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  • New York dives into the black hole of wind turbine energy

    So the power grid lakes the voltage to keep the lights on as is. In addition to that, the leadership believes nuclear power is dangerous and immoral. They therefore intend to yank the plug on two nuke reactors. Here’s what not to do, as The Great State of New York seeks to prevent further failures on its grid.

    Assuming this deal shapes up in a fashion similar to the one currently underway in Maryland, the wind farm developers will have to be guaranteed a far higher rate for their energy than is currently being paid. It works out to $131.93 per megawatt-hour, compared to the current average cost of $41.16 in New York City and $45.05 on Long Island.

    Not all of the juice in Gnu Yawk City will come from the bird-whackers. A certain percantage will. If ten percent of the juice in NYC is Bird-Whacker in origin, the juice bill goes up about 22%. If 50% of the juice is Bird-Whacker current, you’ve doubled the price of electricity. .And that’s not all they win, Dom Pardo.

    The construction costs for the wind farm are absolutely going to skyrocket past the current, optimistic estimates. The reason for that is that Cuomo has already agreed to “a union project labor agreement before they commence.” That means that no contractors will be able to work on the projects unless they bring in only union construction workers, driving up costs significantly.

    This will go about as well for the taxpayers as it does when a major defense contractor has all the tech data for a system and forces the government onto an undefinitized contract to support it. The construction f irms will hold all the power. They only have to drag things out to on or about the Nuke station shutdown date and then double their bid.

  • Young Democratic Socialists trained to recruit without using word ‘socialism’

    “We want to abolish capitalism, nothing less than that,” organizer Anna Bonomo recently told Young Democratic Socialists of America members during an online conference call training.
    But to do that, she continued, sort of convince people they need socialism without using the word.

    Everyone with a functional brain knows what Socialism is. They comprehend implicitely that equalitarianism always leads to death. Asking someone if they’d like more socialism is like asking them if they want dormant cancer cells in their next vitamin supplement pill. But if you call the arsenic cheese dressing something else, they might be dumb enough to pour it on their salad. As the world approaches a mean IQ of 85, we can increasingly expect this sort of garbage. It’s not like they have a reason to respect the intelligence of the average college kid anymore.

  • Millennials are flocking to the Pacific Northwest, study finds

    Millennials may not be the “Great Generation,” but they’re the largest group of Americans in the labour force, with the power to reshape industries. So where do they like to live?
    They’re attracted to cities with high wages, high home prices and an overall high cost of living that are already popular with those in their age bracket, according to a new study of U.S. census data conducted by insurance agency Haven Life. The Pacific Northwest, with its natural beauty and legal marijuana, pulled in the top two spots. Millennials account for about a fifth of both the greater Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas…

    Millenials just love inflicting diversity upon others. They, themselves don’t want that crap on their carpet unless it can pay the rather hefty condo association fees. Like the Boomer obsession with “Really Good Schools,” this is just hypocritical Left Wing Knee-Grow control. Trump needs to weaponize the Somali refugee population he isn’t willing to toss and confine them to Portland, Seattle, and the Amerika side of Vancouver.

  • We Need A New Elite

    (((Z))) goes deep this morning. This one, as they say at the ballpark, just went yard.

    In order for a society to function, that elite must be explicit and indebted to the welfare of the society over which they rule. Conservatism always started with an understanding of duties and obligations.

    I’ll take it in another direction. You want a new elite, eh? What you really need is three orders of elite. A moral elite, a cognitive elite, and an executive elite. A moral elite figures out what a scoiety should be doing. A cognitive elite figures out how. An executive elite gets ish done. Amerika, right now, has an executive elite. Donald Trump has that one covered. You may or may not like the SOB, but what The Donald decides to do is very hard to stop.

    We may have the necessary raw material for a cognitive elite. Under a democracy, they don’t want to admit this too loudly. We all know what happened to the smart nerd in the novel Lord of The Flies. Exaggereated nerdiness is a form of self-defense for people who are afraid raw brain-power will be viewed as strange or threatening by the ignorant mob. Get them out of the geek shell, and Amerika has brains to burn if they can properly employed and directed.

    This gets us to the ultimate failure of democracy. We have no moral direction that can’t pass a public opinion poll. If Satan can’t squash any emerging moral elite with that combat multiplier, he won’t ever be ruling outside of Hell. Democracy seems almost calibrated to strip moral elites of all authority and station. And then people’s kids learn their life-lessons from Spongebob. We then wonder why our society has no rudder or direction. Democracies are like that as they arc past enlightened representation and into demotic sclerosis. It is the Type II Diabetes of social organization. A society of fat, dumb, and happy consumers just waiting for the barbarians to blood harvest with a grim and dripping scythe.

  • Trump: bipartisan budget agreement would raise spending by $320 billion

    How do implacable enemies reach a compromise? Thay all get paid until they can no longer resist the bribe. Every man or woman has their price at which they become a whore. The more that individual hates what they are expected to climb into bed with, the more expensive that price had better be. At a price-tag of $320Bn, that’s a big, steaming pile of hatred. I think I’ve solved an economic conundrum here. Hatred and cowardice are the reasons Amerika can no longer come close to honoring a debt ceiling or balancing a budget. We hate eachother too much to just coexist without massive bribes, we are a little too afraid to run out the guns at present. So the Visigoth Holiday parties on like Spring Break at Fort Lauderdale. We all pretend to be unified. It’s a transitory state that continues until The Visigoth Holiday runs out of beer.

  • Is Ilhan Omar a ‘Failed American Experiment?’

    Possible answers include….

    No – She’s Cersei with a suntan screwing her brother.
    No – She’s a homesick Somali abortion that somehow crawled free of the medical waste dumpster.
    Or, more accurately, yes. She is the sign that diversity plus proximity equals depravity. Now, now. Not ALL diversity is like that. But, there always be at least some that is that greedy, that hateful, that dishonest and that ambitious. The societal disunity and breakdown will draw the thirsty parasite to drink the blood of the forcibly diversified society. So perhaps the most accurate answer of all would be No. She is an Amerikan experiment that successfully demonstrates D4 – diverse, demotic, democracies die.

  • House bill targets use of Pentagon networks for child pornography

    The End National Defense Network Abuse (END Network Abuse) was introduced in the wake of in an investigation called “Project Flicker” carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This investigation identified over 5,000 individuals, including many affiliated with DOD, who were subscribed to child porn websites. The Pentagon’s Defense Criminal Investigative Service subsequently identified hundreds of DOD-affiliated individuals as suspects involved in accessing child pornography, several of whom used government devices to view and share the images.

    Good Lord. No wonder The Taliban is winning. This is how democracy’s great empire goes flaccid.

  • Highlights: Boris Johnson promises to get Brexit done on October 31

    “We are going to energize the country. We are going to get Brexit done on Oct. 31 and we are going to take advantage of all the opportunities it will bring in a new spirit of can do. Like some slumbering giant we are going to rise and ping off the guy-ropes of self-doubt and negativity with better education, better infrastructure, more police, fantastic full-fiber broadband sprouting in every household. We are going to unite this amazing country and we are going to take it forward.”

    Boris, The MBGA PM. Make Britain Great Again seems to be the unspoken subcontext to this speech. He was simple, to the point, and communicated. Now let’s see him deliver. It would be nice to see more of the Anglosphere have non-#SJW leadership.

  • Trump administration rule would cut 3 million people from food stamps

    Currently, 43 U.S. states allow residents to automatically become eligible for food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, if they receive benefits from another federal program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, according to the USDA. The agency wants to change that by requiring people who receive TANF benefits to pass a review of their income and assets to determine whether they are also eligible for free food from SNAP, officials said. If enacted, the rule would save the federal government about $2.5 billion a year by removing 3.1 million people from SNAP, according to the USDA.

    One of Trump’s greatest features as POTUS has been his ability to make the people still carrying Amerika have to carry less. If the 3.1M who are on welfare went elsewhere to escape Bad Orange Man, would any of your lives be worse off? About 120 Million Amerikans want to stand up and cheer. When you are paying someone to exist who gives you nothing at all in return, you are their de facto slave.

  • Wendy Davis: I’m Running for Congress Again So ‘Our Children . . . Can Live’

    Oh Good. Waco Homewrecker is back. Abortion Barbie wants to run for Congress. So that our children can live? WTF!? Wendy Davis is a repulsive slug of overwheening ambition. She needs to be eaten by pigs, excreted back out in modified form, and then used to fertilize some decent woman’s geraniums. It doesn’t matter why she claims to do anything. She is just lying. And like most pathetic failures of demotic politics, she just never goes away. Someone will elect this ruined human being to something. She’ll run as often as Gus Hall once did until she succeeds.

  • Mich. man who led anti-immigration fight nearly forgotten

    His name was John Tanton. Liberals wish he could be forgotten. They also like to pretend Enoch Powell never gave his “Rivers of Blood” speech. Tanton was disowned by cucks. He never back-stabbed the Alt-Right of his day. He corresponded and attempted to coalesce people like Garret Hardin and Jared Taylor. He founded FAIR. Our nation would be a far greater one if he were venerated rather than consigned to the memory hole for cremation.

    Some say John Tanton is a visionary. Others call him an ogre. But the most common response to his name might be a blank stare. The last is surprising given he single-handedly started a social movement — and not just any crusade but one of the biggest in history, one that is roiling American politics today, historians say. He is the father of the modern anti-immigration movement.

  • This Day In History: Detroit Riots begin in 1967

    The rioting continued all week, and the U.S. Army and the National Guard were called in to quell the worst of the violence. By the time the bloodshed, burning and looting ended after five days, 43 people were dead, 342 people were seriously injured and nearly 1,400 buildings had been burned or ransacked.

    Diversity and Socialism are a toxic combinationt hat can end in no other way. Dteroit became remarkably less diverse once the conquered enemies fled. The barbarians still struggle to recreate any semblance of the civilization that the survivors took with them once they ran. No wonder John Tanton fought so hard to preserve his own.

  • Rashida Tlaib Calls For $20 Federal Minimum Wage

    Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Job Creators Network, told the Free Beacon, “America can’t afford a $15 minimum wage, never mind $20.” Ortiz also pointed to recent move by the Bernie Sanders campaign to cut hours for its staff as an example of the economic impact wage increases have. “It’s a shame Rep. Tlaib didn’t hear that Bernie Sanders is cutting his staff’s hours to meet their demands for a $15 minimum wage,” Ortiz said. “If she won’t listen to job creators about the unintended consequences of a higher minimum wage, maybe she’ll listen to a socialist politician.”

    This Ortiz cuck has decided to pretend that Rashida Tlaib genuinely cares about other people. She is out for power. You can’t have as much government power if people are increasingly self-sufficient. This has to be destroyed. Pass a minimum wage that craters your job market, and the people all end up on the dole. Where Congressmen and Senators can control them better. Socialism is slavery followed by an early and undignified death.

  • Widespread blackout hits Venezuela, government blames ‘electromagnetic attack’

    More than half of Venezuela’s 23 states lost power on Monday, according to Reuters witnesses and reports on social media, a blackout the government blamed on an “electromagnetic attack.” It was the first blackout to include the capital, Caracas, since March, when the government blamed the opposition and United States for a series of power outages that left millions of people without running water and telecommunications.

    Yep. Those desperate capitalists have just EMP’d Venezuela. And NYC as well. These blackout things seem to be predominantly hitting Marxian suck-holes. Must be Big Orange Man’s fault. Or not.

    Venezuela’s national power grid has fallen into disrepair after years of inadequate investment and maintenance, according to the opposition and power experts.

    That happens when the votes need to be bought. Investment and maintenance can go bugger. New Orleans spending the levee money on highway improvements near some casino before Katrina fits this pattern well. Mob wants casino. Screw the levees! Demotism – the ultimate EMP.

  • Professor Amy Wax And The Bell Curve

    Humor that has an undercurrent of desperation and fear never works. Ho, ho ho! Amy Wax reads forbidden books. She talks about forbidden topics. What a crazy lady! Let’s all laugh along with The Good People.

    All law professors have hobbies. For some, it is cooking. For others, it is politics. And others seem like they have a deep problem with anyone who isn’t white. They do things like claim that black law students perform poorly compared to their white counterparts. Or that U.S. immigration policy should allow mostly whites into the country.

    And just how sick a little puppy is this Dr. Wax?

    In her mind: “All cultures are not equal. Or at least they are not equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy. The culture of the Plains Indians was designed for nomadic hunters, but is not suited to a First World, 21st-century environment. Nor are the single-parent, antisocial habits, prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-‘acting white’ rap culture of inner-city blacks; the anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among some Hispanic immigrants.” You might think me unfair in just quoting her op-ed…

    Oh, heaven forfend that we consider the wasted sperm-squirt who wrote this garbage article unfair! I mean its not like you can allow people to spout off with eugenics and Social Darwinism. That would be egregiously logical and true. Amy Wax is speaking truth to the ignorant howler monkeys. It’s too bad that one of these lower primates got hired by Above The Law. Amy Wax is magnificently right. Her statements are correct as well. Above The Law is beneath contempt. Crawl away, Journo-slime.

And since Northern ‘Bama has been positively awash with 50th Anniversary of Apollo agitprop, I figured I’d victimize you guys as well. Demotism – To Infinity and Beyond!

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