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Periscope (January 19, 2019)

  • Minnetonka school leaders condemn Nazi salute photo, call for better Holocaust understanding

    Trolling our dying regime over its sensitivity toward WW2 has become the latest extreme sport. In this case, someone asked someone else out with a sign that read, “Sweethearts would be a Hit(ler) w/ you, and I could Nazi myself going w/ anyone else. Be Mein? Yes or Nein.” This is just funny. The Regime will not see it that way, but the rest of us will. In the meantime, no one cares about the Holocaust anymore since we have seen that white genocide by passive and indirect measures is a greater threat. At this point, Western Europeans especially just want everyone else gone and the proles suppressed so their destructive totalitarian democracy does not exterminate us all.

  • Deadly deficiency at the heart of an environmental mystery

    Industrial pollution may be causing thiamine deficiencies among many wild species. If we leave half of the land on Earth wild, then this is not a problem. However, democracy consists solely of the abolition of standards so that each individualist may act as he or she chooses without facing consequences through a loss of face and thus, of being bumped to a lower social rank. For this reason, we cannot check our growth. Even more, we depend on this growth to keep our economies going despite the burden we impose on them with taxation to pay for the subsidies and civil rights protections that allow the proles to keep avoiding consequences. We will keep growing, losing quality as we do, until we kill off everything and then die off except for a few very vicious, selfish, and wealthy individuals who will live on in space capsules on the face of a ruined globe.

  • Manure becomes centerpiece of mayoral hopeful’s press conference

    Welcome to minority-majority rule as created by the Democrats in 1965. The non-white groups will vote for non-whites, who will then steal everything as is common their continents of origin, while raising taxes on the remaining productive sectors worked by white people. Democracy has literally enslaved white people, although since there is still drama, entertainment, wine, ethnic restaurants, job titles, and abundant shopping, the herd does not notice it since they have dumbed themselves down to the prole level. We have been third-worlded, with massive theft of resources and rape everywhere, just as it is in the third world.

  • University of Georgia TA: ‘Some white people may have to die’ for blacks to advance (non-paywall)

    There is only one way for Africans to live in “freedom” — an anti-concept, in that it implies a lack of something not specified and therefore implies more than it denotes — and that is to go back to Africa and resolve whatever political or social problems led for them to be sold into slavery by their own people in the first place. As diversity winds down in total dysfunction, people are realizing that this is true of all ethnic groups. They need their own spaces. Amerinds need to go back to Mongolia, Irish back to Ireland, Asians to Asia, Africans to Africa, Italians to Italy, Slavs to Eurasia, and we should probably dig a big Suez Canal on the border between Europe and Eurasia and another between Eurasia and Asia.

  • Airline ad offers discounts to Americans with Mexican DNA

    Left: race does not exist, except when it can be used to destroy white people. In the meantime, many white people are realizing that the warnings their ancestors gave them were quite serious. On a continent with other races, you either move those other races on, or over time you have them bred into you through the thoughtless decisions of individuals.

  • 15 people have been charged in the Flint water scandal

    How do you end up with third world conditions? Your leaders steal everything. The voters, being dumb and further enstupidated by the process of voting, which like being in a committee is an exercise in compromise without regard to real-world needs, watch it happen and then cry out that they are the victims. Someone explain democracy to them. There is only one desk with “the buck stops here” written on it, and it belongs to the voters.

  • Ford government eliminates free tuition for low-income students

    Conservative governments lower costs and raise value; Leftist governments offer subsidies, but raise costs and lower value. In this instance, a conservative gets power in local government and begins slashing entitlement programs, knowing that any money which government takes out of the economy is simply a loss to that economy, so it is better to slash subsidies to the few so that everyone else benefits. This outrages Leftists, who most of all are afraid of a simple possibility: that his plan might work and make life better, which means then that Leftists are unnecessary and do not get the nice fat paychecks that they are accustomed to getting.

  • Europe’s patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes towards Trump

    When I was young, Americans held Europe in a state of near reverence. Whatever the Europeans did was refined and wise; their products were of the highest quality; they did everything better than we did in our crass, cultureless consumer wasteland here in America. Over time, this vision fell, mainly because Europeans started doing dumb stuff and having dumb leaders on a regular basis, and half the time when they suggested a “superior” option, it turned out to be idiotic and done only because of a preponderance of nodding round bourgeois heads agreeing that this was the “right” answer according to a heap of regulations, pretenses of moral superiority, or whatever flattered their consumers enough that it was de rigueur to follow the rest of the herd. Sometime in the 1990s, McDonald’s went to Europe, and in response Europe adopted a pompous stance of anti-Americanism which meant that if we hit on something right, they would automatically reject it, which led to a number of silly and insane policies. Recently, Europeans have been morally preening over Iran because the sick egalitarianism which holds Europe mentally hostage insists that other countries cannot be bad actors, merely misunderstood. Trump took one look at Iran and saw the little guy who lost his last two fights and is burning for revenge, which means he will not play nice, but he will pretend to be nice right until the first sucker punch. Trump promptly said, “America first!” which means that we do what is realistic and benefits us instead of sacrificing all sanity for lofty principles of equality, fraternity, transgenderism, and liberty, or whatever Europe is bloviating on about today. Europe clutched pearls and lifted up its skirts and told us we were terrible. Some time later, it has become clear that Iran is behaving exactly as Trump predicted, and so Europe has to admit that this Americanism is not McDonald’s, Budweiser, or Starbucks, but an actual realistic policy. Maybe they will go further down the path of peeling back egalitarianism and finding sanity instead.

  • Tough times for Amsterdam sex business

    Why do we support this at all? Leftists argue that because we are equal, we are only as good as our weakest links, and that people have urges that we must fulfill, or those people commit crimes. Therefore, we must legalize prostitution, because otherwise the people with those urges will go crazy or something. Then we see the reality:

    She speaks fluent Dutch and tells me she doesn’t have a pimp – she sells her body because “it’s easy money”.

    In the name of equality, we support the worst instincts among us and suppress the best. In the meantime, saner governments who have emerged from the mental haze of egalitarianism are attempting to remove the problem instead of tolerating it.

  • In the Fake News Era, Native Ads Are Muddying the Waters

    Why do people fall for “fake news”? For starters, our media overlords have been carefully disguising paid advertising as news stories, so people have become accustomed to spammy, manipulative, and deceptive clickbait disguised as news. This leads us to another question: does the Leftist bias of the new media, which requires it to report what is not true as true when it supports egalitarianism, mean that the news went fake long before “fake news” was a recognized term?

  • China offers 6-year import boost in trade talks with US: Sources

    China has realized that its economy was booming only because the West was treating it as an ethnic minority. Globalism is just global diversity, which means that the rich nations subsidize the poor, often simply by using them as cheap labor and allowing them to avoid paying high prices for our imports. That benefits our luxury brands — Apple, BMW, Burberry — but penalizes the industries that we need for daily use products and services. Now that the boom is over, China fears one thing more than anything else. If the US and Europe re-start their everyday industries, and possibly trim back the regulations and unions that hold them back, they will be competitors again, and this means that China will no longer be nearly exclusively the manufacturing champion of the world. Given the poor quality of stuff that they have been sending over for the past decade, a switch to more erudite and conscientious white labor could be a huge benefit for the world.

  • Pornhub reports traffic increase amid partial government shutdown

    With government jobs shut, people — especially women! — are spending more time viewing late-night pornography. While this is not all that unusual, it does make us sort of wonder about what kind of wankers the government has been hiring.

  • Why many stores can’t accept food stamps during the shutdown

    When thirty-nine million people use government food assistance on a regular basis, you live in a partially socialist state. As licenses for EBT cashing by independent stores expire, these stores are increasingly unable to allow people to purchase food with government subsidies. If this goes on long enough, people will begin shifting from dependency to productivity, which takes the burden off of the ordinarily productive and sticks that vitality back into the economy instead of bleeding it away for ideological purposes only.

  • Dover teacher to keep job after KKK jingle incident

    Teacher tells students to make up songs about the Reconstruction era. Students record “Jingle Bells” with KKK-themed lyrics, and so everyone ends up in diversity propaganda classes to learn sensitivity. In the end, no one is asking the vital question: why bother to keep kids in school when they are obviously doing non-important classwork based around ideological imperatives? Oh right, because it is free daycare so that women can keep working so that they can afford the taxes that pay for those diversity initiatives.

  • Theresa May to consider axeing Human Rights Act after Brexit, minister reveals

    The UK upon leaving the EU has a chance to axe the onerous and restrictive civil rights and human rights agenda imposed upon it by the European Convention on Human Rights. If it ditches this crazy act, it no longer has to be obligated to take care of every migrant that comes its way. This will be a winner for whatever government achieves it, both because people are sick of always being the submissive receiving end of the migration disaster, but also because without all this additional paperwork and cost, the UK will be more competitive than the European nations which have enslaved themselves to this Soviet-style ideological agenda.

  • Judge rules against elderly lesbians rejected from retirement home

    A Christian retirement home rejected a lesbian couple. The lawyers, accustomed to years of civil rights legislation, sued on the theory that they were being rejected on the basis of sex. A judge, looking carefully at the reason given by the Christian retirement home, notes that they were rejected on the basis of sexual orientation, which is not protected. Had they simply applied as friends and traveling companions, they never would have been rejected. This provides a minor victory for the idea of Freedom of Association, which is part of the natural rights idea which necessarily clashes with civil rights. Under natural rights, government cannot interfere with the abilities for choice that you had in a state of nature; under civil rights, government forces you to treat everyone equally. If people can start freely associating, our diversity agenda will come crashing down, and with it will come egalitarianism as an affirmative duty. Then, we can start walking back the illusions that led to people thinking that “equality” was ever a good idea, especially on the conservative side.

  • ‘Yellow vest’ crisis exposes limits of French welfare system

    Without state welfare, forty-two percent of the French population would be living under the poverty line. This shows us how even small doses of socialism take any state down the road to Soviet-style system collapse. People are dependent on the system, but the “yellow vests” came about because the economy cannot afford the system. This means that the 1920s-era European hybrid of capitalism and socialism has also become unstable just as Communism did, and that the nations who want to lead the world in the future will be the first to reject this idea along with other failures like Communism and National Socialism.

  • Chinese police must guard against ‘color revolutions’, says top official

    China recognizes that the West destroys its enemies by exporting its own system to them. It crushed the Soviets; once you get the proles addicted to blue jeans, Coca-Cola, rock ‘n roll, promiscuity, McDonald’s, gay rights, Marlboros, and disposable lighters, they are never again going to obey any idea larger than the individual. Culture, heritage, family, and faith are all out the window; only a mass herd of individualists demand what they want and rewarding whoever gives it to them, even at high cost, remains. In other words, our system relies on internal division and we can survive it — think of a fever, which puts the body into a state of high stress in order to burn out infections — because of our wealth, but when everyone else adopts it, it destroys their social unity and makes them impoverished third world nations at our beck and call. Long-term Illuminati plan, or just a drunk passing on a bottle of wine to someone else, hoping to share his sickness?

  • Artificial intelligence applied to the genome identifies an unknown human ancestor

    It turns out that Asians have another, previously unknown ingredient in the mixture. This species, now extinct, lives on through the Asian genome.

  • The Latest: Chile and Argentina send condolences to Mexico

    In the midst of an oil shortage caused by either corruption or bureaucratic incompetence, Mexicans decided to steal gasoline from a pipeline which, as is often the case, causes a huge fire and many people die. These events are typical for the third world. Compare it to the this pipeline theft fire disaster from thirteen years ago in which two hundred people died. The third world is highly individualistic and materialistic; the West rose above this standard because we were oriented toward a transcendental vision of order, balance, and harmony instead. Lacking that, the third world never gets anywhere because people will not unite to form shared institutions, are not interested in anything other than what is going into their mouths at any given moment, and when they do share anything, fall over each other trying to steal it even if this results in it simply being ruined and going away. We did not make them poor; we made them richer. They made themselves poor, and the fact that most third-world countries are mixed-race should tell us something.

  • The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email (non-paywall)

    “Email still has the highest return on investment per marketing dollar spent.” As social media winds down, people are going back to forums and email. This is why some time ago we set up the RIGHT mailing list for communication outside of the probing hand of social media.

  • NYC restaurants cutting staff hours as minimum wage hits $15

    Leftists do all their accounting with the “cash-in-hand” method. This means that they only understand money in its tangible form, and assume that anything else is fantasy, which means that it can be a high number if they want it to be. For this reason, they imagine that “rich” people have giant rooms behind their beds in which there are huge stacks of money, El Chapo style. They think that restaurant owners make a huge profit and can arbitrarily raise costs. They have no idea that raising prices causes competition to win mainly because they exclusively buy novelty items like iPhones and Icelandic Chai. In reality, restaurants run a relatively narrow margin and personnel costs are very high, due in a large part to the high turnover of flaky stoned food service workers, and so adding on a bunch of cost even at high-end restaurants means the business is less competitive. As a result, restaurants will simply cut staff and demand more regular attendance instead, since with more people unemployed they have more leverage. A better option to raising minimum wage: raise living costs by reducing taxes, red tape, paperwork, legal risks, and dysfunctional ideological programs.

  • Phonebox library in sleepy Norfolk village stuffed full of fascist books about Hitler

    Accept actual diversity, UK. That includes intellectual diversity, which means people have differing opinions including about political issues. Since the past two hundred and fifty years have seen us trying to create a stable republic and failing, this means that all options are on the table, since we have not yet created a stable form of this new governmental system. In a good library, Mein Kampf would be featured simply for intellectual curiosity, like many of us own Das Kapital. It is a part of history now, and part of the landscape of ideas with which we must be familiar. Only the Left wants to censor, edit, forge, fake, spoof, and manipulate that landscape until it only shows us the shining island of equality, because the Left knows that as long as alternatives to its craziness exist, it will never have the total control that it needs in order to achieve its Utopian aims.

  • Shouting, near fisticuffs, emotions high: Today’s Washington could get worse

    Seemingly no one can say the obvious: Leftists and Rightists want different destinations. They want a society devoted to equality, protected by a strong state, where we want an organic civilization in which the state is — if present at all — a necessary evil held in check by our laws and culture. These two visions are incompatible. In the same way, the vision of the South, which wanted a hierarchical culture-driven agrarian society, and the North, which wanted a bureaucratic workers’ paradise, were irreconcilable. We cannot keep traveling down the same road together because “compromise” means that no one gets what they want and so constant infighting weakens us by drawing off all of our energy, money, and time.

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