threat of an instant dose of .357 karma tended to make people polish their social graces and avoid giving offense.

    With all of that gone, we struggle to try and use civil law to try and bring peace to two thoroughly scurrilous parties. Click farms that could be in Mali can be hired at maybe 10 cents a post to trash a competitor’s reputation. One the other end of the steelyard, sleazy businesses introduce silencing lawsuits to quell honest criticism any time they get three stars or less on the review. It will never get solved because a third party never wants it to.

  • Ilhan Omar: We Should Be ‘More Fearful of White Men’

    This Ilhan Omar babe is a cute, little fuzzy-wuzzy. The Troll Level here is improving. The smug pollution still deducts a few points, but she’s getting the hang of this new media thing. And I hope people will become more fearful of White Men. That way, these parasitic diversity maggots would seriously contemplate leaving us the fluck alone.

  • When is ‘full retirement age’?

    A large number of people working in mathematics or engineering have been asked to calculate life tables. These mathematical charts are designed to give you a highly accurate Baysian estimate to answer a common yet necessary question. “How long will this piece of equipment last?” One of the most comprehensive and professional life tables compiled in the world is done right here in The USSA. The Social Security Administration can tell you just about down to the man-jack exactly how many Amerikans will bite the bag and step out the door by age and sex every month of the year.

    Why the accuracy? So they can figure out how to disincentivize you from quitting your job until they milked every last usable year out of you. Full Retirement Age? That’s just a mathematically calculated age at which you have just about nothing left. It also makes you old enough so that you won’t be collecting full benefits for a long and onerous stretch. So work out, stay in shape, and last longer. That way you can screw the gubbermint, instead of the gubbermint sticking it to you.

  • Rejoice, the Earth Is Becoming Greener

    Guys, it’s not all bad news out there! Your planet is become a greener and healthier place for plants.

    This greening is good news. It means more food for insects and deer, for elephants and mice, for fish and whales. It means higher yields for farmers; indeed, the effect has probably added about $3 trillion to farm incomes over the last 30 years. So less land is needed to feed the human population and more can be spared for wildlife instead.

    Let’s not blow this by just expanding and paving it all over.

  • No girls have been born for three months in 132 Indian villages amid fears of sex-selection

    None of the 216 children born across 132 villages in one Indian state over the last three months were girls, authorities have revealed. Officials in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand state have launched a probe over fears parents have been having sex-selective abortions. India outlawed sex-selective abortion in 1994, but it’s still common practice to terminate female fetuses as they are seen as a financial burden, with families often needing to provide money for costly dowries, despite the fact they were outlawed in 1961.

    So somewhere Garret Hardin said something about time preferences. High ones are not a smart person’s friend. This is where people are literally killing their future generations to get ahead now. It’s amazing how much of our modern government, medicine, law and social organization is aimed at helping people move their entire future into the now. It’s a never a problem until they wake up the next morning.

  • Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours

    Software is hard. It’s harder if you are stupid. As companies attempt to economize on both hardware costs and labor in synonymy, they have less and less intelligent people dealing with increasingly abstract logical mathematics. It’s like having the retarded kids playing with the fireworks – funny unless they stand right next to you.

    Some models of Airbus A350 airliners still need to be hard rebooted after exactly 149 hours, despite warnings from the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) first issued two years ago. In a mandatory airworthiness directive (AD) reissued earlier this week, EASA urged operators to turn their A350s off and on again to prevent “partial or total loss of some avionics systems or functions”.

    So major airplane manufacturers are increasingly unable to make their software work. It looks like they’ll just have to eat the cost and weight penalties associated with analog functions and hard-wired electronics. That, or we won’t have safe or friendly skies until the regulators make them. Stupid greed always grows the size of government.

  • Trump administration rule would cut 3 million people from food stamps

    So George Church is almost stereotypical as the crazy academic with weird ideas. He wanted to use Wholly Mammoth DNA to bring them back to life. He’s also got a little list…It’s a list of human genes he believes we could modify in order to change what we are as a species. He does this to optimize our potential. He wants to dial up his own version of a Renaissance Man. It’s a project similar to that of Dr. Frankenstein.

  • Mayor Ted Wheeler addresses accusations he’s failed to enforce the law during Portland protests

    To all six or seven souls who truly wondered whether Ted Wheeler was a good mayor for Portland, OR. I, like the Delphic Oracle of yore, offer up the answer to your deep existential angst. Ted Wheeler is exactly the mayor that the people who run Portacrapper, OR wanted. They want a toady, in a stuffed shirt, who will deny, deflect and make all the critics just go away. ANTIFA got the perfect mayor to have in charge when they schedule their periodic Krystalnachts.

    Even national figures weighed in on the controversy. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz called for a federal investigation into the mayor’s alleged actions accusing him of allowing citizens to be attacked by “domestic terrorists.” “I thought it was beneath a United States senator,” Wheeler said. “The truth is, I wasn’t even here. I wasn’t even in the United States. I was with my family in Ecuador on a wildlife tour.” Wheeler added that there are misconceptions about his role in PPB’s tactical decision-making process during demonstrations. “One of the things I would like the public to know, is there is a unified incident command center that’s engaged during these demonstrations. There is an incident commander, certainly the police chief,” he said

    So let’s rewind the tape. This one is a highlight worthy of WokeCenter.

    1. Mayor Wheeler denies the right of others to criticize him while slipping in quite a fine juke with the passive-aggressive insult.
    2. He tells people he wasn’t even there. Quite a true statement that. Even when he finishes his wildlife tours in Ecuador and returns, he was elected to never really be there.
    3. And !SOMEBODY ELSE! is totally in charge. You can’t blame poor Ted Wheeler.

    Yes, Mayor Wheeler, somebody else runs Portland. Since the police aren’t willing or able to kill to hold the streets, people who are totally happy to inflict damage on their foes own those streets instead. But that’s OK, Tedster. You were elected to sign a hand receipt for a city that others would knowingly wreck while denying all responsibility for the incipient carnage.

    Mayor Wheeler has done that job to perfection. He is exactly what the true people who run Portland wanted in a mayor. See how beautifully democracy works?

  • White professor sues black university for racial discrimination

    Troll Level: strong and obnoxious. Prospects: bleak, but hey, Preparation H litigation is more about salving butthurt than winning. Here we have a white professor who has lackied faithfully at Tuskeegee Institute for 40 years. He gets paid less than younger (and presumably more adequately melanated) peers.

    A white professor at a historically black university in Alabama has filed a federal lawsuit against the school for age and racial discrimination after he claims they have denied him the salary he deserves, despite his tenure. Marshall Burns, a 73-year-old physics professor at Tuskegee University, alleges the school pays younger employees at least $18,000 to $30,000 more than him, although his professorship spans over four decades.

    Now the typical guy who writes physics textbooks for a living wants a good answer when he asks for a raise twelve times and always gets turned down. Particularly after the state legislature has put a shiny, gold star on the tip of his nose in honor of his brilliant textbooks. “You white, M@th@r-F*ck%r!” sounds like an inadequate explanation that is seemingly not np-complete. Dr. Burns is a funny man. A professor of physics should know better how the world around him works. Amerika has certain forms of “racism” that are encouraged, supported and even cheered on by the chattering classes. All this will do is hasten the day we get sick of all this crap and restore Freedom of Association so that Dr. Burns can go get paid by his own kind, or dissolve yet another failed, diverse empire.

  • How MS-13 gang’s bloody campaign spilled into a San Fernando Valley high school

    Panorama High School was already on edge after a 10th grader went missing. Then, six students were detained in February 2018 with no explanation. There were whispers that the missing boy had been murdered, but the campus was in the dark about a possible motive and suspect. Authorities now say several of the students are linked to the killing of their missing classmate, Brayan Andino, and another man among seven slayings allegedly carried out by a local clique of MS-13. The high school has emerged as a disturbing backdrop to what authorities describe as a reign of terror in the San Fernando Valley by the notoriously violent street gang with a strong presence in both the U.S. and El Salvador.

    If we don’t keep that border open, we could miss out on all the best guacamole. So having a few local high schools become de facto gang dens is a small price to pay. It’s not like those spent a whole lot of their spare time composing classical music or solving Legendre Polynomials anyhow. Now admittedly, some of these MS13 guys are better armed than Marx envisioned his Reserve Army of Labor. But all foreign cultures are fascinating and just good as ours. Anyone who suggest these people have gotta go back is a !RACIST! anyway. Senator Kamala Harris tells us that on good authority.

  • Border wall: Supreme Court allows Donald Trump’s emergency spending

    Trump got a lot of flack for wading through this one instead of acting as Obama would have, with force. He plays the long game, which means that everything has to be solid so that it does not simply get uprooted when in progress. Now it looks like he is going to get his wall, and this will reduce immigration by sending a strong signal that America is full and does not want any more influx from elsewhere. The pendulum swings back yet again…

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