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  • Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule

    Leftism breaks up another nation. The real fault here comes from Abraham “Honest Ape” Lincoln, who decided that a Marxist-style civil rights regime would unify the nation. All he did was ignore obvious problems and defer them until later, when they would detonate in even worse form. Civil wars are exciting enough, but civil wars with nuclear weapons, nerve gas, and B-52s will be even more entertaining. Take pictures of your favorite landmarks to remember them before they get reduced to rubble. At this point, the only way to avoid the impending destruction is to seize power and relocate all Leftists to Venezuela.

  • Trump not a ‘Parasite’ fan, praises ‘Gone with the Wind’

    Trump wants American-made movies. Huge surprise there. Intelligent liberal tweets back, “He can’t read,” opening the door to bipartisanship with the old insult that all conservatives are moronic, ignorant, illiterate, impoverished, and hateful bigots living under bridges in inbred poverty. These Leftists obviously cannot coexist with us, so sending them to Venezuela seems like the most compassionate move for all parties.

  • Mulvaney says U.S. is ‘desperate’ for more legal immigrants

    “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”

    We have plenty of good people, but they are all working in slacker jobs because high taxes make already hateful jobs into treadmill slavery to pay for entitlements. Abolish everything that pays directly or in kind to individual citizens, and start over, so that perhaps we can avoid a complete breakdown. [[[ MULVANEY ]]] sides with the immigrants because he sees himself as an outsider, and wants more outsiders to help break down the majority. That they will do, since Hispanics want big government and will support it as a means of destroying the former majority so that minority-majority rule can become the norm.

  • Feuding EU fails to plug Brexit hole in new budget

    Farage owns the elite bureaucrat class, who now have to fund their own crazed visions of world equality and free ice cream, or whatever. As their defense costs rise, the nu-elites are going to see their power shrink as the entitlements state collapses. This will be accelerated by the good work that Covid19-Chan has done to freak out the neurotics of the world and cause the markets to seize up like a toddler that ate a one pound block of cheddar.

  • What’s spreading faster than coronavirus in the US? Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians

    Diversity advocates are finding that racism is no longer a matter of white versus non-white, but increasingly non-white versus another form of non-white. This presents a problem for our future narrative, since without the guilt component to civil rights, it no longer serves as a weapon against the majority. This is why Leftists have switched from civil rights to climate change as the latest panic that they are using to justify overthrowing our leaders and replacing them with the mob. For humor, recall that in France, they used starvation as the justification after prole populations swelled, and then enacted a revolutionary government which made them even more impoverished and hungry. Leftists are the Inspector Clouseau of politics.

  • Politics, lack of technical support slow down Igad and regional bodies

    Africa wants to form its own version of the EU.

  • USC announces free tuition for families making under $80,000 a year

    Let us translate this from eek ook Leftist speak to what will actually happen. The families above $80k/yr will subsidize those below it. The college will cost more money, more loans will be taken out, and the value of the degree will be lessened because it is subsidized. Most people do not know this, but until the politicians got involved, college was not a job training program; it existed so that the upper half of the middle class could stress-test their kids and weed out the lunatics, perverts, and weak. That is originally why it was a drinking festival, since “in vino veritas” also reveals what people are really made of.

  • Sexuality and gender identity may be risk factors for skin cancer

    This could be HPV or higher use of tanning salons, but the inclusion of transgenders makes it possible that this simply reflects something of the nature of the mutation that creates gender and sexual confusion. Perhaps it causes something fundamental to be slightly off, and this manifests in a greater susceptibility to disease.

  • Lawsuit: Female Prisoner Says She Was Raped by Transgender Inmate

    Perhaps now we see the insanity of suddenly and radically adjusting our society to cater to transgenderism.

  • A Superfund cleanup in Jacksonville failed. Without federal funding for a fix, contamination is spreading.

    Superfund provided the archetype for federal intervention, since toxic waste cleanups are massively expensive and overwhelm local governments. However, we also see the limits of government capacity. Somehow, those who make the mess never pay, since the companies are long disbanded and those who were in leadership positions have retired or fled the country.

  • JP Morgan economists warn of ‘catastrophic’ climate change

    This means that they smell money in climate change. Huge government interventions always manufacture billionaires. Whoever figures out how the rules are written can find an opportunity, get certified, and provide whatever services are required. In addition, JP Morgan would love it if everyone ditched their blue chip stocks and bought up stocks in companies that provide washable condoms, biodegradable coffins, and home nuclear reactors. They know that people will just be buying up the blue chips again once the trend ends, and that means profit for whoever bought the stocks cheaply when the herd was at the height of its panic. When the democracy stampedes, get out of the way… and buy whatever they have cast aside, since they will sell it for pennies just to be doing the same thing that everyone else is.

  • A plan to save Earth’s oceans

    The idea behind Half Earth grows. If we simply set aside half of Earth for nature, our environment can survive, and we will have cleaner air, water, and wild game as well.

  • A record-breaking 105 US children have died from flu so far this season

    More children and young adults are getting the flu. These are the groups most at risk for air pollution. This possibly gives more fodder to the idea that pollution weakens humans to the point that influenza can take hold, and will present higher mortality.

  • US election 2020: Russia ‘meddling to help Trump and Sanders’, officials say

    We could be talking about two important issues. We need voter ID, since otherwise people drive to different polling places and vote as fake names or non-voting people on the voter rolls, and we should be wary of China, which funded the Clintons and continues to intervene in our elections. Those who receive their monthly checks from China do not want to hear about that, so we are going to hear about how Russia is buying ads on Facebook again. Russia is only too happy to play the bad guy role and deflect from China; Russia and China are allies.

  • Terror attacks receive five times more media coverage if perpetrator is Muslim, study finds

    It might have something to do with the last fifty years of Muslim terrorism creating the highest body count and the greatest threat of destabilizing our civilization. They would rather you think that it is “racism,” so that you spend all your time worrying about far-Right terrorism instead.

  • Sri Lanka’s national anthem change sparking widespread ethnic divisions

    Diversity does not work anywhere, just like it has never worked throughout all of history. It ends in tears. And yet, chasing that glowing symbol of equality on the horizon, we rush over the cliff and into the abyss. So it goes, with democracy.

  • Revealed: the areas in the UK with one Airbnb for every four homes

    People are buying up homes and renting them as hotels. This leaves the UK with a housing shortage. No one seems capable of mentioning that immigration placed this strain on housing in the first place, and that without it, no strain would exist.

  • Anzac Day: Aboriginal flag row in Western Australia

    At ceremony for those who died protecting Australia, Aboriginals want to hijack the debate by inserting their flag, despite it having no relevance to ANZAC Day and what it stands for. We will not survive diversity; if nothing else, the constant bickering and infighting will cause a loss of hope in our governments, our future, and any sense of unity as nation-states.

  • Bank backs off program monitoring workers’ bathroom breaks

    Employers can choose one of two models. Either they hire good people and give them objectives, or they hire morons and then micromanage those morons to get them to do increasingly granular tasks. Thanks to government regulation and affirmative action style policies, the latter has become the norm. Consequently, employers are finding themselves becoming babysitters.

  • Twitter tests labeling ‘harmfully misleading’ tweets by politicians

    In order to avoid snowflake misery, Twitter wants to label comments by politicians that contradict the official Leftist narrative. This tells us that the narrative is in trouble and, because much of online content is easily faked and therefore we can rest assured is fake, it shows us that the narrative is not as popular as we are told.

  • NY Court Approves $6.7M Award for 5Pointz Graffiti Artists Whose Work Was Destroyed

    Hideous street art gets obliterated to make way for functional housing, and this offends the minority-majority jurisdiction so much that it enacts wealth transfer by judicial fiat. To Leftists, money consists of numbers on a spreadsheet, since they plan to redistribute it and make it worthless anyway, at which point they will transition from being wealthy, resentful nerds into people who possess raw power, which they hope will fill the empty place in their souls.

  • Boat carrying 91 migrants goes missing in Mediterranean

    We can stop all of these deaths by preventing any immigration, at which point no one will come. The “feet wet, feet dry” legal policy gives migrants an incentive to pack into whatever piece of junk might make it across the waves, since if they step on European territory, they get free welfare for life and guaranteed jobs in government.

  • German far-right party AfD accused of fuelling hate after Hanau attack

    Having failed with fake campaign finance accusations, and having been pushed back on their attempts to exclude the far-Right from government, the Left resorts to blaming the party for the actions of a lone individual. Never waste an excuse to seize power, apparently.

  • Britain First leader Paul Golding charged by anti-terror police

    Nationalist leader goes to Russia, and upon his return, is confronted by police who demand him to unlock his phone. Knowing that this means that all of the phone data will go straight to anti-terror police who will round up Rightists, he refuses, and goes to jail under laws designed to curb Islamic terror but somehow, mostly applied toward Right-wingers. Are people able to accept the fact that we live under a Leftist regime yet?

  • Police stop and search innocent black man for ‘looking at officers with hands in pocket’

    Stare at police while adjusting items in your pocket and you may be detained even if white. Somehow, we excuse minority behavior — even innocent, nervous behavior like this — in order to exempt them from the same rules that we apply to ourselves.

  • Paranoia, racism: German killer drew on conspiracy tropes

    “There’s a serious question of whether the mental issues were so severe that we can no longer speak of an act of terrorism. It’s not a frivolous question,” Neumann said.

  • Shootings in Hanau: ‘We aren’t safe anywhere’

    One shooting provides an object lesson in running away from problems. You need to go back home and fix the problems there instead of making your problems our problems. Grow up! In the West, we fought numerous wars to fix problems in our societies, and many of us died for them. You can learn from our example.

  • Ancient stores of methane may not be a threat, study suggests

    Apparently very little of the ancient methane that is released makes it into the atmosphere, so the great threat of stored methane most likely offers little actual risk. Methane we produce today however may be a bigger problem. Taco Bell stock is in freefall at this point.

  • South African ISPs must have black owners – Draft Regulations

    In minority-majority areas, government uses its power to mandate wealth transfer from the former majority to the new minority-majority. Not only is government itself a jobs program, but by passing regulations like this, it can ensure that minority members become wealthy on the backs of those who formed previously thriving businesses. Like Communism, this method of wealth transfer tends to end in total dysfunction, sort of like the South African power companies.

  • Gett: Israeli taxi app sued for service used to avoid Arab drivers

    Diversity just not doing anything but wrecking stuff, anywhere. In fact, diversity seems to simply divide populations against themselves while making interactions with other populations worse. Even more, honesty dies early; like in Soviet times, people say one thing in public and something far different with their personal choices.

  • Study Suggests Early Humans Had Even More Interspecies Sex

    New study tries to affirm Out of Africa by positing admixture with archaic proto-humans, ending up with three migrations from Africa. More likely: there were multiple human populations, arising independently or interbreeding with other species, and history is a lot longer than we think it is. We are still trying to force data into a theory instead of finding a theory to fit the data, simply because we know what we will find with strengthen race.

  • US troops arrive in Germany for ‘Defender Europe 20’ military maneuvers

    By placing pressure on NATO, Trump has strengthened it. I quote from the book of Trump:

    With so much demand, our marketing strategy to play hard to get. It was a reverse sales technique. If you sit in an office with a contract in your hand, eager to make the first deal that comes along, it’s quite obvious to people that the apartments aren’t in demand. We were never in a rush to sign a contract. When people came in, we’d show them the model apartments, sit down and talk, and, if they were interested, explain that there was a waiting list for the most desirable apartments. The more unattainable the apartments seemed, the more people wanted them.

    As demand grew, I kept raising the prices — twelve times in all. We started out selling for much more than Olympic Tower, which until then had been the most expensive building in New York. Within a short period, we’d almost doubled the price for the best apartments on the highest floors. People were buying two-bedroom apartments for $1.5 million, and before we finished construction, we’d sold a huge majority of the apartments. — Trump: The Art of the Deal (184)

  • Australian university offers Chinese students $1,000 to return via third country

    Universities are bribing Chinese students to stay in a third country for two weeks in order to work around the Australian quarantine because the effect of these students withdrawing would be disastrous on school budgets. This leads us to wonder: did diversity itself drive Western Universities to become such for-profit Leftist hugboxes? The real money is made in foreign students; the Leftism is to take money off the clueless natives, who need some justification that their Social Justice Studies degrees will be actually worth something out there.

  • US warns Europe not to follow China in the ‘wrong direction’

    Europe has become dependent on China as a market for its products and supplier of its technology, and shows no signs of breaking free. The missing piece here is that the West seems unable to manufacture much of its own technology, in part because union and regulatory costs have driven up prices, while diversity and snowflakeism have not made for the best workforce. The West will have to decide whether it can be self-sufficient or not. Then again, one might have to be crazy to buy some of the plastic planned obsolescence garbage that Europe is shipping these days. We have become fat and lazy on entitlements in the West, and it has made us weak.

  • One in eight Australian adults, one in six kids are living in poverty

    It seems to have escaped notice that the more we spend on anti-poverty, the more poverty we have here in the West. It is as if subsidizing something creates a market for it, and each person acts as appropriate for that market, which is to maximize benefits by being the biggest possible victim.

  • Berlin gold coin heist: 3 sentenced to jail

    “How can it be that someone who has never worked in Germany can accumulate millions in wealth?” Dr. Ralph Ghadban, a sociologist who has studied the family, told Germany’s Focus magazine in 2019, referring to Issa Remmo, the family’s patriarch.

  • Classes Canceled Thursday After More Racist Graffiti is Found at Salisbury University

    If you forgot to study for a test, you can always scrawl a racial slur and watch your college community collapse in guilt, rage, resentment, and pointless payouts.

  • Ramaphosa: It’s treason to deny apartheid a crime against humanity

    Human rights have now replaced common sense and any kind of realism as the organizing principle to our societies. Unfortunately, this means that these societies have become entirely self-referential and are committed to ignoring how badly their ideas play out in reality. Now we know how civilizations collapse: they agree to ignore reality and then rush headlong into the abyss.

  • “Fake news” may have limited effects beyond increasing beliefs in false claims

    It turns out that “fake news” resembles an entertainment product more than political propaganda, in that most people simply seek out that which confirms their existing opinions. This means that we have created an echo chamber where the media tells its audience that what it already believes is true, and the audience seeks out that media with zero expectation of changing its own outlook. The Left is now seeing the high cost of excluding non-Leftist views from media, which is that neither group — Right nor Left — trusts media to be truthful, so they just seek what makes them feel the least bad about their life choices. Really a sad end to all that freedom, equality, liberty, independence, and Enlightenment™ jive that we have been peddling in the West for centuries.

  • Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases

    This will be used to keep track of Right-wingers and other dissidents alongside the common criminals. It will enable the Left to totally ostracize people by having police follow them around and ask questions of anyone they interact with. Soon these people will be total pariahs. This is by design.

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