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  • Muslim population of England smashes three million mark for first time ever, figures reveal

    One in twenty people are now Muslim. But how many are foreign, like the Irish, Japanese, Italians, Spaniards, Jews, Poles, Czechs, and Jamaicans? Equality means that you must always favor whoever has less than yourself, which basically means that you become the tragedy of the commons.

  • How women travelling to Canada to give birth could strain the health-care system

    Birth tourists travel to Canada to ensure that their precious snowflakes can have Canadian citizenship. People at the hospitals affected notice something odd, which is that as birth tourism goes up, the quality of other care goes down. It turns out that resources are finite and giving them to one thing takes them from others. Saner voices point out that this happens to all entitlements, and open borders policies merely strain them further, which is why all of the socialized medicine systems out there are in trouble right now.

  • Nearly 3.5 million UK working age people have never had a job, report says

    It sure is fun to watch all these socialist systems consume themselves just like the Soviets, knowing that for about half of the populations in our countries, nothing will be learned and they will try the great equality Utopia dream again if given half a chance. Over the past decade, people in the UK have stopped taking weekend and after-school jobs, probably because they have both been displaced by immigrants and are getting education subsidies. At that point, why work? This means that people coming out of college have zero experience in the workplace, and will have to learn it all anew while serving in those new roles demanded by their credentials. Should be yet another disaster in the socialist suicide by “death of a thousand cuts,” or we might say a thousand details conspiring against the Big Lie and the illusory Narrative that follows. In the meantime, the bankrupt government is cutting benefits wherever it can.

  • The rate of Minority Persecution made double in Islamic Bangladesh in 2019: Hindu Rights Group

    While the media foams on about how terrible the new citizenship law in India is because it discriminates against Muslims, it makes sense to consider it in context and realize that, like resistance to White Genocide, it signifies a group trying to avoid being destroyed by those around it, but not “allowed” to do so because it is the majority. India hopes to repatriate Indian-origin Hindus from around the world while moving on its Muslim community to nearby Muslim nations, like Pakistan. That will provide the best outcome for all groups over the long term, which is why the short-term thinkers on the Left oppose it.

  • Vancouver woman ordered to pay ex $200K after trashing his reputation online

    Accountability for words that are actions comes back into the mainstream after years of absence. This likely reflects a response to years of abuse by advertising, politicians, lawyers, and our fellow citizens. In this case, a woman stalked an ex-partner online and used her “social influencer” clout to advance the narrative that he was an out of control drunk and cheater who spread STDs. She did it enough, and successfully enough, that the courts decided defamation (libel) had in fact occurred. This follows an American case where a young woman consistently coached and berated a young man into killing himself. All of this points to a bigger problem, which is that since our society is based on a Narrative — a type of rationalization explaining our illogical acts as good in order to keep the power structure intact — people are taking the words of others at face value as if they were part of the Narrative, which means that democracy is won by whoever has the dollars to buy the best advertising, spam bots, and influencers. Democracy has turned us into a herd of sheep, responding to symbols rather than thinking of reality, and this is why democracy is ending as it always does in tears. Humans keep pursuing the Utopian dream, and it smashes them back every time. When do we finally learn?

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Says U.S. Should Target Iranian Oil Fields and Refineries: ‘The One Thing the Regime Can’t Afford to Lose’

    At this point, we know that Iran is crazy and set up so that it uses this crazy to distract from its real structural problems. Until this regime is crippled, nothing will get done. To cripple it, we can intensify our existing sanctions and destroy anything that Iran can do to raise money. Eventually its people will tire of starving and will rise up, murder their government, and replace it with something better. Despite the great media panic over the Iran strike, this is not war; this is a response to an attack on our embassy. We could either do nothing, and let Iran think that it can do more of that, or strike back, and signal that it went too far. If we strike back, we can either target specific people for low loss of life, or destroy something important, potentially with higher loss of life. Iran recently discovered $3.2tn worth of oil and intends to use that money to further its insane jihad, support for terrorism, and other moronic policies. Do we want to fund morons, or something better? Either we control it, or the “bad guys” (Russia, China, Iran) do. As if helping us make up our minds, Iran seems determined to act the part of an insane jihadist cult and reminds us why we want to keep them too broke to develop nuclear weapons. In the meantime, the world divides its response between those who want Iran to become functional again and those who either want to double down on jihad or are pacifists. In any case, actual war seems unlikely, but that does not stop the moderate Muslims of Iraq from agitating for war or the American Left from arguing that this was an assassination so they can argue for impeaching Trump, despite strikes of this nature having been policy during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations.

  • Berlin police prevented activists from dismantling an art installation that angered Jewish groups

    In diversity, any opinion will anger some group. Once they all have enough power, they will busy themselves tearing down the opinions of others, resulting in a society where nothing can be said, no opinion can be held, and no one will communicate. This shows us yet again that there are no universal truths, values, and communications, and therefore diversity will never work. It is an attempt to force universalism on different groups for the sake of “proving” universalism for the sake of our Narrative, and is unrelated entirely to reality.

  • Austria’s Greens overwhelmingly back coalition with conservatives

    While this suggests simple politics, the bigger picture includes the knowledge that the most alert and therefore most extreme wings of the Right and Greens are converging on a realistic vision: modernity does not work, either for nature or for humans, and it is killing us through existential misery, so we are heading to a type of society that is more in line with natural existence. This means that primitivists, survivalists, and traditionalists are seeing essentially the same thing through different lenses, and they are coming to increasing accord. Watch for this fusion to grow in the future.

  • Having A Plant On Your Office Desk Helps Reduce Daily Stress, Study Finds

    It might even be better if you lived around forests, animals, water, and plants instead of going from one concrete-and-glass cube to another in order to work, shop, exercise, and sleep. We have made modernity into a utilitarian dystopia.

  • Finnish PM calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day

    This makes perfect sense because people need more leisure time, not more leisure products. They need the ability to discover life and themselves, and constant work just makes them bitter, plus creates a tendency to fill all of that time with make-work. It makes more sense to cut jobs to the minimum, then send everyone who should not be working home to be subsistence farmers.

  • Mysterious Respiratory Virus Strikes 44 People in China

    Perhaps nature has finally cooked up the flu pandemic that will thin the human herd. One can only hope.

  • Woman who allegedly ripped hijab off student’s head charged with hate crime

    What do you do when the diversity attack each other, in this case a Black woman attacking a Muslim woman? You file hate crime charges and ruin lives so that the pretense of democracy can continue just awhile longer. Just until you get to retire, or win an election, or publish your book on how diversity is the new enlightenment. Then it can all go to the dogs for all you care. You will have your pile and your castle, and if society falls apart, that just means fewer taxes. At least, most people think this way.

  • Trump thought war with Iran could help reelect Obama. What about Trump?

    Leftists conveniently omit facts. First, Trump has not started a war; he assassinated an Iranian terrorist who was working in Iraq to attack the American embassy there. Second, Obama threatened Israel over its strikes on Iran. Finally, Trump as alluding to the Obama policy of speaking weakly, then threatening with a big stick, then backing down, which is the worst way possible to go about geopolitics and the best way to accidentally start a war. In the meantime, even full-Soviet basement brats The New York Times admits that Iran does not want all-out war.

  • Rand Paul Warns Against War With Iran Without Congressional Approval

    Conservatives fight for order. Leftists fight for not rocking the boat. Rand Paul follows his father Ron Paul into political irrelevance by speaking on foreign policy as a Leftist, reminding us that Libertarians are Leftists, and therefore that we need to get them onto the boats to Venezuela along with the rest of the anarchists, Communists, liberals, religious fanatics, neurotics, parasites, criminals, con men, scam artists, Utopians, and Leftists (and then delete their passport numbers so they never come back).

  • Crater found from asteroid that covered 10% of Earth’s surface in debris

    If not a flu pandemic, perhaps nature will eliminate us with a handy asteroid. While this will kill off most of life on Earth, it might also free the rest of life from humanity so that intelligent lizards can develop or octopuses can invent fire.

  • United Methodist Traditionalists, Centrists, Progressives & Bishops sign agreement aimed at separation

    Christian sect splits over LGBTP+ acceptance. Some want tradition, but the majority want to keep rushing into the abyss of preaching to an ever-smaller group of Leftist religious fanatics left over from the 1960s. The rest of humanity is just moving on, since Christianity responded to accusations of being fantasy by doubling down on political fantasy, convincing us that most of them are insane.

  • U.S. deportations of Guatemalans doubled over past decade

    Trump has sent back twice as many Guatemalans as his predecessor. It is worth nothing here that being anti-diversity is different from being anti-Gautemalan; if one thinks that diversity is a dysfunctional, suicidal, and genocidal policy that brings on more problems than the ones it purports to but fails to solve, then one must end diversity, and that means sending everyone else back. So rest assured, friends in Guatemala, we do not dislike you but we need you to stay in Guatemala and us to bring America back to a sane population, like 150 million ethnic Western Europeans.

  • South Dallas man slain by DPS troopers after traffic stop had 16 gunshot wounds, autopsy shows

    Police try to pull over man, but he takes off instead for home, and gets caught in the driveway where he may or may not have been reaching for his belt before the cops light him up with sixteen rounds. It turns out that he is black, so there are going to be race riots over this. While he may have been disobeying orders and doing something illegal, it is unclear that what he was doing was all that bad, or that he was an actual threat instead of a clueless stoner. Then again, if I drove like mad away from the flashing lights and pulled something from my belt when the cops confronted me, they would shoot me down dead like a dog and no one would care. In the bigger picture however, Black people need Black police (and judges, lawyers, etc.) so that they understand that they are in the care of their own and there is not constant racial prejudice against them. In a diverse society, members of minority groups always find themselves wondering if they are being excluded for real reasons, or simply for discrimination, and these people are not stupid and can see that even the most Communist of lily white liberals tend to live in whitopias where one family of Huxtables have taken up golfing, casseroles, stamp collecting, and other harmless white nerd activities. I would not trust police of another racial, ethnic, or religious group and see no reason why we expect minorities to do the same. Still: expect entertaining and futile riots which will mostly be wealth transfer in the form of liquor, athletic shoes, and televisions to the ghetto.

  • Iran will no longer abide by any limits of its 2015 nuclear deal

    Welcome to Iranian humor! They have never honored any of the treaties which limit their ability to develop nuclear weapons. They have only continued development in secret, which is why Israel has to keep bombing them and the CIA must keep using Stuxnet on their centrifuges. In the meantime, Trump knows how to deal with bullies, namely by causing them so much pain that they never do it again. Bullies sniff weakness and exploit it for their own sense of power. When the intended victim turns around and puts up enough of a challenge that the bully might lose, he backs off, because all bullies are cowards and this is why they scapegoat and torment others instead of making themselves healthier.

  • ‘Diet’ soda may not lead to weight loss, but there’s nothing misleading about it, court rules

    Keep blaming capitalism. The law in a democracy is individualistic, and that means you have no obligation to anything larger than yourself. That means that if you market a product based on lies, but you do not explicitly make those claims as part of a contract to the buyer, you suffer no consequences. You could probably market lard as diet food if you added a couple drops of vinegar and claimed you thought that made it less caloric. The law is an ass. We are asked to trust it because if we do not, we quickly realize that our laws and political system are a facade and not something which actually benefits us.

  • Pompeo: US is now targeting Iran’s `actual decision-makers’

    From a strictly humanitarian perspective, it makes sense to kill a few bad guy leaders rather than bomb flat whole cities and kill thousands of civilians. The Leftist media does not see it this way.

  • Hundreds rally in Paris to seek justice for murdered Jewish woman Sarah Halimi

    It turns out that diversity has done what Hitler could not do, which is make Jews feel unwelcome in Europe. This has two components: stoned inbred Muslims with mental health problems running around throwing Jewish grandmothers from windows, and cucked European courts which make any excuse possible for whichever party is brownest.

  • Trump Tweets Threat to Commit War Crimes in Iran

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, the usual media lie. Trump said he would destroy sites of cultural importance, which can mean just about anything. If a mosque hides weapons, it can be destroyed. If you live in a democracy and the cheeseburger is your symbol, he might take out a few McDonald’s and Burger King restaurants. If the brand new Death To America shopping mall gets blasted to dust, it is not a war crime. However, the media as usual projects what it wants to hear into what is said, and so concludes that Trump is preparing a bombing campaign of holy sites, museums, schools, and orphanages. Iran immediately chimed in with a Beavis ‘n Butthead “yeah, what he said.” Sometimes the only thing one can do with unacknowledged mental health problems and logical fallacies is to ignore them and begin working toward removing the people responsible.

  • Spiking oil prices have led to recessions in the past, and that’s why the stock market is on edge

    This is a giant bluff by investors. Currently, the Americans have more oil than they can sell. The market might be healthiest if all that Iranian and Iraqi oil went off the market and stopped destabilizing it. The middle east infuriates people for this reason: no one can afford to ignore it, but paying attention to it requires dealing with the constant insanity of its residents. Of course, the Roman solution — invading and driving all of its inhabitants, save Israel and Lebanon, into Libya — would work the best of anything on the table. The Left fears ethnic relocation because it could solve most of our human problems.

  • Poachers slaughter 16 lions and hack off faces and claws for medicine

    There are no universal truths, values, or communications; this is the core of nihilism and seeing past the false universalism-pluralism see-saw on which the West finds itself. However, some cultures are more adapted to the long term, and we see how acts like this are broken, and might decide to blast some other cultures into paste just to avoid dealing with the aesthetic vandalism they commit against our goodwill toward life. It is in our interests to have a beautiful Earth, and to remove untermenschy crazy people. Call it morality or eugenics; they mean the same thing, if practiced correctly.

  • India citizenship law: 100,0000 attend Hyderabad protest

    A whole hundred thousand! That means that 1.4bn Indians did not attend this protest. Most people are sitting at home doing the “moderate Hindu” dance, which is to say that (1) they dislike the methods of this law and how cruel it is but that (2) it probably needs to be done so that their Muslim neighbors stop periodically radicalizing and attacking them. There will be no stability until Muslims are gone from India and India is wholly populated by its traditional ethnic groups with their traditional religions. Muslims, Arabs, and Mongols are still invaders.

  • Gujarat: PM Modi working to return India its past glory, says Governor

    India realizes that to have greatness, it must both stop doing stupid modern things and point itself toward great ambitions. By removing modern artifices like democracy, diversity, equality, and market socialism, and instead aspiring toward an inner spirit of greatness, which is balanced compassion and conquest/aggression, India can rise above what it has been for many centuries. It can also stop being known simply as the call center of the world.

  • Apple just put itself in position to be the next HBO

    The big story that no one talks much about is market concentration in media, which is what happens when the margins shrink in that market. When there were a few TV channels and everything else had to be seen at a movie theater or rented at Blockbuster, movies had a high-margin existence. Now, people film them on their phones, release them through indie studios, and people expect to get access to them not on a pay-per-view plan but by paying for cable channels from which they can choose among thousands of movies to watch. Netflix and Hulu have redefined the market. This means that no single movie is going to make a ton of money except the hugest of blockbusters, and even those are hit or miss (mostly because Hollywood has trouble fine-tuning the line between “crowd pleaser” and “moron fodder,” since the two are part of the same continuum of mediocrity). That in turn means that, as with print media, we are going to see the little guys get eaten up and a few large companies dominating the market. Think about nails. When nails were new, every artisan and shop on the street made its own. When industry took over, nails sold for a lower price and were widely available. Over time, that price kept falling, until soon only a few companies made nails, sold them cheaply, and basically did not change their operations from decade-to-decade.

  • UK could forfeit security council seat over Chagos Islands dispute

    The UK chuckles in a high class accent, puts a gloved hand on the UN’s sleeve, and points out that empires and world federalism are failed models. No one wants to be part of the UN anymore because it has been hijacked by the same neurotics and professional victims who gunk up every democracy. The UN is going to be given the worst death, which is an inconsequential afterlife, where it mumbles out its pronouncements to a cheering audience of the third world and China, while everyone else goes on to live the good life away from those loser victim bullies.

  • Lithuania drafting bill exonerating nation from Holocaust crimes

    WW2 was a long time ago. There were no “good guys.” The bad guys were not all bad, and in fact history since has proven them right that diversity, democracy, and communism are suicide. The good guys were not all good, and they took the power granted to them by victory and turned it into a mandate for an orgy of consumerism, pollution, corruption, and vapid mass culture. We need a new model, and it is time to stop re-fighting this war every time the great-great-great-grandchildren of purported Holocaust victims want a new monthly check. Even more, guilt over the Holocaust has hampered nationalism, which is necessary for our nations to survive. If Jewish people have any brains — I am not sure any people on Earth really do — they will accept this enthusiastically, stop styling themselves as victims, and encourage European nationalism alongside Zionism. That provides the best possible future for everyone. If they are utter morons, they will continue their endorsement of liberalism until it once again turns on them, as it always does, at which point they will again find themselves in the crosshairs and powerless as seems to happen a lot in history. We can blame the Nazis only so much before we look at a shared blame model and see that most of the blame goes to diversity itself, with the next biggest chunk to Hitler and the Gang, but Jews factor in there too for not realizing that 109 expulsions and pogroms meant that there was something wrong with diaspora/diversity and that Jews needed a different path. Herzl realized this during the Dreyfuss Affair, and the rest of his people have not yet caught up with him.

  • Modern humans and Homo erectus did not co-exist in Java, study shows

    Modern humans incorporate none of H. erectus, at least in Australia, scientists claim. I suspect our models are too simple. Populations broke away, subjected themselves to higher evolutionary pressures, and then leaked members back to their origin tribes, gradually layering their DNA within those groups. This means that H. erectus died out from diversity, and lives on as a quarter of the DNA of some groups, just like many other previous human groups gradually got assimilated from within through genetic warfare and demographic genocide. If nature has its way, future humans will be tan, raceless, classless, and generic. That will neuter humanity and keep it simplistic, so that when the oil goes we settle down to a comfortable life of subsistence farming, bushmeat gathering, buying wives, and waging pointless war on each other with pointy spears.

  • Red meat plays vital role in diets, claims expert in fightback against veganism

    You want to know how to be healthy? Eat what your ancestors ate. Walk five miles a day at a brisk pace. Spend much of your time outdoors. Focus most of your time on leisure and mental clarity. Spend most of your free time with your family, friends, and local community. Always have a purpose, up until the moment you pop off. Modern society makes this just about impossible, and this is why we are in the process of overthrowing it. To a better future!

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