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  • Jewish man attacked in NYC by 2 women after trying to record anti-Semitic tirade, report says

    More exciting diversity breakdown in NYC as African-Americans take on Hasidic Jews. This conflict is an old one and brings back images of the 1980s, when a car crash sparked a race riot. Moral of the story: you cannot have a functional society with diversity.

  • Barcelona’s car-free smart city experiment

    Spanish city experiments with “superblocks” where cars are replaced by solar panels, previously unrepresented groups, and sports fields. This shows us humanity addressing the effect and not the cause as usual. To find the cause, ask yourself why people are driving around so much. Most of it involves circumnavigating poverty and diversity. Otherwise, people need cars to drive to work and home, and that distance could be radically reduced. We tend to think our ancestors were cruel and stupid for sending the poor out to farms to live in huts, but that way, their entire world did not revolve around avoiding the ghetto.

  • Mexico president says “El Chapo” had same power as president

    People believed in the shiny new world of democracy and the notion that we had somehow converted human power into an orderly process. It turns out that money and violence still influence our world, and that democracy simply obscures this, which makes us both domesticated lobotomites and credulous consumers who exist in a mental bubble of categorical buzzwords obscuring a more naturalistic and feral reality. As democracy craters in a billowing cloud of defaults, corruption, social breakdown, and disintegrating foreign policy, people are going to snap out of the dream and start to pay attention to reality again.

  • Soil’s Microbial Market Shows the Ruthless Side of Forests

    No one wants to admit it, but forests run on Darwinistic capitalism just like humans, and yet in the genius design of nature, this vicious competition produces something better than an equilibrium: a constant, fine-tuned exchange of mutual benefit. In nature, seemingly ugly things turn into vast beauty; in human thought, seemingly beautiful things (equality, socialism, diversity, tolerance, pluralism, pacifism, altruism, individualism) turn into unspeakable horror because they seek equilibrium instead of constantly-adjusting balance.

  • Phoenix police shootings plunge amid scrutiny, new policies

    They will bat this around with lies for awhile, but what they are seeing is the Ferguson Effect. Police are not idiots, and they will not endanger their careers, so when the word comes down from high command that there are too many police shootings, the cops focus on writing traffic tickets and ignore the violent crime. That punishes the voters for their panic and stupidity. If anything, we need more police shootings so that criminals fear the police. That way, the rest of us need less of a police presence and are less likely to be wrongfully apprehended.

  • ‘Completely unsustainable’: How streaming and other data demands take a toll on the environment

    It turns out that our appetite for online distractions is eating up as much energy as the Canadian oil and gas industry produces. Perhaps there was a wisdom to those old text-based stateless interfaces like we found in Web 1.0, since they exerted much less load on servers. Maybe the internet was better as a library than a video source. Now however we have billions of proles worldwide depending on it as the new television. This will continue to eat up energy. Like all human activity at this point, it is mostly a pointless waste, since people are just distracting themselves from the utter ruin we have made of modern life.

  • In 2019, Mumbai breathed cleanest air in four years

    What is most likely to give you cancer? Particulate pollution under 2.5 microns. What do most HEPA filters do? Remove particulates larger than 3 microns. India shows us the way to avoid this pollution, which is to stop burning things, including gasoline, as much as possible. Additionally one can filter engine exhaust. However, filtering never quite works, since it requires each engine user to have a fully-functional filter despite that filter reducing energy output. If you want to know why major car manufacturers are changing to electric vehicles, consider that perhaps they know that the great cancer wave of the twenty-first century is yet to be discovered, and at that point, people will be howling for electric vehicles everywhere.

  • Chinese skiers want book removed from Meråker library

    “We have freedom of speech in Norway so that was completely out of the question,” said library manager Anne Marken in Meråker to Adresseavisen.

    Great! Now restore all of the banned far-Right literature that you people keep “losing” or “misfiling” whenever you do collections. Librarians are among the guiltiest here in the West, since they think that “free speech” means that you are free to read whatever Leftist, libertine, or navel-gazing propaganda you want, but cybergods forbid that you get your hands on a copy of The Bell Curve or Camp of the Saints.

  • AI ‘outperforms’ doctors diagnosing breast cancer

    What if AI replaces the professions first, since those are the most data-driven, and we become a society of drudges ordered about by digital brains? Way back in 2003, Marshall Brain explored this possibility. The short answer is that economics will collapse to a subsidized subsistence level, and that will start to kill off all but the moronic. As with most things technology, a great benefit awaits just beyond the fatal trap. Remember that old game Pitfall?

  • Israeli Exports Increased by 160 Percent in the Last Decade

    As is happening everywhere that diversity has been tried, the higher IQ population is locked in a death-grip with the lower IQ labor supply. The former hopes to win out by wealth, the latter by numbers in a democratic system. Obviously, this shows us how democracy will end, namely with the wealthy having everything they worked for taken from them by the poor herd, at which point the wealthy will turn on the governing system in shades of the tax revolt that was the American Revolution. Maybe at some point the supposedly-intelligent “wealthy” will learn that if they curb their own appetite for luxury services, they will not constantly be surrounded by resentful poor people. The person serving you at a restaurant, making your lattes, trimming your nails, mowing your lawn, serving as your maid, or taking your neurotic panic call about your malfunctioning gadget works a job during the day and joins the protests at night. They will sneer at you as they pull the trigger. In Israel, the proles are the mid-90s average IQ Palestinians, and the Palestinian Paranoia has accelerated over the last decade as Israel has becoming massively more successful and therefore wealthy. This just intensifies the collision between democracy and survival that is rushing at it from the unknowable future.

  • In a Homecoming Video Meant to Unite Campus, Almost Everyone Was White

    University of Wisconsin released a video which was mostly white, which makes sense since 3% of their campus is non-white. Leftists promptly panic and rage, which shows us their method of staging adult tantrums as a method of getting their way, especially when it clashes with known reality. In the meantime, white people are asking why, if every other group can act in its own advocacy, can white people not do the same? We want places for us. We want to stop paying the diversity tax which is approaching half of our income. We want to stop seeing constant negative propaganda against us. It is not a hateful statement to say that you want to live with your own people. There are reasons to want to live among your own tribe that have nothing to do with hating other tribes, and rejecting the concept of diversity is not rejection of the different groups in it.

  • Police investigate possible kidnapping caught on dramatic doorbell camera video

    Looks like a minority-on-minority domestic dispute. The rest of us should not get involved. If we intervene, we will be perceived as a parent against whom they will rebel. If their own people fix this problem, then that will be seen as the community correcting itself. It is time for WASPs to divorce ourselves from stewardship of the Irish, Africans, Italians, Semites, Amerinds, Irish, Asians, Eurasians, Aborigines, and Irish out there. When we intervene with other groups, we become the babysitter, janitor, and Sugar Daddy. That means that we get scapegoated for all of their problems, their crises are transferred to us, and they will always want more of that free gubbmint money. They need the ability to determine their own future, and the ability to breathe freely again, meaning that their future will be solely their choice. Sure, they are going to miss out on the Free Stuff Army gibs for a short term, but in the long term, they will be psychologically healthier and happier and therefore more likely to be wealthy as groups.

  • President Tsai Ing-wen Calls on Beijing to Treat Taiwan as a Sovereign State

    Taiwan and China are one race in two places. The Taiwanese nation formed after the National Chinese were driven out by Communism during the Chinese Civil War, an event which like most things Asia displays imaginative creativity and multiple layers of game-playing in order to conceal a simple reality, which was seizure of power by the peasants of South China. Having retreated to Formosa, the Taiwanese promptly built a society that is pound-for-pound more productive and capable than mainland China, and this galls the Chinese Communists — we might call it authoritarian market socialism, to be fair — to no end. They have never stopped scheming to take Taiwan, and the only thing standing in their way is the USA, which is why the Chinese Communists started buying up American Leftists and thus steering America toward doom back in the 1990s.

  • Students want Washington and Lee diplomas without portraits of Washington and Lee

    When you let the alcoholics from top colleges go on to teach young people straight out of Howard Zinn, you end up with college students who want to abolish history and replace it with The One Right Way to do everything. Young people naturally tend toward sadistic authoritarianism because that is how their parents and teachers raise them, which is to do the right thing and win the contest and therefore please their elders who have Plans for them. Since there is one right answer in the simple world of who gets the best score on the test, they tend toward reductive and simplistic visions, and the Howard Zinns of the world know that and play right into it. In the meantime, their teachers mostly have failed lives, having drank away their youth and any looks they might have had, which means that their only sense of importance and relevance comes from indoctrinating youth. When you send such people off to college, they will shout down any contrary viewpoint because, in their minds, that will never get an A+. This shows us how American public education and private education are collapsing together, and why college will soon be far less relevant than having the right certifications. That will ultimately be a loser for students, since certifications are very narrow and must be renewed frequently where education gave them general domains of knowledge, but a boon to employers, who now can simply choose from the group that makes the cut with the certifications, knowing that they are getting the most eager to please and diligent beyond common sense tools to use in building their empires of worthless commercial products for a clueless mass of stupid mooks and their votes and dollars.

  • Single-use plastic ban enters into effect in France

    We keep looking for the “environmentalist” solution instead of the “conservationist” one. The environmentalist wants to neuter present-day products so that they present less of a problem; the conservationists wants to set aside most land for nature and then to eliminate the people who do things like litter. Nature has natural selection, and we have Galtonian Eugenics, and the latter will be more commonplace more quickly than any Leftist can imagine.

  • Plastic labelled ‘BPA free’ might not be safe, studies suggest

    A typical human event unfolds, namely that in the aftermath of a great panic, someone makes a career and billions out of addressing the fear, but it turns out he lied. The new substitute is worse than the old problem but, since the panic has ended, this one lets us down easy. He was highly paid to manage the emotional state of a social group, even though that group has now put itself in more danger. Possibly this paragraph concerns BPAs, but it might simply be the history of the West from the Peasant Revolts to the Enlightenment™ and then to the suicidal adoption of democracy.

  • Queensland government was warned about risks of Chinese company’s water extraction

    It turns out that China has been buying Western politicians across the board. Contrary to what most people think, your average politician knows exactly how doomed this society is, and their vision for their future involves a doomsday bunker or Swiss chalet stocked with clean air, water, and food with a staff standing by to help with any problems.

  • St. Paul police chief vows to get slavery language lifted from state Constitution

    White people tend to make little hugboxes for themselves where everything is good and orderly, at which point they project and assume that the rest of the world is the same. This leads into a spiral of delusion where they compete to see who can deny reality the most, and you end up with vanity projects like editing the words relating to slavery out of the state constitution. Does this achieve anything? No, except that it might boost a career for whoever appears to be the strongest denialist to his fellow hugbox residents. Note to hugbox-dwellers: you might fear the open forest, but unlike a hugbox, it does not collapse suddenly and completely from unseen threats. Gradualism, localism, balance, and other attributes of both forests and conservative politics exist for a reason, even if when you live in a condominium and commute to a paper-pushing job these are invisible to you.

  • Hamilton woman arrested after racist rant in Niagara mall parking lot caught on video

    You have to read to the end to see that the Chinese woman stole a parking spot and then played dumb or No English in response, provoking a racist rant. How long are we supposed to ignore explicit racial provocations and not respond in kind? Democracy has made our government insane and not only unwilling to defend us, but hungry to prosecute us.

  • Youths hurl punches, anti-Semitic slurs in Venice attack

    Across the world, people are tiring of those from foreign origins telling them how to act. After all, the foreigners can always retreat home if a mess is made, but the natives have to make it work and they are the ones who suffer damage to their country, people, history, and future. Consequently, a generalized xenophobia is rising and sometimes explodes into violence. We do not have to like the violence, but instead of moralizing about it, we should look toward its cause. Diversity as always creates genocide, racism, war, murder, bigotry, and hatred. However, people fear opposing it because it looks peaceful and kind, therefore the simple human categorical thinking mind will see those who oppose it as the opposite of those. Endlessly preening, the dumb creatures on the ship of fools head toward the waterfall, especially cherishing those who are strongest in their denial that the waterfall even exists (“it’s a social construct”).

  • Black guest at a Portland Marriott hotel claims she had to make a ‘no party’ promise but white guests didn’t; sues for $300k

    The diversity shakedown continues. The hotel had past experience with this woman and knew she had thrown parties at the hotel, so they made her sign an agreement to avoid having parties. That would enable them to put her on the no-fly list if she then threw a party, even if no formal noise complaint was filed. In a fit of pique, she sues in order to use the collective white person panic about rAcIsM to shake down the hotel. However, something has changed; the great panic has not kicked in. Most white people no longer care if their hotel is racist because they are tired of throwing bales of money, time, and energy into the infinite void of making diversity work. In fact, they are more likely to stay at a racist hotel since they will be among people like themselves and behaviors will be similar so it will be a more pleasant stay.

  • After ICE Raids, a Reckoning in Mississippi’s Chicken Country

    Removing illegal immigrants gives regular people jobs. Somehow The New York Times needs its smelling salts after figuring that one out. Illegal immigration has displaced people upward, which is why so many jobs are now staffed by incompetents, when really most of those people need to be working entry-level jobs for awhile. If we got rid of the market distortion of illegal immigration, we could see careers become less brutal and more geared toward what people can actually do with their innate abilities.

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