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  • Brexit: UK has ‘crossed Brexit finish line’, says Boris Johnson

    Humanity sought a universal truth about how to rule itself. It turns out that people are different, groups are different, and the more that you group different things into the same category, the more you reduce everything to the same grey and energyless mass of identical objects. Modernity, based in the individualism discovered during The Enlightenment,™ reversed itself once it ran enough of its arc, and no longer empowered the individual but made him a slave to keeping The System working. The first defectors are leaving the mob. Next to fall will be democracy.

  • G7 nations falling behind on fight against corruption

    They blame big money in politics, but we all know that across the West, corruption took off in the 1990s as government laid into the trough of taxpayer money. Since the Soviets had fallen, we felt confident in making our own version of socialism through the entitlements state, since we had consumerism to fund it. Now we have drained the wealth of our nations, exhausted the population through chaos and boredom, and all of those nifty rules make it easy for the bad guys to hide.

  • Cantwell arrested in Keene on federal charges, accused of threat

    Apparently they are charging him for “sending a vulgar, threatening message to someone on June 16 using the messaging app Telegram, in an attempt to extort personal identifying information about a man who goes by the online pseudonym VM.” Can we admit that American law enforcement has jumped the shark and is now every bit as much an ideological control mechanism as the KGB or Gestapo?

  • Mount Vesuvius blast turned ancient victim’s brain to glass

    Intense short-lived heat followed by cooling can cause the brain of the victim to vitrify or turn partially into glass. Also seen in firebombing victims in Dresden and Hamburg. Perhaps we should stop our worship of WW2 and admit that both of the world wars were the dying spasms of democracy as it attempted to achieve control of the world before it imploded from its internal disorder.

  • Barstool Sports co-founder David Portnoy settles over anti-union tweets

    When we talk about legal protection for unions around here, consider this case where a man threatened to fire employees who unionized in a tweet and has now been censured for that. Unions, like taxes, exist outside of the economy and take money out of it, driving up costs for the consumer and supporting large parasitic bureaucracies. In any sane country, employees would have the right to unionize and employers would have the right to fire them for doing so.

  • Mexican security forces corral migrants after hundreds enter from Guatemala

    No one knows where Mexico is moving these people, but they put them on buses which then disappeared. If Mexico wants to have a positive relationship with the United States, it will send them back where they came from. Everywhere across the world, people are fleeing poorer countries for richer ones. This sits poorly with the American psyche, considering how many lives we have expended trying to make our country independent and well-run. If these people were good, and not just parasites, they would stay in their homelands and make them better. You have an affirmative duty to revolt if serving under a corrupt, tyrannical, or inept government.

  • Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England

    In a momentary flash of guts, the Church of England says that sex is not an end in itself, but part of a chaste heterosexual nuclear family. In addition, it encouraged gay or straight people in civil unions to remain abstinent. If it continues this course, it will rally to it the people who want what religion offers, which is guidance toward the best life and metaphorical answers to the big questions of meaning and mortality.

  • Most Americans want witnesses in Trump impeachment trial

    For most people, politics serves as (hugely expensive) entertainment. They want to see the fight. Despite appearing otherwise, Trump wants to do the same. He gets a free pass on all other outrages while this comedy rages on despite it being as credible as dipsomaniac Christine Blasey Ford’s neurotic and contentless testimony. The Republicans are aiming for acquittal, which will effectively put the impeachers on trial, while the Left wants to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt in order to spook the undecided for the 2020 election.

  • Belgium struggles to deport undocumented migrants despite swell in numbers

    Five percent of humanity beat back its internal disorder, got over its individualism, and set up functional societies. The rest want to go to those societies instead of fix their own. This creates a situation guaranteed to destroy the good places and leave Earth entirely occupied by mediocre, confused, and selfish human grey raceless masses. No one wants to face the obvious solution of all of these migrants staying in their homelands and fixing them; that requires people to change, or improve their own internal mental organization and dedication so that they can make functional societies too.

  • Myanmar Rohingya: World court orders prevention of genocide

    Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist state, wants to resist assimilation by Muslim groups. The UN wants Myanmar to accept this group in the name of avoiding genocide, even though this will be genocide and destruction of Myanmar itself. This gives us a formula:

    • Equality: protect minority at expense of majority, destroying both
    • Nationalism: protect majority and minority by separating them, destroying nothing

    The neurotic human brain craves equilibrium in order to eliminate conflict, but this creates a mediocre lowest common denominator average which destroys all potential. We have to upgrade this Simian portion of our fearful, disordered minds.

  • Family judges could get training after row over comments on rape

    The neurotic Left wants an evidence-less standard for rape. If the woman says she said no or did not say yes, the sex was rape. This gives power to the underdog and therefore gets applause from those who believe that there is no good in life, and our only compensatory good can be making human beings equal so that individuals do not have to adapt, change, and improve themselves. In reality, the historical standard of rape where the woman fights back existed so that there could be clear evidence; when both parties had scratches and bruises, the sex was not consensual, the woman kept her honor, and we had no problem hanging the man.

  • Miami Cop Javier Ortiz Suspended With Pay After Claiming He’s Black

    Hispanic fellow claims he has one drop of Black blood, therefore counts as African-American in the diversity statistics. He probably would have gotten away with it if he identified as a Black woman.

  • TCF Bank apologizes for calling police on black customer

    Our legal system thinks in linear categories, which fits the general tendency of legal systems to deal with individuals and not groups or consequences. In its view, someone cannot be both a dubious customer and Black; racism must be to blame. We either get full freedom of association, ending the reign of the Fourteenth Amendment, or we self-destruct by an inability to discriminate against people for characteristics other than race.

  • A&M student at center of Coronavirus investigation in Brazos County

    This whole thing is increasingly looking like a giant ad campaign to sell flu shots. Most of the dead in China were elderly with existing health conditions meaning that, like the regular flu, this one is clearing out the weak. Nature is brutal but focused on the bottom line, which is having only animals around which are capable of health. Perhaps this is merely for aesthetic purposes, but it keeps populations as a whole healthy. In comedy health news, it may be that the coronavirus spread through people eating snakes. Currently, 634 people in China have the coronavirus.

  • Holocaust forum: Netanyahu urges world to unite to confront Iran

    The need for a universal, objective reason to make war on bad guys hampers us. The Holocaust is passing into memory, mainly because at seventy-five years it is nearly out of our historical consciousness. Most people do not think about WW1, although arguably they should, and in the same way the Holocaust is vanishing into the past. This is probably for the best, since in general WW2 needs to be seen as a war by democracies for world control which ended in the 2000s as people realized that Hitler was right about diversity and eugenics, even if his methods were “a bit dodgy” as one might say in polite company.

  • Job hunters change ‘foreign sounding’ names

    People want to hire those like them. For some reason, other people come from third world nations and want to be accepted as us and tell us that we must hire them, which is aggressive parasitic behavior. If they put the same effort into cleaning up their homelands as they do into shaking down the West, they would be prosperous already.

  • University of Minnesota student jailed in China over tweets

    Those evil Chinese… wait a second, we are doing the same thing. Just ask Chris Cantwell.

  • Brazil to create ‘Amazon Council’ to protect and develop the rainforest

    Why not have these for all forests, and let them sue people who damage forests, causing us to rely on farming for our wood and other forest products. Even better, turn the forests into nature preserves, which will have the same effect.

  • Trump administration to impose visa restrictions on pregnant women

    While the mental toddlers of democracy remain fascinated by the impeachment show, Trump quietly moves ahead with his plan to pull America out of its postwar slump. “Birth tourism” relies on a misinterpretation of the Constitution, but if Trump can shut it down with acts like this, the birth tourists will stop coming and will stay home and focus on fixing their mostly dysfunctional nations.

  • Germany bans Combat 18 as police raid neo-Nazi group

    In the long run, driving people out of these marginalized and hopeless groups and into mainstream politics instead will work for the Right. We do not need people ready to re-fight the travesty that was WW2; we need people willing to stand up and say that diversity, socialism, and equality are dysfunctional and will lead to civilization collapse.

  • Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group

    The Guardian doxes the leader of The Base, which so far has not killed anyone. Interesting speculation about whether it was a honeypot follows. In my view, the “movement white nationalist” model is dead for two reasons: (1) organizations always get compromised as soon as one member does something illegal and gets caught, then is turned informant; and (2) we do not need an ideology, but instead require a vision of life outside modernity, of which nationalism is an essential part but not the whole. Movement white nationalism also becomes dependent on media, at which point it starts aiming at absurdist extremism instead of practical realism. Join your local institutions and political parties — any one you want — and start agitating for sane policy changes, like anti-diversity and anti-equality, while emphasizing a way of life based on independent productivity, culture, and faith instead of collective reward, ideology, and diversity.

  • ‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey

    These bills shock our Western ears, but they exist for the simple reason that if you must marry the woman you rape, you will be taking care of her for life, which provides a substantial incentive to avoid rape.

  • U.S. border officers were told to target Iranian-born travellers, officer alleges in email

    After the assassination of an Iranian general, American border agents were instructed to keep an eye on people coming from Iran. The common sense nature of this escapes the herd, its eyes wide with demands for equality, which long ago eschewed reality for symbolism.

  • Majority in Kashmir Valley want independence

    Diversity continues its rampage as valley caught between India and Pakistan, suffering divided loyalties, wants independence, at which point it will have two enemies and more internal problems from diversity. No one knows what to do when the fatal choice of diversity is made in the first place.

  • Scientists move Doomsday Clock closer to midnight

    “Scientists” are people too, and they make their careers by having people like them, which requires that they engage in whatever social trend is going on at the time. The great freakout over climate change, which both ignores the problem of ecocide and will be used to create permanent Leftist rule across the West, will ride the backs of these useful idiots into power. In the meantime, the friendly neurotics at the United Nations declared war on the “four horsemen” of human breakdown: surging geopolitical tensions, the climate crisis, global mistrust and the downsides of technology. Instead, they should focus on ending democracy, setting aside half of Earth for nature to avoid ecocide, debunking egalitarianism, and killing off the entitlements state that funds rampant consumerism.

  • Trump rolls back US water pollution controls

    Regulations are the wrong way to do this. Lawsuits and increased monitoring will help. Ultimately, if people want to dump toxins in rivers, they will do so unless a whistleblower emerges. Instead of crippling our economy with regulations, it makes sense to design it so that good people win and bad people get squeezed out through freedom of association. Then let the lawsuits and enforcers do the rest.

  • ‘The system is broken’: New report finds 30 per cent of Canadian inmates are Indigenous

    If you assume that people are identical, then it will seem an error if some groups end up in prison more than others. However, if you recognize that different groups behave differently on a genetic basis, and that for example Amerinds existed in a society where rape, robbery, torture, and murder were common and accepted for thousands of years, then you see why some groups end up in jail more often.

  • A Tale of Two Motor Cities

    African-Americans feel abandoned as Detroit lifts itself out of third world status. They need their own community, run by their own people, dependent on no one else. That means no subsidies from white people, either. This requires them to repatriate to Africa, where they can have such a thing, instead of dying from diversity and white people fleeing any time enough Black faces show up.

  • Ocean degradable shopping bags to go on sale

    If these work — breaking down into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days — it could provide a better way to preserve some conveniences without such brutal consequences to the environment. Then again, the best policy would be to find a way to avoid having these bags end up in the environment in the first place.

  • The wood life: my four days immersed in Latvia’s forests

    In traditional society, people spent their time producing things, including gathering them in the wild from the forests. This acquainted them with nature and its intricate but supremely logical pattern order. Losing that was a mistake, one that Latvia is attempting to rectify.

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