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  • Sweden suffers surge in bomb attacks as gang violence rises

    Diversity is over. “This government has lost control over crime in Sweden.” Democracy, based on the messianic Utopian philosophy of human equality, draws people like moths to a flame, but then they have to act on its precedent. If you give equality to one group, you must give it to all. Soon you have an Asiatic-style mob ruled by warlords with a culture based on superstition and control. That inverts what made the West great. Diversity will take down democracy, along with other side effects of reckless human growth through individualism/equality, including pollution, waste, urban rot, and genetic decay.

  • Commercial pilot charged after allegedly writing racist graffiti on bathroom wall

    “#MAGA =NO N**S =NO SP**S” is not the message; “#MAGA = NO DIVERSITY = NO SOCIALISM” might work. It actually scares them more when you write neutral things like “It’s Okay To Be White” or “Diversity Is Over.” That shows them not an emotional response, but a logical and realistic assessment of how they have failed and why they will be replaced.

  • Hundreds of US-bound migrants stopped from entering Mexico

    A literal mob scene results from the lottery of who can bully their way into the USA. These are not good people. Diversity is not good. Immigration is genocide. We need to get clear on these simple truths and stop fooling ourselves with “grey areas” which consist of simply relaxing our standards.

  • At tense Virginia rally, gun rights activists vow their fight is just getting started

    What changed here? There were more people than in Charlottesville, and they came together on a simple message instead of the sprawling idea of the Alt Right. The higher numbers meant that police could not kettle them into the counterprotesters, spawning violence in which Antifa members were mysteriously not prosecuted in a Leftist jurisdiction. The activists here were ready for Antifa violence, so they avoided retaliation; you can get away with pushing someone away or punching him if he hits you, but if you keep the fight going, you are going to be indicted. In addition, the media blitz of using the usual scare words like “racist” and “white nationalist” failed because this group was broad across the board. They seem to have avoided allowing people with mental health problems to attend, something that is easily done by avoiding Nazi rhetoric, since like religion, extreme politics attracts the insane. Focus on realism, such as what works and what does not. Leftism and equality are insane, and the sane people want to retain things like firearm ownership to deal with the chaos that always follows democracy.

  • KFC apologises for ‘sexist’ Australian ad: Report

    KFC issued a non-apology for this:

    The 15-second ad, which is still on KFC Australia’s YouTube channel, shows a woman adjust her breasts as she looks at her reflection in the window of a parked car.

    The car’s window then rolls down to show two young boys looking at the woman’s breasts, before she smiles and says, “did someone say KFC?”

    Check out the snark:

    “We apologize if anyone was offended by our latest commercial. Our intention was not to stereotype women and young boys in a negative light,” Yum! Brands Inc’s KFC said in a statement.

    In the meantime, KFC is still salty fat-food that will kill you or give you Alzheimer’s with brain plaque.

  • How a boy from Vietnam became a slave on a UK cannabis farm

    Equality means a mob, and a mob means a warlord in control. This Asiatic philosophy grips the third world and constantly fails, which means a steady flow of de facto slaves coming into the West. The only humane thing to do is to end diversity, forcing the third world to confront its own problems, most of which came from it rejecting the wisdom imparted during colonialism and adopting insane Asiatic policies instead.

  • Florida cop suspended for wife’s Facebook posts against Rashida Tlaib

    Equality inverts reality by valuing the weak over the strong in order to achieve equilibrium, which humans love because it seems unthreatening. For this reason, every group gets a rank based on how badly it is doing, and people from disaster groups like extremist Muslims get to do whatever they want, while anyone who notices that it is insane to prize failure and punish success gets punished. This lady pointed out that Tlaib hates Jews, and her husband got suspended for it.

  • Davos: Trump decries climate ‘prophets of doom’ with Thunberg in audience

    In his keynote speech, Mr Trump said that it was a time for optimism, not pessimism, in a speech that touted his administration’s economic achievements and America’s energy boom.

    Speaking of climate activists, he said: “These alarmists always demand the same thing – absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.”

    For those of us with a foot in both worlds, this presents a mixed bag. We are committing ecocide as a species. However, the methods proposed to reduce “climate change” both will not address that ecocide, and are a cynical self-serving power grab by aspirational tyrants hiding behind the social good feelings engendered by the idea of “equality.”

  • Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil

    Brazil does what America should have done to Woodward and Bernstein, namely charging journalists with conspiracy if they accept stolen information.

  • A church gun buyback in honor of MLK runs out of money within the first hour

    This is why churches are getting replaced by mosques. In their attempts to justify their philosophy by being “nice” and sociable, they turn toward pacifism and other unrealistic notions, following what is current in a pragmatic sense, not what is eternally true. However, people come to churches to find out what is actual in all eras of humankind, and so have no use for this, except for the denialists who want to believe that our Leftist system can work. The children of those, in turn, simply move straight into politics and keep their Sunday mornings free. Conservatism and religion do not exist in the context of the now, but the eternal. Anything else is just more catering to what the people without particular purpose want to believe is true so that life is “safe” and in “control.”

  • Delta to reward employees with 2 months of extra pay after profitable year

    Following a profitable year, Delta Air Lines announced last week that it plans to reward its employees in a big way.

    In a press release issued on Jan. 14, the company said it will pay out a record $1.6 billion in profit sharing to its 90,000 employees.

    CNN reports that each worker will receive a check next month for 16.6% of their annual salary, equivalent of an additional two months of pay.

    Cue whining about how oppressive capitalism is. In reality, employers want happy employees, but also realize that most employees are flakes with dubious moral character. Unions exist to demand that the good employees get rewarded along with the bad, which eliminates the incentive to be good, and allows the bad, who invest less time in getting the job done right, to take over. Inversion again!

  • As West Coast Transplants Pour In, a Small Idaho Town Has a Big Dilemma

    People are fleeing the high-tax states, but taking their lazy behaviors with them. States should be able to regulate who comes across their borders.

  • War crimes, not genocide committed against Rohingya: Myanmar probe

    Since WW2, “suspected genocide” has become a convenient excuse for invading foreign nations and taking whatever they have. The rollback continues as people point out that diversity causes suicide of the nation, so nations are justified in avoiding their own genocide by removing other groups.

  • ‘Where do we put our money?’ is biggest issue for the Davos crowd, top fund manager says

    Thanks to decades of Leftism, there are few secure nations to invest in, and most of the companies that exist now are cooking the books thanks to economies which are dependent on government. Under the Leftist demand-based economy, just about the only thing worth anything is real estate in nice places that remain, which promptly floods them with foreigners and destroys them. Human intentions generally tend toward the self-destructive, and democracy legitimizes that.

  • Distrust of police is major driver of US gun violence, report warns

    Diversity again. If the police are not from your group, you will always suspect that they are mistreating you, and you will be right at least some of the time. Why do we have white people policing Black neighborhoods anyway? Black people need Black police, judges, lawyers, and professionals. They do not need the “white” man coming in to treat them like kindergarteners. The White Man’s Burden is always a trap:

    TAKE up the White Man’s burden –
    Send forth the best ye breed –
    Go bind your sons to exile
    To serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness
    On fluttered folk and wild –
    Your new-caught sullen peoples,
    Half devil and half child.

    That poem is a bit cynical, but a broader view says that each population needs to control its own future, and they can only do that in their own nations. Conveniently, human populations are mostly sorted by continent, so we can have Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, the middle east and Eurasia for mixes, and Western Europe and North America for ethnic Western Europeans.

  • Denver Post columnist accuses newspaper of firing him for insisting ‘there are only two sexes’

    Columnist says that enforcing transgender civil rights will lead to an end of free speech, and not surprisingly, is fired by Leftists. Every civilization needs a standard of behavior and agreement on what is actual and real. When you introduce diversity, you fragment this, creating a society of many different standards and realities, at which point clash drives everything to the lowest common denominator.

  • NHS faces huge clinical negligence legal fees bill

    Socialized medicine, which requires paying doctors low amounts and paying out huge amounts as people use it in lieu of taking responsibility for their health, continues its implosion. We will find in the coming century that we never could afford entitlements; we just slacked off on other stuff like infrastructure and investing in the future to afford them, since they bought votes. Even more exciting will be explaining to voters how they have to pay higher taxes to spend down the debt, and they will get nothing tangible from it except not having their currency crash to a tenth of its value. With high property taxes, there are longer any safe investments, since anything valuable will be cannibalized by increasingly desperate governments.

  • Tired Nation: Americans Now Averaging Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep Per Night

    Modern society is trying to kill you. Without sleep, you run the risk of health problems but even more importantly, you cannot think. Those long hours on the job turn out to be destructive. The desperate attempts to have a life in the few hours of day remaining even more so. You get to do it all against a backdrop of diversity sirens, racing engines, screaming people, and constant trucks.

  • France apology after history textbook links CIA to 9/11

    Master trolling by the French, who have fallen into the European notion that America is the new Hitler and this was a Reichstag fire instead of the flailing incompetence of a giant and bloated government bureaucracy.

  • Social mobility in decline in Britain, official survey finds

    With high taxes, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Only those who are vested in the system by working for government or something that it has mandated succeed, which means that now you have a ruling class of bureaucrats and everyone else takes whatever remains.

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