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  • Manhunt continues for white robber who wore blackface in Maryland bank holdup: Police

    Asked if the Perryville bandit could face additional charges for wearing blackface during the commission of a robbery, Miller said that would be up to the Cecil County state’s attorney.

    Hate crimes jump the shark. In the meantime, the list of suspects who have done this in the past, most of them Irish, suggests that this is simply a low-tech way of obscuring facial features. These bandits should take it further and dress up as other ethnic stereotypes for their future bank robberies.

  • More countries publishing ecosystem accounts, considering environment in economic decisions

    An awakening shakes humanity: nature is worth more than what we can convert it into with industry.

    “The reality is clear—we depend on the environment,” Mr Obst said. “It is clear when we consider the sources of our food, fibre and energy. It is clear in the ways in which the environment filters our water and air. And it is clear in the role of nature in underpinning cultures and beliefs. Unfortunately, our revealed behaviours show we ignore this reality and we take the environment for granted.”

    He got very close to mentioning natural beauty. The “role of nature in underpinning cultures and beliefs” is simply Blood and Soil restated for a modern timorous audience.

  • Global tax rules set for overhaul as states seek to avoid new trade war

    Bankrupt governments now want to tax the internet. This is driving down earnings, which will eventually create a situation where the internet becomes just another utility. Everyone is going to go to smaller sites and dodge the now-corporate and thoroughly boring mainstream internet.

  • Australia already ‘carrying its load’ on emissions and must adapt to warmer climate, PM says

    The Left will panic at this, but Morrison simply states the attitude across the West: we have cut our emissions. This is easier than doing what we need to do, which is reduce our population growth and use of land, which at this point is solely the result of immigration. End diversity, and we are on our way to ending the ecocide.

  • Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account suspended

    Get too close to an accurate depiction of reality and you threaten the Narrative, which constantly clashes with reality because it is based on symbolism, emotion, and social factors instead of observation of how our world works. People like tangibles — symbols, emotions, and peer pressure are tangible to the conceptual brain — but dislike projections, abstraction, and pattern, since those are not immediately grasped by a crowd. The Narrative deals entirely in tangibles, and when people start talking outside of it, they are usually speaking of aggregated and interpreted details of reality that ordinary people find difficult. In the meantime, it is becoming harder to claim that we are an “open society” when so much is blocked, taboo, censored, and demonized that is necessary to understand reality.

  • Sexual assaults rise at US military academies: Pentagon

    Take a mixed-sex military, add diversity, and then add the libertine degeneracy of Late Empire, and you get bad results. No one is surprised, but no one can point out the obvious, so we keep kicking the charade down the road and hoping our enemies do not notice too much.

  • German far-right AfD party leader loses political immunity in tax evasion case

    Last year prosecutors began investigating Gauland, the party’s honorary chairman and one of that AfD’s founding members, because of “personal tax errors.”

    The case is distinct from an investigation into fellow AfD parliamentarian Alice Weidel, who has come under fire for reportedly accepting illegal party funding.

    Is it real, or the usual politicking by the Left? No one can tell for sure, but in the meantime, it will hurt this party. That makes it awfully convenient.

  • Africans carry surprising amount of Neanderthal DNA

    Europeans still have the highest amounts; this new observation basically proves backflow theory, which says that humans — which may have evolved in parallel in Asia, Africa, and Europe — have been migrating back into Africa for millennia, mainly because Africa is fertile and warm unlike most of the world.

  • Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120

    You asked for airborne AIDS to clear the Earth of humanity. Nature delivers! This will set tongues wagging about whether or not this is a constructed virus, and if it is, what genius has decided to thoroughly thin the herd so that nature and humanity can both exist. Either that, or it is a grump Generation X dissident dropout who decided to eliminate the Boomers. One can never tell.

  • Country music is ‘dead’: Icon Loretta Lynn trashes modern hits

    Welcome to equality. Everyone is a narcissist, because when you are equal you have nothing but yourself to live for, and everything good is assimilated into the lowest common denominator because that way it can reach the broadest and most thoughtless audience. Now consider that diversity, socialism, feminism, and other egalitarian/altruistic programs do the same thing, reducing variety and making uniformity. Ideology promotes conformity, and control produces obedience, both forms of distributed centralization. Like a dying star, humanity is collapsing inward, shortly before it explodes and fades away, leaving only wisps of scattered hominid remains.

  • “Unprecedented” Locust Invasion Approaches Full-Blown Crisis

    Asia and Africa — the areas which are growing in human population — find themselves under attack by nature. Perhaps overpopulation will be solved by Easter. Thank you Jesus!

  • In an angry America, a new remedy emerges: Compassion

    The funny thing is watching these droolers pimp this gibberish as “new.” Compassion has always been the watchword of the Left because it seduces people into being pluralistic and ultra-tolerant, at which point no standards can exist and the Left can take over. In reality, there is only one form of compassion, and that is increasing excellence.

  • Harvard professor in China case released on $1 million bond

    Prosecutors say Lieber agreed to conduct research, publish articles and apply for patents on behalf of China’s Wuhan University of Technology in exchange for $50,000 per month and about $150,000 in living expenses.

    No wonder China is doing so well; they are piping knowledge straight out of the West by buying it. We know they bought the Clintons and have massive influence in Hollywood and the news-entertainment media. What else do they control? How close were we to totally caving and being taken over?

  • Japan planning to release over a million tonnes of radioactive water into sea from Fukushima power plant

    People wonder why so many are skeptical of nuclear power. Surely there can be some better way of doing this cleanup than dumping radiation into the oceans. However, it is probably more expensive, and the stockholders hate that. They are normal people like you and me, you see, and all they want is for their stocks to go up so they can retire while they can still walk and voluntarily use the bathroom. If you tell them that their retirement fund is going to tank to possibly save some whales or something, they look at you like you are ripping food out of their mouths. We did better when aristocrats owned everything of value, and people retired through multigenerational homesteads and pensions from their local ‘crats.

  • Brexit is alarm signal for Europe, warns Emmanuel Macron

    Bureaucracy or aristocracy, one must choose. Europe decided it did not need its kings, and that opened the coffers for looting, which means that now people basically work far more than they need to on make-work McJob projects because they are only there to pay taxes to keep the State going. They cannot afford anything, because those who produce goods and services also pay the same taxes, which accrue to the person last in the chain of production a/k/a the consumer. Their wages are low, because taxes hit employers too. So they labor on, miserable, slowly dying out as the egalitarian State strangles all good and wholesome things and replaces them with triplicate forms, fees, taxes, regulations, and endless legal battles.

  • Insects are dying and nobody knows how fast

    Humanity has taken over too much land. This denies species the space that they need to forage, hunt, mate, play, live, reproduce, and nest. You will see a steady reduction in graduated levels, then when they hit a certain level, a genetic crash followed by almost total elimination. Scientists tell us not to worry now, but to think hard about what we are doing. No one is thinking about stopping growth because monetary systems based on demand require high taxes and wealth redistribution, which destroys an economy if it does not keep going. That “free stuff from government” will be the epitaph for your civilization.

  • Wealth gap widening for more than 70% of global population, researchers find

    Humans screw up the same way every time. They set up systems, and those pick the winners and losers, which means that some win big and the rest are held back by the high cost of the system. This means that soon you have masses of impoverished angry people and a few ultra-wealthy who buy off and manipulate the rest, then leave behind a collapsed third world ruin of a once-great society.

  • Poll: Majority supports decriminalizing sex work

    Increasing we see, the problem is us. People like their fantasies and pretend they are real, but then the policies they create based on those fantasies destroy us. Sex work is degrading and produces mental instability, which is exactly why these people are constantly preaching about how great and liberating it is.

  • Trump impeachment: Failed witnesses vote paves way for acquittal

    This was always a goal searching for a justification, not legitimate reasons leading to a necessary action. They tried RussiaGate, Stormy Daniels, emoluments, insanity, and everything else they could think of, but all failed. Trump is doing great, and if anything, most people want him to go further in increasing nationalism (one ethnic group per nation), traditionalism (accountability and quality over quantity), and competition (reward for performance, not obedience). The Left went as far as it could, but in the meantime, we saw what type of society they always deliver, and we do not want to go out like the Soviets.

  • Brexit: UK leaves the European Union

    The death of liberal democracy proceeds apace. People are seeing that “the System” is our enemy, and that we all crave a normal life, which requires as little bureaucracy as possible. We also see that, while we feel for the poor and downtrodden, society goes into a black hole trying to make people equal. Instead of equality, we need to reward the good and let the rest figure out whatever they can to survive. Social order and accountability are returning. The bureaucrats promised everything, and delivered dystopia, leaving us with only symbols and ideological warm feelings as we watched everything we loved be destroyed. It is time to leave them behind, which means leaving behind their justification for existence, equality (spit).

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