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  • German police remove far-right black crosses

    Peaceful protest for victims of migrant crime must be removed, but on another continent, the blackout on Leftist terrorism continues. We now know the nature of the deep state: the French Revolution never ended, it just put on a suit, went to get a couple of degrees, and now has become the “safe” thing that bourgeois people find appealing. This transition happened in the 1960s when it became clear that democracy won the world wars, the future was egalitarian, and smart business money favored plastics and equality. If you have not yet read Bobos in Paradise, now is a good time.

  • Protesters take down US flag at ICE facility, replace it with Mexican flag

    The great panic continues as immigration raids fail to materialize but dual loyalties explode into the press. In the meantime, not just the Right but Leftists are divided by demographic replacement, with white Leftists hanging on to power about as effectively as Anglo-Saxon Leftists did. In the meantime, Trump kicks open the Overton Window:

    “Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, ‘RACIST’.

    You may recall that Trump lit the fire under the question of dual loyalties when he pointed out that the minority takeover of the American government was coming from people who want us to be more like their failed countries of ethnic origin, which makes no sense if they decided to come here since our methods work better:

    He tweeted: “So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.

    “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.

    “These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough.

    “I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

    The Left likes to believe that our wealth here is arbitrary. It is not: we are wealthy and powerful not because we are wealthy and powerful, but because we made ourselves wealthy and powerful by having better methods and higher-IQ, more morally alert, and more forward-thinking people. The rest of humanity stayed in its little safe spaces and achieved nothing but subsistence farming and pointless wars, but we organized ourselves into Western Civilization (again) and applied our principle of transcendental excellence plus “good to the good, bad to the bad” instead of the usual human idea of “take from the thriving, give to the flailing.” Our elitism, hierarchy, discipline, strong standards, and inflexible adherence to principle gave us the edge over these others while they were busy partying, socializing, eating the seed corn, and being hipsters. Now they are enraged at our success and, like all parasites, want to come in and take over so they can feel better about having failed.

  • Churches opening up for undocumented immigrants ahead of planned ICE raids Sunday

    I was talking to a friend in a black metal band some years ago. He expressed a desire to purge Christianity and bring back a pagan/heathen culture, instead of being mired in atheism. I told him that it did not matter, since both Christianity and atheism are dead men walking. The Christians are in worse trouble than they think. It is bad enough that they endorse Leftism, but more disturbingly, this means they no longer have people among them who can think of any other way to appeal, which means that they have driven out the intelligent and replaced them with idiots. Soon the only people at churches will be the dumb and poor, and at that point it becomes clear that these churches will never grow healthy again. Time to turn them all into coffee shops! Atheism, on the other hand, is dead because religion is a necessary part of any society, and those who want to conquer us know this. That means that signaling atheism is a way to say that you are part of the Surrender Monkey party, not the Let’s Fix This party. No one wants to publicly admit to being an intellectual catamite. 90% of the West will be “spiritual but not religious” within a decade. After that, they will slowly begin to incorporate ideas from pagan, heathen, and Christian customs. However, they will probably never have organized churches again.

  • Black Homeownership Drops to All-Time Low

    Hispanic home ownership is on the rise, and black home ownership has fallen.

    Homes in neighborhoods with a high concentration of white borrowers on average have seen their homes appreciate 3% from 2006 through 2017, according to the study. However, homes in neighborhoods with a concentration of black borrowers on average are worth 6% less than they were in 2006. High-income black borrowers have concentrated in neighborhoods where homes have lost 2% of their value, compared with white borrowers, who have concentrated in neighborhoods where homes have appreciated 5%.

    Reminder: the 2008 crash was caused by attempts to solve the seemingly intractable problem of minority home ownership.

    Maybe people are starting to realize that the response to the LA Riots was to replace Africans with Mexicans. In another couple generations, there will be no official category for “African-American,” since many Hispanics already have African blood. You will simply be curly-haired and dark-skinned, at least until those Asian genes completely remove any link to your origins. Hope the free TVs were worth it.

  • South Africa’s Jacob Zuma denies being ‘king of corrupt people’

    Diversity keeps waving the white flag in South Africa but no one will pay any attention. The Left wants to believe it is working, and they will viciously attack anyone who notices otherwise, so all the “intelligent” people refuse to mention it, knowing that they are seeding land mines under familiar paths for the future. Well, no one ever said that humans were really all that bright. In the meantime, you can say that you are not corrupt, but when crime spikes repeatedly and your people are starving, you look like an incompetent leader, a corrupt leader, or — as is usually the case — both. Time to end diversity by any means necessary.

  • Alan Turing is the face of new Bank of England £50 note

    Maybe they can feature the Cambridge Five next. In other news, there is a reason why intelligence services discriminated against homosexuals. In fact, it is the same reason that they discriminated against promiscuous heterosexuals. When you had solid family men in there, they could not get honey-pot entrapped and turned, but if you allowed in the sexual chaos, the dark evil retard fingers of the Soviets quickly found that weakness.

  • Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says the FBI and CIA should investigate Google

    He points out that Google, which works with the Chinese military but not the American military, is behaving as if it were infiltrated by China. This surprises no one, who realizes that the weakness of Silicon Valley was its need for venture capital. A small start-up with a good idea needed just a few million dollars to get going, and if someone gave it that money when no one else would, they owned it for life. Keep in mind also that Google rose at the same time that Bill Clinton was in power and taking donations from the Chinese, and shortly thereafter, all of our consumer products were made in China all of a sudden. Anatomy of a successful takeover? Some point to a pathology of infiltration that fits with the strange decisions made by Google over the last few years. In the meantime, others have pointed out that everything online is fake because you can hide the source of any user. Anonymity = corruption. We keep discovering spies from the Chinese industry-state and seeing that the Chinese economy is more of a Paper Tiger than we thought. Perhaps their plan all along was to bluff their way into power, then take over before people noticed that they were faking it? The Asiatic chess-playing mentality must love that gambit.

  • European leaders join Macron for Bastille Day parade

    So, we are still celebrating the day when the unwashed Starbucks baristas and Whole Foods checkers banded together with the Comcast help center employees to overthrow the paid police, and then executed whole families of the higher-IQ aristocrats, plunging their nation into poverty, starvation, war, and finally a type of low-grade police state that only got challenged by the “yellow vests” protests this year? 1789 was no victory; the proles, being dumb, thought it was their victory, but it turned out to be simply their suicide, albeit a slow one. Now it is up to us to undo this mistake and set ourselves on the right path instead. 230 years after the Revolution, Paris burns again, but this time it is because the people finally realized that the Revolution was a swindle.

  • Climate change: Used cooking oil imports may fuel deforestation

    If anyone survives this time, they will look back on it as intellectually primitive. People think in blockhead categorical terms which have nothing to do with the underlying structure of reality. Since climate change is a big panic, and every dumb monkey in the herd is fascinated by it, people view it as an excuse, justification, rationalization, and pretext under which they can group their pet projects. They wanted to soak up those fat investments and government money, so they set up little charities to import food oil waste from Asia and turn it into “clean” energy, despite the massive amount of filthy energy required to collect, transport, and refine it. We really do live in clown world. The cleanest energy that most people need is a bicycle, jobs/shopping near home, and to live in tidy little houses that you can pass on from generation to generation.

  • ‘Whitey’s on the moon’: why Apollo 11 looked so different to black America

    How dare someone accomplish something around here? The fact is that most of the people left behind by the space program were poor whites. We could have pandered to them, or done what was necessary, which was further human advancement. In the same way, it is better to fund a symphony than a beggar. The real issue for black people is that they need self-sufficiency, and for that they need political autonomy, which only comes with being in Africa and being in control of Africa. This is why reparations-with-repatriation makes sense and everything else, including integration and racism, makes zero sense.

  • Brexit effect? Europe’s populists back away from calls to leave the union

    They are all seduced by the One Ring: the ability to have power beyond their area of natural influence. In reality, everyone should exit the EU and replace it with a free trade zone. Use the Deutschmark as your common currency, speak English, and drink French wine. The populists in Italy have a bigger problem, which is that their racially-mixed population — Romans merged with their different slave groups after the Fall — is not particularly productive, diligent, creative, or effective. Perhaps it is time to take all of the useful people and set them aside, then send everyone else to north Africa. At least, this was my impression upon visiting Italy. It looked a lot like Washington, D.C.: a giant ghetto with a few important monument from the past here and there, staffed by people who if not told what exactly to do on a constant basis, simply spaced out into their little hominin-world of socializing, consuming, rutting, and stealing.

  • More than half of new drugs entering the German healthcare system have not been shown to add benefit.

    You have two problems here. First, the same problem that the rest of science has, which is that you follow trends because all the people out there are fascinated by whatever is trending, so you get research money, promotions, and lots of book sales if you come up with “science” that confirms whatever the flightly bias of the day is. Second, you have created socialized healthcare systems, which punish doctors for not running enough tests and prescribing every potentially-relevant medication, because “it’s all free” (etc.) of course. This means that you create a giant market for public image, and whatever wins in that market, gets hooked onto that nice fat government mainline of taxpayer money. Not surprisingly, most of it is ineffective, mainly because companies wish to avoid lawsuits and anything effective might get them slammed into court.

  • So This Is the (Real) Tale of Our Castaways: Lessons from Shipwrecked Micro-Societies

    Reading between the lines, since one must state controversial theses very carefully, the point is that ethnic and religious unity work best, otherwise you get Lord of the Flies. However, if you end up somewhere where there is no food, you will end up eating the weak no matter what you think your principles are. Nature is bloody in tooth and claw because logic is bloody in tooth and claw. If you need food, and there is no food, you either die or find an alternative. If that is other people, you decide who lives or dies, you or them. If you do not want to die, you will end up trying to eat them or dying in the process. This is the part of reality that bourgeois merchants, well-meaning priests, artists and other neurotics covered up for so long, but when you get down to the bare metal reality is a nihilistic and perfectly logical place. It is just a little bit scary until you understand why it must be this way.

  • Yousef Makki: MP questions whether teens cleared of murdering schoolboy would have gone free if they were ‘black state school pupils’

    Rich kids of foreign parentage form little thug gangsta groups and accidentally stab one of their own to death, then get let off with relatively easy sentences. Minority MP asks whether minorities would receive the same treatment. The answer is that these kids are minorities, and that they got better treatment because they are higher-IQ and wealthier. In the meantime, someone should point out to this minority MP that most crimes committed by minorities are forgiven because the cops are in their jobs for the pension only and do not want to rock the boat, since getting accused of “racism” often means that you lose that pension.

  • University College London may rename buildings to cut links to promoters of eugenics

    We cannot admit that they were right because we are Leftist now, so we must erase our own history in order to feel better about the present. No doubt these names will be replaced with minority names. Egalitarianism is a mental drug that lures humans to their doom, just like the sirens. We would be better off on heroin or crack than egalitarianism. And yet, sweet suicide calls, and we cannot resist…

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