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As Internet Child Pornography King Extradited From Ireland, The Irish Question Returns

American Nativists have pointed out for well over a century the problem with Irish immigration: whenever someone exists in a society who does not identify as part of the majority group, they see their interests as opposed to that majority.

This occurs in the case of self-pitying proles who, upon noticing that they are unimportant in the world, decide that the world is in fact victimizing them, despite their lack of actual utility. This is why the weak always attack the strong, as Nietzsche notes; they fear noticing their weakness, and banish that image with a talisman of strength. Ancient superstitions emerge once more.

It also happens with those who see themselves personally as different, whether emo kids, homosexuals, drug users, prostitutes, carnies, religious fanatics, or those of a different ethnicity or race.

In America, other than excluded groups like Africans and Amerinds, and maybe a smattering of Jews and Spaniards, our first experience with Otherness involved the Irish, who are a group of stone-aged people mixed with Semites who wandered in through Basque country and ended up in Ireland.

The Irish saw themselves as distinct from the English and hated them, since England would always be the stronger country and left Ireland in its wake. That, plus an average IQ lagging ten points behind the English, ensured that the Irish would always be growing potatoes for foreign landowners.

In turn, the English had a necessary claim to Ireland. As a seagoing empire, they needed to protect their borders; having Ireland a short distance from their shores, and militarily weak, meant that England would perpetually face the risk of an invader using Ireland as a base to attack England.

When they came to America, the Irish naturally hated the Anglo-American establishment and wanted to overthrow or displace it if possible.

Currently, we see the Irish — who effectively lack a homeland because they are always going to be ruled by the English next door — engaging in anti-majority behavior, much like the Muslims in the UK or ethnic rape waves in the US, as we can see from the arrest of Irish child porn kingpin Eric Eoin Marques:

Eric Eoin Marques has admitted operating a web hosting service that allowed users to anonymously access hundreds of thousands of images and videos depicting the rape and torture of infants and older children.

FBI Special Agent Brooke Donahue described Marques as “the largest facilitator of child pornography websites on the planet”, according to court records.

The dual Irish and US citizen operated a web hosting service on the dark net that allowed thousands of users to view and share child pornography without revealing their IP addresses.

Diversity reveals its many faces and many problems as time goes on, since we are getting past the stage of these foreign groups establishing themselves and to the point where, now financially secure, they feel content to wage covert war against their host societies.

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