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Periscope (January 24, 2019)

  • NY Senate Bill S2796

    The muh bortz crowd is foaming over this one, so here is the relevant portion of the new abortion bill in NYC:

    Section 2 of the bill creates a new Article 25-A of the Public Health Law (PHL), which states that an abortion May be performed by a licensed, certified, or authorized practitioner within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect a patient’s life or health.

    In other words, you can ‘bort a fetus if there is “an absence of fetal viability” or if it is a threat to “a patient’s life or health” up until it is born. Perhaps a “threat to…health” could be widely interpreted, but we have professional organizations for doctors that would look down their long straight noses at any doctor who interpreted health as convenience. This bill is not what the news purports it to be; big dumb Leftist media thinks that it is a great victory for women, when really it is a fairly restrictive abortion bill, and big dumb Conservative Inc. is sure that it means women are going to be aborting fetuses without cause one day before they are due to be born. Never join up with Big Dumb Conservative. It is an abyss. We need intelligent, realistic, and most of all, calm conservatives to guide us out of this Leftist ruin of an age and into something saner.

  • New Caravan Grows as Mexico Eases Passage (non-paywall)

    Humans never change. A weak nation next to a strong nation will passive-aggressively bully that strong nation because it can and because poking its fingers in the eye of a powerful (and therefore resented) beast is easier than fixing itself. Mexico is never going to change. It has been a third world disaster since it gained independence from Europe, which has less to do with Mexico and more the crisis of having a diverse society. Its acceptance of blended Eurasian people into its power structure has caused it to have a non-identity, which always pushes nations to default on even lower common denominators. What do Mexicans have in common? Food, a general cultural malaise, and few vague notions of certain holidays. Everything else is inherited from Spain and dumbed-down in the way that Americans turned a Salisbury steak into a low-cost sandwich. Without an actual unbroken cultural root, “culture” becomes commerce and convenience. This means that Mexico cannot fix itself, only become more third-world as every year things get worse, and so it is always going to be looking for ways to distract its people. Tweaking the nose of the USA and running away laughing is one of its pastimes, especially with a Leftist leader, which means that Trump will have to do something to penalize Mexico. He could simply hold up their exports at the border for more relentless inspections, which would make goods from Mexico more expensive and unreliable because of the delays, or block foreign aid until they comply. The real card he can play is blocking remittances to Mexico, because when illegals in the USA cannot enviar dinero a Mexico, the economy of their homeland will collapse. This explains in part why Mexico hates us: they need us.

  • The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story

    The media made two missteps in quick succession: they reported that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, and then they portrayed the Covington Catholic boys as aggressors when they were in fact clearly being bullied by an angry mob of minorities. This will damage their credibility, but only in the wider audience. Media is shrinking because there are now multiple ways to get your news — internet, television, radio, print — and most stories require only a headline or a few paragraphs to tell you the actual essentials. The rest is fluff, opinion, reaction, drama, emotion, and biography. Those things used to be categorized mostly under human interest stories, but in the 1980s under pressure from cable, the USA Today effect revitalized journalism and, much as self-help books seemed to capture every other genre of writing and make it navel-gazing and highly “personal,” the news became “personal” too in that it began to be about personalities instead of events. The seeming fact that half of America gets its news and opinions from late night “comedy” (really: herd propaganda) fits within this progression. We have too much news, and too many conflicting views, so people are simply looking for a narrative that fits which they can use to converse with others. This means that media has shrunk from covering the news to being an opinion industry, and so naturally people oppose it, with good reason: it is a cabal, and it hates the rest of us because it wants to dominate us, like every other special interest group does. Consider how the Irish-American female author of this piece performs a desperate rear-guard flank-covering activity under the guise of apology:

    I have found several things that various of the boys did and said that are ugly, or rude, or racist. Some boys did a tomahawk chop when Phillips walked into their group. There is a short video of a group that seems to be from the high school verbally harassing two young women as the women walk past it.

    And so, at the end of the long quest for racism, we have a “tomahawk chop.” No wonder no one takes the media seriously anymore.

  • Dutch magazine cuts ties with reporter over suspect stories

    Speaking of the media, this story reveals more in the margins than the lede. This journalist was a civil servant during the day and cranking out news stories on the weekends, which meant he did most of his journalism from his chair. Not surprisingly, he made up a lot of it, recognizing that at this point the news is more entertainment and propaganda than anything resembling a factual retelling. Most news stories require a few paragraphs to tell the full story, but no one will buy that, so journalists dump in everything they can which can be made stimulating and try to make it seem like you are getting more for your money. In reality, there is only a certain amount of news worth covering and only a small slice of journalists are capable of any analysis, or that which gives us a greater insight into the significance of events and helps us anticipate the future. Most journalists are like this guy: essentially retyping statements from a couple sources as an article, and making up anonymous sources for anything they cannot directly substantiate.

  • Shocking moment more than 100 migrants are caught on camera climbing over the US-Mexico border wall

    At the end of the day, for humans, most things are about symbolism. A symbol translates a vast prediction into a simple tangible object, and that object stands for the whole. Our brains can then work with that object instead of trying to grasp what is beyond them. Trump understands that the wall he wants to build on the border is symbol first and practical secondarily. Its goal is to signal to the rest of the world: no, you cannot come here. That causes them to stop coming because their brains can grasp the idea of a wall. If you give them any weaker symbols, they show up because they know that in America, they have won the lottery. If they get stopped by the border patrol, they go to a nice holding facility and wait for someone to do something about their case. The worst thing that can happen to them is that they get repatriated after a small vacation in which they can hang out with their fellows and socialize thanks to the American taxpayer. If they do get into America, they can live a dozen to an apartment, work easy jobs, have free medical care at the emergency room, and send the rest of their money home to Mexico where it buys a lot more and therefore sustains their extended families and local economies. Future historians will record that any first world nation with a third world nation next door will have this problem; consider Germany and Turkey, Israel and Palestine, England and Ireland. Your money is simply worth so much more in their lands that it will flow that way by the nature of market forces, which will bleed you dry and dissipate income among those who have no idea how to multiply it. Cheap labor is doom in general because it produces these populations. Any suburb that starts supporting a lot of fast food, hair salons, maid services, and lawn care companies will find that cheap apartments show up next door, and soon it has the same problems as everywhere else. If you look at it through an analysis of the distribution of energy, cheap labor represents a lack of focus, where specialization and qualitative improvement represent a narrowing of focus and thus greater efficacy. Any time this focusing happens, however, people object because this cuts down the ideal customer base, which is many stupid people who constantly need new products to keep themselves amused and to deal with their drama. As always, humanity is self-destructive, and the current immigration disaster is just one aspect of that eternal trait.

  • Immigration group files suit to force Southern Poverty Law Center revoke ‘hate’ label (non-paywall)

    This lawsuit provides a new way around our weak defamation laws. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) under the grounds that the SPLC has used its market position to cause the CIS to experience a loss of donations. The classification of the CIS as a “hate group” is wrong, alleges the suit, but this is important only because it shows that the term was chosen in order to force away donors, not because the SPLC cared about accuracy. Let us hope that this type of suit succeeds, because then it can be used against Facebook and Twitter. This has a better chance than libel/slander suits which require something onerous like proving that the offending party told what it knew to be a lie merely to destroy your reputation. That requires too much reading of intent for most courts to approve of it.

  • Oracle Owes $400M to Women, Black, Asian Workers, DOL Says

    According to the department of labor, Oracle “paid women, black, and Asian employees less than others for similar jobs” because “the company relied on workers’ prior pay histories to determine starting salaries.” In IT, “similar jobs” falls under “weasel words,” since job titles are broad and performance, not title, often determines salary. Further, relying on prior pay histories is normal in the industry. What this suit has done is to tell companies: you must hire a certain number of minorities, or we sue you, and you need to pay them top dollar, or we sue you. Considering that it probably cost several million to simply defend against this suit, big companies now have no way out, so they will — as with unions, regulations, taxes, minimum wages, and other Leftist de facto socialist inventions — simply pass the cost along to the consumer. At some point, you would think (but you would be wrong) that the voters might wake up, as the “yellow vests” did, and realize that everything is expensive and wages are low because of all of the free money that government found for its ideological agenda of civil rights and class warfare. Companies are savvy and so in order to avoid raising prices, they reduce costs and lower quality, including by outsourcing jobs overseas and building in planned obsolescence. Did it occur to anyone that the days of American quality products began to die with the unions, collapsed with affirmative action, and now are vanished thanks to increasing diversity? Every day, you pay; with diversity, you are never free.

  • Nigerian police chief says gay people ‘should leave country’

    Based Nigerian police hottie observes that there is no universal law for all of humanity, and some places want to exclude some behaviors, so they have made them illegal. With those laws on the books, it means that if you are prone to behaviors that are illegal there, you should simply leave. This kind of sanity will not play well with the Western press but will throw them into paradox since with Africans doing it, white people complaining sounds like muh privilege. I will restate my longstanding view of homosexuals here, which is that since most of the population finds what they do to be repulsive, the option that is most compassionate and also realistic is for homosexuals to keep their activities silent and for heterosexuals to ignore them. This is the WASP way, and it failed once people formalized it in order to avoid accusations of discrimination against others for arbitrary reasons. With true freedom of association, you do not have to give a reason for not hiring someone to work in your spy agency (the Cambridge Five), making them a CEO (Tim Cook), or renting to them (Andrew Cunanan). However, that would thwart the civil rights agenda that allows government to create faceless masses who respond to mass mobilization and therefore, cement the power of their soft tyrant leaders.

  • Voters in one English town warn London: ‘Do not betray our Brexit’

    Very few people remember the reasons why the Old Ways existed. Instead of cramming everyone into cities where they could be a vast fungible mass for the convenience of government and industry to control them, people were viewed as important by themselves because they were the vessels for the intangibles: culture, heritage, excellence, identity, customs, wisdom, and traditions. Those things, more than people, were important, but people were the means to achieving those ends and also the thing through which they lived, so people were important in themselves. Everything else was a means to the end of people which were in turn a means to the end of the intangibles. Modern society simply cut out the intangibles, making everything a means to the end of people, and instead of interpreting that as what was best for these people, interpreting it as what people in groups want, because that always degenerates to compromise, wishful thinking, fears, desires, lottery playing, committee mentality, groupthink, conformity, trends, and other stampede/freeze type responses. Basically, the panicky side of the human mind was given power over the analytical, contemplative, and creative side. We gave in to our worst impulses because these were least contested by a group of people. This meant that the herd won. It took a thousand years, but they finally achieved total domination, and now we finally see that we have two options: either the best oppress the rest, or the rest oppress the best. We are coming to the tail-end of the time of the latter, and people are pushing back against egalitarianism in all of its forms and the narcissistic individualism that creates it. Herds are formed of selfish people, not rugged autonomous types. Individualism = collectivism. Once you understand that, you see the core of Brexit: a desire to break away from the concentration and anonymity of egalitarianism, and to get back to the type of order we find in an English village, where everyone has a place and the main agenda is sorting out the bad people, promoting the good people, and enjoying the fullness of life through the simple things.

  • Right-wing terrorists killed three times more people in US than Islamists in past decade

    How do we hype Right-wing terror into a thing? We start counting incels and school shooters as Right-wingers instead of just lost souls, as would be the case if they had Leftist memes posted on their Facebook pages. Yet, as the media enjoys reminding us, the best memes are from the far-Right. Since the only criterion required to be a Right-wing extremist according to the ADL and the media is to have shared far-Right memes, this means that every terror attack will be attributed to “Right-wingers” in the future.

  • Your Ward News duo found guilty of peddling hate against women and Jews

    Canada will be a future battleground as the consequences of its Leftist drift — mostly inspired by a desire to thwart the United States in the 70s-80s, and to be precious and cute and “nice” in the queasy way that Europeans with unctuous smiles have been since the second world war, a hateful passive aggression disguised as innocence — become apparent to its population. In anticipation of that, its moralistic government banned “promotion of hate” some time ago, and now it spends its time beating down those who say things that conflict with the dominant paradigm. The Americans will take a subtler approach and use civil courts, as usual.

  • U.S. labor market remains strong, economy slowing

    Trump recognized a simple truth about the American labor market, which is that it responds to the law of supply and demand. When we increased the cost of our labor through unions, regulations, and taxes, we drove manufacturing overseas; then, to compound the issue, we sent women into the workforce and began importing third-world labor in droves. Trump acted to reduce all of these negative effects and establish a solid playing field, plus gave America a simple policy direction that it can understand even if our press plays dumb on it: we act in self-interest, and we are not here as we were under Obama to enforce a new world order based in egalitarianism. We are interested in results. Not surprisingly, the markets have rebounded. Now Trump races against time to make America reasonably self-sufficient — producing all that it needs, and selling more than it consumes in all markets — before the Chinese economy collapses, taking Europe, Canada, and then the United States with it. If we are self-sufficient when this happens, impact will be confined to financial and technology sectors, so we will take a huge loss in estimated value but not be thrown into economic stagnation.

  • Adolf Hitler paintings of ‘no artistic value’ on sale in Berlin

    Although they are careful to state that the paintings are of “no artistic value,” which makes sense since they were sold as decorative objects for middle class living rooms, the press has walked back its usual rant about Hitler in which they had to say something nasty in every paragraph and speculate about his mental health. It seems that having been correct about diversity being the death of Europe has changed his reputation, and as the Left becomes full anti-Semitic, Muslims chant for death to all Jews, and the Holocaust guilt payments intensify, much of Europe wants to simply be done with every other human group on Earth and go its own way. EGTOW?

  • If Croatia joins the Eurozone, it would give Russia its greatest weapon in Europe

    All tyrants — rulers acting in self-interest without regard to the consequences for those that they rule — think the same way, just like every PTA leader, shopkeeper, bar owner, bureaucrat, and politician. They want to get in as many warm bodies as possible, then control them through incentives and punishments, and force those people to enact the will of the ruler. In fact, the more different they are the better, because then they have nothing but the will of the tyrant to unite them and so they will fall back on it. The EU wants to add Croatia so that it can further its growth of being a superpower with lots of warm bodies to send to the battlefield when things go ill. Seriously, we need the aristocrats back. This nonsense is getting out of hand.

  • Rapper calls Irish women ‘ugly’ after Aer Lingus row

    If an Irish person said “African women are ugly” there would be no end of chaos. What do you do when the different parts of our diversity clash? In theory, Banks has three points on the pity scale: minority, former slave, and woman. The Irish women only have two, minority and women. Therefore, Banks wins, and this is a minor media story instead of a giant blow-up followed by days of mea culpas, sending donations to Jesse Jackson, and announcing new diversity programs to “educate” everyone for the ten thousandth time that civil rights and class warfare are our new gods and anyone who deviates goes to the gulag.

  • Former magistrate Richard Page takes NHS to tribunal after dismissal over gay adoption remarks

    Silly public servants still believe that their goal is to govern. In reality, their goal is to look like they are governing while doing what an egalitarian society demands, which is expanding egalitarianism to cover all corners so that there are no other options, and therefore, egalitarianism is insulated from any recognition of its incompetence. This follows the idea of egalitarianism, or collective bargaining, itself which is that if everyone is made equal, no one must face consequences for being incompetent. Human fear when amplified into policy becomes egalitarianism.

  • Violent crime recorded by police rises by 19%

    Blithe police chief says “Society just isn’t as safe as it once was.” If that happened to my society, I would ask what changes happened between the time when it was safe and now, and then reverse those. What exactly were those changes? Exactly what the Alt-Right targets: sexual liberation, diversity, prole rule, and entitlements programs. All of these naturally occur in egalitarian societies as the egalitarians first try to seize control, then to establish stability, and finally to destroy all non-conformists so that no one is left to notice that their society is in fact in deep stages of collapse and plummeting toward third world status.

  • Davos 2019: Record number of private jets set to fly into conference addressing climate change

    Rules for thee, not for me. You get to eat vegan; I get steak. You live in a diverse neighborhood filled with violence where your daughters get pimped out; I live in a gated community with other rich people who kill with fountain pens, not knives and guns. You get stuffed into some cubicle McJob and wile away your days in boredom; I get to be a bureaucrat who works 10-3 and takes long lunches. The best part is that the to our elites, the situation proves its own viability, because the voters keep voting for this stuff simply because they are pretentious little animals who want to make sure that their neighbors think they have the “right” opinions. It would be hysterical except that it will obviously end in tears. It is so easy to manipulate them, our leaders chuckle. The poor vote the screw the rich, the middle class vote for the possibility of winning the benefits lottery, the women vote against the men, the minorities vote against the majority, the religious vote against the atheists, and everyone is so divided that we end up back at the compromise which is always to just keep doing more of the same. In egalitarian systems, the lowest common denominator wins every time.

  • Why Europe Has No Control Over Its Future

    Europeans have forced themselves into a situation where in order to keep the system going, they cannot deviate from the same basic path, even though they know that eventually it will lead to doom. Perhaps allowing the herd to rule us, which ensures that we have nothing but the economy in common and therefore that financial motives will drive us, was not the best idea. Maybe next time.

  • Canada now brings in more refugees than the U.S.

    For the first time in the history of the United Nations refugee resettlement program, the USA has dropped in the ranks. The UN after all wants what every bad manager wants: the appearance of order and stability by forcing everyone into conformity. If our problem is ethnic clashes, they reason, we can export those ethnic clashes to every country on Earth and then, the problem will not stand out anymore. They must be geniuses to come up with such a clever plan.

  • Amanda Knox’s rights violated in Italy murder probe, ECHR says

    Italy remains outraged that it got trolled. Rudy Guede, the African migrant, killed the mixed-race Meredith Kircher and then intelligently took a plea deal when offered because the Italians were certain that all Americans were crazy murderers. Now, they find themselves in a bind because Kircher’s neurotic family is asking how the killer of their daughter got off with sixteen years. The European solution? As with socialism, spread the pain. Find some other defendants. Now that they have spent millions attempting to destroy Amanda Knox and her dubious gigolo boyfriend, they are finding that the case comes down to a lack of evidence that anyone but Rudy Guede did the crime. That in turn means that their persecution of Knox is becoming increasingly expensive and pointless.

  • German man sues for discrimination over women’s parking spots

    The insane, unnatural, and unrealistic notion of equality forces itself into paradox once differences are noticed. In this case, Germany wanted special parking spots so women would not be subject to long walks through the parking lot where they could be sexually assaulted. One man sued, pointing out that this is not equal, even though it is realistic, since women are smaller and weaker and more likely to be targeted for sexual assault by larger and stronger males. In the well-intentioned moronic rationalism of Europe after egalitarianism, the German courts agree, even though everyone knows that this will result in worse outcomes. Probably the only solution remaining is for them to apportion parking spots by weight and strength, at which point the whole process will become so complicated that everyone will give up and go back to living in caves and eating woolly mammoth.

  • IDF Permits Arabs to Work in Hebron Jewish Neighborhood, Arabs Ravage Jewish Vineyard

    Diversity proves immensely consistent. Minority groups, who experienced less success because their societies were less organized and therefore had no consistent institutions or high IQs, blame all their problems on the successful group, so unless the minorities are either enslaved or driven away, they constantly act out passive-aggressive bullying against the majority. The only solution is to end diversity. Smarter populations can do their own grunt work, pay more for it, and stop paying people to sit around in offices doing not much of anything for hours on end, bored and existentially miserable. Our “success” has done nothing but harm us in the subtle ways, while making us more powerful, wealthy, and influential in the obvious ways that as usual tell only part of the story.

  • Doomsday clock: Humanity is still as close to catastrophe as it has ever been, scientists say

    Symbols make us feel powerful because they allow us to group a whole bunch of chaotic detail into a single category, which requires measuring only one of its infinite attributes, and then we can feel as if we are manipulating that complexity by hiding it in this variable known as the symbol. This doomsday clock is a symbol, in which our egalitarianism-deranged scientists make their assessment of what the future will be. They are signaling fear that the Right might come back into power because, since the French Revolution, we have moved steadily Leftward, and the herd hopes to achieve total Leftist control so that when Leftism fails as it always does, no dissent will be tolerated. They simply do not want to be blamed for the crisis that they are creating because they know no other way; this is equal parts ignorance and moral cowardice arising from an ethic of convenience. In reality, our doomsday clock has been set at two seconds to midnight for two centuries, and we are simply wondering how long those symbolic seconds are out here in real time, because we know that the collapse has happened and the consequences are sure to follow, eventually.

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