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  • ‘We love Europe, we just hate the European Union’: Nigel Farage blasts EU during goodbye speech

    The EU remains a nagging, neurotic, dependent, and obsessive controller until the end and demands that Farage & Co., who engineered Brexit, stop waving UK flags at the EU meeting to discuss Brexit. Farage laughs, knowing that an avalanche of defections awaits.

    “There is a historic battle going on now across the West, in Europe, America, and elsewhere. It is globalism vs. populism. And you may loathe populism, but I tell you a funny thing: it’s becoming very popular.”

    Since he is one of the truly great statesmen of our time, people would do well to pay attention to his words even if they dislike the meaning therein derived.

  • Poll finds Sanders faring best against Trump in Texas

    Third world people are wired differently than first world people. Life for them is more individualistic and less collaborative, so if society offers something, they take it whether they need it or not. They will always vote for government that wants to give them free stuff on someone else’s bill. That was the whole point behind the Hart-Celler Act, to bring us to a state of permanent socialism through a demographically replaced electorate.

  • Fourth-quarter GDP rose only 2.1% and full-year 2019 posts slowest growth in three years at 2.3%

    Growth only becomes important when you have high taxes. Otherwise, you can simply have a healthy trade balance and production that backs up the currency in a supply-side model, and your society does not need to constantly grow then contract in disasters like the Great Recession. If we drop entitlements, we can have that. If we demand that we keep entitlements, we will be spending out 40% of everything we take in on a form of legal corruption called the Free Stuff Army which will require us to constantly grow in order to outpace the losses. Our government will always be in debt, and our currency will slowly lose value. In addition, we will wake up one day to realize that our society has been performing reverse eugenics by rewarding “me first” takers and punishing makers for several decades, and this is a death spiral from which no society emerges healthy. On the plus side, as warned here, globalism is collapsing and the coronavirus panic is helping drive America toward self-sufficiency. Whatever nation in the future disconnects from globalism, kills the entitlement state entirely, ends civil rights, and pursues a populist (ethno-nationalism + libertarianism + traditionalism) theme will rise above the rest, which will collapse as they follow market socialist liberal democracy to its doom.

  • Trump allies are handing out cash to black voters

    Trump has offered us a demonstration of the Hart-Celler Effect. He has done more than any recent president to help minorities, without giving handouts, and now he is allowing some political handouts to buy votes. If all of this fails, it will become clear to the American public: minorities will never vote for a majority party, only an anti-majority (egalitarian, Leftist) one. He will most likely partially succeed, but it will still be clear that the majority of African, Asian, and mixed people will always vote Democrat, no matter what the Republican does.

  • Jewish couple kicked off American Airlines flight over body odor now suing for discrimination

    Diversity screws up society many ways, but one way appears when a person is both from a protected group and has some other attribute that is causing problems for others. For example, a stinky person may be thrown off a plane because he is stinky, or because he is from a certain group; no one can tell for sure, especially not someone who was not there at the time. This both affects those who are potentially discriminating, and those who are discriminated against, because they can never trust that society fully accepts them and gives them a straight answer to questions such as, “Do I smell too bad to board a plane?” Diversity is so dead. We are just waltzing through the necromancy of denial at this point.

  • US raises travel warning advisory for China to level 4 ( Do Not Travel)

    How is this different from saying that we do not want people from Muslim countries because they tend to bring the war there here? In terms of the law, right now, it may be different. At its essence, the same thing underlies both: we want to avoid crises that are not our own. Diversity will have to die, then, since having diversity means that we will have connections to the world and its problems, and because we are assumed to be evil bigots who want to kill six gorillion transgender midget Negro Jews, we will have to fix them with our blood, time, energy, and dollars. In the meantime, the coronavirus is a bigot that infects more men than women. You can get some actual data that describes the virus, which seems less like a world-ending epidemic and more like a big ugly flu, with far more people infected and dying of regular flu. Statistics can fool us because if a few thousand people die of a flu, that is business as usual, and we have no idea who they are, including their physical condition before infection. In the meantime, we should remember what made the 1918 flu so deadly, namely that it was partially an autoimmune response that killed off the patients, something we could likely suppress today. Although the virus may have originated in bats, it likely passed through another species on its way to humanity; some guess rats, since these are one of the most popular forms of bushmeat sold at the wet markets. In the meantime, society has gotten very weepy about possible discrimination against the Chinese by those who are caught up in fear of the Wu-Tang Flu, but we know that this is just the usual talking point; people are avoiding those that they perceive are most likely to have this exciting new virus, namely those who are feverish, coughing, collapsed on the sidewalk, or Chinese. One interesting wrinkle about the Corona Light virus: your pets can get it too.

  • Church sorry for saying that sex is just for married heterosexuals

    It did not take long for the cuckening to occur on this one. Political correctness works by making some ideas offensive to individuals, and therefore socially taboo, which forces people to leave out vital data, meaning that in the end, they only communicate acceptance of the status quo. Back in the real world, the Bible says that sex is just for married heterosexuals, and we all know that is not discrimination since there is no “right” to have sex in any way you want, if you are interested in being Christian. You can always be an atheist and enjoy whatever kinks, preferences, orientations, fetishes, and absurdities that you desire. However, you do not get to have your cake and eat it too; the point of religion, culture, history, logic, facts, and so on is that you adapt to them, not the other way around. Individualism is the idea that nature, God/gods, and reality adapt to you, although we generally call it solipsism around here.

  • Berlin film festival suspends prize after Nazi past of director revealed

    Like political correctness, Leftism itself is binary. That is, there is one correct way to behave and anything else means you are bad. Therefore, history itself must be erased, and then we will have only the good. This comes from having a positive bias toward the world: you assume that all of it is good, except for that which goes against your own dogma. In reality, it is better to treat most of the world as bad and celebrate the exceptions, because that way you can view them as they are — as people, events, ideas, and places — instead of forcing them into an ideological mold.

  • Mass cervical cancer vaccine rollout could save 62 million lives in next 100 years

    Humanity makes another attempt to insulate humans from their bad decisions so that bad decisions can be normalized. “Equality” means “bad = good” and “good = bad.” When everything is equal, everything is arbitrary, and so the individual can do whatever it wants without fear of social consequences. In reality, that leads to dried ovaries and wet tears when women hit their thirties and find out that any man who would have married them is now decidedly not interested, since he’s getting sloppy 332nds which will also divorce him and take half of his income.

  • Trump’s wall: High winds blow over section of US-Mexico border fence

    Binary systems specialize in removing context to influence your cognition. From the third paragraph, the actual story:

    The concrete used to anchor the 30ft-tall (9m) panels in place had not yet dried.

  • Trump defense: Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ not impeachable

    It is a tale of two quid pro quos. The Left wants you to believe that Trump traded for personal gain, but Trump has said consistently that he traded for beating back corruption. As it turns out, the Biden family seems to be guilty as sin and are arguing that because Joe Biden is a political candidate, he cannot be investigated. Actually, it is the other way around, and this is why we have this giant deflection campaign. It turns out that the Bidens did not explictly promise political favors but de facto promised political favors by trading on their name; like the Clintons, they are simply good at corruption, which is why they have gotten away with corruption for so long including multi-billion dollar contracts despite no experience in the area. In the meantime, the Ukrainians have not forgotten the need to investigate the Bidens. While that is playing out, the swamp is busy covering its track.

  • Unions want to use private pensions to fund South African infrastructure

    We see this one time and again. Government, strapped for cash because it is busy paying out entitlements and corruption instead of doing functional things, looks hungrily at pension funds. “I’ll just borrow a little,” it says. “I can stop any time. I’ll use the money, and then repay it. Immediately. Right after this next shot of soothing heroin aaaaaaaaaand I’m gone.” Your pensions will go away; you will receive an IOU; the IOU will contain numbers that constantly go down. When they go to look for the money, it will have flown to Switzerland with the newly-retired ministers who entered politics broke but left it as multi-millionaires.

  • Sajid Javid abandons pledge to end austerity with savage cuts plan

    Man who won an election by promising an end to “austerity,” or cuts to the bloated entitlements state, instead finds himself trying to cut that entitlements state. Government is broke across the West. It owes money, it needs money for infrastructure and investment in the future, but it has spent everything on civil rights, entitlements, and diversity. Consequently, it will cut the politically insignificant stuff, starting with whatever they are paying the elderly to keep them alive. Politicians do not have a plan; they are simply reacting to the balance sheet and whatever the voters are raving about these days. They win by pandering to what is currently trending, ignoring anything important if they can, and giving away free stuff right before the election. Democracy is a racket.

  • Kobe Bryant’s Colorado prosecutor recalls the case that linked them

    This article pretends to be anything but an affirmation of the case against Bryant, but it actually shows how credible the accuser was. No Christine Blasey Ford (hic) here! Yet, because citizens of democracy are addicted to their bread and circuses, the accuser received threats against her life to the point that she gave up the case. What the justice system could not do, a Calabasas helicopter did, apparently.

  • Elizabeth Warren proposes criminal penalties for spreading voting disinformation online

    We all know that Elizabeth Warren is nuttier than a Snickers and her proposal here is designed to tear down the First Amendment. Speech taboos always expand, because authorities use whatever is convenient to make problems go away, whether rightly or wrongly. The bigger story here is that this is part of a propaganda war raging across the world. Democracies have become unstable because our citizens, bound by Dunning-Kruger to arrogantly misunderstand anything more complex than a lunch menu, are easily swayed by propaganda from foreign nations and divisive groups within their host nation. This means that democracy is in its final stages, and we will see increasing censorship, speech codes, taboos, ostracization, and public virtual crucifixions of those who deviate from the dominant paradigm, which seems to be denial that our civilization has fallen and defense of the buzzword salad that keeps it going, like liberal democracy and market socialism.

  • The ‘anti-woke’ backlash is no joke – and progressives are going to lose if they don’t wise up

    It turns out that in the 1990s, our society established a firm social liberalism based on the 1960s, since the generation that came of age in the 1960s seized power in the 1990s. “OK Boomer” however means that newer generations have seen how everything that the 1960s idealized was a total failure, and can see how the divisions we are fighting now go back to the early 1800s when socialism, diversity, socialized medicine, homosexuality, promiscuity, and libertinism first became issues. Now that we have finally seen Leftism run its arc, we want to go back to the 1840s or even 1780s and get a re-do. We took a wrong path, but it took a couple centuries to see it, as we were warned by conservatives at the time. In the meantime, people are tired of being manipulated with guilt and partial fact patterns, and they want to escape from political correctness. The backlash comes from ordinary people who are angry that they are being told that they are not seeing what they are seeing out there. Who are you going to believe, the dogma of forced altruism, or your lyin’ eyes?

  • Lungs ‘magically’ heal damage from smoking

    It turns out that if you quit smoking cigarettes, your lungs will heal. Something else is killing all those lung cancer patients, perhaps the diesel exhaust which is more carcinogenic and more prevalent than arch-Satan secondhand smoke, even.

  • Fourth Spy at Los Alamos Knew A-Bomb’s Inner Secrets

    It turns out that American nuclear programs were complete Swiss cheese in the hands of the Soviet spymasters. In this case, four Jewish people aided the People’s Revolution and turned over nuclear secrets to the Soviets. Two of them were executed, something which still sets only partially well with Americans today. The bigger question is how you deal with religions, cultures, and tribes that are different from your own and therefore necessarily have interests which conflict with your own? Obviously, diversity just does not work, and had this data been released decades ago, people might have figured that out. Oh… that must be why it was not release. For how long have we been patching up the failing program of diversity, just to claim that we were right all along? After all, if diversity goes, so does egalitarianism, which means that we go back to 1788 and wipe the chalkboard clean, then try to find something which works better than democracy, equality, and diversity.

  • Sharp rise in football racism as incidents go up by more than 50% in one year

    This parallels the Colin Kaepernick debacle in the USA. People are tired of the guilt. They want to enjoy their time off with some sports, beers, friends, and probably unwise decisions regarding a second slice of stadium pizza (urp). Government, always that which encourages you to eat your vegetables instead of having fun, has becoming the nagging nanny of race guilt, shaking a finger at anyone who fails to be constantly obsessed by civil rights, diversity, and equality. We just want to have normal lives, and obviously, under diversity we cannot have that.

  • One-fourth of millennials have $100K in the bank

    This is what happens when you over-credentialize. Some go forth, do well in school, get those big career jobs, and end up wealthy; everyone else ends up in a dingy apartment for life. America was better when it rewarded people for on-the-job performance instead of the right credentials, degrees, grades, and buzzwords. As has been said around here many times before: we are rewarding the wrong people.

  • Bills introduced to address missing and murdered indigenous people in Oklahoma

    In most violent crimes, the victim and perpetrator are of the same race and ethnicity. No one wants to talk about how miserable life is on the reservation, but maybe we should float the idea that American Indians, who originate genetically from Mongolia, might be much happier there.

  • Wilson County Judge Haywood Barry regrets comment about ‘regular white man’ hours in court

    More apologies for colloquialisms:

    “I’m not working second shift. I’m going to work like a regular white man, as they used to say. … I’m not going to be a slave,” Barry said, according to the audio recording obtained by The Tennessean. “Don’t allow that any more. Don’t allow that any more.”

    In other news, white people should reconsider how many hours they work for a system that hates them. Let it slide, let it fail.

  • U.S. life expectancy goes up for the first time since 2014

    Fewer “deaths of misery” since Obama left office, but the US still lags other developed nations in life expectancy. In the meantime, 40% of Americans are obese, thanks mainly to our sedentary lifestyle of make-work desk jobs.

  • Fourteen U.S. states sue EPA for ‘gutting’ chemical plant safety protections

    Leftists refuse to understand that conservatives distrust the fourth branch of government, the administrative state, which has grown massively since the 1940s. We like laws passed by Congress because those are accountable to the vote; we dislike administrative agencies set up by politicians which then do their own thing with no ability for it to be recalled. With little accountability, these agencies create mountains of obscure rules whose interpretation is far from clear, making work for lawyers but effectively adding layers of cost onto everything that we do, both sabotaging our competitiveness and reducing our effective wages while raising costs. There are better ways to protect the environment.

  • Cheetahs could return to India after being ‘hunted to extinction’ 70 years ago

    Everywhere humans go, we see beautiful things, and because they are not us, we kill them. Even before technology this was the case. We need a species-wide maturation. We will never like ourselves when we are destroyers of the beautiful.

  • Sanders defines a Jewish identity his way on the 2020 trail

    Bernie Sanders punts on Jewish identity, plays to secular Judaism which essentially becomes Leftism just like the churches full of actual atheists pretending to be Christian for some imagined social points. You either believe these religions and take them seriously, which makes you a conservative, or you become essentially a Leftist cloaked in religion as a means of avoiding responsibility for your choices. Sanders would be a disaster of a president.

  • Police sergeant ‘used inside knowledge to pass on sensitive information to friends’, court told

    Blood is thicker than water. In the ongoing grooming scandal in the UK, where police knew of the crimes but did not enforce for fear of appearing racist, it turns out that a Muslim police officer was sharing inside information with other Muslims in order to keep them from going to jail. Civic nationalism does not work, just like other forms of diversity which do not work.

  • Iranian factory makes U.S. and Israeli flags to burn

    If the Arab middle east put a fifth of the effort that it puts into hopeless jihad into building a functional society, it would be a leading light of the world. Instead, they keep the herd together with symbolic promises and never-ending quests for religious purity expressed through violence. As Islam says, however, the bigger war is within.

  • Number of slavery victims in London up tenfold in five years

    Freedom and equality paradise finds out that bad guys get freedom and equality too, and use it to promptly revert to their ancestral methods of slavery, rape, grooming, abuse, and other things that polite British society assumed would be smudged away with “education.” Diversity is dead, and we are caught in the negotiation for its cessation right now, with most of the population still in denial and repeating slogans from thirty years ago.

  • White supremacist appeals death penalty in church massacre

    Dylann Roof seems like many white Americans, lost in a world that has betrayed him, but aware that people — especially white people — are addicted to pleasant illusions as they wander through the cavernous recesses of their neurotic minds. I do not like what he did, nor the way it was prosecuted, since “hate crimes” are dubious law and federal charges are often inflated in order to enforce ideological agenda. However, when you shoot nine innocent black people in a church while praying, errr, there is no way that can end well, if you look into it. Then again, sometimes history needs the Gavrilo Princips to trigger the chaos which will undo our many human mistakes. The innocent suffer, as usual in democracy.

  • US Conducted Record-Setting Bomb Drops Over Afghanistan in 2019

    We are in the Vietnam loop because we are fighting a war of occupation. Instead of committing more troops, Trump is bombing the enemy into submission, which tends to be more effective than offering them lots of live Americans to shoot at. In the long term, however, the only solution to Afghanistan is to displace the people there and turn it into a nature preserve.

  • Private schools criticise plans to get more poor students into university

    Increasing access to education seems like a good way of ending poverty until you stop and consider that education, like any credential, only works if it separates the sheep from the goats. If you run everyone through it, you turn college into the new high school, which is effectively what America did in the 1980s with its government loans. It would make more sense to keep education competitive, but to rank people not on hoop-jumping but IQ and character. That way, you get the best on top instead of having everyone compete for the same few slots to success with the knowledge that most will not be obedient enough and will end up in debt and misery.

  • Grandmother’s bid to highlight cost of cigarettes compared with food goes viral

    In the name of “being good,” government has become abusive. People need the ability to live ordinary and happy lives, and that may include cigarettes and alcohol. This offends government, which just like the Soviets has a pretense of moral goodness through regulating behavior, but really simply wants to make itself more powerful. The ascetics seek equal misery. In doing so, they are exploiting their most vulnerable citizens, who simply skimp on necessities to afford the fun stuff.

  • French Asians face racism following coronavirus

    They are not French; only ethnic French are French. If I move to France, learn the language, memorize the laws, and integrate myself in the economic system, I am still not French. I am a visitor, a guest, but not a citizen. The world has no right to our countries. Nor do individuals have the right to “identify as” whatever they want. This insanity has gone on long enough.

  • Authorities find longest Southwest border smuggling tunnel

    Someone should ask why Americans are taking so many drugs, if we are living our best life here in diverse liberal democracy.

  • Asbury Park Store Forced To Take Down Anti-KKK Sign

    “No hate, no KKK, no fascist USA” turns out to be too provocative in a divisive time. No evidence has emerged so far that conservatives drove this change; most likely, businesses wanted to avoid losing the Silent Majority as their clientele because they are down the street from Communism, Inc.

  • 24/7 mental health support on the way for post-secondary students

    More free stuff means more profit for the corporation offering it, in this case Morneau Shepell. The costs will outweigh the advantages but the program will be popular with neurotics whose disorganized minds are ruled by fear, so it will never be repealed. Any politician who tries to undo this mess will be accused of hating students or hating the insane.

  • Post-Brexit talks gear up for fish fight between EU, UK

    The larger the area of government, the more the commons is spread out. The battle over fishing rights drove much of the impetus behind Brexit, since UK fisherpeople found that their traditional waters had been re-assigned so that the rest of Europe could profit too. The UK, by aiming to stand on its own, will avoid being sucked down into yet another wealth redistribution program. At some point maybe humanity will figure out that wealth redistribution always sounds good but ends badly.

  • Google searches for ‘Corona beer virus’ surge as news of coronavirus spread across US

    These are your voters. Does that explain anything?

  • Maryland police officer charged with murder in shooting of handcuffed suspect

    The ACLU weighed in quickly:

    “Once again, a Black man — William Green — has been killed needlessly by officers with the Prince George’s County Police Department, this time in Temple Hills, Md. Once again reports indicate that the unarmed man was in a disoriented state when he was shot and killed — after he was handcuffed and put into a patrol car,” the ACLU said.

    Difficulty: the police shooter was Black. Diversity will never let you have an ordinary life, a stable society, unity in your civilization, a life free of guilt, or self-respect, no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or sexual orientation you are. It is simply another human vortex, a Utopian idea that provokes emotions but when applied in reality, shows eventually how symbolism and the more complex world out there diverge.

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