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  • Black China: Africa’s First Superpower Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    As humanity grows, new power centers arise. The old order remains unbalanced. However, most of humanity presents a crisis, being morally corrupt and intellectually deficient. Will this species rise above being choked by its worst people, and find a way to achieve order, efficiency, balance, and purpose? Everywhere the struggle now has become intense as humanity attempts to avoid its toxic people and self-destructive behaviors, ushering in a new era of self-discipline. In its attempts to rise above the low standard of average humanity, Nigeria shows the path, which is entirely its own despite borrowing knowledge, money, and inspiration from other groups.

  • French far-right leader Marine Le Pen announces 2022 presidential bid

    In France, as in many places, people are realizing that the way things have been done for some time has failed, and worse, that this shows failures in the structural design of the system. Something new must be tried. Nationalists offer a solution: instead of keeping the group together with money, laws, and politics, a society can achieve unity through blood and culture. This creates values, instead of replacing them with government, and allows the group to pursue its own future without having to obey some universal standard imposed by neurotic bureaucrats who want world government for their own corrupt power and profit. Let us hope that the nationalists win and begin by focusing not on ideological goals, but practical ones, such as reducing the cost of living by dismantling the tax-and-spend welfare state.

  • A Full Third Of Flint’s Emergency $390 Million Water Funds Did Not Go To Clean Water

    Bureaucrats love to splash money around. There is always more where it came from. In the meantime, the excess gets dumped on the corrupt, increasing corruption in society, while the fundamental and underlying problems — in the case of Flint, an exodus of the skilled — remain.

  • Bangladesh says once-submerged island ready for Rohingya

    Religious-ethnic group driven out of other nations now has a new home. The world awakens slowly, but is finding that separation of populations prevents the constant grinding crisis of diversity.

  • China posts weakest growth in 29 years as trade war bites, but ends 2019 on better note

    China boomed in the 1990s when America, tired of unions and high taxes, outsourced its labor to China instead of Japan, as it had during the 1980s. This time, the Americans stayed in charge of the model, at least at first. Instead of buying from foreign companies, they had American companies manufacture their stuff overseas and sell it under American brands. This kept much of the profit in America, but also transferred a great deal to China, where in a third world country it had lots of buying power. Some translated that income into land or resources and became rich; the rest kept on as they had always kept on. Starting a decade later, however, the arc ended with the new wealth in China making it more expensive to manufacture there, and since that time China has been fighting against gradual decline. Not surprisingly, people breed less when the future is less bright, which shows us that the notion that Western societies have lower birth rates because of education and female empowerment is a lie. People in Western societies have fewer children because taxes are draining the productive and people are miserable about the prospects for the future.

  • US agents aid in Guatemalan crackdown on hundreds of migrants headed north

    Someone put up good money to generate these caravans, but the new US policy involves having them be interrupted before they arrive at our border, disrupting the effect of a mass rush for the gold. As it gets more risky and expensive to get here, numbers will fall, causing others to see living here as a hostile prospect and stop coming, which will in turn lead to an exodus outward as those already here see that they are not going to gain the power they wanted and instead, will be viewed with suspicion as members of an invasion. Couple that with a loss of affirmative action, and diversity will reverse itself.

  • Parents say ‘starving’ kids ‘forced to go to McDonald’s’ as school bans packed lunches and all meat

    In an effort to be politically correct, the school opted for vegetable and fish-based meals, starving children of some of the nutrition that they need. Those in power probably chuckled extra hard while smuggling in their own bacon cheeseburgers, thinking about how good they looked to others and how easy it would make it to manipulate those others.

  • Big Tech is worth over $5 trillion now that Alphabet has joined the four comma club

    Big Tech remains hideously over-valued and presents the biggest risk to our economies. Once someone figures out that the ad figures are all fake or wrong, and that internet ads are less effective than hoped mainly because the people seeing them are lower-echelon folks who spend all day on the internet like they once spent all day watching television, this sector will see a massive collapse in value. Worry not for the owners because they will have already taken money out of the fake economy and invested it in real, productive things instead of fantasy symbols scrolling across a screen.

  • Pornhub Sued by Deaf Man Over Lack of Closed Captioning in Videos

    We may have reached peak equality victimhood. Certainly this fellow must be missing lots of fascinating dialogue.

  • Woman faces deportation 18 years after arriving to Canada as a child

    Her immigration consultant avoided her to fly under the radar and wait for amnesty. The system always does the same things because it has the same assumptions at every level.

  • Andrew Yang’s wife details alleged sexual assault by doctor

    Whether or not the abuse occurred, this is a stunt designed to seize media attention in order to bolster a political campaign. Democracy is elementary school, except they are manipulating your money (which represents your irreplaceable time) and your future.

  • Norway’s government nears crisis over return of former ISIS member: ‘The terrorist won’

    It turns out that people find themselves less than enthusiastic about bringing in known terrorist sympathizers. This represents common sense: do not import people who do not have your interests at heart. Then again, diversity means that every group fights for itself, so that means ending diversity as a whole. The denialists still in the grip of the ideological narrative cannot and will not accept this.

  • Knife offences hit 10-year high as number jailed falls, official figures show

    Wherever people go, they form groups that confirm their own biases and drive them to a lowest common denominator in order to achieve agreement. These then regulate others based on method, such as gun ownership, instead of addressing cause, which is that you have an outburst of criminality because of the failure of social order. When regulating method fails, we have to instead admit that diversity, socialism, equality, and other modern fictions simply do not work.

  • UK must get post-Brexit ‘defence privileges’, says German minister

    The German government wants the UK to participate with it in defense because otherwise, Germany will have to re-arm and this will prove to all that Germany could never afford that expensive tax-and-spend wealth transfer cradle-to-grave entitlements state. When the entitlements fail, so does the idea that socialism — even its mild form, market socialism — can work for Europe. Big change looms on the horizon.

  • Facebook blocks start-up’s ‘brainwashing’ tech

    We can now admit that propaganda and spin are brainwashing techniques. This reverses the previous attitude that they were simply a form of speech and that the voters, who possess equal reason, would make informed and intelligent analytical choices (a faculty called judgment in older texts) instead of simply being swayed by whoever spent the most to put ads in front of their faces. This whole system is a farce collapsing inward.

  • Recently discovered molecule could significantly boost solar cell power

    Scientists figure out how to take inspiration from nature. The big breakthrough will be making solar panels that look like normal roofs, so that people can built them into every home and business in order to boost natural power. Much like plants, we would then locally generate power, or at least much of it, instead of using ugly and environmentally-dubious solar power farms.

  • Hong Kong protesters are voting with their wallets

    We can all learn from this. Using the libertarian principle that purchases are like votes, Hong Kong protesters are supporting the businesses that supported them while ignoring those who were hostile or agnostic to the protests. They show the missing step in most efforts of this kind, which is being systematic and across the board. If everyone non-Leftist bought only from non-Leftist corporations, the American political landscape would reshape itself very quickly.

  • Feds: Smugglers ferry Chinese migrants to Florida in yachts

    The attitude over the past thirty years has been that the rule of white America has failed, and so everyone needs to get over here and take what they can from our wealth while working to conquer us. Resistance to this marked someone as “bad” because the Leftist ideological Narrative requires that we do whatever we can to promote “equality,” which means erasing family, culture, heritage, race, religion, and social class in order to create a vast mob which can be mass mobilized to achieve the goals of Leftism. It has always been about power. Now the rest of us must clean up the mess that these crazy neurotic Leftists have made. Perhaps we should also think about physical removal (boats to Venezuela, delete passports, cancel Costco cards) of neurotic Leftists.

  • Charities crowded in affluent areas instead of where they are needed, says thinktank

    In saner times, charity meant giving to your local church who ran a soup kitchen and brought food to families in need. During this current era, however, the charity has become a political organization with an agenda which accepts money to solve a specific problem, and generally spends up to ninety percent of that money on its own costs, most of which involve the hiring of staff. Scratch a modern charity, and you will find “experts” getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, as well as lots of underlings who do not much of anything for reasonably fat salaries. Not surprisingly, these charities headquarter themselves where their employees will be comfortably close to the high-end housing they are purchasing with those salaries.

  • Brussels pauses 5G rollout due to lack of proof mobile phones don’t cause cancer

    Higher frequency waves may transmit more energy to the objects surrounding them, raising the risk of cancer. No one has looked into this, but industry needs more fake economic activity to keep it going and to ensure that those taxes roll in to keep government profitable, so the new products must come and social pressure and media must be marshaled so that all the sheep buy them. Some people have problems with this, and their numbers are increasing.

  • FBI: Nation-state actors have breached two US municipalities

    Microsoft NEETs and H1-Bs, under the influence of managers more concerned with appearance and power than product quality, ship us buggy stuff all the time, and some of those bugs lead to giant security holes. Markets inherently reward network effects, so natural monopolies arise around products that require knowledge to operate, since then the skills are widespread and no one becomes dependent upon niche employees. This means that if you can hack one municipality, you can hack many. Perhaps much of America is already compromised, with the opposition merely waiting for the right time to strike.

  • As China’s Xi visits Myanmar, ethnic groups rue ‘disrespectful’ investment

    Small ethnic group finds that being relocated into the diversity is destructive:

    “I would say our social structure was destroyed,” he said. “We used to help and care for each other. Such things are gone.”

    Social structure denotes the organic and informal interactions between a community, as opposed to government action or economic interests. These fragile patterns form the basis for community, and government hates them because it wants to replace them.

  • Too many obstacles to business in India, need less suspicion and micromanagement: Chandrasekaran

    Third world style behavior precludes the formation of shared social institutions. With high individualism, people act for themselves only, and see any investment in things shared as a loss of status. Consequently, they sabotage those things by using them for their own advantage. Chandrasekaran points out that this inhibits smooth functioning of society and, through that, business.

  • Deutsche Welle staff speak out about alleged racism and bullying

    It turns out that Germans prefer to have ethnic Germans around. When you are in the center of Europe and prosperous, you quickly learn that everyone else secretly wants to take over and take advantage of what they can then steal from you. Similarly, if you leave a bucket of bird seed uncovered, the squirrels from next door will raid it and your birds will go hungry.

  • Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030

    By removing carbon and generating offsets, Microsoft has managed to show that it has counter-acted its carbon contribution. What about the many trillions of processor cycles wasted installing useless and broken updates to Windows 10? Or the bloated code, hampered by a need to fulfill corporate agenda instead of making things function smoothly and reliably? Carbon provides an easy symbol for waste and, like politicians kissing babies or polluters giving to charity, provides a social way of focusing on one thing and avoiding the bigger picture. If Microsoft wants to be an environmental superhero, it needs to make its operating systems and software work better.

  • Is Trump really the MVP of the GOP?

    The Left launches another fear-uncertainty-doubt campaign by showing statistics that say others in the GOP could out-perform Trump. The Hispanic guy writing this never stopped to think about how history proves him absolutely wrong. While the GOP is happy to be the captive opposition, moralize with empty rhetoric, and rake in donations, Trump took over from a flailing party and brought it back to center stage. He is reducing Leftist “legislating from the bench” and focusing society more on productivity. The GOP, which is a captive bureaucracy like any other, acts for the benefit of its members to the detriment of the nation, and this article reflects their wishful thinking of going back to the easy days of Leftists with conservative surfacing like George W. Bush.

  • Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey

    Despite all of the strong rhetoric about ethnic assimilation, we still see lots of Italians, Irish, Slavs, and Jews working against WASP interests here in America. It seems far-fetched now, but in the future, tribalism will dominate even within racial groups. America worked as an ethnic Western European enclave, but cannot survive the onslaught of Southern Europeans, mixed Southern Europeans like the Irish, Mediterraneans/Semites, and Eastern Europeans. In fact, these may have to depart before we are able to separate from racial diversity as well.

  • Universal Tries to Escape Disaster by Patching Up ‘Dolittle’

    You will have to read between the lines here:

    Universal’s challenge—attempting to ensure an expensive movie connects with a wide swath of moviegoers around the world—has become increasingly common in Hollywood. With domestic ticket sales leveling off and international revenues representing a larger share of the overall market, studios are investing the bulk of their resources in well-known properties or event films capable of luring a broader audience.

    Diversity means lowest common denominator. The less similar the audience is internally, the more things have to be distilled to the simplest, most exaggerated, and most emotional components. As America became diverse, our formerly-elevated standards dropped to a lower level to incorporate first the ethnic diversity (Southern Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Irish, Jews) and later the racial diversity (Africans, Asians, mixes). Why did everything fall apart in the 1970s? Fast food, corporate jobs, urban decay, promiscuity, disposable products, and synthetic fabrics used in leisure suits all came about because diversity lowered standards

  • Farmer ‘eaten by own pigs’ as horrified neighbours discover bones in his yard

    If we ever lose the seven billion humans we need to lose in order to survive, we have a handy way of taking care of them.

  • Woman, 25, upset by emergency room wait heads to urgent care but dies

    Go to an emergency room around here and you will be directed to wait in line behind many illegal aliens with head colds and homeless people with sprains, no matter how serious your symptoms are. The law EMTALA requires hospitals to “stabilize” the indigent and they can get sued for not providing full care, so the poor get care for non-emergency situations before anyone else will get any help.

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