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  • U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’: report

    Backfire of the twentieth century continues. All of those miracle products come at a cost. It turns out that some chemicals do not easily degrade, so we are stuck with them for life and beyond. This means that we will be experiencing lots of great mutations so that someone could have a new drier or portable television back in the 1970s.

  • Dow falls more than 100 points amid first US case of coronavirus, big decline in Boeing

    Now we have a global epidemic, but the real tragedy is the markets. It looks like cases are up to seventeen dead from the virus that may have come into being because people were eating rats and wolf cubs from the wild where viruses skip species, making a SARS-like virus that rapidly adapts and mutates. Maybe this will be all that we hoped Ebola would be, before our great and enduring disappointment. If Wuhan flu fails, maybe Lassa fever will pick up the slack. Start digging seven billion graves!

  • Super-rich elites making London ‘off-limits’

    Raise taxes and regulate too much, and soon the only people making money are those vested in government or thriving off of needs it creates, and they end up super-wealthy while everyone else finds that even a solid middle class dual-income money supply will not afford anything but a cramped hovel. Europe does this every time it starts a city, since then the people in power decide that they need to take care of everyone and everything, which then causes a tax run-up at which point the poor get squeezed out. Then, magically, the definition of the “poor” begins creeping upward. The answer is that a city where everyone is responsible only for themselves is affordable, but a welfare or ideological state is not.

  • Citizenship Amendment Act: Court refuses to put controversial law on hold

    Despite all of the people wailing about how the CAA is the second coming of Hitler, it turns out that there is nothing illegal about saying that your country needs to be of an ethnic and religious majority. “But what about human rights?” Human rights do not say that you can get away with murder or other harmful acts. If your presence in a country is harmful, they can judge so, including by class traits like religion and ethnicity, and have you deported elsewhere. It is an American fiction that our laws prohibit this, and all other legal systems following this model are similarly malleable.

  • After Auschwitz, survivors bear witness to past, fear for the future

    What did we learn? Probably nothing: people still want to try diversity. However, many of us learned from the WW2 era that ideological government is dangerous and also that diversity cannot work, no matter how “nice” and “smart” the foreign groups are. Hitler won the argument with the collapse of European and American diversity. Now we are trying to navigate to a means of gently removing diversity that is less destructive than what Hitler attempted. All of our wars now mirror the French Revolution. It is those who want function against the collected misfits, neurotics, homosexuals, minorities, religious fanatics, schizoids, carnies, grifters, unions, single women, neckbeards, soyboys, and other Dunning-Kruger cases. We will have to defeat these people and remove them, preferably via boats to Venezuela.

  • Whistleblower Was Overheard in ’17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump

    The narrative continues unraveling. If you are going to remove a head of state, you need a good reason and solid evidence or you plunge the nation into chaos and civil war. That may be the endgame that the Left desires, namely because if it seizes power banana republic style, it has perpetual rule and can finally achieve its equality Utopia. In the meantime, the impeachment now looks fully like a witch hunt which went searching for a plausible reason to remove Trump, while his actions were 100% legal in that he has a fiduciary duty to the American people to avoid sending aid to corrupt nations, and that Joe Biden is a candidate does not excuse him from lawbreaking. If the law applies to one of us, it applies to all of us, and the Bidens need to end up in jail as yet another example of failed Irish integration in America.

  • Thousands on Greek islands protest against migrant camps

    No one wants the refugees. They are takers, not makers, as you would expect from people who fled their country for the easy life and free stuff elsewhere. Also, they live in third world style squalor and have no intention of adapting to life in their new host nations; they come to swell their numbers and eventually take over. No wonder no one wants them. Time to start sending them back, and if that breaks laws, it would be good to break those laws and then look more closely at them. Perhaps they do not say what we think they do.

  • Spain debates bill to scrap forced sterilisation of disabled people

    Welcome to natural selection. What you tolerate, you get more of. If you sterilize the disabled, the usual human rights neurotics will cry but you will have future generations free of these problems. Even better would be to sterilize people under 100 IQ points and Leftists, ensuring that society from that point on is afflicted less by their destructive activities.

  • The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing

    With China, as on the internet, everything is fake. Perhaps that was the theme of the 1990s: everyone started faking it because image mattered more than reality. We have to acknowledge, then, that much of what we know as absolute truth has also been faked, simply because in appearance-based systems like democracy, actual reality matters less than what you can convince others to believe.

  • Bolsonaro’s popularity jumps as Brazil economy improves, crime drops

    Across the board, populism — enforce order, national identity, and Austrian economics — thrives while the rest of civilization heads toward the sewers. No one can afford entitlements, and no one can afford not to enforce their laws. Everyone needs an ethnic identity, and no one needs diversity. Whichever nations embark on populism first will rise above the rest because they will become self-sufficient in a time of globalism imploding. Those who stick with the globalist system, mostly in Europe, will find themselves coming in second place again.

  • Barbers Hill student sent to in-school suspension for refusing to cut his dreadlocks

    Solipsistic white people want to have diversity but to have it be just like white people with a tan. That means that everyone dresses up like whites, supports the Constitution and the welfare state, works hard at their pointless jobs, and confines their criminal activity to white collar crime and cocaine use on Jewish and Muslim holidays only. News flash: other people are genetically different, have different needs and tendencies, and require the ability to signal their membership in their group with unique behaviors. Quit trying to force them to be white clones with a tan.

  • Energy use, blue water footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions for current food consumption patterns and dietary recommendations in the US

    It turns out that if we eat a normal meat-based diet but cut the calories back to what we actually need, this is more efficient than going vegetarian or following the government-approved diet high in fish and fruits. In the meantime, “eat what your ancestors ate” plus walking fast a few miles daily remains the best all around approach, especially since this will naturally cause you to eat only what you need. Three hundred million bloated people on couches staring at iPhones say whuuttt simultaneously in two hundred different languages.

  • Genetic analysis of male Hungarian Conquerors: European and Asian paternal lineages of the conquering Hungarian tribes

    Western Europeans always considered Eastern Europe to be a Eurasian zone, or made of mixed Asian/Caucasian people. As it turns out, the genetic record confirms this. The most recent describes the three groups that formed modern Hungarians: Asiatic/Turkic people, Finno-Ugric wanderers, and the same Caucasians that populated the West.

  • College Degrees Used to Make Families Wealthier. That’s No Longer True

    Government got involved in education to make it more affordable. They promptly gave out free stuff, which drove up the cost by increasing demand and reducing accountability, and now education debt and high prices have eliminated any advantage to going to college. In reality, it only makes sense for people of 120 IQ points or higher to go to college in order for the degrees to be rigorous enough to be worthwhile, and college at that level exists to make people into whole individuals with a well-rounded study of human history, ideas, and behaviors. Once government got involved, it became another jobs program, and then a welfare program, invalidating its original purpose and now, as we see, destroying its utility.

  • Americans Work More Than Ever, and More Than Anyone Else

    With equality, no one has an inherent position; if someone else comes along, you get bumped out. The Right champions this as “meritocracy” and the Left cheers the dethroning of anyone with natural talent, but in reality, this makes everyone a slave to appearances. You have to go to your job, satisfy those above you no matter how insane they are, and look important or you will be replaced. That causes people to work long hours to demonstrate loyalty to the pointless and soul-killing make-work activities of corporate jobs necessary to pay for our entitlements state.

  • This newly restored 15th-century lamb is worrying art lovers

    When we started idolizing the lamb over the lion, things went wrong in the West. Was this religion, or merely the Crowdist influence that always adores crowd-pleasers like pacifism, inclusion, compassion, altruism, liberalization, and other breakdowns of social order?

  • People still want plastic bottles, says Coca-Cola

    “People want it” was the principle of the twentieth century, coming to us straight out of utilitarianism, which is a form of group individualism where whatever most people believe is good or true becomes mandated behavior for everyone. Realists measure results in reality. Plastic soda bottles given to the general public mean that we will soon have plastic soda bottles everywhere. Another option involves hiding snipers everywhere and shooting the people who litter, ensuring that future generations will not have the traits that lead up to littering. That has more emotional appeal plus the benefit of having snipers everywhere.

  • French workers turn to sabotage as transport strike flags

    Unions have a Chris Benoit appeal to them, which is that they threaten to destroy everything unless they are given what they want. Right now, the French unions are holding their economy hostage. Macron, for all of his issues, has figured out that if he just waits until the economy crashes, he can then point out that the unions did it and begin the process of legally removing them.

  • A Third of French People Think New Holocaust Could Happen in U.S.: Poll

    The bigger point is that thirty percent of the French say that there are lots of neo-Nazis floating around in France, and that most of Millennials and Generation Z are not interested in the official Holocaust history. Despite our leaders thinking that it is good to punish “prejudice” and “racism,” in reality the Holocaust is just another conflict arising from diversity, and the only solution is to end diversity. That means that “French Jews” go to Israel. Without racial and ethnic mixing, there is no racism.

  • World’s consumption of materials hits record 100bn tonnes a year

    Humanity now gobbles up resources at a completely unrealistic pace. We are leaving nothing for the future and strewing chaos, disorder, pollution, waste, and destruction in our wake. Most of this consumption exists to keep our liberal democracy plus market socialism system going, since it needs to generate constant economic activity in order to afford the high taxes for our entitlements, pay for the civil rights agenda, and keep our currency valuable. Can we blame “Late Stage Capitalism” for the ongoing disaster of democracy?

  • Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records

    Despite all of our laws and regulations, your medical information is now on file with the least trustworthy group of companies ever created.

  • Trump administration threatens UK with tariffs if Boris Johnson imposes taxes on tech giants

    The West consumes itself in a search for tax money. Anyone who rises above the herd will be taxed into oblivion, with only those cynical enough to hide wealth long enough to become super-wealthy able to really afford it. In the name of free stuff, we the voters killed the American Dream and the greatness of Europe.

  • Halliburton takes $2.2 billion charge on shale slump

    As predicted back in the 1970s, shale is not a highly-efficient source of oil, and so oil production has moved elsewhere.

  • Joe Biden calls game developers “little creeps” who make titles that “teach you how to kill”

    The party of freedom, free stuff, and good times decides that video games are bad because they involve killing. Pacifism remains one of the most popular forms of reality-denial.

  • Germany likely to lose the most from trade diverted by U.S.-Sino deal

    Trump decouples the American economy from those who were leeching off of it, notably China and Europe. The former will now have to confront its paper tiger economy, and latter will have to face the fact that it cannot both afford its entitlements state and conduct traditional roles of government like defense, infrastructure, and law enforcement. Worldwide, liberalism and liberal democracy continue their tumble into the dustbin of history.

  • Weed may not ease sleep problems, especially for regular users, studies say

    Yet another presumed benefit of marijuana fades away. People want it legal so that they can get high so that they can tolerate this existentially miserable and boring society. Few have mentioned the big story, which is that regular pot users do not dream.

  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams tells new New Yorkers to ‘go back to Iowa’

    Coded racial enmity in this speech serves to inform white people that they are not wanted in our cosmopolitan cities, which instead of being meccas of tolerance and variety, are starting to look a lot like the cities in racially- and ethnically-mixed third world nations. Minority-majority rule will undo everything that we and our ancestors worked for.

  • Psychoanalyst: Whiteness is a ‘voracious, perverse parasitic-like condition’

    In egalitarian societies, inversion occurs, which means that whatever is strong is demonized so that the weak can rise, because only through that way can equality occur (if the weak could rise, they would have, but since they did not, they cannot, at least without egalitarian control). This means that societies in the grip of egalitarianism viciously attack whatever makes them strong and celebrate whatever makes them sick, weak, stupid, insane, and delusional.

  • Stockholm: Two explosions minutes apart cause damage and leave one person injured

    Egalitarianism strikes our best and smartest populations first and hardest. The Swedes want to be good, even if it comes at the expense of everything they do. In their view, making everyone equal is better than surviving. They now tell us proudly that these blasts were “only” organized crime, not terrorism. Perhaps we should congratulate them for not having guns, since that means that criminals use bombs instead.

  • Germany: More and more people work multiple jobs

    To fund the entitlements state, you must go into slavery, because the “free” stuff requires high taxes and they always increase, year after year. Soon you are working all of the time just for “free” stuff that you will never use. In the meantime, other populations, upon seeing that you are obviously insane to do this, move in to take the free stuff since it will weaken you and then they can take over. Diversity and socialism are part of the same (suicidal) impulse.

  • Man with anti-government views killed pro-Trump boss on Florida’s Turnpike, placed American flag near body, affidavit says

    Increasing political animosity in America leads to violence, starting with those who are least mentally stable. Ironically, Trump is not very pro-government, which means that this stabby fellow is one of those Leftists who believe that government is fascist, despite our government having leaned very far Left over the past century. Maybe it is time for Leftists to confront the historical fact that the very things they adore transfer them into the hands of that which they fear most?

  • Mexico begins flying, busing migrants back to Honduras

    Who knew the Trump wall was composed of treaties? In exchange for a better deal than NAFTA, Mexico has agreed to enforce American immigration law. This means that the steady flow of Mexicans into the USA is slowing and will soon reverse itself. This scares the Left, who wanted to turn America into a South American style Leftist dictatorship. Where did we vote to become Cuba? The Hart-Celler Act.

  • Homeless moms evicted from Oakland home allowed to return following backlash

    Affordable housing comes from low taxes. California has piled costs onto housing with many regulations and high taxes. This forces owners to ask for more each turn of the wheel, and that increases demand for the properties that will actually return value, meaning that the cities become unaffordable. The crowd, which as always wants anarchy and free stuff, demands that people be able to squat in the homes of the wealthy. Like all revolutions, this will end by killing the value of those homes, impoverishing the nation, at which point the poor will learn (or rather not: they never do) that crushing wealth means the poor suffer first and longest.

  • $25K defamation lawsuit over negative Yelp review refiled against Wilson County woman

    The internet showed us the end result of freedom, which is that we see that most people are crazy. This results in constant internal conflict. Future systems will involve having people of intelligence and judgment in power who can remove the bad doctors and crazy patients alike.

  • Don’t close ports to migrants, pope says after Salvini case

    Catholicism feels like Communism these days. It turns out that religions based on maintaining centralized control then become tyrants, since it matters more to them to be in power than to be correct, so they advocate whatever brings in the most warm bodies, just as an Asiatic tyrant would.

  • Obesity is bad for the environment, study shows

    Feeding the obese adds a footprint on par with that of the UK. Heather Heyer, we are looking at you.

  • Brain expansion in early hominins predicts carnivore extinctions in East Africa

    The term “sophomoric” needs to come back into regular use because it describes the danger zone between a little knowledge and sufficient knowledge. When hominids got big brains, they promptly exterminated the large animals in their environment. Someday, we will look back at present-day humanity as doing exactly the same thing but to a broader range of plants, animals, and ecosystems. That must be what they mean by “progress.”

  • Thoreau, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and Dietary Deficiency

    It turns out that eating the carbohydrate-based diet that government and industry want you to eat will make you weak, and then twenty years later, you die of otherwise preventable diseases. Then again, this could reduce human numbers to a manageable level; the successful will eat steak, everyone else will munch on soy and die early. Call it “shadow eugenics.”

  • In Alzheimer Research, Glucose Metabolism Moves to Center Stage

    Our sugar-based diet may be driving our brains to semi-diabetic conditions, at which point they self-destruct. Consumer society, which loves cheap carbohydrate and sugar foods with high markups as in pre-prepared meals and restaurant foods, may have lobotomized those silly enough to believe in it.

  • Backlash Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties to Nutrition Scientists

    “Science” turns out to be up to its old tricks, namely providing employment and promotions for scientists who are willing to say what industry wants to believe. Without a meat-based diet, all of our food will come from cheap vegetable and carbohydrate sources produced in the third world, allowing industry to charge fat margins for mixing in the right amount of flavorings and salt to make “new” and “exciting” convenience foods.

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