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Mass Panic

Out there in the world today, the weirdness took over. People seem both distracted and irate, as if their order was late or they got the wrong color sundress from the factory. This shows me that people are afraid and acting out because, well, what else would they do?

Looking for correlates, one finds only the sad spectacle of Bob Mueller stumbling in front of Congress, asserting the narrative unsteadily and looking like he wants to be far away. Chances are he was promised something tasty for investigating Trump, but now is being held overtime.

The fear and trembling hits white people the hardest. They depend on the narrative for a sense that things are going well, as opposed to what they know in their inner selves, which is that we are heading into the abyss. They want to believe.

However, they cannot do this when the narrative cracks. Trump not being corrupt smashes the narrative. Leftism failing across the board makes them realize that they have wasted big portions of their lives clipping the wrong articles, cheering for the wrong things, and watching the irrelevant news.

Even more, they realize that the future is uncertain. It was easy when the task was to repeat the same dogma over and over again and be rewarded by other humans. However, nature has taken over; the programs that those other humans supported have failed. Something must take their place.

Panic flows in the veins of the world. Big change is coming, and big instability. Life will not be as easy as saying the right memorized thing, doing the correct memorized job role, and regurgitating the appropriate memorized things in school.

We might actually encounter reality.

As I wandered in the world today, I felt the panic. Something has died, and something new is replacing it. Your average white person, who was depending on this system to keep back the obvious threats of diversity and democracy, feels great fear.

For me, the beauty comes in realizing that the fear is clearing out spaces. Emptiness takes over from lies. Chaos takes over from false order. Evil seizes the spaces previously dominated by fake good. We are in a time of great change, and I welcome the fresh air on my face as we lunge forward.

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