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  • Hackers Convinced Twitter Employee to Help Them Hijack Accounts

    In all, four sources close to or inside the underground hacking community provided Motherboard with screenshots of the user tool. Two sources said the Twitter panel was also used to change ownership of some so-called OG accounts—accounts that have a handle consisting of only one or two characters—as well as facilitating the tweeting of the cryptocurrency scams from the high profile accounts.

    Twitter has been deleting some screenshots of the panel and has suspended users who have tweeted them, claiming that the tweets violate its rules.

    Silicon Valley seemed to be the domain of “wizards,” but they turn out to be ordinary bunglers who have mastered some very specific technologies and are out of their depth beyond that narrow field. Specifically, they are terrible at running companies and seem to be hiring losers to do crucial work. Not surprisingly, one of those losers decided that a big packet of cash was more important than his five-year plan to keep doing the same dead-end entry-level job at Twitter. This tells us that social media is weak: it is trying to save money by hiring imbeciles since its business model is not actually working.

  • Death toll rises in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes

    Armenia and Azerbaijan, two former Soviet republics, have long been in conflict over Azerbaijan’s breakaway, mainly ethnic Armenian region of Nagorno-Karabakh. But the latest clashes occurred around the Tavush region in northeast Armenia, some 300 km (190 miles) from the enclave.

    Diversity failing everywhere, all the time. The Soviet Union tried diversity, and only backed off in the late 1980s when it was clear that the program had radically failed. Their attempts however created lingering problems which still plague us to this day. Where would humanity be, if not for Leftism? Probably exploring deep space, inventing new symphonies, and discovering the true name of God.

  • “Convincing link” between air pollution, high Covid-19 figures in N. Brabant, Limburg

    Researchers at the University of Birmingham found a “convincing link” between air pollution and the high number of Covid-19 patients in Noord-Brabant and Limburg. According to the British researchers, the number of Covid-19 hospital admissions and deaths increases as the amount of particulate matter in the air increases, Brabants Dagblad reports.

    According to the researchers, an increase of 1 microgram of particulate matter statistically leads to between 13 and 21 percent more coronavirus related deaths. In the Netherlands, the amount of particulate matter in the air ranges from around 8 micrograms per cubic meter in Noord-Nederland to around 12 micrograms in Oost-Brabant and Noord-Limburg.

    The study focused on so-called PM 2.5 particulate matter – medium-sized particles that mainly occur when the emissions from traffic and industry react with ammonia from livestock farms. The researchers took 20 factors which could influence the coronavirus figures into account, including things like age, education, income and health.

    COVID-19 is our first pollution epidemic. We now see that our industrial magic has a high cost, and we are going to be paying this for decades to come.

  • Idris Elba Says Racist Shows Shouldn’t Be Pulled

    “That’s why we have a rating system: We tell you that this particular content is rated U, PG, 15, 18,” said Elba to the Radio Times. “To mock the truth, you have to know the truth. But to censor racist themes within a show, to pull it – wait a second, I think viewers should know that people made shows like this.”

    He continued: “Out of respect for the time and the movement, commissioners and archive-holders pulling things they think are exceptionally tone-deaf at this time – fair enough and good for you. But I think, moving forward, people should know that freedom of speech is accepted, but the audience should know what they’re getting into.”

    Just give every movie a certain number of “K” ratings for how non-PC it is; three Ks (KKK) means that it might actually not be Left-wing propaganda at all.

  • Suspect wearing ‘I Can’t Breathe’ t-shirt wanted for shooting, killing man in Northeast DC

    Photos released by investigators show a suspect wearing a mask and an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt with black pants and holding a gun.

    Officers responded to the report of a shooting Monday in the 3900 block of Clay Place. Police found 27-year-old Senquea Whitley suffering from gunshot wounds.

    Whitley died at the scene of the shooting and was transported to the Office of The Chief Medical Examiner.

    Diversity is not working out well for Black folk either.

  • Defense Secretary Esper lays out immediate actions to address race and inequality in the military

    The steps, which Esper laid out in a letter to the force Wednesday, include removing photographs from promotion packets, reviewing hairstyles and grooming standards in order to ensure that they are not racially biased, and a series of training and education initiatives to address racial prejudice and unconscious bias.

    The Soviets were more concerned with political compliance than competence as well. Ideology does this whenever admitted into a system; for this reason, our founding fathers designed a non-ideological system, but they forgot that democracy is egalitarian and therefore an ideology in itself, such that it grew and imported the Irish and then went full Soviet with the Fourteenth Amendment in 1870. Since then, we have been living in a dying regime.

  • Disturbing video shows teens beating pregnant mom, kicking toddler

    The disturbing confrontation circulating on Twitter showed two young women attacking the woman as she stood with her young daughter outside a home Friday in the village of Brooklyn.

    A third girl filmed the attack on the mom, who is pregnant, The Sun reported.

    As the group clobbered the mom, a teen boy suddenly ran over and kicked the toddler in the head, the report said.

    He then proceeded to stomp on the mother’s head, as she struggled on the ground.

    Am I going to Hell for laughing at this? Democracy and diversity have become slapstick.

  • GJ 3470 c: A Saturn-like Exoplanet Candidate in the Habitable Zone of GJ 3470

    Based on this parameter, we calculate a radius of 9.2 Earth radii, which would correspond to the size of a Saturn-like exoplanet. We also estimate an orbital period of 66 days that places the exoplanet inside the habitable zone, near the orbital distance at Earths equivalent radiation.

    While humanity screws around with its obsession with philosophies of not having social hierarchies, great opportunities await those who can get over this pretense and become useful.

  • Hallmark says it is in ‘active negotiations’ to include LGBTQ storylines in its holiday movie lineup

    After concern that none of the 40 films Hallmark announced as part of its 2020-2021 holiday lineup included an LGBTQ lead, a representative from the company said some of the movies in its “Countdown to Christmas” and “Miracles of Christmas” programming “will include LGBTQ storylines, characters and actors.”

    Why must every part of our media advance diversity, transsexualism, feminism, homosexualism, and class equality? These things have nothing to do with reality, so we must con others into adopting them, despite unrealistic things being consistently a path to failure. Our desire to “be inclusive” — translation: abolish natural inequality and the hierarchy it produces — has us celebrating the illogical and incompetent as good while bashing the competent and realistic as bad. That is a path to end of empire.

  • University’s Anti-Bigotry Reading List Includes Book That Equates Conservatism With Racism

    The “Solidarity Resource Syllabus” released by the Washington, D.C.-based school’s Office of Diversity provides students with a reading list that focuses on racism in the United States. Among the 126 books that the university says “actively and effectively … [combat] injustice” is San Francisco State University professor Robert Smith’s 2010 book that equates conservative beliefs with bigotry. That label applies to all who subscribe to right-leaning beliefs, including people of color.

    “Conservatism as a philosophy and ideology … is and always has been hostile to the aspirations of Africans in America, incompatible with the struggle for freedom and equality,” the book reads. “Repeatedly I was asked, ‘Are you saying that conservatism is racism, that all conservatives are racist?’ Aren’t there black conservatives? Are they racist?’…. My answer to most of these questions was a qualified yes.”

    They have been preaching this for sixty years at least regarding African-Americans, and almost two centuries regarding the Irish. They want to abolish natural rankings and replace them with equality, and failing groups — minorities, women, homosexuals, transgenders, the poor — provide them with a pretense and an excuse to attack those who refuse to follow their insane ideology.

  • Black Lives Matter protester statue that secretly replaced Edward Colston removed by Bristol Council

    Today Bristol City Council said in a statement: “This morning we removed the sculpture. It will be held at our museum for the artist to collect or donate to our collection.”

    Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees told Sky News’ Kay Burley @ Breakfast that Mr Quinn may have to repay the council for the cost of removing his work.

    “We need to make sure public services in Bristol do not pay the price for this.”

    Now that the tantrum is over, and the cause behind it revealed to be fake, people are cleaning up the mess.

  • Fulton is replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth as official county holiday

    Starting in 2021, Fulton will commemorate the anniversary of American slaves learning about their freedom by closing county offices and giving employees the day off on June 19. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, offices will close the Friday prior to June 19. If it falls on Sunday, the Monday following June 19 will be off.

    More signaling of obedience to the dominant paradigm in the hopes of becoming popular. In reality, only those who lead get the popularity points, and everyone else just looks stupid.

  • ‘Colour-blind’ France avoids gauging COVID impact on ethnic minorities

    French governments have long cherished their “colour-blind” policy. Census questionnaires, job applications and medical files avoid references to ethnicity or religion.

    But now – on the back of the global Black Lives Matter movement and heightened coronavirus suffering in immigrant communities – some campaigners in France say the policy can harm rather than shield minorities.

    “We’re too politically correct in France,” said Ghyslain Vedeux, who heads advocacy group the Representative Council of Black Associations. “Blacks, Arabs, immigrants, and more broadly poor people, were the hardest hit. Why not make it official?”

    When the goal is to “correct” inequality, color-blind policies simply ignore that inequality in favor of forcing everyone to do what is necessary to succeed, and then like we see here, get changed once someone notices that results are, in fact, consistently unequal. Those who go around raving about how “conservatives support equality of opportunity not equality of outcome” are fools who have forgotten that the former inevitably leads to the latter once someone points out that inequality persists. Our species could have explored the stars, but instead we are chasing equals signs around like some kind of Pokemon.

  • Shamima Begum can return to UK to fight for citizenship, Court of Appeal rules

    Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK to fight the decision to remove her British citizenship, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

    Ms Begum, now 20, was one of three schoolgirls who left London to join the Islamic State group in Syria in 2015.

    Her citizenship was revoked by the Home Office on security grounds after she was found in a refugee camp in 2019.

    Again we see how symbolic abstractions like rights, law, and equality conflict with obvious logic, reality, and common sense. Even more: who cares about this idiot? The Left wants her for symbolic reasons, thinking that she embodies the quest for human individualism, or the individual being more important than social order and logic. Maybe she does, and this shows us how crazy this belief system really is.

  • Minorities under attack as PM pushes ‘tolerant’ Pakistan

    An opposition politician was charged this week with blasphemy after declaring all religions were equal. A senior political figure, allied with the government and backed by Islamic extremists, stopped construction of a Hindu temple in the capital Islamabad.

    Analysts and activists blame an increase in attacks on an indecisive Khan. They say he preaches a vision of a tolerant Pakistan where its religious minorities thrive as equals among an overwhelming Muslim majority. They say that at the same time he cedes power to extreme Islamic clerics, bowing to their demands and turning to them for the final say, even on matters of state.

    Or we could cut the idiocy and get to the core of this issue: tolerance is nonsense. Each nation needs one ethnic group with its corresponding culture, customs, behaviors, and faith. Outsiders force redefinition of those things and are a threat to the majority culture, therefore are always opposed. Diversity does not work.

  • China says a US travel ban on Communist Party members would be ‘pathetic’

    The New York Times had earlier reported the Trump government was considering the move, although it is still in draft form and could be rejected.

    The Chinese Communist Party has 92 million members and how a ban would be enforced is uncertain.

    Communism is a pathology, or a mental loop that its participants cannot escape. They bring this infection to others. We cannot wear masks to keep safe, so we have to keep it away. Even more sane would be sending our domestic Communists to China.

  • China becomes first economy to grow since virus pandemic

    China, where the coronavirus pandemic began in December, was the first economy to shut down and the first to start the drawn-out process of recovery in March after the ruling Communist Party declared the disease under control.

    In other words, they created a problem which sabotaged the rest of the world so that China could get ahead.

  • Georgia governor bans cities, counties from mandating masks

    His orders had banned local governments from taking more restrictive steps than the state, but the new set of rules specify that cities and counties can’t require the use face coverings, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    “Previous executive orders – and now this order – state no local action can be more or less restrictive than ours,” said Candice Broce, Communications Director, and Chief Deputy Executive Counsel for the governor. “We have explained that local mask mandates are unenforceable. The Governor continues to strongly encourage Georgians to wear masks in public.”

    We could have solved this problem by identifying the infected and isolating them, and avoided a world economic and political crisis. Democracy cannot do that, especially diverse democracy, which is why people are fleeing from that political system and looking for alternatives. Hint: when only your people are in your nation, they tend to work together toward a common goal, where diverse nations use anything they can to further infighting between the groups.

  • China slams U.S. response to Hong Kong security law as ‘gangster logic’

    “Unreasonable meddling and shameless threats by the United States are typical gangster logic and bullying behaviour,” the office said in a statement late on Wednesday.

    The Beijing-drafted law punishes what China broadly defines as subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison.

    Typical Leftist Behavior: caught bullying and behaving like gangsters, China promptly accuses those who resist it of the same, sort of like how Leftists tell us all that we need to be more egalitarian while retreating to gated communities and hiding behind their money.


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