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  • One-third of Americans have cut their spending this year, and some fear a recession is coming

    Our government is paralyzed by infighting. Our nation is divided. This means that we will not be able to enact any policy, and that type of stagnation gets punished by the markets. Democrats own that one for obstructing Trump. In the bigger picture, a global recession is coming as the markets recapture false value from the failed dot-com boom and failed globalist Keynesian international market. Both of these produced a short-term boost in value, but since it was not backed by actual production, it now will collapse and the markets will adjust for the lost value.

  • Study suggests Russian social media trolls had impact on 2016 election

    “Had impact” makes a different assertion than “were necessary for the outcome that we got.” Lots of things had impact, including many for the other side. The Left wants us to look at Russia so that we ignore China, which is how they fool you. China and the Clintons were in bed when the Clintons “fundamentally transformed” America back in the 1990s to much hand-clasping and singing of “We Are The World” by aging 68ers. China is most likely responsible for something equally vile now. They certainly benefited from the weak Obama presidency. How much would it cost to buy the individuals in high positions of media, government, academia, and non-profits? A half-million each plus the sale of their homes will net them a tidy retirement, and so they are cheap for a country that spends a million dollars on air-to-air missiles on a regular basis. In the meantime, what this “Russia interference” narrative tells us is that we can be effective on social media as well, and that is why Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and GoDaddy are censoring us.

  • Jewish novelist blames ‘climate of fear’ in UK for cancelled talks

    They feared his Jewishness would alienate Palestinian sympathisers among their clientele and could result in protests, the publicist said.

    With diversity, or the incorporation of different groups who hate each other for being different into the same society, no narrative is safe except a story of the ongoing triumph of consumerism, equality, diversity, socialism, and democracy.

  • Mexico president mixes left, conservative policy in 1st year

    A leftist, he has been more fiscally conservative than any of his predecessors since the 1950s. He has cut the size of government so dramatically it has drawn protests. He has been more openly religious than most Mexican presidents in recent memory.

    This shows us populism triumphing, and as a result, the Left attempting to capture populism or rebrand it as a Leftist version. We might say that populism has three parts:

    1. Identity. Each society has an identity formed of cultural factors, and these are tied to a specific group, so you get nationalism and social conservatism.
    2. Austrian economics. Every government has spent itself into debt, and each of those governments spends most of its budgets on entitlements and bureaucracy, so those must be reduced.
    3. Futurism. Since the Vietnam war, no one has been thinking toward the future, only how to divide up the money and power that we have now, which is effectively a backward- and inward-looking prospect.

    The Left will now dial back on its social liberalism for a generation, pretending to be “fiscally responsible” and adopting Libertarian talking points so that it can preserve its power and wait out the current spasm so that it can then resume pushing toward socialism, genetic uniformity, and world government again. Andrew Yang was just the cutting edge and apparently, even fooled a good number of Rightists, so the new “moderate” position is going to be “Leftist populism.” It should be ignored because it is simply a deception.

  • Scots families struggle to feed children in school holidays

    Entitlements states take money out of the economy, driving prices higher and wages lower. This results in people barely having enough to get by. They then depend on the state even more, which leads to conditions where everyone is living off the work of the productive, including the state, and the group of productive shrinks because, why bother?

  • Rich get richer, everyone else not so much in record U.S. expansion

    When you tax the heck out of everyone, only those with enough money to avoid getting bashed down by this succeed. The rich get richer because government is taking more to give to the poor, and the rich can afford this, while no one else can. This is why the “yellow vests” protests showed us the future: government and equality is strangling productivity and destroying normal life. It has been for some time, but now it has reached crisis proportions. To end this, cut the entitlements states and let people keep more of their money, let prices go back to a reasonable level, and stop bringing in millions of immigrants to drive down wages. For a bonus, encourage women to leave the workforce and have families, and eliminate useless jobs that subtract from the salaries of worthwhile ones. Slash regulations, legal red tape, unions, and lawsuits that raise costs without delivering money into the hands of the productive. Reward the good, punish the bad, and let everyone else adapt. It sounds brutal, but it is better than everyone being equally poor except for a few major winners.

  • West African nations hope to launch shared currency by 2020

    Smaller nations can take heed of how the EU has failed, but how similar ideas can prosper. Shared currencies and free trade zones work; UN-style ideological empires do not.

  • US police probe arrest of black man using IV machine outside hospital

    It added that the IV was removed “at the request of the subject by FHN medical personnel (not security or police)”.

    Officials also told ABC News that Mr Dukes had not been given permission “to leave the hospital while still hooked to an IV machine”.

    Another shakedown. Black fellow does something odd, and low-cost security fellow reacts somewhat wildly but not cruelly, and then hospital reacts based on the the attempt by black fellow to seemingly walk away with an IV machine. Civil rights law makes this an expensive lawsuit that will be paid off, and the costs transferred to the rest of us. Black fellow, being poor for a reason, will blow the money. No one wins.

  • American Pride Hits New Low; Few Proud of Political System

    As happened with Brexit, when someone breaks away from the groupthink, the political system reacts by becoming the opposite of the government “for the people, of the people, and by the people.” Instead, it defends its own interests, showing us that government is merely another self-interested corporation, and the careerists within it and surrounding industries (media, academia, non-profits, contractors) are acting in their own self-interest at our expensive. No one can have faith in such a system (“racket” might be more like it).

  • 35,000 MORE Africans on way to US via South America

    Democrats have succeeded in keeping the chance of getting asylum or at least illegal status followed by amnesty open. As Reagan was warned, once you enact one amnesty, people expect it to become a regular thing. They will roll the dice on getting into the country, since someone is funding them to do so, because they stand to gain quite a lot if they get in and will lose very little if they are sent back. In the meantime, they get to experience a holiday on the dime of the American taxpayer. The same is true in Europe. The only solution is to send a strong signal: no one gets in, period.

  • Math teacher loses job after defending Western Civilization

    The herd resents Western Civilization for having succeeded and making everyone else look bad. Under diversity, any group that is offended gets to widen the envelope of what is permissible, so they will all be “offended” as often as possible, since this makes their cultures more powerful at the expense of the former majority. You can either be conquered or conquer, and everyone sane chooses the latter, since no one wants to live by the goodwill of another group that may turn on them and exile them. They fear exile more than anything else, knowing that diversity is unstable, and therefore when it crashes, the obvious solution will be for them to Go Back Home by any means necessary. As a result, they want to “fundamentally transform” the country, wrecking it in the process, so that this great exile cannot occur.

  • Woman charged with making ethnic threats to black workers at Jewish loan office

    White person of dubious genetics applies for a loan from a charity designed to make loans to Jews that is staffed by Africans, then calls in racial rhetoric and gets arrested and media-shamed. We are simply eliminating ideological enemies with these frequent show trials and examples made of hapless people who deserve no such rancor.

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