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  • Iranian Hackers Have Been ‘Password-Spraying’ the US Grid

    Russian, Chinese, and Iranian hackers have been targeting our power grids with low-tech but effective methods. Almost certainly they have control of some of our electric grid and will wait until an advantageous time to sabotage it. Better than switching it off, they could induce it to destroy itself.

  • Ballooning debt forces poor countries to cut public spending

    It begins with the poor, but the rich countries are in debt (or have deferred expenses like infrastructure and military) as well. Soon the great collapse of entitlements states comes, following the death of full Socialism in the Soviet Union back in the 1990s. It seems the modern world may have peaked into the 1980s, since we have not really invented any new ideas or technology since then, and that instead of falling into repetition, humanity is simply falling apart in dysfunctional stagnation.

  • U.S. to send police to Honduras to provide support in immigration control

    The US continues its policy of attempting to reach immigrants before they get to Mexico. Each stage creates more risk of failure for the migrants. That in turn raises the cost of getting here, but in the end, we will have to remove freebies like EMTALA, Obamacare, Medicare, public schooling, welfare, affirmative action, and public housing to stop the “Camp of the Saints” flood.

  • After 3 years, N Ireland parties agree return to government

    Diversity continues its chaotic march through the West. Northern Ireland, a cluster of Scots-descended people on the Irish island, has struggled with diversity issues for ages. It remains confused between divided loyalties to England, Scotland, and Ireland. In the meantime, diversity also fractures the Congo, showing that it does not matter which groups are in a diversity, only that diversity exists — in any form: ethnic, religious, racial, cultural — in order for it to divide and destroy societies.

  • American businesses and consumers are paying ‘approximately 100%’ of Trump tariff costs

    This is both not the news and not quite true. Tariffs drive down demand, so China can export fewer products here, which means that they lose revenue. In turn, a competitive advantage is created for American companies, who are paying a slough of taxes, regulations, legal liabilities, affirmative action, union costs, and insurance costs that companies in China do not spend. Ideally, tariffs would reflect the cost differential between labor in the US and China, which will make the voters squeal when they realize how much our Free Stuff Army has added to our costs and depressed our wages.

  • Why is a 22GB database containing 56 million US folks’ personal details sitting on the open internet using a Chinese IP address?

    When you bundle together all of the data from public databases, you create a rather penetrating profile of an individual. The big story here is that people are actively scraping this information and spreading it across the world, meaning that those who participate in the American economic system have become targets. Somehow, government has slept through this one, as have the voters.

  • Bots Are Destroying Political Discourse As We Know It

    The dirty secret of social media may be how much of it is bot traffic. When a site claims ten million users, how many of those are human, active, and in good faith? It may be as little as ten percent. If that is ever revealed, the value of internet advertising will crash hard and take the industry with it.

  • His Sister Was Sex-Trafficked for 6 Years. Here’s How He’s Devoted His Life to Fighting It.

    Apparently sex traffickers have moved on from finding vulnerable runaways to targeting normal middle class girls at home, turning them out, and making them into profit centers by selling underage sex. Clearly democracy is not doing so well.

  • US employers expected to have added 160,000 jobs in December

    We see living proof that cracking down on both legal and illegal immigration raises wages and increases employment. We now have a record number of people employed and salaries are rising to match.

  • US wine sellers compare tariffs to Prohibition

    Speaking from the cross, wine sellers wail about how tariffs on European wines are like Prohibition, which banned all alcohol sales. In reality, they are simply losing the ability to charge more for imported wines, and will have to fall back on the much improved domestic wine that America now produces.

  • Harry’s and Meghan’s wax figures removed from Madame Tussauds London’s royal exhibit

    Nobody likes an invader. Despite great hype from the media, the mixed-race royals never received much of a welcome. Sort of like Obama, they were there for people to see if diversity would work. If it turned out that the new White-Jewish-African hybrid Duchess was well-liked and good at her job, she would have had success; otherwise, people would sort of shrug and figure that the conventional wisdom had been right. After some time sparring with the others in the Royal Family and demonstrating no inspiring characteristics, Meghan Markle got the boot from the good graces of the royals, and now she and Prince Harry have taken their toys and fled to California, as many critics suggested would be the case. No one seems particularly disturbed by this.

  • Iraqi PM tells US to start working on troop withdrawal

    This works in America’s favor. It can declare success and go home, and Iraq will fend for itself, knowing that if things go badly, America will ignore the echoing screams and go about its own affairs. Years later, we can sweep in with private industry, take over everything we want, and get whatever we need in the region while quietly bulldozing the bleached bones into mass graves.

  • Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry once championed by Trump. It found nothing of consequence.

    The Clintons successfully hide the evidence again. It makes more sense to target their methods of avoiding accountability and the consistent pattern of evasiveness that follows, but for some reason the Justice Department aimed for a smoking gun, which they will never find because the Clintons always install plausibility deniability into anything they do and have fall guys who die mysteriously like Seth Rich and Vince Foster. If anything, this report should show us that we cannot trust the deep state or the Clintons, and should vote all of them out of office when the time comes.

  • Jail video of Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt was deleted, prosecutors reveal

    Late stage democracy reaches maximum incompetence before its collapse. We cannot tell if the usual bureaucratic bungling obfuscated the Epstein suicide, if Epstein was killed by a paid hit, or if the body buried as Jeffrey Epstein was really him and not some stooge with cancer who chose a quick death in exchange for millions to his family. This tells us everything that we need to know about the system of government that was billed as the most transparent and accountable form of human leadership.

  • Polish draft law would muzzle judges: European rights official

    Poland reacts to a couple centuries of judges “legislating from the bench” by making the judiciary explicitly bound to the will of the legislature. Expect to see administrative agencies go on the block next, since they are how legislatures avoid accountability for their erratic rules, and for stronger executive in all nations. We are heading back to the king and war chief model and away from the constant infighting of democracy which has exhausted us and led to consistently idiotic decisions.

  • Time to calculate value of a tree by volume of oxygen it gives, suggests SC

    Indian supreme court states pure cosmic sense. A tree gives; that giving, including oxygen and contributions to the ecosystem, has a value. We will reach some stage of mental maturity when we also include the value of the environment in itself, as opposed to as a natural resource for human use, and then extend that to other intangibles like culture, heritage, and civilizational stability. Nonetheless, the flight away from assuming that nature will always be there just for us to exploit has begun.

  • Oregon man charged with hate crimes in beating of 70-year-old woman from India

    “Too many people in Oregon are silenced by intimidation and violence because of how they look, who they love, or to whom they pray,” Hummel said.

    What a Soviet Hallmark card that statement is! In reality, they are resented not because of how they look, but what they are in genetic terms, and in the behaviors that “who they love” represent and the loss of cultural unity that “to whom they pray” signifies. Diversity does not work. We can grow up and admit that or continue grinding ourselves into suicide over this symbolic issue.

  • Majority of Americans favor wealth tax on very rich: Reuters/Ipsos poll

    We now see where the problem lies. In a democracy, the voters have the power. If the voters are delusional, they make bad decisions. A wealth tax will force people to sell assets; if you get wealth-taxed on your $100k home at ten percent, you have to come up with ten grand every year and in ten years you will have paid out the wealth of the home. This means that you are telling people who own large chunks of stock of large companies that they have to sell off stock every year, which will cause them to stop owning things directly if not move the companies offshore. We are now squeezing blood from a stone, taxing the productive to support the many takers who contribute little. That is a death cycle for any society, and we will go out just as the Soviets did, for a gentler version of the same mistake.

  • Boeing 737 Max: Worker said plane ‘designed by clowns’

    Diversity crushes companies. They need to promote members of protected groups — women, homosexuals, minorities, soyboys — in order to avoid being confiscated by the government or sued into bankruptcy. They do this, and the corporate culture falls apart from lack of unity, at which point the really competent people flee for warmer waters. At that point, the incompetents take over, and smash down a once-great brand with their incompetence. The same is happening at Microsoft. Trump should consider buying an Airbus for the new Air Force One, simply to signal how diversity has erased classic American companies.

  • Illegal immigrants rescued from top of 30-foot border wall

    Just a few weeks ago, the Left was assuring us that immigrants could simply scramble over these barriers and therefore, we were wasting our money. As always, the media stages events so that it has something ironic to publish in order to shame those in power, which makes the hive of all the people who contribute nothing buzz as they think about how much smarter they — the baristas, phone bank droids, paper-shufflers, and hipster grocery store stockers — of America are than our leaders. We are living in a time-loop where we replay the French Revolution again and again, getting worse results each time but no one can stop because we have the pretense of being important and relevant simply for being human. Humanity will die of humanism.

  • One in four young people with mental health referral ‘rejected’

    Socializing medicine follows a death cycle of the following nature. Initial outlays follow the costs for private medicine. It turns out that centralizing that system and having government pay for it raises those costs, despite claims to the contrary achieved by not factoring in administrative costs as significantly as necessary. Then people begin to use it more liberally since anything free will be exploited. In order to avoid having bad statistics, the socialized medicine estate begins using triage as a weapon. It cuts out anyone but those actively dying, and delays those who are slowly dying so that they die before becoming expensive. It cuts quality of care and imports third world nurses and doctors in addition to the usual alcoholics. Finally, you get a service that does really well if you come up with something simple and obvious like a broken arm but fails at everything else. Since no large group consisting of people who got sick at the same time exists, the voters keep happily approving it and thinking everything is going great until they as individuals have a problem, at which point they find themselves part of a minority group that no one wants to hear from.

  • UK parliament finally rubber stamps Brexit in no-fuss vote

    After all the drama as the intransigent UK deep state dragged its feet and fought back with propaganda campaigns and delays, it turns out that when confronted with an unyielding force, the system breaks down. Bureaucracies are just like giant corporations in that the seek profit; the difference is that they pay it in salaries and contracts, which succumb immediately to kickbacks, where someone gets free government money in exchange for paying back a portion of it to the politician through consulting fees, buying products, or hiring family members. They break down just like any corporation which has ceased to focus on its goal and instead is just dividing up the money, sort of like Google and Twitter at this point.

  • Did the U.S. See Economic Growth While Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Last Year? Yes, But It’s Complicated

    Natural gas and renewable energy show great profit. How can any conservative be against solar power if it pays for itself? It turns out that it does, sort of, but most of the renewables industry is still driven by government grants, loans, and direct funding. Many of us finding ourselves entranced by a future of solar energy and thorium reactors in addition to fossil fuels where necessary.

  • Bank of Canada to make new $5 note, seeks public input on who should be on it

    Another popularity contest rolls out to give the voters a chance to social status signal by electing inconsequential civil rights figures, just as they did with the $10 Canadian note. This works for the Right by making everything public and official into self-parody, allowing us to go pursue the real history elsewhere and point out that government mainstream, like all other mainstream products, is sugar and salt added to baby food so that the consumer-voters feel safe in their little unreality bubble, which keeps them plugging away at the deskbound servitude they endure in order to pay all those taxes which fund the salaries of bureaucrats. We are ruled by parasites, and need to say it out loud more often.

  • Chile activists blast Senate for rejecting water status change

    Chilean Leftists want to make water a human right, ignoring that fact that this will set up a situation where people waste it. The water wars are going to ramp up when people realize that safe drinking and bathing water will now need to be refined to remove pollution and bacterial waste, and that the money required to do that does not grow on trees either.

  • Trump wants NATO expanded to Mideast and renamed NATOME

    Trump tires of witchy Western European democracies playing “woke” when it comes time to remove bad guys, so suggests that they be formally roped into the mission of defending the buffer areas to their borders. This provokes the existing NATO, which wants to continue taking credit for the work of the American military. They will be surprised when Putin rolls his tanks through the Fulda Gap, but then will rush off to apply for bureaucratic positions in the new Eurasian government. A century later, Europeans will have ceased to exist on a genetic level, replaced by new Asiatic hybrids, much as happened in Israel nearly two millennia ago. Western European societies always fail and get interbred with Asians, then become a shadow of what they once were.

  • Turks and Caicos corals: Disease threatens barrier reef

    We are going to find that this one arose as an indirect result of human activity. Will we do the right thing and cease the activity? Nope, we will move coral into zoos so people can marvel at the organisms that once cleaned our ocean water, while eating factory-farmed fish and drinking industrially-refined water.

  • International Olympic Committee bans political statements by athletes at games

    People are learning from the NFL debacle. When you convert entertainment into politics, people flee; they need escapism, not Soviet-style propaganda.

  • UK must hold referendum on abolishing royal family, Labour leadership candidate says

    The Left continues its original goal of removing hierarchy and social class distinctions, mainly because until it does that, it has to admit that “equality” is a fiction. The Leftist ideal seems to be people who are equally poor, working all of the time, living in grey apartment blocks, and eaten vegan ethnic cuisine.

  • Hawkish Israeli defense minister seeks ‘million’ settlers in West Bank

    Israel leads the world in pushing back against diversity. Since diversity means constant internal conflict, adopting it leads nations into a spectacle of infighting that leads in exhaustion and death. Those that want to survive are bucking the trend and pushing back against diversity, mainly by making it less advantageous and more costly to be a foreigner in their lands.

  • China’s manufacturing exodus set to continue in 2020, despite prospect of trade war deal

    China had a really good run in the 1990s, but starting in 2007, people shifted to cellphones instead of computers, stereos, and other expensive consumer goods. Then quality reports came back that showed the utter wreckage of most complicated Chinese products. Since that time, Chinese market share has been falling. They had a good run in the 1990s, when by providing cheap clothes, consumer goods, and electronics to America they raked in an absolute hoard of wealth. As this declines, they will have only one option, war.

  • Germans most worried about refugees, climate change

    Diversity remains the main fear for most Germans despite a media blitz about Trump and “climate change” (née “global warming”). They are watching all of the most beloved policies of modernity collapse before their eyes. Their entitlements state is broke, their union-mediated labor is too expensive, their militaries are weak, diversity tears up their cities, tourism is slowly beginning to decline, and they no longer recognize their homelands. As usual, democracy will exit in a flourish of lost opportunities and destroyed potentials, as it always does, and yet humans will still dream the greatest dream of everyone being happy at once through the miracle of equality and subsidies. Nothing will change this stupidity but some kind of great purge, and maybe the next ice age will offer it.

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