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  • Lawmakers approve Brexit bill, UK on course for Jan 31 exit

    Johnson got a clear mandate which said that he could not become another Theresa May. He either had to remove obstructions by the political system to a clear vote by the population or admit failure and join May in the dustbin of politics. The political establishment wants whatever advances it, namely careers and the hiring of more bureaucrats; everyone else realizes that universalism is dead and the UK needs its own path separate from the EU, UK, or Russia-China.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    Race-mixing destroys a people. Royals generally know this, and soft-pedal it because they do not want to join hands with those who actually hate other groups, which is an unhinged and destructive mentality. They cannot admit any of this in public, so instead they make subtle signals that exclude the diversity. In response, the diversity is going to decamp for warmer climes like Edward VIII.

  • ‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession

    It looks like not only are “pesticide exposure, diseases from parasites and habitat loss” killing off the bees, but industrial agriculture itself is hard on them. Absolutely no one seems to be pointing out that if we have as much wide-open natural land as farmland within bee flights of the farms, pollination will occur naturally.

  • Germany’s ‘misery continues’ as industrial orders fall unexpectedly

    Trump is successfully breaking the triangle where US labor goes to China, China buys European goods, and no one buys American goods. This will place pressure on American labor to clean up its unions, taxes, lawsuit, and regulations — advanced by administrative agencies so no one elected is responsible — instead of simply outsourcing because labor costs outside of salaries are way too expensive here. If we fix that, more money goes into salaries and less to lawyers, bureaucrats, and other parasites.

  • Australia fires: Thousands of camels being slaughtered

    Camels are an invasive species in Australia. Invasive species displace native ones in the worst of possible arcs: lacking the efficiencies of specific adaptation, they move in and out-breed the natives, then encounter the same diseases, famines, and other challenges that provoked specific adaptation. Native species are replaced by incompetent newcomers and instability results.

  • Woman, 59, Tossed Bucket Of Human Waste In Landlord’s Face, Cops Report

    The “hot bucket of feces” trifecta reaches its midpoint. This follows the hot bucket of diarrhea from Hollywood. Perhaps a bucket of feces can symbolize the final era of democracy.

  • A high school football player who killed his pregnant girlfriend has been sentenced to 65 years in prison. He says she waited too long for abortion

    Man exterminates race-mixing girlfriend. Through outbreeding and people like this, we are soon going to lose everyone who is genetically wired to race-, caste-, and ethnically-mix, which is a genetic victory for humanity. Many of these know at some subtle level that they are inbred and outbreeding will reduce this, although the effect lasts only for one generation and then vanishes in a cloud of genetic chaos.

  • The medications that change who we are

    It turns out that many wonder drugs effect personality changes in those who take them. This shows us that perhaps instead of trying to master our environment, we should focus on the underlying problems which produce all these diseases, including an insane society which makes people miserable and a lack of walking and spending time outdoors.

  • Trump statue burned to ground in Slovenia

    Worthless anti-Trump art gets torched, but media reports it with anti-Trump headlines. What interesting times we live in.

  • Raise taxes on the rich to tackle inequality, IMF says

    The Left continues its siren song of stealing money for free stuff. In reality, you either reward competence or do not. If you penalize competence, you will be overrun by incompetents. This is just the way of the world. The best thing you can do is cut taxes far more than any politician would be willing to, reduce costs, and raise standards. Make it simultaneously harder to live and easier to afford it. This creates an upward push toward excellence and weeds out the incompetents, nutcases, and parasites. That is health; civilization tends toward the opposite because civilization naturally protects the clueless and breeds more of them.

  • Supermarkets bringing in even more damaging packaging in rush to ditch plastic, study finds

    Another backfire. How about eliminating pre-prepared food entirely? Go back to buying meat at the butcher counter, getting vegetables from the produce section, and buying everything else in paper bags or wax paper. No one is talking about the real issue here which is that, since women are working and everyone is working too much, people are buying pre-prepared food and restaurant takeaways almost exclusively. People need more time to live, and less time at the job and filling out red tape paperwork.

  • Tally of children split at border tops 5,400 in new count

    100% of children can stay with their parents if they do not try to jump borders. Again we overlook an easy solution, which is to kill off affirmative action, entitlements, and civil rights that make our countries desirable for those who want an easy answer to having bad governments. They have a duty to revolt, as we all do when our societies go bad.

  • NY Times columnist Paul Krugman says hacker ‘compromised’ his IP address to ‘download child pornography’

    Media stunt, or building his defense for the inevitable trial? The grim fact for Krugman is that most people believe the latter because he is one of those weird creepy people who are able to draw attention to themselves and be successful, in part because they are low-grade crazy. That crazy makes them accessible and neurotic enough to be writing about the stuff that the audience, their own heads filled with neurosis and phantoms, have thought about and worried about. Please send him into therapy.

  • WHO says new virus may have caused China pneumonia outbreak

    Nature keeps trying to come up with a virus to thin the human population back to a manageable 500m or so. So far, we have danced ahead of the reaper. For how long? And, really: is it such a bad thing to let nature do what we will not do for ourselves?

  • One in 10 soldiers in the British Army is a foreign national, amid concerns over racism and mercenaries

    Ticking down the signs of dying empires at this point, the UK has reached the stage where it lacks enough competent citizens who are willing to fight for a sagging and collapsing political system. The same appears true in the USA, which has simply naturalized enough foreigners to have plenty of warm bodies to overwhelm its enemies.

  • French unions battle Macron in make-or-break pension protest

    We have dodged the great and coming clash with the unions for many years. Few will ask the question whether unions should be allowed at all, which seems odd considering how many ruined industries, organized crime connections, and funding for far-Left parties the unions have left in their wake. One reason conservatives harp on the free markets is that these dictate what salaries are worth, instead of governments, and therefore one could simply remove legal protections for unions and allow the market to find the right salaries for workers.

  • Alleged neo-Nazi entered ‘Miss Hitler’ beauty contest and named herself after concentration camp, court told

    While stuff like this makes for good headlines, the real growth of the Right is in the post-Hitler area where people are both more extreme than Hitler and less prone to his abuses. They want an end to democracy, diversity gone through repatriation, and are generally more extreme about who they want in their country, usually the founding ethnic group only. They are less enthusiastic about the total state, but many still want our modern style tax-and-spend governments. Ideally, they will reach an actual conservatism and realize that we went really wrong in 1789 and during The Enlightenment,™ and that the only solution is to get rid of individualism and everything that followed. We need a society of people pursuing a transcendent order of excellence, not more bureaucracy, even if it enforce “good” things with a jackboot.

  • A Great Year for U.S. Jobs Is Also Likely to Be Worst Since 2011

    Obamacare took time to wreck the economy, but after its passage in 2010, industry reacted. We are slowly rebuilding. Our media concealed just how destructive the Obama years were, but the main thing that most of us remember is that suddenly our currency could buy a lot less of everything. When you take from one area of the economy and transfer it to another, you reward that other sector. Giving money to the poor makes poverty an industry. That in turn makes success a less thriving industry, and it turns out that even if some win big, we need productivity and invention to take center stage.

  • 50% of Media and Entertainment Execs Say They Can’t Rely on Old Biz Models, Survey Finds

    The industry experiences thinning margins across the board and people are not lining up to buy content like they did back when it was hard to get. Even more, much of the bias against the founding groups in our nations has revealed itself, and so people are doing the sane thing and going outside or spending time with their families instead. When superhero movies are all that your movie industry has left to offer, you know that it is clicking on empty. When rewarmed anti-Reagan drama is all that your news media has to offer, you know that you are not missing much by skipping out on it.

  • In pictures: exceptionally warm winter fuels summer-like scenes across Finland

    Across the world, humans are doing the same thing, namely moving into cities and taking up lots of land to produce the food and products that they demand. This causes a massive concentration of concrete which acts as a heat reflector, displacing local jet streams. This in turn makes large portions of Earth relatively airless and warm. Since we are doing the same thing everywhere, we see it as a global effect, when really it is the consequence of an unsustainable, ugly, and destructive lifestyle. Change the lifestyle and you change this problem. We need to leave half of Earth for nature and stop wasting our time producing landfill in order to keep our Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme economies afloat so that we can pay entitlements to our citizens.

  • Health care paperwork cost US $812 billion in 2017, 4 times more per capita than Canada

    Apply this across the board. Bureaucracy costs money, wastes time, and transfers money from the productive economy to the bureaucrats. Then take that further, and realize that if we removed both government and insurance from healthcare, costs would go down and people could afford normal healthcare again and buy insurance for disability, chronic disease, and catastrophic injury. That works; no matter how much we patch up socialized medicine, it never will work, which is why it is constantly going bankrupt and cutting services wherever it has been applied. Much of our push for “diversity” consists of filling a need for cheap doctors and nursing by importing those workers from the third world. Our entitlements are poisoning our society.

  • The Chinese paddlefish, one of world’s largest fish, has gone extinct

    We refuse to leave open habitats for nature. Dams make it impossible for fish to roam and reproduce and, since they do not have lobbying groups, they simply die out.

  • Tweet calling for killing of Muslims in India doesn’t violate rules, says Twitter

    Social media continues to unevenly apply its rules and standards, making them look more like pretexts for enforcing political correctness than avoiding harms. As the media audience shrinks, the media companies pander to the most avid consumers, who tend to be young, broke, and Left-leaning.

  • 2020 Census could cause California to lose a seat in Congress

    Less California always proves good. That state shows us the future of America, in that as diversity increases places go Leftist forever, at which point they start spending like mad and gradually lose more of the people that they need in order to be productive. All democracies end with more takers than makers, and the massive California debt shows how individualism causes people to consume their civilizations, leaving nothing but clueless day laborers and rotting infrastructure.

  • Mental health crisis looms after seven months of Hong Kong protests

    Imagine what the constant political drama of democracy is doing to us. Every time the headlines get dire, people on the street seem panicked and drive like lunatics. This has been going on for decades. We cannot afford to live under democracy much longer.

  • World Bank warns of global debt crisis following the fastest increase in borrowing since the 1970s

    When you base a society on debt, soon everyone is in debt with no incentive to stop, since we all know that a big default followed by waves of default are in the future. Might as well get in the free money tree and spend it now on useful infrastructure so that when all the debt gets written off, you have resources to generate more money, even though it will be worth a tenth what it was.

  • Mysterious radio signal is coming from a nearby galaxy, scientists announce

    Probably a cosmic warning sign saying GO NO FURTHER, HUMANS AHEAD.

  • McDonald’s: black executives sue over ‘systematic’ racial discrimination

    The usual shakedown continues. We cannot afford affirmative action much longer.

  • Delhi bus rape: Indian court issues death warrants

    Being in power would scare most people because you have to make difficult decisions such as pruning the tribe. Order represents the ultimate good; people need to be able to go about normal life without getting raped, assaulted, or robbed. Enforcing order requires harming some people. This could haunt your dreams with terrors until you realize that the alternative, disorder, means that good people suffer. The highest principle of government: preserve good things, including good people, against the constant onslaught of the bad.

  • For tech-weary Midwest farmers, 40-year-old tractors now a hot commodity

    It turns out that older technology has many advantages, mainly that things without digital computers are easier to fix and outside the control of the businesses that produce them, since such business use the new technology as an excuse to extract more money from the population. We have hit peak technology and now are going backwards. As it turns out, backwards may not be a bad direction if “forwards” introduced needless costs, time-wasters, and complexity.

  • ICE Detention Center Captain Was on a Neo-Nazi Website and Wanted to Start a White Nationalist Group

    Mass defections from the politically correct Narrative continue.

  • Amazon’s Biggest Threat Isn’t a Huge Competitor but a Collective

    After years of centralizing around a few big companies — Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix — the internet turns away because these companies have become abusive, reminding us that the healthiest human orders are those in which constant “sorting” happens on a localized, particular, and time-sensitive level. The more we get toward rigid categorical orders, the farther we go from assessing each situation on the basis of relevant details, and the more mass conformity leads us away from reality. The same plays out in the markets.

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