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  • Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent, but there’s another way

    Our research concluded that for farming to be sustainable, intensive land uses must be limited. Such intensive uses include crops and non-native pastures. They are “high input,” typically requiring fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and some form of cultivation. They return greater yields but kill native plants, and are prone to soil and nutrient runoff into waterways.

    Intensive land use involves activities that replace nearly all native species. If these activities occupy more than 30% of the landscape, there’s insufficient habitat to maintain many native species, especially plants.

    At least 10% of land must be devoted to nature conservation. The remaining 60% of the land should involve low-intensity activity such as grazed native pasture and timber production. If managed well, these land uses can support human livelihoods and a diversity of native species.

    The agricultural miracle of the twentieth century reveals itself to be fundamentally broken. What is taking its place is a diet higher in meats, fats, and vegetables, and lower in fruits, sugar, and carbohydrates. This is fortunate because carbs signal to the body that it should store sugars as fat both bloating the body and causing tiredness:

    As blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that prompts cells to absorb blood sugar for energy or storage.

    As cells absorb blood sugar, levels in the bloodstream begin to fall.

  • Black homeowner says man throwing feces, dead squirrels in yard on Long Island

    McLeggan moved into the home two and a half years ago, but her suburban dream quickly turned into a nightmare when her next door neighbors, who are white, made it clear she was not welcome. The single mom claims it began with harassment over her yard.

    “I bought the property when I was pregnant, and this is the truth, the property was in bad shape,” she said. “I’m trying my best to make every effort to clean the property. I’ve done my best to clean the property. I mow the lawn, when there’s snow out here I’m shoveling the snow by myself. I’m doing what I can to keep the property clean. I kept on noticing dog feces. I kept on noticing ticket ordinances from the Valley Stream Village town. I keep getting tickets. I keep seeing dog feces. I installed a camera here. I caught my neighbor throwing dog feces in front of my property. I took that video to court, and I won a judgment.”

    If she has that many problems, it seems like there is more going on here than race. She may just be a terrible neighbor and have mental health issues.

  • Hong Kong’s protest movement keeps getting stymied by Apple

    The primary organizers had developed their own voting platform, called PopVote, with both an iOS and Android app for it. While the Android app was quickly approved by the Google Play store, the iOS app was initially rejected because of several issues with the code. PopVote developers resubmitted the app with the required changes within hours, but never heard back from Apple despite multiple attempts to contact the company, according to Edwin Chu, an IT advisor for the voting platform. “We think it is being censored by Apple,” Chu said.

    Apple has long had to walk a tightrope between its commitment to user rights and placating China, on which it is heavily dependent as both a market and manufacturer. It regularly censors apps on its Chinese app store at the request of Beijing, including dozens of VPNs in 2017 and the Quartz app last year. It also removed the Taiwan flag emoji from its keyboard for users in Hong Kong and Macau.

    After the Hong Kong government last week granted the police vastly expanded powers under the national security law, including ordering platforms and internet service providers to remove content and hand over user information, major tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook announced that they would halt the processing of data requests from Hong Kong authorities. Notably absent was Apple, which only said that it was “assessing” the impact of the new legislation.

    One of the many reasons why decoupling from China is a good idea. When our stuff is made over there, China will manipulate our companies into doing what China wants. Apple has made its fortune selling old technology in slick packages with high markups because of Chinese labor, dating back to the 1980s. If that model gets interrupted, it goes into panic, which makes no sense for a technology company which should be able to automate production anyway.

  • France scales down Bastille Day parade in concession to virus

    Bastille Day, France’s national day, dates back to the 1789 revolution, when citizens stormed the Bastille fortress, a prison that had become a symbol of the harsh rule of the monarchy.

    Obviously, the monarchs were not harsh enough. Nothing says “no revolutions” quite like a wall of peasant skulls encircling each city.

  • A Conversation with John Ioannidis

    I’m a physician and epidemiologist with a fellowship training in infectious diseases. Though I felt that COVID-19 was a serious threat, I didn’t think it was Spanish Flu redux. COVID-19 wasn’t behaving like a “3.4 % fatality rate” pandemic. I doubted that widely quoted fatality rate, which is what the Chinese public health authorities told the WHO, because by March it was apparent that COVID-19 infection comprised a clinical spectrum, ranging from mild symptoms which could be managed at home, to severe lung disease which needed ventilatory support. The crucial piece of the epidemiological puzzle was the number of people who were infected but didn’t know they were infected because they had no, or very minimal, symptoms.

    This fellow is famous for pointing out that most research is bogus because it cherry-picks data and therefore creates results which are not replicable.

  • Signaling virtuous victimhood as indicators of Dark Triad personalities.

    We show that individuals with Dark Triad traits—Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy—more frequently signal virtuous victimhood, controlling for demographic and socioeconomic variables that are commonly associated with victimization in Western societies. In Study 5, we show that a specific dimension of Machiavellianism—amoral manipulation—and a form of narcissism that reflects a person’s belief in their superior prosociality predict more frequent virtuous victim signaling.

    Sociopaths and manipulators are drawn to egalitarianism. This tells us the problem with the Left: they are liars. Once you accept the Big Lie of “equality” as your primary moral motivation, you will reject anything which conflicts with this, which means that soon everything you believe is a lie.

  • Bari Weiss: ‘Twitter is editing the New York Times’

    Twitter is not on the masthead of the New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing moulded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.

    Herd conformity occurs wherever a large group of people try to create consensus instead of understanding the reality of a situation and adapting themselves to it. Humans by nature invent this pathology, which is why we call it Crowdism.

  • The passage of time during the UK Covid-19 lockdown

    Firstly, during times of social and physical distancing, satisfaction with current levels of social interaction is a significant predictor of the speed of the passage of time. Greater dissatisfaction with levels of social interaction are associated with a slowing of the passage of time whereas greater satisfaction with the level of social interaction are associated with an increase in the speed of the passage of time. Previous research has suggested that affective factors have a consistent effect on the passage of time, with positive affect being associated with a faster passage of time and negative affect being associated with a slowing of the passage of time [1, 14, 15, 19]. The findings of this study support these suggestions; greater stress was associated with a slower passage of time as was greater dissatisfaction with social interaction, which is a form of negative affect, which in this and other studies [47] is highly correlated with levels of depression and anxiety.

    Extroverts find time moves slowly when they are isolated; introverts simply make good use of the time. Perhaps a society designed around the highly externalized, as the low IQ tend to be, is a terrible idea if we want anything done well.

  • Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-based Recommendations: JACC State-of -the-Art Review

    Most recent meta-analyses of randomized trials and observational studies found no beneficial effects of reducing SFA intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and total mortality, and instead found protective effects against stroke. Although SFAs increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol, in most individuals, this is not due to increasing levels of small, dense LDL particles, but rather larger LDL which are much less strongly related to CVD risk. It is also apparent that the health effects of foods cannot be predicted by their content in any nutrient group, without considering the overall macronutrient distribution. Whole-fat dairy, unprocessed meat, eggs and dark chocolate are SFA-rich foods with a complex matrix that are not associated with increased risk of CVD.

    The kids who grew up in the 1950s were told that they should eat less meat, fat, eggs, and dairy and spend more of their calories on carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetable oils. It turns out that this was all wrong on the level of demonizing fat in order to promote sugar. Do we blame capitalism for this, or the democracy which abolished our traditional culture and diet in order to let “science” preach to us?

  • Pro-Police Agitators and Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash in Brooklyn

    Video footage from the scene shows, on numerous occasions, people in attendance to support the NYPD directing racist, sexist and vulgar language at smaller groups of BLM supporters.

    Videos of violent interactions between the two groups spread widely over social media, in particular on Sunday night, as did examples of aggressive policing by NYPD officers. One particular and viral incident, seemingly sparked by a police officer, showed a Black man being aggressively shoved and tased before being detained.

    Diversity warfare in the US is the new normal.

  • Taiwan condemns flag removal from Germany’s foreign ministry website

    German ministry spokesman Rainer Breul answered a question about the issue in a July 10 press conference, stating the alteration had been made because “we have a one-China policy,” according to the state-owned Radio Taiwan International (RTI) and media outlet Taiwan News.

    Breul added that “we do not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan and Taiwan is not a country we recognize. Therefore, it should not be surprising that when we introduce the territories of the world, we draw a distinction between it and countries with which we have diplomatic relations,” RTI reported.

    Europe depends on China and America. China buys up its remaining products of value, based on work done years or centuries ago; America pays for its protection. When these go, European market socialism will collapse and its entitlements state will vanish. Not surprisingly, Germans want the US to fail. Worldwide Leftism will take a huge hit when people realize that they could never afford these things except by relying on the United States and markets in totalitarian China. Europe will have to stand on its own two feet again. Look for an exodus of useless hipsters to the third world.

  • Editing history: Hong Kong publishers self-censor under new security law

    “This is history. This is the truth,” he said, holding up the book with blue sticky flags on many pages to mark changes made because of the new law.

    Just as demand for political books was surging in Hong Kong after a year of protests, Hong Kong’s once unbridled and prolific independent publishers are now censoring themselves in the face of the new law.

    Hong Kong authorities say freedom of speech remains intact, but in the past two weeks public libraries have taken some books off the shelves, shops have removed protest-related decorations and the slogan “Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our times” has been declared illegal.

    They are following the American/European lead which worked so well in suppressing hatefacts about race, social class, sex, and intelligence. We have no basis to criticize them, since our Left has been doing the same thing for over a century, just like our newspapers suppressed reports of Irish, Italian, Polish, and Puerto Rican crime during the early twentieth century.

  • Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students

    The decision was announced at the start of a hearing in a federal lawsuit in Boston brought by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs said federal immigration authorities agreed to pull the July 6 directive and “return to the status quo.”

    He will approach from another angle now if his history is consistent. He runs forward, then strategically retreats, then rushes again. This keeps the Left on the defensive while introducing doubt, causing many to rethink plans. This will savage the flow of foreign money into education and further decouple us from China. Wonder why academia leans so far Left? Perhaps it’s the money; it usually is. They are dependent on Chinese students just like the Germans need Chinese to buy BMWs. We are selling the reputation from our past despite being massively degenerated, instead of inventing new greatness.

  • Ex-Uber employees are being surprised by big tax bills. They blame the ride-hailing company.

    The situation raises questions about the sustainability of the Silicon Valley model of paying employees. If other startups do what Uber did by shifting tax risk, the former employees said, fewer people will risk taking jobs for which they would be paid mostly in promises of stock.

    Leftists are halfwits, or sophomoric thinkers who know enough to have clever tactics but are always missing out on strategic implications. They demanded higher taxes and wages from gig economy companies who pointed out that their cheap services came from having people work as contractors; consequently, these companies shifted the tax burden onto their workers. This has killed the gig economy. Regulations always favor the big guys, so get ready for a future where Amazon, Costco, Walmart, and Kroger own everything.

  • Native American son of Redskins logo designer says it’s not offensive, calls the change ‘hard’

    Washington’s logo has been an Indian chief since 1971. It was designed by Native American Walter “Blackie” Wetzel to depict a member of the Blackfeet tribe.

    Wetzel grew up on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana and was eventually elected president of the National Congress of American Indians in Washington, D.C.

    He was instrumental in the Redskins franchise logo change from an “R” to the current depiction of a Native American.

    Sports teams name themselves after fierce things. The original name was a tribute to Amerind prowess in warfare. Now the future team, possibly named the Washington Einsatzgruppe, will cut the Amerinds out of the dialogue. This shows us yet again that political correctness is about Leftist power, not helping muh norties.

  • After months of U.S. pressure, U.K. bans China’s Huawei from its 5G network

    “There’s no such thing as a perfectly secure network,” Media Secretary Oliver Dowden told the House of Commons, but he said that the U.K. had to make sure its system was “as secure as it possibly can be.”

    He announced that all new Huawei 5G equipment would be banned in the U.K. starting next year, and that the government would remove all of the company’s existing infrastructure by 2027.

    Trump wanted to ban Chinese equipment because the government uses it to spy on us; the UK, with characteristic canny subtlety, instead circular-filed it for being insecure. In my view, we should apply this model to all Chinese products: call out insufficient quality and demand domestic replacements.

  • New racing series co-created by Tony Stewart will ban the Confederate flag like NASCAR did

    “We are going to be an inclusive series with drivers and fans from diverse and multinational backgrounds. We will not condone activity or behavior that creates an unwelcoming or offensive environment for any of our fans or drivers,” an SRX spokesperson told CNBC.

    Competition produces conformity as well. We need a social hierarchy so that the few sane thinkers prevail over the ravening herd.

  • California man charged with hate crime after driving into Black crowd

    Dennis Wyman, 42, of Redondo Beach, struck a 50-year-old off-duty security guard after yelling racial insults at the group shortly before midnight on June 29, a Torrance Police Department spokeswoman said in a statement.

    People are sick of the regime using pity for minorities to control us. The voters slept through the implications of diversity until they saw what it would inevitably become, and now they want their money back. Again, democracy cannot produce wisdom, only conformity to whatever trend has obsessed the thoughtless herd at that moment.

  • Brexit: Get ready because this time it’s for real

    Many ministers accept that there will be short term disruption at least to the flow of business between the UK and the EU, but that is a price worth paying for control over our borders, laws and money.

    Since the EU created masses of regulations, there is no way to anticipate them all, so the UK is doing the intelligent thing by moving ahead quickly and figuring things out as they go. Like many of the rest of us, the UK is fleeing European-style socialism and trying to get free from the control of Brussels. Many of the capable middle class and above people in Europe fled that disaster for the USA, which is why despite being dumb as rocks, the American system is less stupid than the European one. The Leftist revolutions in Europe have had a prolonged dysgenic effect, but the coming age of nationalism and capitalism will weed out the parasites and promote healthy breeding again.

  • China’s claims in South China Sea ‘completely unlawful’, says US

    In a statement, Pompeo said China has offered no legal basis for its pursuit of resources in the sea, which holds valuable oil and gas deposits and also acts as an important waterway for the world’s commerce.

    “We are making clear: Beijing’s claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea are completely unlawful,” Pompeo declared, adding that Beijing for years intimidated its Southeast Asian neighbors through a “campaign of bullying them.”

    Obama, a candidate probably funded by China, slept through this entirely. He seemed awfully soft on China. So was Clinton, who we know was funded by China. Future revelations may show us that the DNC, media, and deep state are all de facto Chinese agents, which should make it easier to jail them or exile them.

  • Houthis round up Yemen’s Jews as part of ‘ethnic cleansing’ efforts

    Local sources from Kharif told Al-Mesryoon that the Houthis had rounded up the Jews and imprisoned them due to their religion and were pressuring them to leave Yemen.

    They forced the Jews to sign pledges to sell their homes, land and property to Houthi leaders at nominal prices and then leave the country.

    The Houthis have reportedly persecuted the few Jews left in Yemen by cutting off their water and electricity and preventing them from purchasing food. The rebel group uses similar practices against non-Shi’ite Yemenis and Yemenis from other religions, according to Al-Mesryoon.

    In other words, this is not anti-Semitism but an attempt to keep a national majority intact. This will be a theme of the twenty-first century as countries worldwide flee diversity. Whoever gets free of it first will be the next superpower.

  • Ancient Aztec palace ruins found under landmark building in Mexico City

    Basalt slab floors were found under the stately building of the Nacional Monte de Piedad, a historic pawn shop in the middle of the capital’s central square, during building renovations.

    The floors correspond to an open area in the palace of Aztec ruler Axayacatl, who was the father of Montezuma, one of the final rulers of the empire.

    From palace to suburb to pawn shop: “progress.”

  • Lawyers: 3 Minneapolis ex-cops want Floyd gag order lifted

    Attorneys for Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao said in court filings Monday that a gag order should not have been issued without a public hearing.

    They said prosecutors and public officials have already made comments that could prejudice a potential jury pool against their clients.

    Everyone has heard of this case, but few have heard potentially exculpatory facts about what actually killed George Floyd and what he did to end up on the ground. The man died of a heart attack. The judge wants to sit on that because when America reveals that its most recent race riots were based on a 100% fraud, the backlash against the Left will be painful for them.

  • Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any U.S. state

    The report, released Tuesday, defines “affordable” as spending no more than 30% of monthly income on rent, in line with what most budgeting experts recommend. Nationally, NLIHC puts the “housing wage” for 2020 — or what a full-time worker must make in order to afford a fair market rental without spending more than 30% of his or her income — at $23.96 per hour for a two-bedroom rental and $19.56 per hour for a one-bedroom.

    What causes this? Property taxes drive up rents:

    “Tenants pay more property tax than any other Texan,” McCarty, also president of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party, recently posted on social media.

    That’s because homestead exemptions aren’t allowed on rental properties, which means there’s no cap on the value of that home or complex.

    As a result, McCarty, for instance, has seen the value of her rental homes increase as much as 90% in any given year. Those increases are passed to renters.

    “Landlords build those astronomical property taxes right into their rent, yet tenants don’t know and don’t realize how much they are paying the tax man,” McCarty wrote.

    Voters like to go searching for free money, in this case to build more public schools to educate the illegals that by law can go to public schools. It just gets squeezed out of them somewhere else, but they have a short attention span so they fail to make the connection. Every time!

  • Create protective ‘blue belt’ zone around UK coast to rebuild depleted fish stocks, scientists urge

    The plans include the creation of a ‘blue belt’ of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the UK coast to protect stocks by preventing fishing in these areas.

    The researchers propose new fishing targets be set to levels in which fishers leave more fish in the water than the minimum required to generate maximum sustainable yields.

    A blue belt, a green belt, and we are getting closer to Half Earth all the time. This will require that we stop depending on growth, which in turn means that we will have to interrupt the circular Ponzi scheme which unites socialist taxation with consumerism so that government and its underclasses can keep growing.

  • US President Donald Trump signs Hong Kong Autonomy Act, and ends the city’s preferential trade status

    US President Donald Trump took two actions against China in response to Beijing’s moves on Hong Kong on Tuesday, signing an executive order ending the city’s preferential trade treatment, and enacting a bill that would require sanctions against foreign individuals and banks for contributing to the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

    Aggressively boxing in China, Trump is defeating the source of power for his enemies and creating a fairer world market instead of one dedicated to subsidizing world socialism.

  • Singapore slumps into recession with record 41.2% GDP plunge

    Singapore’s economy plunged into recession last quarter as an extended lockdown shuttered businesses and decimated retail spending.

    Gross domestic product declined an annualized 41.2 per cent from the previous three months, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a statement Tuesday, the biggest quarterly contraction on record and worse than the Bloomberg survey median of a 35.9 per cent drop. Compared with a year earlier, GDP fell 12.6 per cent in the second quarter, versus a survey median of -10.5 per cent.

    Know what happens when a bowling ball hits one pin with enough force to knock it over so it leg sweeps the rest of the pins? That will soon occur to the world economy. Only the nations which are self-sufficient are going to ride out this wave, which is why Trump bringing home our industries and services from China represents not just a good idea, but our only chance to avoid a second Great Depression. That will in turn require destroying unions, affirmative action, over regulation, the deep state, big government, and other parasites which ruin our competitiveness. In the meantime, let’s go bowling! It’s all crashing down, everything’s on fire, and it has never been a better time to be alive.

  • Births in Italy hit record low in 2019, population shrinks again

    The number of babies born in Italy hit a new record low in 2019, the population shrank and more Italians moved abroad, national statistics office ISTAT said on Monday.

    Italy’s demographic crisis, with a dwindling population and ageing workforce, is one reason for its chronically stagnant economy, economists say — and the situation is getting worse.

    Generous entitlements states raise taxes and make working into a death sentence, at which point people stop having as many children. We know the Leftist Regime is failing because under its watch, all of our populations have become unhealthy and in decline. With strong capitalism, some starve, sure, but the rest live well and jobs are less odious. Even better, restrict social mobility, and suddenly people have a modicum of job security again and are more likely to plan for the long-term future.

  • Canada, U.S. agree to keep borders closed another 30 days

    The agreement, as it stands, exempts the flow of trade and commerce, as well as temporary foreign workers and vital health-care workers such as nurses who live and work on opposite sides of the border. Tourists and cross-border visits remain prohibited.

    For the US, this is a win, since it leads to more money being kept in the borders and less reliance on Canadian industry since people cannot easily cross to collaborate.

  • Israeli police killing sparks protests across country

    Protesters in Israel are drawing parallels between the killing of an unarmed, autistic Palestinian man by officers and police violence in the U.S. The man’s caregiver says she repeatedly warned officers the 32-year-old was disabled, and begged them not to shoot.

    So much for evil Jews controlling the world; Leftism is eating them alive too.

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