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  • US trade deficit falls to three-year low in wake of China standoff

    Trump batters his way to victory by reducing trade deficit. This means that the US is able to sell more products abroad. He will now attempt the same with the EU, and after that, will do his best to fix American industry by removing regulations, unions, affirmative action, taxes, and other things that have been retarding it so that parasites can profit.

  • Durham neo-Nazi teenager detained for terror attack plan

    This seems more like straight autism than neo-Nazism, but clearly, this guy was drawn to apocalyptic philosophies. This is not surprising because you have to be brain-dead to fail to notice that this civilization has fallen and we are living in the ruins. That drives kids to Columbines, jihad, drugs, and neo-Nazism.

  • Oxford grooming trial: Men guilty of sexual abuse of girl

    Another day, another group of third world diversity that was grooming native girls to use as prostitutes. Immigration, diversity, and globalism are all invasions, and the bad guys have been winning for a long time while the voters slept (as they always do).

  • Work must stop on Trans Mountain, Site C, LNG pipeline until First Nations approval, UN committee says

    The shakedown continues. At this point, being a minority is a privilege that you can use to extract money from others. It is like a speed trap: people drive by, you claim they have done something wrong, and then they owe you money, enforced by the somnambulistic stupidity of humans making decisions in groups.

  • Polish president boycotts Holocaust remembrance in Israel

    Everyone should do this. Let WW2 pass into history. It was never great, only sad, and we learned nothing from it; seventy-five years later, we learned however that the winners were wrong about their supposition that nationalism was bad. It turns out that nationalism is the only way to survive and Hitler and Mussolini were right on this point. They were also right about the Big Lie, democracy, which is dysfunctional. Pretty much everything else is just misery and stupidity and can slip easily into history books.

  • Chinese nationals caught surveilling same US military base twice in 2 weeks

    To be fair, the voters are not really asleep so much as they are distracted by many things, some legitimate (work, family, friends, leisure) and many not (television, media, internet, social group). While the voters remain distracted, the Chinese are preparing for war. Democracy just makes it easy.

  • UMass Amherst Removed a Professor for Showing a Downfall Hitler Parody Video

    It seems 2019 was Peak Snowflake. If you let people like the politically correct run your society, soon it will be nothing but grey Soviet-style apartment blocks where everyone eats only oatmeal in order to avoid offending others. “Offense” is just defensiveness anyway; no thought should offend anyone. They are just using pretense as a weapon to extract social status from others.

  • ‘No War With Iran’ marches set for Thursday across US

    Our fellow citizens include many hysterical morons who form an echo chamber based on the latest panic or trend, then spin themselves into a frenzy so that the whole group can vibrate together at the right frequency. They understand little, and honestly care about even less. This is just about being seen and being important, relevant, “unique,” and other preening monkey style pretenses.

  • Iran plane crash: Ukraine deletes statement attributing disaster to engine failure

    Jumpy Iranians on high alert may have pulled an MH17, Iran Air Flight 655 or KAL 007. Iran seems to have confirmed by this refusing to release the black box.

  • Be Prepared for President Sanders

    Democracy always desires its own suicide, and electing a series of lunatics like Clinton, Obama, and Sanders should do it. The voters, who are distracted and insincere because there is no accountability nor efficacy to the individual vote, just want someone who is a denialist like them, who will tell them that they do not have to change and everything will be fine.

  • Australia: Muslim teen laughs after appearing in court for setting grass fire

    Why not? Australia is their host-land, not their homeland. If everyone and everything on it burns, then they can take over and establish their own civilization there. If not, they at least got to be important for a few hours as they watched a community burn and firefighters scramble to contain the blaze. Diversity never works, because it pits people against one another.

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have a sick child,’ Philly robber writes in demand note

    People use any excuse they can. Our egalitarian society has torn itself apart in a wave of entitlement. Not surprisingly, that has produced a society full of sick, deformed, insane, crippled, hobbled, and neurotic people since the only ones who win at democracy game are the victims.

  • Year of Return: The African Americans moving to Ghana

    Tired of being ruled by neurotic-solipsistic white people and their bureaucracy, or worse the diversity insanity and its much larger bureaucracy, many African-American Blacks are simply heading off to Ghana where they can at least determine the direction of their own future, even if they have to make do with less initial wealth. Then again, Ghana is one of the most fertile places on Earth and is rich in natural resources, so in no time at all they can be quite wealthy.

  • China Builds Massive Radio Antenna 5 Times Bigger Than NYC

    China builds a giant low-frequency array, possibly to communicate with submarines, but some scientists warn that this type of radiation is linked to a number of health problems. More human arrogance in the face of nature reveals the dark inner fatalistic solipsism of the human mind.

  • NASA Planet Hunter Finds its 1st Earth-size Habitable-zone World

    We know that at some point we will have to leave Earth because its sun will implode, an asteroid will hit, or nuclear war will break out. We have to get to another world, or perhaps multiple worlds, simply because one for each ethnic group would be ideal. We also might have some planet simply dedicated to the wise, moral, generous, intelligent, strong, healthy, sane, and stable ethnic Western Europeans so there they can rebirth Western Civilization.

  • A study suggests that higher minimum wages hit poorer bosses’ pockets

    Higher minimum wage penalizes small businesses but leaves larger businesses, who can absorb the cost damage and pass it on to their customers, better off. Again we see the pattern of the rich loving tax-and-spend wealth transfer because it makes them richer and keeps new competition from entering the fray.

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